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  1. Still not as sleazy as Truth doing the ad but close. Next week's show should feature a panel discussion with the two of them debating strategies for proper prostate health.
  2. PWG has so much good stuff happening this year. They've actually laid out their whole schedule through August which is rare. DDT4 on May 22nd Rock and Shock the Nation on June 26th Threemendous IV (12th anniversary show) on July 24th BOLA on August 28th, 29th, and 30th And Biff Busick has been calling out Super Dragon, which would be god damn amazing.
  3. Crowe was injured for a good chunk of those 18 months but feel free to keep doubling down on your argument that he's just not acclimating.
  4. Correct. Doesn't matter though. TNA won't book them properly. They'll be jobbing to Cannibal Hillbilly and the Mothman by this time next month. At this rate, TNA should go all in with the Destination America connection and have nothing but monsters, cryptids, hillbillies and ghosts battling it out. Fuck, give Violent J the book.
  5. I watched The Boy Next Door over the weekend because I'm a moron. It seems the two driving points of the movie are: 1) Jennifer Lopez is still hot and we've got lovingly filmed, lingering shots of her body to prove it. 2) If you fuck Jennifer Lopez, you will become obsessed with her. Jennifer Lopez' pussy will drive you to madness. When I saw "produced by Jennifer Lopez" in the end credits, everything made sense.
  6. The fact that they turned down one of those opportunities because the suitor wouldn't let Dixie stay on as kayfabe owner -- kayfabe as in "this isn't a wrestling storyline; do not tell anyone at all she's not the owner" -- should have been enough to scare away anyone. The Carters are fucking lunatics.
  7. Holy shit that's amazing. The sun needs to be shining into the office windows just right to properly sign paychecks. It's a pain in the ass to walk to the post office to mail the checks when it's raining. Strong winds knocked out the power to the payroll offices. For weeks. The CFO saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of no paychecks. The only weather-related phenomenon is the flood of bullshit emanating from the offices of this pathetic, bush league company.
  8. Related: http://deadspin.com/mississippi-st-ad-apologizes-for-f-k-the-school-up-n-1698335918 Mississippi State's athletic director is apologizing after the Bulldogs baseball team introduced some new BP shirts from Adidas that sported a special message to their Ole Miss rivals: "F—k The School Up North."
  9. Pretty amazing she specifically mentions skills and education as something a tow truck driver doesn't need, as if she has a job that requires either of those.
  10. Yeah, for a developmental territory, NXT is full of counter intuitive stuff like this. Barron Corbin is not becoming a better worker doing 25 second TV squashes. I also swear I'm not Les Thatcher.
  11. Enzo and Cass do nothing for me. You don't get better at promos just doing the same singsong schtick over and over. The same way I feel that NXT is not the place for gimmicks like Tyler Breeze, I don't think developmental is the place where guys lazily cosplay the New Age Outlaws instead of learning to do the things that truly get you over. I wonder if they come back through the curtain after doing their act with a feeling like they accomplished something. "You hear that pop? We're over and we're successful wrestlers!" When the truth is, no, you're just spewing a catchphrase that the crowd likes to sing along with. It's like indy guys getting pops for chairshots or highspots; that doesn't mean you're good at pro wrestling, you're just appealing to the crowd's basest instincts. It's a lazy shortcut that hinders their learning. I wonder if this act and the reaction it gets makes these two they feel like they're stars already and don't need to learn more. Enzo is not getting any better in the ring and WWE doesn't use managers so what's he going to do? Cass is getting fat. But none of that matters because their 38 different catchphrases are over, right? By the way I swear I'm not Lance Storm
  12. My wife and I had our first child a few weeks back and everything is going great.
  13. Nah, not just you. The Thrawn trilogy suffered from the same issue a lot of the OU stuff had: it just wasn't creative. It simply warmed over and rehashed a lot of things from the original trilogy. Do we really need another world-destroying super weapon?
  14. I watched the show last night and holy shit you guys Dario Cueto is the god damn best. Like I knew he was awesome already but he kicked it up a notch. His interactions with Aero Star and Drago were top notch and I thought that would be the extent of it, but then he took over as the ring announcer and HOLEEEEEEEE FUCK he was the best thing on TV this week. He deserves an Emmy.
  15. I don't know guys, I thought Brooke was pretty bad. The director of the show had his work cut out for him, switching cameras like an ADD sufferer or like Kevin Dunn on meth to cover for her offensively bad ground punches. She looked horribly awkward overdoing the posing out there; no charisma, just mindlessly striking poses over and over because somebody told her that's what a conceited heel is supposed to do. She also fucked up the cover after hitting her finisher, which, if God is just, is called "The Botox Injection." She's bad in the ring and is playing a wrestler instead of being a wrestler, not ready for TV at all and needs more time at the Performance Center. It's too early to really judge but I get the feeling she'd be a total washout without even getting in sniffing distance of TV if HHH wasn't such a mark for "fitness competitors."
  16. Is "Big Andy" the same guy from Tough Enough? I thought he was dead.
  17. If they want to elevate the IC title 1) giving it to Barrett again and 2) having the winner determined in a battle royal are not the ways to do it.
  18. If that's an Eddie Murphy standup reference, a million stars to you.
  19. I don't think a heroin addict gimmick would fly in the PG era.
  20. Either they got edited out, or there's some slur being used that I'm not familiar with, because this confused the hell out of me. "Tranny" I apologize; that was definitely insensitive. I honestly didn't mean to malign the trans community, just HHH's taste in women. I could have and should have chosen a better turn of phrase to get that point across though.
  21. "Panda recently moved to new offices and the payroll office has not been set up yet" is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard.
  22. NXT guys don't need 80's WWF gimmicks. That's the problem with Crowe. Owens and Zayn are successful in part because they have subtle gimmicks. Contrast that with Crowe and Breeze. Breeze is decent in-ring but the model shit is fucking dumb. So is the hacker stuff with Crowe.
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