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  1. I'm the wrong guy to argue this with, as I don't see Big Cass and all that special if you take him out of the Enzo & Cass act. Vince is a mark for muscles or freakish size. Cass is tall but alternates between skinny fat and somewhat lumpy, which is not a particularly special look in Vince's eyes. Also, how can anybody have a higher ceiling than Nathan Jones? Jones was in Mad Max!
  2. This fucking show. If you check Jeffrey Dean Morgan's IMDB page, it lists him as playing Negan in episode 16 of this season. So if that's correct, they're holding him off until the very end.
  3. As opposed to Cena and Orton, who are healthy and headlining? I'm trying to say that Vince has no idea what people want to see if he thinks Braun Strowman is going to be the next big thing just because he's huge. He's not the next Hogan or Lesnar. He's the next Nathan Jones.
  4. I gave up about 2 minutes into the second monster of the week episode. The show just wasn't treading any new ground. Bring back the X Files and just do the same shit you did 20 years ago? No thanks. Honestly, we can go back and watch DVDs/streams/torrents of the original show if you're not going to do anything different or interesting.
  5. Is it a matter of not learning or outright refusing to learn and saying, "fuck the fans, they'll like what I tell them to like?" The last organic babyface the company ever had, a small dude who was an awesome worker, retired last week and this week they're like, "FUCK IT, put six hosses in the main event!" My point is, concussions aside, Daniel Bryan should have taught Vince some kind of lesson about what can get over and what people may enjoy seeing this decade.
  6. Someone probably hasn't seen much Busick. I wouldn't lump him in with Sabre and Thatcher in the "float in and out of holds in goofy ways so it looks like ballet" crowd. Thatcher almost doesn't belong there, either. I think your description of WoS limbwork is actually limited and unfair. I watched a lot of WoS over the past two years. Some guys do work that limb-focused sort of match like ballet. Other guys look like they're trying to grind limbs down or break fingers. Busick fits right in that description. No problem, man. It's just when I hear the term "WoS tribute act" or "WoS cosplay," it's a derisive term that reminds me of shit like Sabre and Scurll at BOLA last year.
  7. I'm reading the porn review right now and it's amazing. Thanks!
  8. He could probably get a shot to clear that up. Maybe some creams could help, too.
  9. Someone probably hasn't seen much Busick. I wouldn't lump him in with Sabre and Thatcher in the "float in and out of holds in goofy ways so it looks like ballet" crowd. Thatcher almost doesn't belong there, either.
  10. Maybe by "the pre mixed stuff," they mean something like this: You just add water. Because seriously, I just want some fucking pancakes and don't feel like whisking a goddamn thing.
  11. Thanks! I like how they're just like, "fuck it, we'll do an ASW whenever we have a building and enough people!"
  12. When is ASW 12? I was really confused by all the mentions of ASW since they just had an ASW in December.
  13. As somebody said, that's not Negan. Negan's going to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which should be great. I HIGHLY doubt Negan will kill any main character the way he killed (this space intentionally left blank) in the comics because the backlash, both to the victim and the way it was done, would be insane. That scene was legitimately disgusting, worse than anything the show has ever done. They're doing Carl's effects on the cheap. In the comics, he loses his eye and a chunk of his skull, but they'd need to greenscreen his face on every episode forward which would probably be cost prohibitive.
  14. It's on this weekend, dudes. I hear somebody's gonna die.
  15. I've been thinking about that, paired with what I and others said earlier about how certain things are too close and shouldn't lead to ejection. If the league really wants to do "2 personal fouls and you're out," then they need new classifications for penalties. Talib trying to unscrew that guy's head like he was looking for Pez is not in the same ballpark as bumping into into a QB two steps too late. They'd need a new category for the really egregious, obviously-awful stuff and just eject guys for that. Shit, I'd be for one-and-done instead of two penalties if they were redone along these lines. If throwing a punch is an automatic ejection, certainly trying to remove another man's head is, too.
  16. One sad side effect of Sami Zayn unmasking is the unfortunate lessening in cape quantity in wrestling. RIP never 4get
  17. Not only that, some of those big hits over the middle are just two really fast people running towards each other. We like to say that the DB was head hunting, when in reality he'd have to be super human to be able to aim his hit accurately at that speed. If they start tossing people for what Aqib Talib did in the Super Bowl, I understand, but if they start tossing people for things outside of their control I don't understand. Exactly. That and the personal foul calls that wouldn't have been personal fouls had the receiver or runner not lowered his own helmet. In the end, the refs just can't be relied on to make correct calls, so why have a rule where a guy can get tossed from a game because of it?
  18. When personal foul = D lineman swats at a pass, misses and glances Tom Brady's helmet, then Brady cries enough that the ref throws a flag just to stop the temper tantrum, this is a bad rule.
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