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  1. Sting, Austin and DDP have Hair made from Rice Krispy Treats.
  2. The US Championship WAS the TV Championship all year when Cena had the belt. It's also clearly on the higher tier than the IC title, but also a clear secondary title. Changing the names doesn't do anything to change the booking. WWE needs to pick a belt and have it be THE clear secondary title. There needs to be an 1980s- mid 90s IC Title equivalent, something that sends the signal of "if this guy has it, he's on the cusp of being the real deal." There isn't anything like that now. I was actually thinking about that this morning and it's kind of a fallacy to believe the IC belt used to be a signifier that a guy was on the cusp of being a "tippy top guy." For every Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage, you've got a bunch of HTMs, Santanas, Muracos, Mounties, etc., guys who were career midcarders and not really seen as serious threats to the WWF title. Well of course Vince is going to value his company title over the big gold belt which, let's be honest, had lost all meaning and value by then anyway. Also, the naming of the old WWF title as "WWF Championship" with no "world" in it was a concession to the NWA. Vince Sr. parted amicably with the NWA but agreed to not promote his champion as "the world champion."
  3. I'm out of likes but motherfucker do I hate that song.
  4. Yeah, count me in with the "on the other hand" group. The prior match (Ospreay/Bailey) was really short and then this match went forever and never seemed to get out of the blocks past "we're two guys goofing off doing really light English exhibition style wrestling." It picked up in the final few minutes but, until then, it just felt aimless and tedious. It was more like the kind of time-filler comedy match you'd see before the finals than an actual semifinal bout. I was about to make a joke about how I was shocked nobody got a thumb in the butt -- then I remembered Scurll chasing Sabre and Knox with ballsweat and, later, outright grabbing Sabre's dick. I'm all for goofy matches. One of my earliest PWG experiences was BOLA 2010 where Paul London showed up in a spaceman suit, only to reveal a singlet with a water bottle stuffed down his crotch. But that was night one, round one. When you're in the match to determine who goes to the finals, I sort of expect a little bit more intensity and less "watch us do interpretive dance and effortlessly float in and out of holds."
  5. White Marsh? Be careful where you park. Last time I was there, somebody hit my parked car and drove merrily away. Well, I think some people just want to see a movie and enjoy it once and that's it, and don't care to be hardcore cineastes about it. Different strokes, etc.
  6. Just to ruin the song for everyone since it was ruined for me...ever since it was mentioned on one of Alvarez's shows, I can't hear Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" without hearing the line as "later we'll have some fuckin' pie and we'll do some caroling."
  7. Sorry to hear about that bullshit, Tabe. I just had a daughter earlier this year and pray that I don't become one of those asswipe parents who plays the "I have kids/you don't have kids" card every chance I get.
  8. Apparently, Hateful 8 and Revenant screeners have leaked. I post this for informational and entertainment purposes only and do not in any way condone seeking these out.
  9. I don't understand people like that sanctimonious shit Dungy saying they should sit the starters. 2 games and you make history as one of only a handful of teams to go undefeated and have a shot at tying the 72 Dolphins. Plus, they still need one more win to secure home field, right? Go for it and rest up in the bye week.
  10. It depends on your tastes. If you liked old ECW, then ICW. If you like New Japan/Ring of Honor, then Rev-Pro. If you like PWG, then PROGRESS. What if you only like 1970s Portland, Toots Mondt-era WWWF, and GLOW? I lol'd. Thanks for that
  11. The office wasn't happy with Beefcake's level of overness with the push he was getting, so he got moved aside to the Ron Bass thing, and Ultimate Warrior, who was over performing with his push, got the nod instead. The 30 second thing was to establish Warrior as an unstoppable force leading into his reign. Exactly. I don't see a HTM -- guy who had the balls to refuse a job -- laying down for Warrior in 30 seconds unless he was absolutely willing.
  12. Wow, thanks a lot for the recap. It's good to see someone with firsthand knowledge mention Ross encouraging guys to rough up other workers. Good Ol' JR, everybody.
  13. I think its a matter of Bryan being more of a face for the company. You can write off the old ECW guys' concussions on their ECW days whereas Bryan's were suffered while working for WWE. Just a guess. It is an odd double standard, I'll give you that. I'd say a good amount happened in ROH
  14. I'm FINALLY finishing up BOLA night 3. Do I have to turn in my "indy fan" card if I admit I thought Sabre/Scurll was self-indulgent and shitty?
  15. "Gonna split that Christmas turkey down to the white meat"
  16. Great point. Carrie turned down Saul's offer and they can't pull the whole "Carrie is a civilian and just gets caught up in some crazy international intrigue" plotline again. There is During's rather clumsy proposal to consider...maybe she joins him as his "partner" and something happens from there but seriously, without Carrie as an actual member of the intelligence community, this wears rather thin as we're left to wonder how much misadventure happens to one person.
  17. Kind of like tonight's season finale. One hour really wasn't enough - SO MANY QUESTIONS. "Saul Berenson Death Squad" has replaced "Nice Guy Todd and the Nazis" as my go-to band name. So no way Quinn comes out of it, right? This is not that kind of show.
  18. I thought Finn was cosplaying The Babadook at first.
  19. El Jefe is branching out. I keep seeing him in commercials for an upcoming comedy called "Telenovela."
  20. Also, don't pay a mechanic to run a diagnostic (hook a computer to your car and read the codes). There are auto parts places that will do that for free.
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