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  1. I think this was just a really good episode of television, if it was the first time some one watched the program it probably made a good impression with lots of you blue chip talent on display. I really enjoyed Chris Jericho on commentary, and he seemed to have good interplay with JR. I've felt that they have three lead commentators on Dynamite so I think Chris and JR could do a really good Bobby and Gorilla team on what ever the second show is (especially since he is so out of ring shape)and leave Tony and Ex on Dynamite. And I wonder of this whole thing turns the Dark Order babyface? Reynolds and Silver are already tweeners with Page. Anna Jay and Tay are always going to be over with a segment of the audience (young guys) cause they are attractive. And Stu 5 and 10 are kinda non factors so them switching wouldn't make to much of a difference. The only one I'm not sure about is Evil Uno
  2. I loved Kingston and Evil Uno starting their match with that tribute spot. Also LOL at Jericho stepping on Britt Bakers Big Rig line
  3. maybe Shawn Spears can insult his fashion sense and Miro can wreck him and we'll all be happy
  4. I feel that the video game stuff makes him seem like a guy who's obsessed with video games when he should be a monster wrecking people who get in his way (and he should be heading toward challenging for a title) he comes across as a dork whos best friends with a mini-dork. I think its a poor use of a guy I was extremely high on when he got signed. And I don't care how much the gucci pants and mickey mouse shirt are someone should tell him it looks ridiculous
  5. I'm not a huge fan of Orange Cassidy's character but his in ring stuff is pretty good especially once he gets into the meat of the match. I think it will be interesting to see how truly over guys like him and John Silver are once we get crowds back. I don't mind comedy in wrestling, however it (and things like sex appeal) should be the icing on the cake and far too often people see to be trying to build a cake out of icing.
  6. Destructive Heel Miro vs Hangman would be cool. The faster they can get Miro away from Kip, Video games and feuds involving peoples moms the better
  7. I have to feel this plus the teaming with Hangman pushes Alex and John into being full fledged faces
  8. I'd be interested in Jericho being in a storyline where his rapidly deteriorating condition is part of him being a vetran on the slide and struggling to keep up with the young guysr
  9. Bucks kinda remind me of Sabu in 1995 matches built around high spots, no real psychology to speak of, but admittedly there is an audience for that
  10. Seeing a visibly pregnant Brandi in the ring had me nervous. I kept thinking back to the Charlie Hass/Lilian incident and would hate to see someone get hurt.
  11. I really like how Miro has looked in ring, outside of the ring I don't know about video game enthusiast with questionable fashion sense as a character. Sometimes I feel like AEW is in need of a good editor to tell guys no on the pointless dangerous bumps (Hardy, Darby) or some of the goofiness (like that first battle royale that was treated as a comedy match until Hangman Page showed up.) As far as lapsed fans go, thats me. Right now I'm following AEW and NXT both of feel like a breath of fresh air. How ever as much as I've enjoyed Dynamite I'm just not going to follow what feels like a dozen youtube shows to keep up
  12. Perry Saturn was the first guy to go ten minutes with Goldberg and they worked out the match at the power plant before hand. I though the Jericho and Rock matches kinda exposed Goldberg as a guy who couldn't really a longer PPV style match. I think the Rock match has the fans turn on Goldberg and start to cheer The Rock. As for matches that havn't ben mentioned. The Hogan nitro match is very well laid out and what ever elimination chamber match he was in is enjoyable
  13. Knockouts vs AEW women battle royale just so we can have Thicc Mama Pump and The Native Beast faceoff in the middle
  14. For me my problem with Kenny is outside of the Sunny Kiss squash he thinks he has to wrestle every match like its the main event of wrestlemania. Like his match with Penta where he kicked out after taking both of Penta's finishers on the ramp.
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