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  1. It's nice that Jack Donaghy is back in charge at NBC.
  2. And the billion pennies drop...
  3. I debated putting this in the horror thread...
  4. Again, *HIRE* *GAY* *PEOPLE* *FOR* *YOUR* *DESIGN TEAM*. These look like someone said, How can we make our jerseys look like early 1990's black musicians would want to wear them in their "music videos". They also already look like the knockoff version of themselves, and I don't know how that's even possible. I'm confident I'll see a billion of these stupid things by June.
  5. Jimmy Butler tried to fight through injury, but his elbow is massively fucked right now. He's out at least 2-3 weeks. So... um..... how bout them Panthers?
  6. I hate that I read this to the tune of "Caribbean Queen".
  7. Yes, it's being billed as "Winner Take All" and not "Unification" because Tony gets a tax write off for the more belts he has out there.
  8. 100%. And yet, when "Sierra... Hotel.... " played, I was convinced for .1 seconds that Hunter had pulled off the coup of a lifetime and somehow called Dean Ambrose home.
  9. Well, someone found out he was about to get reassigned to cover JV in Fort Wayne and Terre Haute...
  10. This all said, I'll guarantee you, there are some 13th & 14th members of rosters around the Association who desperately want this story to go away.
  11. Philly get New York Miami hosts Chicago Atlanta gets the boot Tyler Herro tried his damnedest to get it done, but the Heat came up *just short*. You could hear Philly's butts unclench when the clock finally hit 0.0.
  12. The final Arizona Coyotes game was a 5-3 win vs Ottawa. NHL approved the move to Utah a couple of days ago, so that's it.
  13. Aaron Rodgers opened his mouth again. It's about HIV/AIDS and Dr. Fauci and "plandemics" and FUCK him.
  14. Miami picked up the options for Jaylen Waddle and Jaelen Phillips for next season. Waddle's may convert to a regular contract extension soon, per reports. Also, to quash that little rumor, the Dolphins have no plans to take a QB in the first round. Negotiations with Tua are ongoing.
  15. "He avoided the tag." lol stfu Michael
  16. We're almost ready for Dynasty! Hopefully the only footage they'll show this week is that of the new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion:
  17. Speaking of choking... the Bruins lost in Ottawa! Florida's about 10 minutes from grabbing the division title and facing Tampa instead of Toronto.
  18. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd type... The writers of Sesame Street have voted unanimously to go on strike. Picketing could begin as soon as tomorrow.
  19. MON DIEU! La WWE arrive en France! C'est la merde? Une façon de le savoir! LA PROGAMMATION~! POUR LE CHAMPIONNAT INCONTESTÉ - Le Chauchemar Américain Cody Rhodes (c) contre Les Phénoménal AJ Styles POUR LE CHAMPIONNAT DU MOND - Damien Prêtre (c) contre Événement Principal Jey Uso UN MATCH DU TRIPLE MENACE POUR LE CHAMPIONNAT FÉMENIN - Bayley (c) contre Tiffany Straton contre Naomi POUR LE CHAMPIONNAT FÉMENIN PAR ÉQUIPE - Les Guerriers Kabuki (Asuka / Sane, c) contre Bianca Belle Aire / Le Jade Cargill La Lignée (Sikoa / Tonga) contre La Vipère Randy Orton et Ours Meurtrier Kévin Owens
  20. Since Hunter took over ... damn almost 20 months ago now... is Rhea the first truly story altering major injury he's had to deal with? Cause I can't imagine she was going to lose the title to Liv almost immediately after her triumphant Mania match. Now I can't see anyone else winning it, barring someone huge returning. Also, supposedly Becky hasn't signed her extension. Which makes me think that Mania match could have been a soft farewell while she goes to AEW or Japan for a while for a *much* needed freshening up. But then again, she may just re-sign now that Rhea's sidelined for however long.
  21. When I tell you how much I hate the Knicks...
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