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  1. Surely someone somewhere has written a primer on lucha psychology. I'd read that. I think it was Rush or someone else super pimped during March Madness where I watched about 3 minutes of a sample match and turned it off in the same kind of disgusted reaction a total non-fan would have. But I didn't really like that in myself and I'm open to trying again
  2. I am from the mean streets of Blackpool, England and William Regal lived two streets away from me when I was a toddler.
  3. I don't remember the match in question specifically but you should have a look as much Jeff from that period as you can find, he was excellent.
  4. So I'm English and don't know shit about country, but I was listening to The Handsome Family off the back of True Detective and then fell in love with Jay Munly. Can anyone hook me up with some more of this Southern Gothic/Death Country? I've looked at a few others guys and they aren't quite hitting the spot but I'm definitely looking for more.
  5. I'd have Austin's best years as 2001. He was on borrowed time by that point but the time off allowed him to do things he couldn't do at the peak of his overness in '98, if only for a year before he started to fall to bits. Off the top of my head we have: Vs HHH No Way Out Vs Rock Wrestlemania W/ Trips vs Benoit/Jericho Vs Benoit Smackdown sometime in May? Vs Angle at Summerslam
  6. Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York. I would happily watch it right now for him, but the plot is a load of shit and the acting bar him is horrible
  7. I think that's his point - that WWE haven't projected anything onto his character based on his sexual preferences and that Young forced that positive step change. Sure, he doesnt come out and cut 10 minute promos every week about hooking up with guys, but then all the gay stereotype characters were never 'explicitly' gay as such either. Young is the first active, openly gay wrestler and that's groundbreaking in a particularly backwards business. I could totally see him going in in 15-20 years, yeah.
  8. I watched Rock-Hogan recently and I feel the match just belongs to the crowd. It's fun as fuck watching them go apeshit for Hogan's back rakes and the weight belt but then i felt they didn't really change their orginal game plan much to roll with the crowd. They were ready to go wild for Hogan no matter what, and they did. It's a cliche to say that the match is fun but hard to judge as truly 'good' or 'great', but I think it's broadly fair. Over time the emphasis on the board has gone from workrate to crowd-working in the time since the match. It's certainly not a workrate classic but then I don't think it does a lot to work the crowd either. I liked watching it though.
  9. The thing with Bryan-HHH is the All Japan-ness of it runs deeper than the incidental use of the Tiger Suplex and Bryan falling to his knees in Pedigree/Tiger Driver position. It's impossible to know who and want went into the preparation for the match but it's hard to envisage that they weren't intentionally trying to build an ace vs ace pass the torch match in the style of Misawa-Kobashi in 2003 in some way. I'm not going to make any comparison of the historical worth of this compared to King's Road classics but I would say that I've soured a lot on the constant head dropping of that style over time and that this match told the story within much less brutal, life shortening confines. The way it hybridised with American style so that H was simultaneously working over as the heel and the bigger of the two, and under in the sense that Bryan's offence counted for more and he needed less to mount comebacks, created a dynamic I can't really see in quite the same way in any other match. H was simultaneously the to-be-overthrown ace and the gaijin monster. It was truly innovative and I would love to see this become a Big Match template for WWE. A criticism that came up in March Madness was that Bryan gets too much offense for his size and I don't think that was a problem here - it was pretty expertly balanced between him being dominated but getting his shots in and always believably having a shot at winning That pretty much went out of the window in the main event and I did lose suspension of disbelief a bit there, but that was a different match telling a different story.
  10. I think all the people who failed did so for their own reasons. They all have their problems and there's none you could say WWE threw money away in not bringing up. Plus Cena and Orton were both very young and serve both periods up until now. So not many get up in the second wave but rightly or wrongly they didn't feel the need.
  11. Yeah that 'what if' doesn't work at all, sorry man.
  12. So i tried to link to the wwe.com power rankings in association with the Academy of Wrestling Arts and Sciences. I bet its hq is in Rio de Janeiro.
  13. One thing I think hasn't been mentioned - it was a majority position that there'd be a fuck finish to make the main event a four-way, it was a great surprise that Bryan went over the King of self-preservation booking first and then over a shitload of overbooking in the end. I mean it was pretty ridiculous how far they went to put him over, we've never seen anything quite like it, but in the context of the last 8 months it felt appropriate and 'earned' for them to go that way. EDIT: I did actually have a point here, which was that the situation and H's history gave everything a massive added suspense in that I genuinely didn't believe they'd pull the trigger until it was over. I totally bought Batista pinning Orton off the knee, for instance. I daresay people are retconning when they say Bryan going over was obvious
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