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  1. So they're probably just using some variant of the same bullshit Skyrim engine that gets more bugged to fuck with every new generation and game. That's...concerning. But I did forget it's on Game Pass so I'll still give it a shot, but I was really hoping this would be a good alternative to No Man's Sky with an emphasis on narrative.
  2. Sorry. I'm confused. So it looks more and more likely that Starfield's game engine is poop (which wouldn't be surprising) or that it isn't (which would be surprising). I might be the outlier on this board that thinks the Bethesda/Skyrim/Fallout game engine that I'm sure some version is being used for Starfield is just dogshit and it only gets worse.
  3. The weird thing is, I feel reviewers are watching something entirely different because I've seen more than one site give nearly every episode glowing reviewers. And then I'm sitting there thinking this is easily the worst thing in the MCU. Granted, I haven't watched the latest episode yet. It's just, man, I really hate Steven. I can't think of another protagonist from any other tv series I've seen that I've liked less.
  4. I think we get Jurassic Express vs House of Black. House of Black will probably wind up defeating Death Triangle on a Dynamite in some kind of wild brawl and I could see them moving on to challenge for the titles. Then let House of Black go on a run and say there's no one left, they've beat everyone, blah blah blah and that's when we get BCC challenging for the titles. So that seems way, way off.
  5. I have no idea how anyone else feels, but this is now the most invested I've been in Scorpio Sky. I think this win may have finally helped him get over. And if that's case for more people than just me, then props to the booking and Scorp for staying the course, sticking to trying to get over, pivoting to being a face if this wasn't always the plan, and finding a way to get over. We've seen the same thing happen with Yuta and it's awesome to see long term booking pay off in these guys getting over.
  6. I mean, if we don't get Cide trying to pour Drano down Jericho's mouth, then WTF are we even doing here? BTW, we then need a cut to a frightened Colt after that.
  7. Well, that sucks. Hopefully they found something more lucrative to do. I'll miss their comedy act.
  8. Is this the dickhead who was perma banned from AEW events for his anti-trans signs during the Nyla Rose match?
  9. Have any of you actually watched Snowpiercer (the series) or Animal Kingdom? Are they actually...good?
  10. My same exact thoughts. I may as well just get tickets to go see it on stage again. That's also expensive AF, but it's so, so good.
  11. I am starting to wonder if we never get any closure with Gene. Maybe the closure is that we just have to assume he is in the clear, but he's just living in fear and terror every day that he'll get caught while churning out confections at Cinnabon and that's juxtaposed against just how good of a life he had by seeing what his life was like before he was full Saul Goodman with a gold toilet and all of that crap.
  12. I would maybe disagree with the aren't as good part, but the rest isn't wrong.
  13. Dude, that first episode of Barry season 3. Holy crap. That is definitely not the direction I expected things to go in... That all is a ton to digest. Then you throw the ending on top of that and, man, I have no idea where this series is going to go from here. I really don't want to see this ending with Barry in prison or dying, but it's going to be nearly impossible to avoid either of those outcomes given how crazy he is and the position he's put Cousineau in.
  14. I swear they've used that same verbiage before to announce delays with other things.
  15. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to figure out what Kim and Jimmy are going to do Hamlin to further mess with him. Part of me thinks they're going to steal Hamlin's car and try to sell it or do a wild paint job on it. And that talk between Huel and Jimmy. Man that is going to be some dialogue that's going to ring really loudly throughout this whole series. Jimmy has already won. He is a successful lawyer. He's married to an incredibly intelligent and beautiful lawyer. While they have a penchant to mess with people every now and then, I think they're ultimately good people. Jimmy has won at life. So why keep doing dumb shit that's going to get him or Kim in trouble? Huel is all of us screaming at Jimmy to stop while he's ahead.
  16. Ok, that whole bit with the Hardys may be the funniest thing to be on BTE in what feels like forever. WE LOST TO EVERYBODY!
  17. I miss Schwarbs so much. That reaction is a classic.
  18. I'm going to it live. I don't give a fuck what is on it. The main event could be Yano vs Hangman in a 2 man reverse battle royal and I'll still be going.
  19. I tried being nice before, but Shafir really sucks. If AEW can work a miracle with her somehow then there’s probably isn’t anyone they couldn’t do that with. HOOK SPEAKS and he sounds pretty cool. I figured Ishii would lose, but it’s always fucking rad to see him in an AEW ring and the match was great. My weight loss goal is to eventually just look like Ishii.
  20. I'll disagree and say that Hook isn't a meme act. This dude, every time he walks out, gets some of the biggest reactions of the night. People love this dude. There is no one else like him in AEW, WWE, or anywhere else right now. I've made the Goldberg comparison before, but if TK plays this right, Hook is going to be their Goldberg. Keep getting him reps in the ring, start getting him involved in smaller angles like they're doing, then by the end of the year position him for bigger feuds and don't let him lose. Did he start out as a meme? Yeah, but the first time he entered the ring and murked a dude he was legit. Kid is special. Really fucking special. And if he can talk half as good as his dad did on promos then he's going to be the biggest star in the company one day.
  21. Before everyone starts piling on saying, "HURRRR RATINGZ ARE DOWN THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING" they're going up against the NBA playoffs. They're lucky it was also a slow news week...so far anyway (and hopefully it stays that way).
  22. And my other hope for that Turtles game is that they eventually do some DLC for that and give you other options for playable characters, like Casey Jones, Usagi Yojimbo, Mondo Gecko, Metalhead, etc.
  23. Oh my god. Everything about this is everything I wanted from this game. The gameplay, graphics, music, even the little things in the background like BeBop throwing Vernon on his shoulder and running off with him. I feel @J.T.on Saint's Row, but man, this game is near the top of my list for games I want to play this year.
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