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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 4/21/22

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*Taped for BTI: Heath & Rhino def. Rich Swann & Willie Mack (7:57) when Rhino pinned Willie after the Gore

Impact Wrestling - Airing April 21, 2022 from Philadelphia, PA

*Violent by Design (Eric Young & Deaner w/ Joe Doering) def. Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) (4:47) when Deaner pinned Steve after the Deaner DDT

*The Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona w/ Chelsea Green) come out for a promo and announce they are coming for the tag team championships. The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) interrupt. Guido challenges Cardona to a Digital Media title match. 

*Matt Cardona(c) (w/ Chelsea Green & Brian Myers) def. Little Guido (w/ Tony Mamaluke) (4:57) to retain the Impact Digital Media Championship after a low blow and Radio Silence. After the match, they look to beat up the FBI until W. Morrissey makes the save. Morrissey tries to put Myers through a table but Chelsea low blows him. Jordynne Grace runs out to take out Chelsea & Myers. Morrissey then ends up chokeslamming Cardona through a table. 

*Shera (w/ Raj Singh) def. Gabriel Rodriguez (0:22) with the sky high in a squash

*Bullet Club (Jay White, Chris Bey, Doc Gallows, & Karl Anderson) def. Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Kenny King, & Vincent) (w/ Eddie Edwards & Maria Kanellis) (13:49) when Gallows pinned Bennett after the Magic Killer.

*Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid def. Ace Austin & Speedball Mike Bailey (10:06) when Trey pinned Ace with a victory roll. After the match, Ace attacks Trey and holds him up for Bailey but Bailey kicks Ace instead.

*Scott D'Amore has ordered Moose to publicly apologize to Josh Alexander or be stripped of the title. Moose comes out with security and his attorney, RD Evans to read his apology. Moose stops and says he will offer a sincere apology for exposing Josh as a loser who can't protect his family. Josh interrupts and wipes out security. Josh and Moose brawl until Josh hits the C4 Spike off the apron through a table.


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Rebellion's looking like a pretty great card overall. Figured Josh was an absolute lock to win the title, but the big ending here casts a little bit of doubt anyway. Always great to see RD Evans. 

Nice to see Guido & Mamaluke. Guido looked like a regular in there still. Last two tags were fun. Trey's over the ropes rana rules, hope he manages to retain again. Another great IInspiration promo. 

Jonah having apparently actually killed PCO last week. Vincent having to resurrect him was amusing. 

Most looking forward to Taya/Deonna and Maclin/Sabin/White. 

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Cody Deaner does what he does best against Black Taurus- take a total assbeating.  Taurus TRANSITIONS into the face in peril role, which is weird because Crazzy Steve is right there being ready to be beaten to death.  Eric Young sells his busted heiny like a PRINCE!  Crazy Steve is your house a-fire and you and I await Crazzy Steve to do what he is in IMPACT! to do.... he actually gets in some cool stuff before Eric Young hits a TOTALLY SWEET Elbow drop.  For some reason, VBD needs assorted fuckery to beat Crazzy Steve?  Seems like overkill.  Hey!  It's Matt Cardona!  I am assuming that IMPACT! is smart enough to have Cardona and Josh Alexander to battle it out for the belt after Alexander gets the belt Saturday.  Cardona is magic ON THE STICK!  What a heat machine.  Bryan Meyers is also great.  Chelsea Green is a superstar.  Oh man, I love Cardona.  Little Guido!  He was in UWFi.   Little Guido says a NWA Tradition and Respect speech and Cardona and Meyers get jumped by Guido and Tony Marmaluke!  A match is made- Cardona versus Guido!  How will Cardona cheat to win to piss off the ECW crowd?  I am excited to find out. Little Guido is all about the matwork.  He looks great.   Awesome!  Lowblow by Cardona allows Cardona to beat him to death.  Guido looks great on his comeback.  ANOTHER LOWBLOW and Radio Silence and Cardona CHEATS TO WIN!  Cardona is so awesome.  Jordynn Grace somehow ends up getting W Morrissey to chokeslam Cardona through a table in the corner.  Oh man, Jonah versus Tomohiro Ishii will be awesome.  Shera enter the Beelamania sweepstakes by launching Gabriel Rodriguez into the stratosphere.  Nice powerbomb by Shera.  Buphinder Gujjar is the purest babyface in IMPACT! at the moment.  Honor No More versus the Bullet Club!  I'm guessing Vincent gets pinned.  Matt Taven and Jay White are magic together.  Kenny King and Chris Bey are SUPER MAGIC together.  Vincent hits a nice suplex on the face in peril Chris Bey.  Taven looks good in this.  The Bullett Club looks good in this.  Jay White is the best wrestler on earth and looks like it.  He sells a Russian Legsweep from Vincent, something I'm assuming he never thought he would ever do.  OMIGOD!  Chris Bey gets like ten feet over the toprope on a Tope Con Hilo.  Magic Killer and the Bullet Club goes over clean as a sheet.  That was a good 8 man.  I love what a weirdo Mike Bailey is in IMPACT! eventhough he seems like the normalest guy in wrestling on his vlog.  LAREDO KID!  Allright!  Ace Austin and Trey Miguel might get smoked in this match.  LUNATIC TOPE by Laredo Kid on Bailey and Austin and Miguel are definitely getting smoked in this match.  Trey Miguel does Strange Style so he is getting less smoked.  Man, this match is crazy.  Austin and Bailey are a fun tagteam as they hit duelling tope con hilos.  Great wacky finish.  SPEEDBALL TURNS ON ACE AUSTIN!  Which is pretty not surprising.  But they are such a good tagteam.  Shame really.  Vincent with the jumper cable revives PCO!  Moose is fun extending his Clubber Lang channelling.  HOLY CRAP!  ALEXANDER HAS THE BEST PILEDRIVER AND PUTS MOOSE THROUGH A TABLE.This was another good episode.

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Deaner and Young seem like a solid pairing.  Love Young's big elbow drop here. Crazy Steve could desparately use a character refresh.  I'd like to see Black Taurus find a more meaningful role.  He's so good.  Give him a good manager, what's the Sinister Minsiter up to?  Nice lil bout from Cardona and the truly 'always ready' Guido.  What's Mamaluke up to?  They should get him repping one of their lesser talkers.  Yeah, Chelsea Green is so clearly a shooting star!  She needs the strap.  And I like the idea of Myers and Cardona getting serious about tag gold.  Dumb post-match 'Impact' stale fail.  Build to dropping the revenge of a heel going thru the table.  Nice Shera squash.  Pretty good Buphinder promo.  Nice 8 man tag.  I don't get the Gallows hate I sometimes see.  I find him effective when he isn't being funny or charismatic.  Matt Taven wasn't all that an attractive performer in ROH, but Impact seems like a good place for him.  He and White need to have a singles.  And Chris Bey is just getting better and better.  Another shining star under the Impact banner.  Some nice promos here, glad to see less magic camera.  The Inspiration are just wonderful.  The Jonah promo was good.  So too Maclin's talky  - tho, the dramatic music wasn't necessary, just give me a beat.  Nice Laredo/Miguel-Austin/Bailey tag.  The Bailey-Austin team is worth exploring.  They need to strap Bailey with the title immediately.  He's so clearly their breakout star.  Everything here to close this show was the kind of Impact nonsense that makes this show so uncool.  I mean I wanna get behind the ridiculouness of Vincent frankensteining PCO, and they did the best they could, but it's just so rotten.  At least keep it quick/short.  Alexander-Moose-D'Amore who-fucking-cares-snoozefest I ffwd right thru until that incredible piledriver thru the table.  I don't like Moose getting killed going into Rebellion.  Moose shows ass way, way, way too much.  I'm doubting he wins at the PPV, and if he is winning, well, that seems like an even bigger mistake.  Anyway, mostly good show here.  

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Powered up The Pluto Machine as Honor No More we’re making their entrance for the 8 Man Tag against The Bullet Club. I liked the match. So are Bullet Club Faces in Impact? Chris Bey is good that dude deserves to be in BC Proper. If he hasn’t turned New Japan yet he should. I like the Honor No More stable, the people they picked up from ROH are great additions to this roster. Eddie as the turncoat works too.  Karl getting googoo eyes for Maria made me laugh great call back to the New Japan stuff then he eats a topè suicida from Taven. That was cool. 

Steve Macklens promo was cool. I think they see big things for him. Him and Sabin will have a cool match I know that. I don’t know who Macklen is actually but they made him look badass in this and I know Chris Sabin kicks ass. 

Watching the IIndpurations backstage promo I’m sad they both left the business. These girls are great. I’ll miss em.

Taya is back! And she’s coming for Deonna’s Reina de Reina Championship.

The Ace Austin-Mike Bailey Vs Trey Miguel and Laredo Kid fucking ruled. I’ve seen that Bailey kid once before against Jake Something on a BTI. The kids good so are the other 3. Really fun match they jumped all over the place. 

Impact is really good with these backstage cinematic vignettes. I think it’s cuz they play them straight and there’s no commentary over it. They just let it be. I got a good chuckle out of classical music playing as Vinny jump starts PCO to life. You know while we are talking about him PCO bares a striking resemblance to that X guy I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something up between those to guys you ever see them in the same room together?

I get what @HarryArchieGusis saying about how the last segment makes Impact look uncool. The closing segment being a Heel Champion having his lawyer read an apology he was forced to give is a troupe but Moose and Josh have been feuding since atleast Bound For Glory in October if not earlier, he stole the title that Josh just won right out from under the guy with his wife and son there. Moose cut a good promo I thought. Josh shows up pissed off and suplexes security guards onto the ramp. Then the two guys beat each other up in the ring to end the go home for the PPV. Josh did a C4 Spike on Moose off the apron through a table. I thought the spot was cool. I will give Alexander this, I noticed when they aired the slow motion replay of the table spot Alexander sold the move too, like the move had collateral damage but it was worth it as Moose took the brunt of it. Little nuanced shit I noticed RVD and Sabu would sell after hitting certain moves on their opponents too, it’s a small but effective thing.

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