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My goal is to wait to see what Black Friday has in store for me, so I am still holding off on the PS4.  Whether or not I can actually wait that long is another matter, especially considering I am up for a big raise in September and I always get Madden for some reason which would be prettier on the PS4.

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Wasn't sure where to put this, but looks like the next PS4 firmware update will include SharePlay- the thing that Sony hyped when they were initially revealing the console and everyone got excited for it but then it never came and we all forgot about it.  It allows you to play a game with friends whether they have the game or not. If it works, seems like a pretty awesome thing to be able to do. 

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Definitely no mention of this on XB1, I think XB1 has something where it lets a friend play a demo of a game you own but not the entire game.  I am curious to see how well it works, but it does sound nice. My brother lives three hours away but we enjoy playing games together, so it would nice to be able to play with only one game.

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