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Saturn would be that guy who had a middling score on the back of a Marvel Comics character trading card except for the equivalent of wrestling "form" or "movez" or whatever, which would be full bars, wouldn't he. 

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Show #161 – 12 October 1998

"The one where RAW is WAR, but BISCHOFF!!! IS!!!! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • It’s been awhile, what with work being busy lately and 1998 feeling like a never-ending year of television. I can’t believe that I still haven’t made it through Havoc! How have I not made it through Havoc?!


  • The show starts with Eric Bischoff telling security to bar Ric Flair from the building. It’s ineffective heeling because Bischoff stinks at heeling most of the time pre-WWE run.




  • We are reminded of what I can only describe as a terrible Nitro main event on last week’s show. Sting got stretchered out for some reason. I don’t know why; that was a low-energy backstage assault (ha!).


  • Not even Chae dancing around in the ring can raise my spirits w/r/t this Nitro. Hey, Tygress seems like she's a really good dancer, which is rare for a Nitro Girl!


  • So, after commentary introduces themselves, we get…another video package of last week’s backstage brawl. I totally forgot that Bret suplexed Sting through a table. I guess they tried! But even that table spot felt kinda soft. If your table spot feels soft, it wasn’t worth doing, because I know it shoot didn’t feel soft to Sting.


  • Now, there's a video of the Hitman challenging Sting in what is somehow a lukewarm feud. I wanted to see Hitman/Sting for so long. How did they manage to make it feel so dreary? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. They added Hogan into this thing for some stupid reason and put an obvious heel turn into the whole deal as the dingleberry on top of the shit sundae.


  • Now we get another video package for the Hart/Sting feud – WTF?! – and after that, video of the WCW Mastercard stuff from Wall Street.


  • Nine-and-a-half minutes in, and we finally get the intro to the show. I am anti-hyped.


  • Video plays of Meng beating up Chris Adams and then facing off with Wrath from Thunder. I am not opposed to this recap in theory, but after ten minutes of nonsense? Just get a match going. Preferably one that doesn’t involve Rick Fuller.


  • Lodi comes to the ring with his signs, but with no chance against Wrath. It is bullshit that Wrath got cut from WCW/nWo Revenge. I forgot that, so I fired up the game last week and prepared to take Wrath to TV title glory, but no dice. What an oversight on AKI’s part. Anyway, Wrath beats the piss out of Lodi and drops him with a Meltdown in about a minute. Meng walks onto the ramp to confront the victor. They meet in the aisle and brawl, but we have to ASAP go to video of Eric Bischoff talking from the previous Nitro, so we only see about five seconds of said brawl. In the recap, we see Reid hit the ol’ double-leg. I mean, it got a pop, I guess?


  • Kendall Windham wrestles Dale Torborg in Torborg’s Nitro debut. I totally forgot that the KISS Demon existed until this moment. Can you believe that anyone thought that KISS would be relevant to a late ‘90s wrestling audience? Does Vinnie Jr. liking Kid Rock indicate an awful taste in music on his part? Yes. But also, Kid Rock was at least musically relevant in that time period! I don’t fuck with Kid Rock, Disturbed, Saliva, etc., but that stuff was 100% relevant to the twenty-somethings in the audience. KISS? Fucking KISS?! You might be thinking that maybe I should describe this match, but no, it sucks, and you’re missing nothing. A small pocket in the crowd chants BO-RING for a bit, and they are correct in their assessment. Torborg blows out his knee while hitting a big boot for the victory. Whoopsie!


  • It’s the Nitro Girls! I’m going to be totally misogynistic here by noting that Chae, who is choosing of her own volition and through her own agency to dance while wearing sexy clothing on front of a crowd, brings me a terrible male pleasure when I watch her. It is my shame. It is my ignominy. I’m sorry if writing and sharing this with you may have exposed my searing hatred and disrespect of women, but on the flip side, at least I don’t hate or disrespect women quite enough to also screencap and share a shot of Chae grooving! Small victories.


  • Video recap of Goldberg, Page, and Raven getting into it from an earlier show.


  • The Wolfpac’s music hits and Sting stalks to the ring, still looking like a dingus in the red face paint. Sting speaks! I still think that’s a pretty rare thing over the past couple of years. Sting calls the Hitman out for TONIGHT. He also calls Hogan out. For TONIGHT, I guess. Then Sting’s old tag partner Warrior comes to the top of the ramp. Blade Runners reunion! Now, that’s novel. Even if the match sucks, I’ll get a kick out of WCW hosting a Blade Runners reunion in 1998 [Ed. note: I did get a kick out of it for about fifteen seconds]. Warrior plays some inside baseball by alluding to their former partnership and theorizing that maybe it’s the face paint that made them world champions. Actually, I didn’t hate this promo and kind of enjoyed it. I mean, Warrior comes out and, though he does so exceedingly cryptically, says basically this: Hey Stinger, long time, no see. We’re still painting our faces and kicking ass, huh? Anyway, I’m a WWF guy, really, but I’ve been keeping an eye on you from afar and I’m real proud of you and your success in WCW, bruh. I’m only here in WCW to face Hogan; this is your domain. On that note, and in respect to the fact that you run WCW and not me, I humbly propose the following: You want to fuc blow Hulk’s world up and so do I, so how about we tag up tonight for old time’s sake against those two chumps you don’t like? Of course, he says it in an impenetrable way that gets him booed by the end of it, LOL.


  • That’s the end of the first hour, by the way. We have two more hours to go. Look at the recap – video packages and promos galore, one fun Wrath squash that took a minute and another match that stunk and took five minutes. What a dumpster fire of an hour.


  • Hour number two starts as hour number one established: Here comes Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and the Giant. I guess the Giant’s wrestling Goldberg for the big gold tonight…again. They could have had this match at Road Wild, but they’ve had them confront one another and have one match on Nitro that was unfulfilling. Going back to this again, after having teased it and failed to deliver it since August, is dumb. Hogan cuts what I can only describe as a diabolical promo. He keeps calling himself “’Wood” and “Woody” and generally is a detriment to pro wrestling. Anyway, he accepts that tag match challenge.










  • (They dragged the United Center’s owner down here to give safe passage to Flair and the Horsemen into the arena and the owner’s skybox.)




  • This is scintillating television! No wonder this Nitro drew a 4.6! It’s not because the wrestling audience was significantly expanded from where it was even a year ago! It’s not true that, as a result of a run of terrible shows, including this show, WCW would shed a ton of that expanded audience in 1999! No, Eric Bischoff walking around backstage is great television, that’s what that 4.6 means!


  • Holy shit, is there going to be any more wrestling on this show? Now we get a shortened version of Warrior’s promo from the previous Nitro and, for reasons which I cannot fathom, a replay of the “Warrior in the mirror” spot that they should have had the sense to pretend never happened. I hope that “Warrior in the mirror” spot gives a greater appreciation to Vinnie Jr. and the bookers who figured out how to make half of the supernatural shit the Undertaker did come off decently enough to avoid completely breaking immersion. I mean, don’t appreciate Vinnie Jr. for anything else because he’s a complete piece of shit, but the Undertaker’s supernatural shit being booked reasonably well, yeah.


  • Fit Finlay faces Alex Wright in Wright’s quest to embarrass every other European wrestler in the company. Wright does some pre-match promo stuff in which he blames Finlay for ending his dad’s career. Should I track down Finlay/Steve Wright on Youtube? I say this as someone who thinks Finlay sucked for sizable stretches of his career and peaked when he was in his forties and wrestling in Ruthless Aggression-era WWE. Finlay doesn’t suck tonight, though. He dominates the younger Wright and hits some cool offense early on, then shakes off a missed shoulderblock that takes him into the post before eating boot on a dive. Wright tries to follow up, but eats a knee on a corner charge, and hey, this match is intense as fuck, but it ends almost immediately after Wright launches Finlay into the top rope on a Finlay leapover and then rolls him up with leverage on the ropes for three. Bulldog runs down and attacks Wright; Finlay helps Bulldog, then attacks Bulldog after Wright escapes. Huh, that was really fun, if a bit short. See, pre-WWF Finlay well might be worth watching!


  • La Parka, Ciclope, and Villano IV face Chavo Jr., Psicosis, and Super Calo in six-man action, and while this show desperately needs some more action, I assume that this will all end with some nonsense lWo crap and Eddy Guerrero desperately trying to cut shoot promos that don’t stink. There are lots of dives, and I welcome them because guys are out here trying to wrestle. Chavo springboards onto like four dudes at one point. Calo wipes himself on a corkscrew splash, and Psicosis mistimes his guillotine legdrop on a covering opponent, so Billy Silverman stops counting a pinfall for no reason except to wait for Psicosis to land the move. Oh well, look, this match is just here so we can get a decent bout.


  • A little later on, Chavo and Calo clear out Parka and IV with suicide dives; Psicosis manages to land a senton splash from the top to the floor on Ciclope…and hey, here’s the lWo. They come out as Chavo Jr. lands a tornado DDT on Ciclope for the victory. There’s a tiny EDDY chant, which is especially cool because it happens in spite of the fact that they’re booking my boy into the ground. Eddy’s basically like Yo, we’re underpaid and disrespected and recruits Psicosis and Chavo. I guess everyone’s on some FUCK SUPER CALO time because the poor bastard isn’t included. I mean, neither are the heels, but that’s understandable. Poor Calo; no one wants to hang out with him.


  • They give Chae a solo. I always assumed Chae was a Korean-American born on the West Coast, knowing many Korean-Americans who were born out here, but she’s a Korean-American born in Seoul and (somewhat obviously in retrospect, considering the company she works for) raised in Georgia. Well, I was going to dunk on Larry Z. for saying she was a mysterious lady from the Far East, but I guess I can’t dunk on the “Far East” part. The weird racialization of Asian women being uniquely mysterious, I can still dunk on, though.


  • Scott Steiner comes out, declares that he can physically pleasure every woman in the audience, disses brother Rick, and craps on Buff Bagwell and Buff’s loyal mother Judy. Scott says he worked their issues out and got Buff to put Judy back in the kitchen, but Buff and his loyal (and unamused) mother Judy storm out to the ring. Buff says he’s got beef with Scott, who threatens to break Buff’s neck. They threaten one another. I assume this is yet another ruse, so it means nothing to me from a dramatic standpoint. Scotty insults Judy and calls her an “old bag” and then, in my favorite insult of anyone maybe ever, an “old scallywag.” HAHAHAHA, I am calling anyone I don’t like an old scallywag. Tremendous. Scott forearms Buff in the balls, but I’m sure Buff’s just wearing a cup in kayfabe (and maybe IRL?!). Scott crows about forearming Buff in the balls and challenges all of Chicago to a fight as we go to break.


  • Juventud Guerrera comes to the ring to face Prince Iaukea. Poor Iaukea gets a jobber entrance. Disco runs out with a mic to declare that the fans want to see him dance rather than seeing them wrestle. I mean, seeing both would be cool with me. Disco tries to dance on the apron, so Iaukea slugs him and the match starts instead. Aw. Kidman comes out, grabs a chair, and chases Disco away while Juvi boots Iaukea in the corner. Iaukea turns it around, gets two on a sunset flip, and gets another two on a side kick. Iaukea hits a legdrop and tries another cover, only gets two, and then follows up with a chinlock. That doesn’t last long; Juvi gets back to standing and eventually scores a Rocker Dropper for two. Juvi tries a dropkick, but misses, and Iaukea lays in the boots. Er, the feet. Iaukea gets two on a snap suplex, and as he follows up, Disco sneaks back to ringside in the style of Repo Man. Juvi uses Iaukea’s top knot to pull the Prince to the mat and take control. Juvi tries a 450, but Disco shoves him off the ropes. Juvi is able to roll through as Iaukea punches Disco again; Iaukea turns around into a Juvi Driver that gets three while Kidman runs back out and beats up Disco. There was a lot going on there! It was perfectly fine television.


  • Kevin Nash comes to the ring dressed like, well, me at the time of this show's original airing, with the FUBU baseball jersey on. He gets a call-and-response on BIG SEXY’S IN THE HOUSE. How does a near-forty-year-old white guy pull this off? He then says that Scott Hall has touched his “last nerve.” Come on, are you kidding me? Well,now that I think about it, maybe he heard this phrase from an angry woman in his time at Tennessee. I think saying that someone is on your “last nerve” is more a Southern thing and a gendered thing than a racial thing. I had a lady teacher who would tell students they had gone past touching her last nerve and were now on her “reserved nerve.” It was a pretty clever play on that phrase! Anyway, Nash says that he’s a former bouncer who is used to beating up drunks, so Hall comes out and drunkenly crotch chops Nash before fleeing with Nash in tow. We follow them backstage, where Nash chases ghosts. He runs outside, where we finally spot Hall in the nWo limo. As the limo drives off Nash slowly chases it in his rented Cadillac.


  • Chris Jericho is still the TV champ. He comes to the ring to defend it against Raven in a match that I am totally interested in. I also expect WCW to screw it up and destroy my interest. Jericho flings Raven into the rail and yells THOSE ARE JERICHO’S RULES into the camera. Jericho grabs a chair, but it’s got a cable wrapped around it, which is good reason for Jericho to struggle with it and allow Raven to dropkick it into his face. Raven sets up the chair in the corner, but his Irish whip is reversed, and he takes a wild bump into the chair and through the ropes. Jericho eats a post charging at Raven shortly after, though. Back in the ring. Raven drop toeholds Jericho into the chair, then tries an Evenflow that gets quickly reversed into a Lion Tamer for the tap out. Huh. That was fun, but way too short. I sure wish they got ten or fifteen instead of three or four. The desk sells that Raven is totally lost without his Flock as part of the post-match gaga.


  • LOL, Gene Okerlund interviews Rick Steiner, but Chucky, the Living Doll of Terror cuts in. Chucky starts by saying, and I swear this is an accurate paraphrase, I GET TO SIMULATE SEX WITH JENNIFER TILLY ON A MOVIE SET TO GET PAID WHILE YOU STAND THERE AND TALK TO RICK STEINER FOR YOUR BREAD. Then, holy shit, Chucky says “Shut the hell up” to Okerlund, and the crowd pops, and Rick says, “Don’t let him talk to you like that.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Chucky just shits on poor dumb Rick and then declares that he’s shooting a movie with Scott Steiner in the lead and won’t countenance any threats against Scotty’s health. Yes, the fictional murderous doll is casting Scott Steiner in an IRL movie. This is a confounding segment, baffling in every way if you think about it for just two seconds. Remember my remark about the WWF pulling off half the Undertaker fuckery that it did being a credit to the creative of Vinnie and company? See this segment as another point in my favor.


  • DDP cuts a QVC spot for a WCW/nWo shopping segment. I need to see if that segment is on the ol’ YouTube because I want to see what sort of crap they sold.






  • (Bisch yells at Dillon and Dellinger for awhile about Flair being in the luxury box, then demands to be led to said box by these two dopes.)
















  • Aw, I guess now we’re going to be forced to watch a Goldberg match. I don’t know why; we need some more star power on this show. Can we find a way for Bischoff to escape security and then come back to confront Ric Flair? The Giant got a fucking jobber entrance because, of course, we needed more time to see Eric Bischoff stalk around backstage. So, you know, it was time well used. The Giant hits a dropkick as I think about Bischoff saying that he let the Giant leave WCW because he couldn’t figure out what else to do with him. Then, he intimated that Vince booking Big Show idiotically over the years proves that he was right about Giant having limited utility because he's too big to be sympathetic. So, yeah, Goldberg comes back, body slams Giant – it rules – and then for some fucking stupid-ass reason, we have Stevie Ray run down and clock Goldberg with a chair. This is a no DQ match, Tony S. helpfully informs me, so Giant follows up with a Goozle, but DDP runs down, breaks it up, hits Stevie with a Diamond Cutter, and then Giant leaves and loses by count-out. Well, if you think Giant doesn’t have enough utility to keep, maybe, IDK, what do y’all think, feed him to Goldberg for the clean loss, you magnificent performer, but lousy goddam booker Eric Bischoff.


  • So, the main event is here. It’s Hogan and Hart against the Blade Runners, the latter of which Buffer says have never teamed together before tonight. See, we’re sliding into enshittification here in WCW, and Buffer is following right along in his ring announcing. That mistake is made funnier because Tenay has made a point of referencing the Blade Runners and talking about how this is their first tag match together in over a decade all night. Tony S. notes that Mortal Kombat: Conquest is premiering after Nitro, and I think that Warrior’s goofy ass would have made a great guest Kombatant in one of the new MK games. Warrior’s jacket design desecrates the American flag. Desecrating the American flag: Now, that’s edgy!


  • We begin with Hogan and Sting in the ring. Hogan comes out of a lockup and hits a few punches, but Sting ducks under a lariat and clobbers Hogan, then hits an inverted atomic drop. Sting throws a few more punches, so Hogan scrambles over and tags Hart. They lock up, and Sting wins a battle of strikes with the Hitman next. He scores ten punches in the corner, so Hogan interferes, which draws Warrior, which distracts the ref, which allows the Hitman to hammer Sting in his nether regions. Hogan and Hart control Sting with the occasional nut punch and, depending on who is in the ring, either quite crisp or kinda shitty offense. This is a sped-up tag match because there were only about eight minutes left in the show when it started. Finally, after one minute of domination and six of getting killed, Sting gets a hot tag to Warrior, who didn’t even take off his longcoat before getting in and beating down the Hitman. Hogan jumps Warrior from behind, and Warrior no-sells it, and now here comes the rest of nWo Hollywood to incite the schmozz and the end of the match. The beatdown doesn’t last long, as the ring fills with smoke and then Sting gets a baseball bat and hits a few underlings while Warrior punches Hogan at ringside. So, what was the point of the smoke, then? It served no purpose here, as it didn’t help the babyfaces escape or serve as a distraction. Everyone just stopped working for a few seconds while it dissipated, and then Sting grabbed a bat and came back into the ring. Look, this doesn’t deserve any more of my thought, so I’ll let it rest.


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Mostly that FUCKING framistan
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2 hours ago, SirSmUgly said:

Show #161 – 12 October 1998

  • "I don’t hate or disrespect women quite enough to also screencap and share a shot of Chae grooving! Small victories.
  • Warrior comes out and, though he does so exceedingly cryptically, says basically this: Hey Stinger, long time, no see. We’re still painting our faces and kicking ass, huh? Anyway, I’m a WWF guy, really, but I’ve been keeping an eye on you from afar and I’m real proud of you and your success in WCW, bruh. I’m only here in WCW to face Hogan; this is your domain. On that note, and in respect to the fact that you run WCW and not me, I humbly propose the following: You want to I have strong opinions about former WWF/WCW/WWE Champion Terry Bollea which you should PM me about. But I wanted to express them here too because I can't help myself’s world up and so do I, so how about we tag up tonight for old time’s sake against those two chumps you don’t like? Of course, he says it in an impenetrable way that gets him booed by the end of it, LOL.
  • I think saying that someone is on your “last nerve” is more a Southern thing and a gendered thing than a racial thing. I had a lady teacher who would tell students they had gone past touching her last nerve and were now on her “reserved nerve.” It was a pretty clever play on that phrase! 
  • LOL, Gene Okerlund interviews Rick Steiner, but Chucky, the Living Doll of Terror cuts in. Chucky starts by saying, and I swear this is an accurate paraphrase, I GET TO SIMULATE SEX WITH JENNIFER TILLY ON A MOVIE SET TO GET PAID WHILE YOU STAND THERE AND TALK TO RICK STEINER FOR YOUR BREAD. Then, holy shit, Chucky says “Shut the hell up” to Okerlund, and the crowd pops, and Rick says, “Don’t let him talk to you like that.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Chucky just shits on poor dumb Rick and then declares that he’s shooting a movie with Scott Steiner in the lead and won’t countenance any threats against Scotty’s health. Yes, the fictional murderous doll is casting Scott Steiner in an IRL movie. This is a confounding segment, baffling in every way if you think about it for just two seconds. Remember my remark about the WWF pulling off half the Undertaker fuckery that it did being a credit to the creative of Vinnie and company? See this segment as another point in my favor.
  • Tony S. notes that Mortal Kombat: Conquest is premiering after Nitro, and I think that Warrior’s goofy ass would have made a great guest Kombatant in one of the new MK games. Warrior’s jacket design desecrates the American flag. Desecrating the American flag: Now, that’s edgy!
  • are you implying that you're taking the screenshots but refusing to share them?
  • love the unintended framistan. 
  • midwestern white boy born and raised here. have heard "getting on my last nerve" all my life. i certainly don't think of it as gendered or racial, although maybe i'm just oblivious?
  • Everything with Chucky in WCW is just so bafflingly crazy. why did it even exist in the first place? obviously there's not going to be a match. how does this really promote the movie? Why was Rick Steiner chosen to be the recipient of Chucky's promo? 
  • speaking of Mortal Kombat, i've always wanted to see Mortis and Glacier (and Wrath too i guess) make actual MK appearances. Legitimately a dream i've had for years. I even bought this shirt as soon as i heard about it (from Brian Cage wearing one, for what its worth):
  • Mortis Kombat fight shirt
  • but also, that Mortal Kombat: Conquest show is awful. very boring. i tried watching it live in '98 and thought it sucked. i gave it another shot probably 10-12 years ago and couldn't make it past the first few eps. Highly UNrecommended.
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1 hour ago, twiztor said:
  • are you implying that you're taking the screenshots but refusing to share them?

Oh goodness no. A modern perv just uses Google Image Search to find the screenshots that everyone else already took.

  • midwestern white boy born and raised here. have heard "getting on my last nerve" all my life. i certainly don't think of it as gendered or racial, although maybe i'm just oblivious?

I've only ever heard Southern women say it, but the Midwest is nearby and it seems like something people would say there. I have never heard a man say that phrase until Nash did it, though! 

Per the rest of your post - that t-shirt was cool. Conquest did suck. And that FUCKING framistan, hahahaha!

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13 minutes ago, zendragon said:

Halloween Havoc has a pretty good Raven v Jericho match

So you're telling me that it's a two-match show?

Honestly, that's probably not fair. I bet Bret/Sting ends up good even if the build has been awful. 

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Thunder Interlude – show number thirty-six – 15 October 1998

"The WCW Gang puts on an unmemorable and inoffensive two-hour show, and it represents considerable improvement on the usual in late '98”

  • Let’s knock out another Thunder so maybe one day, I might make it through Halloween Havoc ’98…


  • The desk intros the show and then, huh, they have a match?...A wrestling match?...No one is going to talk for five minutes, followed by three straight video packages for the same feud?...Is this allowed?...


  • Sick Boy faces Van Hammer in this opener, but look, I’m just glad we’ve got some wrestling to start…Hammer tells Sick Boy DON’T FREAK OUT on a corner break…Hammer wins an exchange and sends Sick Boy outside…Hammer propels himself from the top to the floor, hitting a weak double axe along the way…Sick Boy hangs Hammer’s throat over the rope to take credit, then baseball slides Hammer off the apron and into the railing…Sick Boy wraps on a sleeper, but Hammer reverses it…Vick hits a desperation jawbreaker to escape, then drops a fist…Sick Boy gets two off a springboard back elbow…Sick Boy misses a corner charge…Hammer sits Sick Boy up top and uses Sick Boy’s hair to beal him down…Sick Boy gets whipped to the ropes and ends up caught in an Alabama Slam for three…Or whatever Hammer calls the Alabama Slam, more accurately…This was an entirely cromulent opener…


  • A Four Horsemen hype video plays us into a break…


  • The camera focuses on a cute little girl in a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt and her parents…Then we switch to video of ERIC BISCHOFF, RATINGS MOVER from Nitro…Hey, let’s go back to the cute kid and her parents…This is a loooooooooooooong fucking video package…I’ve said it a few times before, but Bischoff was a much better heel when he figured out in his WWE stint that he should play it closer to his natural self, which is basically an oily used car salesman who happened to luck into an executive position in a wrestling company…This little yell-y, yappy, annoying guy gimmick stinks…This package was so long that we go back into another break after it’s over…


  • Hooray, it’s La Parka!...Welp, it’s Konnan…Honestly, this might be okay depending on how they mesh…Konnan opens things up with a devastating Catchphrase Roulette…It infuriates La Parka, who tries to attack Konnan with a belt…Konnan hits some punches and a rolling clothesline…Parka just cannot cleanly land the back kick nut shot on an opponent who is leaping over him…He should take that one out of the ol’ arsenal…Parka lands a lariat in the corner…Parka gets two on a wheel kick…He makes the mistake of trying go back to a running move into the corner and eats boots on a corner charge…Konnan gets 2.9 on a Crucifix Bomb…Konnan goes to a chinlock, then stands Parka up and chops him…Parka regains control for a short time, but gets tripped and rolled up…Konnan has the weirdest matches sometimes, like the layout has an extra heat/shine segment that doesn't belong and makes even an eight-minute match feel overlong…Konnan once again transitions into control by putting boots up on a Parka corner charge…Konnan hits a floatover bulldog that is bowling shoe ugly (™ Jim Ross), then follows up with a sit-out facebuster and a Tequila Sunrise for three…That was an aesthetic nightmare of a match…


  • Riggs/Finlay is next up…An early deep arm drag scores two for Riggs…Finlay sticks a thumb in Riggs’s good eye to take control…Riggs puts a boot up on a Finlay corner charge…Corner charge attempts are like one-for-five in success rate so far tonight…Maybe these fellas should avoid that strategy…Riggs does some boring arm work, but gets short-arm clotheslined…Nice sit-out splash from Finlay there…Much better than the one Big Josh dropped at WrestleWar ’92 that I saw a couple days ago…Finlay does some apron-based offense…Finlay hits Riggs a lot…He reaches under Riggs’s patch and claws at Riggs’s bad eye…Finlay tries the Vader Bomb, but eats knees…Riggs hits a flurry of offense, but misses a corner charge (see, it’s a bad move tonight) and gets Tombstoned for the loss…


  • Weirdly, the fact that they barely have done much build for Goldberg/DDP relative to the Hogan/Warrior and Bret/Sting build that has dominated these shows means there’s a bit of "we want more" anticipation for and "how will it go" mystery around the former matchup…They still should have done more with those two to lead up to the World Championship match, though…We get a video to hype that match going into the break…


  • I think it’s hilarious that Sonny Onoo almost immediately ditched Kaz Hayashi for Ernest Miller…Kaz meets Billy Kidman tonight…Kaz wins a shoulderblock on a rope run, but badly misses on a wheel kick and gets taken over on a headscissors…Kaz returns a wicked-looking headscissors takeover of his own…Kidman wisely stops Kaz to the mat to slow the pace…Kidman gets another headscissors takeover, then a dropkick and a crossbody to Kaz on the outside…Kidman lands a springboard legdrop for two…They struggle over a suplex before Kaz dumps Kidman to the floor with a belly-to-back…Kaz hits a gorgeous Tsukahara…Kaz waits for Kidman to wobble to his feet, spits in his palm, and chops Kidman…He wins a short chop battle, then goes to a headlock…Kidman fights out, but Kaz lands a knee to the solar plexus and follows with a senton splash…Kaz wanders around the ring a bit, then decides on a chinlock since we’re going to break…


  • Back from break, both men are standing, but not for long…Kidman gets a sunset flip for two, but is met with a lariat from Kaz when he stands up which scores a two count for Hayashi…Kaz lands a springboard senton from the apron to the ring…Kidman whiffs on a corner charge (obviously) and Kaz lands a low dropkick…Kaz sits Kidman down with a rib breaker, then goes up for a moonsault that completely whiffs…Kidman makes a comeback…He lands a rebound lariat, then hits a springboard bulldog for two…Kidman manages a sit-out slam, then tries an SSP…Kaz catches him up top once, then twice, and hits a super jawbreaker (!!!) followed by a brainbuster that gets only two…That really should have been the finish, it was such a nasty combination…Onoo wanders out, suddenly interested in Kaz again…Kidman hits a counter-dropkick to a diving Kaz, but Kaz flips out of a German suplex and hits a rana for 2.9…Kaz hits his own bridging German for two…Onoo is irritated that Kaz hasn’t done the business…He’s probably really irritated that Kaz tries a powerbomb and eats a facebuster counter…I guess that counter isn’t established yet…Kidman goes up and quickly lands an ugly SSP for three… Onoo gets in the ring and throws a ton of kicks at Kaz post-match…Kidman comes back and runs Onoo off…That was a solid wrestling match that got some decent TV time…


  • We get a Scotty Steiner/Buff/Judy recap, then a short recap of that doofus Rick Steiner getting sonned by a fictional killer doll…The last couple weeks of Nitro have had some all-time terrible segments…After that is a Havoc promo that desperately tries to make the Hogan/Warrior feud feel epic…


  • Ernest Miller comes to the ring and talks…He says basically the same thing he normally does…the greatest, three-time karate champ, undefeated, cannot be defeated by mere ‘rasslers, etc.…He calls out Jackie Chan and insults Chan’s diminuitive size…I am praying that Goldberg comes out here and finally kills this guy off…Some dude jumps in the ring and gets a kick to his chest…It’s just a plant…That’s it, that’s the segment…


  • Hey, Prince Iaukea…That guy’s alright, man…Commentary tries to sell the Chucky segment from Nitro and promote Bride of Chucky in an interesting way…They make a valiant effort, but uh, no…Hey, Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Pepe)!…I guess I missed Chavo dipping out on the lWo invitation he received from Uncle Eddy last Nitro…That’s probably a reasonable move on his part…Chavo does the Homer Simpson WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP move, so this match is already a success…Chavo shoulderblocks…Chavo cabbage patches…Chavo drops an elbow on the small of Iaukea’s back…Iaukea comes back with a chop and a dropkick, so Chavo bails…Chavo comes back in the ring and, after a series of exchanges, wins an armdrag and a chinlock…He pisses Iaukea off by hitting him with a wet willy…Iaukea is irritated, haha…He gives Chavo a wet willy of his own, then grabs Pepe and threatens the poor horse’s life…Iaukea relents, but as he puts Pepe down, Chavo charges him…Chavo hits a clothesline, then rides Pepe…After Iaukea gets to standing out of a Chavo chinlock, Iaukea hits a series of moves that earn a couple of two counts…He hits a fallaway slam, but Chavo barely hits a Superman Punch that Iaukea (mistakenly) puts a foot up on…That counts as only a half-successful corner move…Eventually, they go up top, where Chavo manages a tornado DDT for three…Decent bout…Chavo is great…


  • DDP comes to the ring to be interviewed by Tony S….The promo, as is par for the course when it comes to babyface DDP, isn’t any good…But after weeks of Hogan, Warrior, and Bischoff cutting promos, Page damn near comes off like ’98 Jericho or ’98 The Rock in comparison…It’s short too, which is another big win for this promo…


  • We’re going to get about ten or eleven minutes for the main event if Buffer can get through these ring announcements without taking his sweet fucking time…This Stevie Ray singles push is confounding…I love the guy for a few reasons, but his singles work is not one of them…Dean Malenko is his opponent, which doesn’t exactly inspire me, either…Virgil is out here, and he distracts Malenko with a bit of trash talk to let Stevie get the jump…Stevie locks on a bearhug as we go into a break…


  • We come back and Stevie hits a big Irish whip to the corner, then lands a side slam for two…Stevie goes to a surfboard…There’s a long Stevie Ray beatdown with occasional interference from Virgil…Malenko hits a desperation back suplex in there, but his sunset flip attempt ends up with him caught in another bearhug…Eventually, Malenko makes his way out and hits a missile dropkick after Stevie misses a corner charge (duh)…Malenko catches a Stevie kick and transitions into a Texas Cloverleaf; cue Vincent and Scott Norton running in for a DQ and a beatdown…The Horsemen run in for the save…Well, it could have outright stunk…It was just mediocre and boring, not memorably bad…Arn cuts a promo in which he notes that Indianapolis is a Horseman town and challenges Bischoff to stop hiding behind cops and office politics…Ric Flair does a few of his greatest hits on the mic and craps on Bischoff…He even lets Malenko talk for a few seconds, which is a rookie mistake...The show ends…


  • This show was inoffensive and I won't remember that it happened in a week or two, which is an improvement from the typical Nitro…WOO…
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Lotta ex-flock guys on that one. If late period wcw had any interest in tag wrestling they could have spun sick boy and Riggs off into a team like having Kidman go after cw gold

Just wait till you get the Vincent Stevie Ray street fight for the soul of the black and white

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Show #162 – 19 October 1998

“The one that backloads most of the bad main event feud segments and therefore produces a much more watchable Nitro than of late"

  • The show starts with a recap of Eric Bischoff being a terrible on-screen heel. Oh great, I hoped they’d do this because it was my favorite thing about last week’s show! Anyway, this Bischoff/Flair feud is complete ass. Just have the Horsemen come back and get a four-way dance for control of the company going between them, the Wolfpac, Hollywood, and the WCW rump locker room led by Page and Goldberg. Oh, and make sure WCW wins. See how easy that is? Even a moron could book it.


  • The Nitro Girls do a routine. The desk promises us more of this Bischoff/Flair crap. Oh joy.


  • I guess the opening recap wasn’t enough because we get more recap and more Bischoff. I always find it funny that Bischoff argued that Vinnie Jr. and the WWF copied their formula because actual footage of these shows reveal the reverse, especially when it comes to the whole “running angle throughout the night that we go back to every little while across multiple segments” deal. That’s actually a genuine innovation of Attitude Era WWF that I think is a neat thing. It’s also something that the WWF was very good at doing, but that WCW has failed at every time once they started trying to do it in mid-1998.


  • Saturn vs. Kenny Kaos sounds alright, man, alright. Bonus; we’re not even six minutes into the show before it starts! Saturn has no problem controlling Kaos to start, but eats a back elbow and a short lariat. Kaos tries to follow up with some offense, but Saturn easily counters an arm drag with a facebuster and a swinging neckbreaker. Kaos tries really hard to keep up, basically, and Saturn is typically able to stay ahead of him. That’s how this match’s narrative goes. Even when Kaos wins a battle of counters, his control of the match always feels perilous. Kaos does hit a nice charging lariat into the corner, then a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Kaos lands a back body drop, but he celebrates instead of staying on his target. Kaos follows up with a struggle press slam, sells his elbow being hurt (maybe as a save for not being as strong as the great Robbie Rage, maybe because of actual injury), and shortly after loses control of the match. Saturn scores a superkick for two, gets caught with a Kaos desperation jawbreaker, but recovers quickly and lands a belly-to-belly, a lariat, and a Falcon Arrow before finishing Kaos off with the DVD. Oh wow, put a couple of fun TV workers in an opener that happens relatively close to the beginning of the show, and the crowd gets into things in the arena! What a thought. Bonus: Your TV audience doesn’t feel like flipping channels!


  • Mike Tenay talks to the Minnesotan ham ‘n eggers outside the arena in a pre-tape. Everyone talks about Eric Bischoff, the star of last week’s Nitro (and of pro wrestling in general).


  • The Nitro Girls do a dance routine with folding chairs. Then, suddenly, Whisper and AC Jazz jump Spice and give her a Con-Chair-To! Wow, Spice is laid out!


  • No, that last bit with the chair attack didn’t happen, I just wanted you to get a sense of your own gullibility (or lack thereof, in which case, congrats).


  • We get that pre-taped Scott Steiner promo in which he runs down his dipshit brother Ricky. Please let this feud end after Havoc, sweet FUCK. Now we get the desk wondering how Chucky will involve himself in the match. Sweet FUCK. Then we get video of the Chucky promo from last week. SWEET FUCK.


  • A Goldberg/DDP promo is next up. I can’t wait until Bisch tries a different formula for his shows because this new shitty pacing that stacks two straight segments with promos and recaps sucks really badly.


  • Here comes the lWo! I guess that it’s stylized “LWo,” but no, that’s not how it should be stylized considering that it further waters down a gimmick stylized as “nWo.” Eddy formed the lWo because he’s upset that Bischoff makes all the lucha wrestlers fight one another, so he’s accepted an eight-man-tag in which all the luchadores…fight one another. Wouldn’t it be more logical that Eddy has his team come out and refuse to fight, then cuts another bad worked-shoot promo? There are a lot of wrestlers in this thing, hold on: Lizmark Jr., Chavo Jr., La Parka, and Ciclope face Psicosis, Damian, El Dandy, and Hector Garza.


  • In the general thread, people are talking about the Gang Warz that went on in 1997 WWF. One point made was that the DoA often ended up as the babyfaces even though they were an Aryan Brotherhood biker gang, and uh, yeah, except for that one white teen with the glasses holding up the Black Power fist in what is a CLASSIC GIF, most of the (majority white) audience is not identifying with the Black Nationalist NoI offshoot or the, uh, Latin Supremacy Gang? Retroactive MS-13 knockoff? Whatever Los Boricuas were trying to be. I make this point because ostensibly, Eddy is a babyface who is trying to get back at Bischoff for being a small-minded racist who has put a ceiling on the progress of the luchadores because of their ethnicity. However, putting together an explicitly pro-Latin group is not exactly going to get the crowd on their side! This idea is dumb, but then again, making Eddy cut shoot promos on Bischoff because they had an IRL disagreement backstage is also dumb. Very, very dumb.


  • I am sorry to not mention the match, especially because these dudes do a bunch of reckless dives and Parka hits a ton of dudes with a chair. They try hard, and the crowd does enjoy the car crash element. I will note that in the finish, Parka wipes out Lizmark and Ciclope, allowing Psicosis to win the match. Parka has joined the lWo! Note that Parka did not hit Chavo. Eddy comes down and tries to get this dumbass angle over on the mic. He fails. Note that the (mostly white) Minnesotan crowd lightly boos Eddy’s rant even though they initially cheered Eddy showing up, and this isn’t the first time that’s happened. What are they even trying to accomplish with this fucking angle? Do they understand their audience's demos?


  • The Bret Hart/Sting feud is a bummer. I didn’t need this video recap to remind me of this. Alas, they play it anyway.


  • Kanyon comes to the ring and attempts to get everyone to say that NOBODY BETTA THAN KANYON. This poor bastard, the crowd says EVERYBODY BETTA. Then he demands that Leathers, and I quote, “play Obi-Wan Jabronie’s music” so that he can hurry up and get to the pay windah, HAHAHAHAHA. Fucking Kanyon. Pirate Scott Putski, ARRRR is the guy to come out, which makes what Kanyon said even funnier. Pirate Scott does hit Kanyon with a yardarm – err, arm drag – and then makes Kanyon swab the decks – oops, I mean hit the deck after a tilt-a-whirl slam. Anyway, Kanyon takes over and lands a top-rope facebuster for two. He continues to dominate on the outside of the ring after a baseball slide, and then locks in a chinlock back in the ring that Putski quickly evades. Putski tries to make Kanyon walk the plank with a series of moves, but alas, it’s a mutiny! Kanyon evades the Polish Hammer and scores a flapjack and a Flatliner for three. But seriously though folks, Scott Putski stinks.


  • Hogan/Warrior video package. This feud went on in real time for two months, but over this viewing, it feels like about ten months.


  • It’s hour number two. Three matches in hour number one made the whole deal go a lot quicker. Scott Steiner enters to “Rockhouse.” I was so certain that it’d be Hogan and Bischoff entering that I feel like I got a pleasant surprise that the better Steiner Brother walked out here instead. Steiner threatens Dave Penzer and takes Penzer’s mic, then cuts a promo. He is confident that the ladies want him, then says that he brought three freaks with him who left with a single smile on their faces. One smile? I guess the other two got the “ick” after Scotty tried to seduce them. Scotty tests his “Big Poppa Pump is your hookup, holla if you hear me” catchphrase because Nash and Konnan are playing a bunch of then-contemporary rap for him in the back. That catchphrase is a direct rip of Master P’s “I Got the Hookup.” Man, even before Master P actually came into the company, half of WCW was ripping off No Limit songs for catchphrases. It’s too bad that Konnan didn’t have better taste in New Orleans-area rappers, or they could have been ripping off Cash Money songs for catchphrases. Actually, I’m glad nobody played the third verse of the Big Tymers “Get Your Roll On” for Scotty, or Turner might have thrown WCW off the air earlier than they did.


  • Ricky comes to the ring to respond, but Scotty leaves. Ricky challenges Scotty, so Scott thinks about it, declares that Minnesota and Ricky both suck, and asks for a fair fight. Rick responds by beaning him with the microphone, haha, and then a beatdown commences. Scotty gets his ass beat, but scores a low blow and uses a chair to hit Rick in the knee. Buff runs down for the save. The crowd explodes because, you know, they still want to cheer Buff. Oh, you poor simple rubes.


  • The Nitro Girls get a video package. Then they get an IRL dance. It distracts me from one of the dumber things that Tony S. is talking about, namely that Bret Hart and Sting are going to meet in the ring tonight even though they have a match on for Havoc in six days.


  • Tony S. introduces a, uh, Sarah Jessica Parker UNICEF promo. Well, that was unexpected.


  • We get video of a Goldberg autograph signing in which some kids chant GOLDBERG, then yell TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF while Goldberg hits the thumbs up. That was delightful in a weird way.


  • Fit Finlay faces off with the British Bulldog, which will be a heck of a battle if Finlay is Protestant, but which might turn into a bloodletting if Finlay is Catholic. I’m impressed that Bulldog is still making dates what with that back injury and that terrible crack addiction. I understand that I’m saying this in retrospect, but Bulldog looks very unhealthy and like his heart might explode at any second. I don’t think I’m just noticing this now, either. Bulldog in blue jeans in late ‘90s WWF also looked like an unhealthy guy, and I noticed that at the time. Bulldog uses his power to take an early advantage, but Finlay gets control and throws some nice European uppercuts and forearms before hitting some apron-based offense. He trues a corner charge, wipes himself out, and allows a Bulldog comeback. Bulldog clobbers Finlay in the corner, shoves Nick Patrick away when Patrick tries to break it up, and gets clobbered with a missile dropkick by an onrushing Alex Wright. Wright revives the ref while Finlay lands a Tombstone on Bulldog for three. Wright dances rather than escaping, which is dumb because he pissed Finlay off last week. Finlay plants him with a flipping Fireman’s Carry slam and then leaves.


  • Gene Okerlund is back, but at least he’s not hosting ten segments a night. Okerlund introduces Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) for an interview. Jericho is upset that he’s, um, “beaten” Goldberg Greenberg three times without acknowledgement. Jericho calls Goldberg out tonight, so Goldberg must not be in the building. Okerlund notes that Goldberg is at a UNICEF function. Of course. Jericho then runs down Page for challenging the wrong champion at Havoc and declares that nobody cares about Page, which he pronounces “Pah-ZHAY” like a weirdo. Page comes out and calls Jericho “Jerkicho,” but no, it only works when Jericho misnames someone on purpose. Sorry, Page. Anyway, Page challenges Jericho tonight, which sounds like a hell of a match!


  • Scott Hall’s at the bar in the Target Center. Tony S. mentions that he’s one-half of the tag champs. Huh, yeah, he is, isn’t he? And the Giant’s the other half. What if they ever defended those things, or maybe dropped them to a tag team that could use them?


  • Wrath crushes poor unloved Tokyo Magnum. Magnum was abandoned by his "friends" and idols Disco Inferno and Alex Wright, and shame on them for it! This is a fun squash, with the added bonus that Tony S. tells me that Wrath/Meng is on for Havoc. Hell, yeah! Wrath wins with a Meltdown in about a minute.


  • 1998 UNICEF promo. 2024 Peacock promo of a Bray Wyatt special. 1998 reminder of Buff saving Rick earlier in the night (and ripping his nWo shirt off, which I’m not sure we saw originally).


  • Disco Inferno dances out. Alex Wright dances out behind him. Hey, uh, someone go check on poor Tokyo Magnum. Aw, you two don’t even care, do you? The Boogie Knights are back together tonight to face Super Calo and Silver King. Calo and King say they have a surprise for the Boogie Knights, and that surprise is that they’re skipping this match and letting Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit (w/Arn Anderson) jump in and beat the shit out of the Knights instead. Uh, okay, sure, I guess? The crowd is weirdly subdued for this, though they react with a few boos when *sigh* ratings hit Eric Bischoff comes out and kicks Mike Tenay off the booth. Bischoff does some shitty angry heel commentary. It almost ruins what is a fun little sprint. Alex Wright is legitimately very good at this point, I think. He’s still got timing issues sometimes, but he’s better with coming up with stuff to do in heel control segments. Disco and Wright control, but Disco dances so much that Malenko crawls over and tags in Chris Benoit. I think this is Benoit’s first time on TV in months. It’s sort of weird that they didn’t promote his comeback match since he is over enough to warrant that sort of treatment. It takes Benoit less than a minute to slip a Crippler Crossface on Disco and get a victory. The crowd encourages Bischoff to put himself on TV more often by chanting BISCHOFF SUCKS, which is especially egregious considering how little they reacted for the tag team switcheroo. I can’t imagine showing more enthusiasm for booing Eric Bischoff than for cheering the Horsemen.


  • Kevin Nash must have a time machine because I’m guessing he found and played The Iconz’s 2001 song “Get Fucked Up” for a stumbling, bumbling Scott Hall in 1998, who we see stumbling and bumbling in the bar.


  • Chris Jericho vs. Diamond Dallas Page is next up. Page wins a lockup easily; Jericho blames a phantom hair pull. Page controls the arm next, so Jericho actually uses a hair pull to escape, then bails and preens a bit. What a dick! Jericho tries to use speed to confuse Page, but eats a short lariat and a DDPancake for two. Page follows up with corner punches, but gets hung up on the ropes and springboard dropkicked off the apron. Jericho takes control at ringside, bashing Page around the area, and back in the ring, he barely gets a one-count off a wimpy pin. Jericho has a bit more control, but gets punched and clotheslined on a DDP comeback, then covered for two after DDP hits a back suplex. Jericho escapes a Page assault with a jawbreaker, lariat, and Asai moonsault that gets 2.5. Jericho looks for a suplex, but gets countered into an armbreaker for two. Page sets up for a Diamond Cutter, so Jericho flips out of it and scores a kick to the nuts, then tries a Lion Tamer that page uses his leg length to counter. Jericho rushes him and eats a tilt-a-whirl slam. Page signals to the fans that he’s looking for a Diamond Cutter, so Goldberg (who left the UNICEF event early just to get down here and beat the hell out of Chris Jericho) runs in and spears Jericho. Page turns around, irritated that Jericho has now defeated him by DQ. He stops Goldberg from hitting Jericho with a Jackhammer and at least scores that Diamond Cutter he was planning on before he faces off with Goldberg to a mega-pop. Literally everyone in that match/post-match segment (other than J.J. Dillon and all the security that rushes into the ring) was way the hell over. You can see a healthy WCW’s future in this segment.


  • Hall is drunk as hell and the ladies love it!


  • Raven’s music plays for some reason. Then it stops. Fucking Craig Leathers. Rey Misterio Jr.’s music starts, and he just shows up again after injury with minimal (if that) promotion for his return. He’s got a shot at Billy Kidman’s Cruiserweight Championship, which makes sense, as Misterio beat Jericho for that belt cleanly a few months back before being stripped of the title and heading back out with a knee injury because I’m not sure he let himself heal properly the first time around. Kidman’s music is different and doesn’t have the porn funk intro, sadly. They grapple a bit, and despite being outsized, Misterio holds his own. It’s like no one wants to risk being the first to up the tempo and go to the air, but the natural course of things is for lots of running, and Rey wins the first speedy exchange with a headscissors. Kidman wins a headscissors of his own on the second up-tempo exchange. They run some more, and after a couple of counters, Kidman scores a dropkick for two.


  • Kidman slows it down with an elbowdrop and a chinlock after that two count. He starts to impose his size advantage, whipping Misterio hard into the corner and using more strikes. Misterio does land a wheel kick to stop that bit of Kidman dominance, then goes up and hits a pretty crossbody for two. Misterio tries to keep the pace up, but Kidman catches him in a wheelbarrow slam off a rope run for two. Kidman tries to suplex Rey, but is reversed and suplexed to the floor. The crowd is bored by this match and amuses themselves with a GREEN BAY SUCKS chant. This is a less pacey match, sure, and Misterio has been out pretty much all year and needed some hyping before his return, but still, Minnesota getting bored with this, but excited to chant abuse at Bischoff over on the desk tells you a lot about how shitty this crowd is. They’re sneakily shitty in that they’re loud sometimes, but they’re loud in dumb ways.


  • The crowd chants some more about their Packers hatred while these two, honestly, have a slow-paced match that’s not particularly good. It’s not bad! It’s just fine, just there, and Kidman’s power wrestling is pretty boilerplate. Rey dumps Kidman outside with a headscissors, then hits a slingshot splash to Kidman on the floor. The crowd is bored as hell by this gorgeous-looking move. Rey goes up and Kidman meets him; Kidman ends up hanging stomach-first on the ropes, and Rey hits a guillotine legdrop and covers for two.


  • Back to standing, Kidman wins out with strikes, but whiffs on a Frog Splash. Rey goes up and hits a seated senton splash for two. Misterio follows up with a weird-looking Rocker Dropper where he bars the arm with his legs for two more. Kidman fights up and gets two of his own on a sit-out slam. He scores a springboard bulldog and goes up for the SSP, but Rey’s playing possum and quickly knocks Kidman into a seated position, then hits him with a Frankensteiner for 2.9.


  • They rope run, and Misterio hits a facebuster for two. Misterio hammers the mat in frustration, then goes up to try and finally finish this guy off, but Kidman catches a diving Misterio with a dropkick, and then…uh, the bell sounds? There was a time limit on this thing? Come the fuck on, there’s never a time limit for Cruiserweight matches. This is some fucking nonsense. If you don’t want to put someone over, don’t have the match. Fuck off, WCW.


  • Gene Okerlund introduces the mayor of Minneapolis, who gets booed, followed by JESSE chants. Oh, Minneapolis! The mayor and Okerlund introduce Kirby Puckett and John Randle, both of whom come to the ring to a big pop. Okerlund is nice enough to point out that the mayor erased the boos by introducing people who are actually popular. What a guy that Okerlund is! The mayor now introduces Ric Flair and declares this RIC FLAIR DAY, WOOOO, but she just “woos” like a regular person would “woo” and not like Ric Flair “woos.” Bischoff comes out here so he can have his vanity segment where the mayor’s law enforcement and John Randle can threaten him. The mayor really gets into crapping on Bischoff and gets cheered. Hell, she might have gotten re-elected off the strength of this segment. This might have been her “Nixon on Laugh-In” moment. One of the cops tells Bisch that he needs to leave the building or be carted to one of the many inhumane jails in the area, then says that Bischoff’s got warrants. I don’t usually believe cops when they say anything, but Bischoff having warrants seems possible, even probable. We see Bischoff storm to the back, where his rental gets towed. Everyone fake laughs.


  • A quick Wikipedia check reveals that this mayor lost to a dude endorsed by the local police in the largest mayoral beatdown in history. I am not going to even get into the fraught political and social analysis of this revelation except to note that Ric Flair Day offered only a temporary bounce in her popularity. Alas.


  • The nWo Hollywood Scotts Hall and Norton (but not Steiner) come to the ring along with Stevie Ray. Hall stumbles around with a drink in his hand. Norton is rocking the IWGP belt. This is supposed to be a six-man tag against the Wolfpac, but only Lex Luger and Konnan come out, no Kevin Nash to be seen. Nash might not be here and the Wolfpac’s team might be down a man, but that’s not stopping Konnan from hitting the ol’ catchphrase roulette. We go to the back, and Kevin Nash pretends to be drunk, but if I recall this correctly, it’s a ruse. Nash wanders around while the match starts, until finally we get a huge pop as Nash weaves down the aisle. Hall loves the idea that Nash is wasted and toasts him. This is an angle more than a match, so let me skip all the match talk and just inform you about the angle: After some boring stuff, Hall and Nash tag in. They “too sweet” one another and drink, but then Nash shows that he’s just faking. Hall turns around into a big boot and then gets knocked around the ring a bit. Nash finally getting his hands on Hall after all this time is nice, but maybe this wasn’t the most efficient way to do that? The ref calls for the bell for reasons I cannot fathom, and the Hollywood contingent just leaves.


  • As I watch this Hogan/Warrior promo, I realize that neither man has been on the go-home Nitro yet, and that would explain in some significant way why this Nitro is going to get a surprisingly positive score.


  • I mean, sure, Hogan comes out here for the main event, but that’s okay. He didn’t cut a promo this week, so that’s a massive – oh no, wait, he cuts Buffer off and takes his mic. Well, look, it could have been worse. That’s my point. It could have been worse.


  • Oh yeah, I forgot that Hulk Hogan was wrestling Horace Hogan, I guess, in some sort of “if I beat up my family, what will I do to you” sort of deal. Hogan says SHOOT WITH THIS THING AND TELL ‘EM WHAT YOUR REAL NAME IS. Well, I assume that his shoot name is Micheal Bollea, not Horace Hogan, which is what Horace says his name is. The Giant and some B-Teamers come down next as Horace tries really hard to act like he might cry when Hulk expresses his love for him. Anyway, Hulk beats down Horace to make a point to Warrior, including a chair shot to the dome. Warrior comes out, and he’s stolen Sting’s bat gimmick to boot. He clears the ring until the Giant catches him with a chokeslam; Hogan spray paints Warrior’s chest and then drops a couple of legs. It stunk, but look, it was less of a stinkfest than most Hogan promos and segments.


  • Bret Hart comes out and cuts a promo about this ice cold Sting feud. He cuts a boilerplate, somewhat crappy promo (except for the part where he calls out his cat pal Smokey); Sting comes out and has a low-intensity brawl/wrestling match with him. Sting locks on a Scorpion Death Drop and refuses to let go as refs run down and the crowd sits on its hands. Stevie Ray and Vincent run down and finally cause Sting to break it, but Sting beats them both up.


  • The last twenty or thirty minutes of this show was poop, but the stuff that came before it was generally okay! 2.5 out of 5 Stinger Splashes
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Thunder Interlude – show number thirty-seven – 22 October 1998

"The WCW Gang takes a low-key path to Halloween Havoc '98”

  • Honestly, as I won’t have a lot of time later in the week to review, I decided to cut a quicker pace…I just want to get Havoc out of the way by tomorrow’s end…


  • Watching this much late 1998 WCW in such a short period is hazardous to my love of professional wrestling, but I endure…


  • After the commentary desk hypes the big angles, Super Calo opens the show against Rey Misterio Jr….Huh, is this one of those fabled “hot cruiserweight openers” that I’ve heard WCW is supposed to have established on their shows?...Tony S. announces Sting versus the Giant as the Thunder main event…They definitely have awesome chemistry, but I doubt it’ll go very long…This is a fun little opening match…Calo is game for heeling a bit and hits a couple of nice moves, including a solid missile dropkick after running up the ropes on a whip to the corner…This is actually the best Calo has looked in any WCW match I’ve ever seen him in…All his dives and risky moves look picturesque…Rey looks good, too, considering that he’s coming off a long layoff (again)…Rey crotches Calo up top and then hits a fantastic-looking top-rope rana for three…Why don’t they do this every show?...


  • Aw, to quote something Van Hammer might say, “Don’t harsh my buzz,” because the lWo is out here to offer Rey membership…Chavo Jr. watches from the aisle…It could be audio sweetening, but it also could be that they’re doing this in Albuquerque because Eddy gets some cheers…I guess Chavo Jr. vocally wants to be in this group now?...He begs for an invitation to the lWo from his spot in the aisle...Rey prefers to do his wrestling solo, and Eddy is displeased…


  • After some Goldberg/DDP hype in video form, Page joins Tony S. in the ring to talk with him…Page says that when he thinks of the World Heavyweight Championship, he thinks of one thing: Goldberg…Duh, stupid…Anyone reading this knows how I feel about Page’s babyface promos, so I won’t belabor my point other than to say that this one is probably worse than the average for him…Page gets booed a bit, actually, but he deserves it…They still chant along with him at the end, though…


  • Johnny Swinger makes a random Thunder appearance to face Alex Wright…A small pocket of this crowd really gets on Wright as the match opens…Swinger stays focused enough to score a handful of offensive moves and yell DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!...Wright hangs Swinger over the top rope and then stomps him in a cool spot…The slowpokes in Albuquerque start a U-S-A chant…I guess that show of patriotism inspires Swinger to hit a knee…It doesn’t help much more than that, though…Wright dropkicks a diving Swinger out of the air and drops him with a reverse neckbreaker for three…


  • A bunch of Nitro recap sandwiches a commercial break…


  • Chris Kanyon faces Chris Jericho for the WCW Television Championship…Huh, that’s an intriguing matchup…Wow, the audio sweetening is done in awful fashion…You can hear the canned cheering drop out while Kanyon grabs a mic…Kanyon asks who betta than him as Jericho puts rabbit ears behind his head…Jericho cuts in and says that actually the issue is that Jericho is the guy who is betta than everyone, which the crowd does not agree with…Kanyon attacks Jericho for stealing his catchphrase…Jericho takes control and hits a Hot Shot…Jericho hits his springboard corner dropkick as we go to break…Back from break, Jericho stuffs a Kanyon comeback attempt and hits an Asai moonsault for two…Jericho gets two off a vertical suplex and a cocky pin…Jericho bonks his noggin on a missed corner splash attempt…Kanyon gets a little space, but gets countered into a gourdbuster not long after he gets control…Jericho scores a two-count, but jumps himself right into a Northern Lights Suplex for two…Kanyon gets two on a swinging neckbreaker…Hey look, it’s Raven!...He hands out at ringside, watching the bout…In the ring, Jericho tries a Lion Tamer, but Kanyon eyepokes his way out and gets two on a pancake…Kanyon’s looking for some sort of top rope move, but he gets headbutted to the mat…Jericho follows with a missile dropkick, but Kanyon pulls the ref in the way…Jericho clowns on the ref, who is out…Raven comes in and tries to get an Evenflow in on Jericho, but Jericho counters into a Lion Tamer…Raven taps out while a groggy Silverman disqualifies Kanyon for referee assault…I guess this leads to Raven/Jericho at Havoc, which hopefully will get more time than it did on that recent Nitro…


  • More Nitro recap…Perry Saturn is out after that…He meets Norman Smiley, who gets a jobber entrance even though he unequivocally is NOT a jobber…Deathbed WCW might suck, but giving Norman Smiley more TV time is one of the decent things about it…These guys have a pacey opening centered around countering armbars…Saturn and Smiley counter, counter, counter…Smiley hits a slam and thinks about dancing…Alex Wright and Disco Inferno should be out here recruiting this guy…And Tokyo Magnum too, dammit…Smiley disrespectfully slaps Saturn after a period of control, which is a mistake…Saturn lands some loud chops and a superkick…Smiley tries to stop the wave of offense with an eye poke, but gets suplexed, clotheslined, Falcon Arrow’d and DVD’d with absolutely no Video Review in the bargain…After getting three, Saturn ruffles Charles Robinson’s hair and they share a chuckle for some reason…It made me laugh…Even commentary was like, Huh, Saturn is loving life


  • Scotty Riggs versus Lex Luger is the next match…Honestly, I expected Konnan…Lex might as well not exist at this point, the way he's been booked…There’s cooling a guy off, and there’s whatever the fuck Bischoff has done to Luger in 1998…I’m still readying my disbelieving rant about the booking of the Wolfpac for January ’99, for that matter…This is a babyface Lex Luger singles match, so I don’t need to really call this for you…Luger is still very over, by the way…We get a lovely Riggs dropkick during the heel control segment…Riggs can’t do much else interesting in his heel control segments, but that dropkick really is something…Luger drops Riggs with two clotheslines and a metal forearm, but in a minor subversion, Riggs jawbreakers his way out of a Torture Rack attempt…Riggs misses a big crossbody from the top and gets powerslammed before finding himself getting racked and submitting…


  • Thunder continues to feed me a diet of decent TV wrestling bouts with only some video recap of Nitro to remind me of the bad creative direction of the company…Well, the recap videos and the lWo showing up…Anyway, Prince Iaukea faces off with Juventud Guerrera next…As Juvi and Iaukea cut a pace, I think that this Thunder really does embody the sort of Nitro/Thunder that people reminisce positively about…Iaukea gets two on a snap suplex…Iaukea works over Juvi, who got a lot of high-pitched screams on his way out…Juvi fires back with chops and a Rocker Dropper…Juvi is rolling…He lands a diving wheel kick from the top and goes up for a split-legged moonsault…Disco Inferno is still beefing with Juvi, though, and runs down and tries to knock trip Juvi up…It doesn’t work, and Juvi lands it and gets three…Kidman comes out to join the fray and they all beat up and then dive on one another…Well, Disco doesn’t do any dives because he’s Disco…But the other two do…


  • There’s more recap, all Bischoff stuff, and then Konnan shows up and competitively squashes Scott Armstrong…Konnan hits as many catchphrases as he can before the match…Konnan also hits a bunch of his typical offense at an oddly slow pace, as is his way…Armstrong gets in some offense in a nothing heel control segment…Konnan hits a floatover bulldog to stop the flow of Armstrong offense…He hits a clothesline, then leapfrogs Armstrong and bends him over with a back kick…Konnan lands a sit-out facebuster and wraps Armstrong in the Tequila Sunrise for a quick tap-out…


  • Aw, an unfortunate Kendall Windham sighting is upon us…Well, at least they corrected the spelling of Kendall’s name in the chyron…They never even bothered correcting Neidhart’s name…Dean Malenko comes out to face him…WTF, they let that bum Kendall talk before the match…Kendall Windham has the nerve to say that Dean Malenko isn’t good enough for the Four Horsemen…He’s right, but I don’t think it’s his fucking place to say it…I don’t see the first name “Barry” writtten before his last name in his chyron, so he can shut the fuck up…Malenko eats a bit of cursory offense before quickly taking control and getting a submission off a Texas Cloverleaf in about ninety seconds…Oh no, now Dean gets a microphone and talks…Why are they doing this to me?...And every other viewer unfortunate enough to watch this segment?...Malenko threatens Bischoff…At least it’s short, I guess?...The rest of the Horsemen come out to join Malenko…Arn cuts a promo in which he threatens Bischoff, especially if Bisch says something about his family...Flair speaks next…He wants Bischoff’s job…I think he becomes the new Commissioner at some point and the job goes to his head…I am decidedly not looking forward to that playing out if I have remembered it correctly…


  • The Giant and Sting comprise your main event if you’ll recall…It happens next…Well, uh, the Giant is out here with fewer than six minutes on the play clock, so it doesn’t really happen over a long period of time more suitable for such a big match…Sting is out next…He’s growing facial hair under that red paint…It looks stupid…Sting doesn’t have time to take his coat off before the fight starts…Sting returns punches with a few of his own, but is caught and dumped when trying a Stinger Splash…The Giant controls…His side Russian just hits different…Giant misses an elbow drop…Sting hits three Stinger Splashes and then gets a big pop by body slamming the big man…Sting goes for a Scorpion Death Lock, so Scott Steiner runs in and slams Sting in the leg with a chair…Oh great, it’s an nWo beatdown…I love those things, they don’t happen often enough for me…Rick Steiner comes in for the save even though the Wolfpac is in the building…He chases his brother off and allows Sting to get a bat and clear the ring…Oh, here’s the Wolfpac, a good hour or two late…


  • I complain, but this show was actually pretty entertaining until Kendall Windham showed up…Sting and the Giant were good, but that was a nothing match…The rest of it was a steady diet of entertaining television bouts…It gets a WOOO from me…
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Halloween Havoc ’98 notes:

  • I can’t believe that I’m actually watching this show! It doesn’t shape up to be very good, but I got here!


  • I’m almost through 1998, for that matter, and boy, am I thrilled about that. I don’t care how bad 1999 is or that I have to spend nine months watching the Bischoff regime finish destroying WCW’s audience share. 1998 started out with a lot of promise, but slid right into sucktitude. I am ready for the car crash that is Vince Russo spending a short time in control, getting fired quickly, then getting brought back as part of a team with Bischoff (what a stupid idea that was, like someone really wanted to drive the value of the company down so they could get rid of it) and fired again. At least that’s not a boring and shitty holding pattern. What’s going on right now in WCW is interminably bad.


  • I also have some latent excitement over getting to see the final WW3 PPV and to watch Vince Russo’s finest booking moment (however much credit he can take for it), the Deadly Games tournament, in my final Big Five PPVs of 1998 entry. So yeah, this is a real milestone for me personally. Not for poor WCW, though. Yeesh.


  • We get an epic opener to a show that doesn’t deserve one. I dig the set design, though. Havoc often has some of my favorite set design for any big wrestling show.


  • Tonight’s show starts with a Nitro Girls routine. Far be it from me to complain about the Nitro Girls, but a) this isn’t Nitro, and b) this show ends halfway through the main event in real time and Bisch had to show said main event on Nitro for free the next night. So I guess I am going to complain, actually, because what the fuck, man? Pretty ladies are great, but competently-run wrestling shows are also great.


  • Gene Okerlund interviews Rick Steiner for some reason. Ricky’s got some of the worst entrance music I’ve ever heard, but the WELCOME…TO THA…DAWGGGGG POUND followed shortly by some barking dogs always gets a laugh out of me. I don’t know why. It’s terrible, but it’s such a bad opener to a theme that it tickles me. This doofus Rick says that tonight, he’s “the hound in the pound that’s gonna get down *woof woof*,” and man, it’s stupid. Anyway, Buff Bagwell comes out here and suckers Rick’s stupid ass in by asking to be in his corner. The whole crowd immediately smells something fishy. They are adamant that it’s a mistake to trust Buff. Ricky trusts Buff anyway.


  • Raven is in the opener, which is a goddam miscarriage of justice considering that he’s been arguably one of the best five all-around talents in the company in 1998. Bischoff was an uncool hick doofus who thought Harleys were the height of coolness in ’98, so of course he didn’t get Raven’s whole “disaffected Gen-Xer” deal. Raven faces Chris Jericho for Jericho’s WCW Television Championship. Jericho walks out and acts like a goof. Raven sits in the corner. He gets a mic and notes that he’s lost a lot of matches lately, but basically that’s because the whole world is against him. He says that he went to bed at eleven in the morning LOL, and when he got to the building (late, probably), he found out he was in this match. He hasn’t had time to prepare considering he only awoke fifteen minutes before this match was scheduled to start, so he walks out on it.


  • Jericho gets a mic while Raven walks away and says that he’d like the night off himself, but all the Jerichoholics in the crowd want to see him (everyone cheers – whoops!). He then shits on the Flock and calls Raven a loser, then stomps Raven out when Raven slides back in the ring (everyone cheers – whoops again!). Jericho whips Raven with Raven’s leather jacket and is the defacto face in this thing. I guess. He gets two on a lariat and a wimpy pin, but gets booted and clotheslined over the top when he ducks down on a rope run.


  • Raven sets the ring stairs on their side and front suplexes Jericho onto them, which is a spot that rules. He then vaults up the stairs and uses them as momentum to dropkick Jericho, who tumbles backwards and shrieks HELP ME, hahaha, these guys are the absolute best. Back in the ring, Jericho hits a Hot Shot and then a springboard corner dropkick to re-take control. These two are just doing as much cool offense as possible and taking some neat bumps; Jericho whiffs on a splash and careens into the guardrail. I note, as Raven breaks the count, that this match is apparently not under Raven’s Rules, but then again, the guy has used the stairs liberally and Jericho used Raven’s jacket as a weapon. Whatever, it’s just WCW being muddled. This match is still pretty sweet even though Scott Dickinson makes five- and ten-counts on wandering ringside brawling and weapon spots, but he doesn't DQ anyone like he should.


  • Raven eventually locks on a sleeper in the center of the ring, but Jericho breaks it with a back suplex, then hits a senton splash and heads right for the turnbuckle to expose it. There’s work around who is going to eat the buckle, and after an Irish whip reversal, Jericho kisses the metal ring off a slingshot. Raven hits a lariat and gets two. They have a quick exchange in the middle of the ring where Raven ducks a leaping back kick and hits a belly-to-belly for another two; then, as Raven tries a back suplex again, Jericho hooks Raven and rolls through into a Walls of Jericho. Raven fights it, but eventually gets turned over and then fights his way to the ropes. The fans are cheering everything at this point because this match is fun as fuck. Jericho tries another Irish whip, but that’s reversed and Raven lands an Evenflow for 2.9.


  • At this point, Jericho gets desperate, tries a rollup with a cinch of pants that gets two, and then hits a low blow and a German suplex with a bridge for another two. At this point, Kanyon hustles out here, jumps up on the apron, and crashes into Jericho on a rope run. Raven grabs Jericho and hooks him for an Evenflow again, but Jericho grabs Raven’s legs, trips him, and transitions into a Lion Tamer, and Raven immediately gives up the ghost. Yeah, that match ruled. It got the crowd fired up, too.


  • Why in the world does this show need Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to kill time talking? Fuck off. You’ll never convince me that they didn’t try to sabotage Goldberg by finally putting him in the main event spot on PPV, but running the clock down so that his match was cut off before it finished. Hogan says he won’t be long-winded, and then proceeds to be long-winded. What is the actual fucking point of this? We need Vince Russo to come in and point out Hogan’s bald spot already. Russo is a true hero for getting Hogan the fuck out of WCW once and for all, even if he’s a deluded little shithead. Hogan talks about that Horace incident from Nitro, saying nothing important about it over and over to eat up precious PPV carriage time.


  • Meng and Wrath are next, and I am into this. I see an “I’m Lodi’s Girl <3” sign in the crowd as Wrath stalks to the ring. Huh, even Lodi had fangirls? WCW was really hot, I guess. Meng meets Wrath on the apron, and they spill outside, where Wrath hits a somersault splash. These fellas get back in the ring and clubber one another. Meng ignores mere headbutts and lariats, so Wrath uses his agility to add extra oomph, hitting a second-rope diving lariat. Wrath hits a shoulderblock and sets up for a Meltdown, but Wrath rolls through and hits a standing side kick for two. Meng goes to work and gets two off a backbreaker, then hits a series of strikes and even a bite. Wrath endures all that and returns a few strikes of his own, so Meng hits a throat thrust and a back suplex for another two. He lands a running lariat and an atomic drop, then ducks down and gets countered; Wrath hits a Death Penalty (!!!), but it only gets 2.9. Wrath is up first and hits a boot, then tries to apply the Meltdown again; Meng fights it, but Wrath hoists him up and drills it for three. It was pretty impressive, and the crowd applauds even though a few of them tried to start a BO-RING chant that didn’t take. This was a nice little clubberfest with some good dynamic moves from Wrath.


  • Billy Kidman will defend his Cruiserweight Championship later tonight against the winner of Disco Inferno versus Juvi Guerrera. That number one contendership match is next. Disco immediately kicks Juvi in the gut and traps him in the corner with strikes, then kills a Juvi attempt to speed things up with a side slam and a two count. But the truth is that Disco’s already set a quick pace by opening the match like he has, and Juvi gets Disco to run and easily headscissors him. They fuck up a Rocker Dropper spot, barely save it, and do it again so that Juvi can land said Rocker Dropper. Juvi monkey flips Disco over the top to the floor and then headscissors him through the ropes. I was listening to Behind the Bastards, but the topic and information from the episode enraged me, so I cut on an ep of 83 Weeks instead to cool down. In it, Bisch expressed no regret for unmasking Juvi or Rey. I can get behind unmasking Juvi, but they didn’t push him properly or capitalize on the fact that he gets squee’d at by young ladies quite a bit. Unmasking Rey was an obvious mistake, though.


  • I digress. Disco gets control back in the ring and sinks in a chinlock after a few moves. Juvi fights out of it and gets two on a rollup, then catches a Disco kick and hits a back kick of his own. Disco’s trying to hang on as Juvi runs, but every counter he does is quickly countered in turn. He backdrops Juvi out of the ring on a rope run, but Juvi lands on the apron and hits him with an Ace Crusher onto the ropes. He escapes a Juvi springboard move by bailing, but gets slingshot splashed. Disco looks pretty screwed; Juvi calls for a Juvi Driver, which he and Disco fight over until Disco drops Juvi throat first across the ropes and hits a desperation swinging neckbreaker. Disco crawls over, covers Juvi at Charles Robinson’s count of seven, and only gets two.


  • Disco gets a sense that he’s firmly in control, so he dances. That leads right to a counter of a counter when Disco blocks a sunset flip with a punch, then dances and gets rolled up. Disco kicks out, tries a Giant Swing, hits it, gets dizzy himself, and topples over headfirst into Juvi’s balls. Disco eventually recovers and lands a series of moves for a two count, then hits a vertical suplex and goes up top. He takes so much time to get up there and then has the audacity to try and dance; Juvi catches him, you won’t be surprised to find out, and lands a rana and then a wheel kick from the top that gets two. Juvi runs, hits a facecrusher for two, and leaps onto Disco’s shoulders in a seated position. Disco shrugs him off, lands a boot to Juvi’s midsection, and drops Juvi with a jumping piledriver that does get three. Man, the wrestling matches have been fun tonight. We got some garbage wrestling, some clubbering, some power moves, some high-flying moves, and lots of counters and counters to counters. The collection of diverse talent in this company is staggering.


  • There’s another Nitro Girls routine, and you know why I think this is a bananas fucking thing to have on this show multiple times. I mean, this dance routine is, uh, well, it’s great, and Chae continues to be an inspiration, but still! Man, did the Nitro Girls take the opportunity of being on PPV rather than cable to spice up (not "Spice up," but she’s here too) their routines.


  • Now Scott Steiner comes into the aisle and pretty much declares that he’s here to fight and fuck, and not necessarily in that order. Why in the fuck is this on PPV? They could have had Buff ask Rick if he could second him on Nitro and then had Scotty follow up on Thunder. So I guess now this is a tag match considering that Scotty says he wants to tag with the Giant against Buff and Rick Steiner, and they’ll Freebird Rule it to put the tag titles on the line. What the hell, why not? The Giant is here to cut a goofy promo, and then J.J. Dillon comes down here to get suckered in to this stupid-ass plan. Dillon says he’ll do it as long as Scotty Steiner agrees to face Rick in a fifteen-minute match immediately after if Scotty and the Giant lose the tag titles. Does this feud SUCK, or what? Just have the fucking blowoff! At least the never-ending Kevin Sullivan/Chris Benoit feud produced that mixed tag match that was truly great; this feud has been very, very bad. Right now, it’s the worst WCW feud of the whole watch for me.


  • Fit Finlay is on this card, which is cool, and he’s facing Alex Wright. I really love ACHTUNG, ACHTUNG, HIER IST ALEX WRIGHT as a catchphrase. That one sounds better in German than in English. Wright shoulder rolls away from a lockup and celebrates; Finlay claps derisively, heh. After some fighting around a collar-and-elbow, Finlay transitions into a nervehold, then claws Wright’s nose and eyes and throws a few strikes. They trade European uppercuts, and Wright hits a running version to take the match over. The crowd tries to start a boring chant again because they’re morons. Wright dumps Finlay abdomen first on the ropes, then catapults Finlay into the bottom rope. Wright pulls Finlay back to standing, and Finlay hits a short-arm clothesline, then lands a catapult of his own that whips Wright back into a bow-and-arrow-ish type deal. Finlay dumps Wright outside and beats on him, then gets in to break the count. He’s tripped when trying to approach Wright again, and Wright beats on him outside the ring before getting countered into a fireman’s carry and draped across the guardrail. This match goes back and forth as these guys walk through damage. They end up back in the ring before Wright crossbodies Finlay to the floor, then tries a missile dropkick as Finlay crawls into the ring. Finlay dodges, but then posts himself on a corner charge. That allows Wright to drop Finlay with a reverse neckbreaker for the pinfall. Solid little match.


  • So, Ernest Miller makes me laugh while he's talking to Lee Marshall at the internet station. When Marshall points out that another athlete already calls themselves “The Greatest,” Miller deadpans the response, “Who is this impostor? Show them to me.” Miller is genuinely funny in this whole interview. See, Bisch et al.? You don’t have to have the guy wrestle every week to get the most positive use out of him.


  • That Lodi fangirl must be thrilled because Lodi wanders out here with a bunch of signs. Why Lodi is on this show, I don’t know, but Penzer announces Lodi’s hometown as “Anywhere in the world that isn’t Las Vegas, Nevada,” and that makes me laugh. I’m baffled at why Saturn/Lodi is a match on this show. Saturn comes out dressed like a goddam Shadaloo agent who decided to integrate stripper-gimmick Shawn Michaels’s attire into his uniform. Who the fuck let him walk out there like that?! Lodi carefully takes off his goggles and stretches to avoid getting killed for as long as possible, but eventually, he has to lock up with Saturn. Saturn wins an exchange of holds, and Lodi runs off to get his signs back because he needs the support. They’re like Linus’s comfort blanket, I guess. Again, why is this on PPV? Saturn lands a kneelift and then hits a meaty leg sweep that Col. William Guile himself would be proud of. Basically Lodi gets killed, then bails and tries to find comfort in his signs. He thinks about leaving, but Saturn walks him down, slaps him, and chases him back into the ring. The beating commences again. This is pretty fun as a moves exhibition as Saturn just destroys this guy, then crushes him with a DVD for three. I mean, if we needed to fill time on this show, a glorified squash match to cap this mini-feud would be perfect! If we didn't need to fill time, you know, save it for Nitro.


  • Why in fuck are we seeing Nitro footage of Buff and the Steiner boys? Anyone who bought the PPV probably watched this. Man, I can’t wait to hate listen to the ’98 Havoc episode of 83 Weeks because I want to hear exactly how Bischoff will poorly defend himself for the production of this show.


  • There’s another Nitro Girls routine. I mean, come on, fellas. Chae is as questionable a dancer as Disco Inferno and Alex Wright, bless her. She almost falls over on the finish.


  • Speaking of, Disco’s back out here to face Billy Kidman for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Disco didn’t learn from the first match of the night and tries to jump on Kidman, thereby upping the pace, thereby getting him dropkicked into the corner. Let’s talk a bit about Kidman, who gets a push that the crowd takes to for reasons which I’m not entirely sure of. He’s not a good talker. He’s a decent worker, but he’s liable to run out of ideas for long stretches of a match when he’s in control. Generally, he’s as good as the guy he’s wrestling. The crowds loved him, though! I don’t get it. He’s getting the push that Chavo Jr. should be getting as far as I’m concerned.


  • Back to the match: After a few early exchanges, Disco rocks Kidman with a swinging neckbreaker for two. He uses all his strength to Irish whip Kidman into the corner, which gets an OHH. Disco does some trash talk about Kidman's mom making Kidman turn his music down. It's very weird, very on brand for Disco Inferno. Disco dumps Kidman outside on a backdrop and continues the assault until Kidman reverses a whip and then takes the opening to hit a springboard bulldog by using the ring steps. Kidman rolls Disco in the ring and goes up top, but splatters himself on a splash attempt, and Disco covers for two.


  • Disco sinks in a chinlock, but at least he works it a little. Kidman elbows his way out of it and scores a rebound lariat to catch a breather. Kidman tries to run, but Disco dumps Kidman on his face and…oh no, he dances. Buddy, stay focused. Disco stomps a mudhole and…no, buddy, no, stop dancing. OK, good, he’s stopped dancing and hits a back suplex that only gets two. Maybe had you stayed on him, Disco? Disco trash talks some more, which causes Kidman to throw some punches before Disco pokes Kidman in the eyes and hangs Kidman’s throat on the ropes. Disco is entirely distracted, posing, jawing at fans, dancing, and generally forgetting all the stuff he learned about staying focused last year. He goes up for a second-rope elbow, takes his sweet time trying to land it, and misses. Kidman hits a sit-out slam for two, then lands a powerslam for two when Disco charges at him out of the corner. Kidman does whiff on a dropkick, though, and Disco tries the jumping piledriver. Kidman flips out of it, but Disco grabs him again and hits it. Unfortunately, he takes too long to cover (and offers up an incredibly lax cover besides), so it only gets two.


  • Kidman’s ready to come back, but Disco blocks a springboard bulldog by turning it into a neckbreaker in a cool counter; he follows up with a gourdbuster and gets two. He sets up for the jumping piledriver again, but he does the Macarena – that ain’t disco, come on, man – and then gets countered into a facebuster and an SSP (big pop for the SSP) that gives Kidman the win. Decent match, but mostly because Disco is a good heel.


  • Scott Steiner and the Giant defend the WCW World Tag Team Championships – remember those? – against Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell. So, I think everyone at this point recognizes the swerve in this thing, which makes it not a swerve at all. Therefore, if WCW is smart, there’ll be another swerve on top of the swerve. Buff should actually complete a face turn, for example. Or, IDK, the Giant chokeslams everyone for the fuck of it. The Giant is smoking again tonight, by the way. He blows smoke in Buff’s face. Buff strips. A lot of ladies enjoy it, like a lot of them considering how high-pitched and loud the joyous response is. The Giant, who has been grossly misused for the last six months, has fun with Charles Robinson by holding the belt over his head and telling Robinson to jump up and get the tag belt if he wants it. Ten months of the Steiners exploding, but we can’t find shit for the Giant to do, huh? The Giant dominates Ricky, then tries to tag, but Scotty wants more damage before he tags in. the Giant drops Ricky one more time, then tags in Scotty, who jumps on his brother. This is inoffensive, but I am just here for the swerve.


  • Ricky eventually makes a comeback and hits Scotty with a lot of strikes. Ricky hits an elbow, but Buff asks for the tag. Ricky obliges and Buff immediately boots the guy in the balls and drops him; Buff then dances and jogs away, leaving Ricky alone. The crowd chants for GOLDBERG, but that guy has his own problems. Commence a boring beatdown by Scotty, then a less boring beatdown by the Giant, who jumps on Ricky’s chest. That was a cool spot. But yeah, this had better end with a double-swerve and Ricky winning the tag belts and a match against Scotty, or we’re just getting an overlong beatdown. The Giant pins Ricky three times and pulls him up at one each time before tagging Scotty back in. Ricky fights back and takes another blow to the junk. Oh, here comes the second twist: Scotty holds Ricky for a Giant top-rope move, and the Giant lets fly with a missile dropkick that Ricky dodges. Ricky manages to lariat Giant three times and put him down with a top-rope bulldog for three, which honestly pops the crowd HUGE even as I sit here unmoved.


  • The Giant apologizes to Scotty, who says FUCK IT, LET’S LEAVE, so Ricky chases Scotty down in the aisle and basically clobbers the shit out of him and the Giant besides. We’re really doing all this for a Rick Steiner singles push? And on top of it, I asked WCW to do something else with the tag titles, and they sure did, and I think what they chose to do is proof that they personally fucking hate me. Scotty hits Ricky with a low blow, which has been a popular move in this match. Scotty takes over as I think that, Hey, at least we’re finally getting this fucking singles match out of the way. Scotty hits a sit-out splash with Rick draped over the ropes, Boss Man style, but he gets powerslammed a few seconds later. Rick lands a belly-to-belly for two, and then Buff Bagwell runs back out here dressed like either Bill Clinton or Vinnie Jr., I can’t tell which. Buff grabs a slapjack from Stevie Ray (the latter of whom is standing at ringside now) and then hits Ricky in the head with it. OH NO, IS THIS FEUD STILL GOING?!?! Scotty covers and Buff uses a KO'd Charles Robinson’s hand to count, but Ricky kicks out at two. Scotty lands a top-rope Frankensteiner, and the same thing happens, and I am astonished that we are pushing Rick FUCKING Steiner this strongly. Ricky fights back and beats up both guys. Ricky lands a top rope bulldog on Scotty and then Nick Patrick runs down and counts three.


  • I just want you all to know that I hated this part of the show with a passion that burns like the heat of a thousand white-hot suns. Or like the pavement of the roads that criss-cross a half-abandoned luxury housing complex in Henderson on a July afternoon. Whichever is hotter. But Ricky won twice, so maybe we can at least move on, please.


  • The Outsiders also exploded, and that has been more interesting than the Steiner Brothers exploding by a whole lot even with the unfortunate addition of Hall being an alcoholic to the story. I mean, did I want to see this feud? Absolutely not. But it’s at least kept my attention in a positive way sometimes.


  • “Rockhouse” hits and Hall wobbles to the ring by himself. Kevin Nash enters the ring, and Hall throws his drink in Nash’s eyes and then looks remarkably sober in following up with punches. Hall beats Nash down at ringside, even spiking Nash in the head with Penzer’s mic. Hall chokes Nash out with some TV cables while Nash bleeds from the mouth. Nash writhes in pain on the ground while Hall gets a mic and hits a HEY YO. Hall taunts Nash while some officials help Nash up. Nash stumbles back into the ring and eats a few punches. Nash bumps around for Hall. See, when this guy is engaged, he’s very good. Hall signals for the Razor’s Edge, but Nash shoves Hall away. Hall goes for corner punches, but gets pushed away again. Hall goes back to it, gets shoved away again, and Nash tells Hall to bring it. Finally, Nash gets a couple of Irish whips to the corner and a side slam in.


  • This isn’t doing anything for me, I’ve got to be honest. They’re trying to inject some emotion into this thing, but it just leaves me cold. Nash eventually hits a few punches and sets up for a Jackknife, but Hall bails. He somewhat reluctantly re-enters at eight while Nash rips off his t-shirt. They commence to have a mediocre match. The problem is that this match has no feeling. They’re trying to get there, but I don’t know what it is – the layout, maybe that they added Hall’s IRL alcoholism into the angle without wrapping it into this match beyond Hall being able to stay sober long enough to sucker Nash in – but it’s not working for me. Nash slowly beats Hall down in the corner.


  • Nash is like HOW BOUT A DRINK *knee to the gut* WOULD YOU LIKE A DOUBLE *two more knees to the gut* and this is some corny-ass shit. He’s trying to get the “I’m beating you down because that’s the only way to get through to you” thing over, and you’d think a couple of WWF guys could do that more effectively. Hall is basically cooked even though this has been an ordinary Nash beatdown; Nash finally drops him with a Jackknife that Vegas loves. I should feel amazing about that jackknife since it’s been like eight months coming or something like that, but I do not. Nash says he’ll have a double and Jackknifes Hall again to rapturous applause. Well, I’m glad they liked it. Nash crotch chops Hall and leaves because the point, of course, is not to win the match. It’s to send a message. I need to think more about why this match failed for me because the basic narrative makes sense and has been clearly conveyed both in the work itself and by commentary. Hall wins by count-out and eventually stumbles back up the aisle.


  • The Nitro Girls dance while wearing colored wigs. Ew, hair in unnatural colors. No thank you. Cede this time over to Goldberg and Page, dammit!


  • So, there are probably between fifty and fifty-five minutes left in the original broadcast (we have the whole thing here on Peacock, of course, and it runs almost three-and-a-half hours). Thus starts the triple main event that has been built up with considerable TV time: first up, Bret Hart defends the U.S. Championship against Sting. He gets new music, which he desperately needed. There is something poetic about the Hitman logo on the back of his Hart Foundation leather jacket peeling off due to multiple washes as the fading logo is a metaphor for all this booking nonsense that he’s had to put up with in WCW.


  • Sting with the red face paint and goatee is a real bummer, too. How am I this un-hyped for a Bret/Sting matchup on PPV? Fucking WCW. Bret stalls a lot to start. In a hotter feud, this would be more effective, but I just want these two to get the match going, get it over, c’mon, I want to see DDP/Goldberg. The fans get into it, though. The Hitman talks trash to a Goldberg fan outside the ring and wanders around a bit. Finally, Sting chases Bret down in the aisle and hauls him into the ring. Sting dominates early. The thing about the Hitman is that it’s a joy to me just to watch his work, so even in a match like this where I really don’t give a fuck about the feud, the guy throwing a few punches and then hitting a DDT is like poetry. Bret takes over and slowly beats down Sting, getting a sprinkling of two counts here and there. There’s a lot of chinlocks and chokes in here, honestly. It’s not doing much for me, but then he drops Sting with a pretty bulldog and I get a flash of enjoyment out of it. Heenan says that the match is back and forth, and no, it hasn’t been. Has this dude been watching the match? Bret starts landing 5MoD moves, dropping Sting with a side Russian before going up top and trying a dropkick. Sting sidesteps and locks on the Scorpion Death Lock, but Hart is immediately in the ropes.


  • Sting stomps and punches and punches and stomps. They do a rope run, but Bret clutches his knee and stumbles on a leapfrog. Everyone knows Bret’s playing possum except for the desk – even the crowd is aware of the Hitman’s wily nature. In fact, Bret grabs something from his tights when the ref forces a break. He drops it when Sting strikes him, but when Sting tries to use it, the ref gets in the way and Bret hits the low blow, a very successful move tonight. Bret picks up the 5MoD where he left off: backbreaker, second-rope elbow drop, two count.


  • Now the match spills back outside the ring and honestly, this has been dull and I just want to move things along. I cannot believe that I’m saying this about Bret/Sting. Fucking WCW. Bret drapes Sting on the guardrail, gets in the ring, and talks shit to the crowd while Sting crawls back onto the apron. Billy Silverman, who has been a garbage ref in kayfabe this match, comes up behind Sting to check on him and Sting reflexively elbows the guy in the face. Bret follows up with a legdrop on Silverman just to make sure the guy stays down. Sting takes over, but Bret gets a boot up on a Sting corner charge. Bret goes up, but gets caught with a fist to the gut and superplexed. I’ll give Bret credit for not crashing onto Silverman’s legs recklessly even though the ref is splayed out in the center of the ring. Sting follows up with a Stinger Splash, but he overshoots it and banks his head on the post, and Bret immediately goes outside, grabs Sting’s bat, and beats the guy with it. He even drives it into Sting’s head from the second rope. Bret calmly disposes of the bat, revives the ref, and locks on the Sharpshooter for a KO victory. That match sucked, man, and I’m depressed about it.


  • They cart Sting out post-match. Great idea to have this lukewarm injury spot eating up some more time that should go to a certain World Championship match. I mean, the fucking thing takes forever, which of course it does, because the stretcher job on the last major show that took five minutes was so compelling. Also, this shitty match did not warrant a full-on stretcher job.


  • Hulk Hogan vs. the Ultimate Warrior Hollywood Hogan vs. Warrior is next. It was an entire-ass miracle that Hogan/Warrior 1 was a good match, so yeah, almost a decade later and with two guys who aren’t going to get reined in by a head booker or executive producer who knows what the fuck they’re doing, I expect it to suck real bad. I listened to a clean version of Warrior’s theme on Youtube to hear what the opening monotone on his entrance music actually says, and here’s what I heard: THE TARGET IS SCOPED AND LOCKED FOR DESTRUCTION. TAKE THE TARGET OUT. That is fucking stupid. Is that even more stupid than the opening to Rick Steiner’s theme? I'm not sure, but it certainly crosses the threshold for “so dumb, it’s amusing” like Ricky Steiner’s music does.


  • Well, a WARRIOR SUCKS chant starts almost immediately, so, uh, it’s going to be a tough night for this guy. Warrior wins an early exchange with a shoulderblock while Hogan sells like he’s playing to the back of the stadium if the stadium were the Azteca. This guy is fucking embarrassing. There are times when Hogan is low-key and serious, and those times, he actually gets across a lot just with a look. Why doesn’t he understand this? Why must he go to the cartooning, the puffing of cheeks and goofy vocalizations all the fucking time?


  • This match is, in fact, complete ass, so I’m not going to talk about the mediocre strikes and knuckle lock callback to the WrestleMania match or any of that shit. I’ll let you know when anything interesting happens. So, yeah, this match partly doesn’t work because a large contingent of this crowd is cheering for Hulk Hogan, which is staggering. I guess the puff of smoke shit and centering the Disciple as Warrior’s follower was a bit much, huh? Actually, there are dual HOGAN SUCKS and WARRIOR SUCKS chants at various times in this match, which is accurate, actually.


  • The Giant runs down and mistimes a kick. Oh no, is the Giant getting dumped out of the nWo for dropping the ball again? Fucking hell. Vincent runs down and gets dispatched; the ref is out, so Warrior gets a phantom three count. The match continues to aggressively suck. They both miss finishers. They both trade weight belt attacks. Then, Hogan desperately tries to get some fire paper going for a spot, but the fire paper goes off in his eyes, that dolt, and I swear you can hear a tonal change in the crowd noise that indicates that they recognized how fucked up that spot was.


  • So, I guess we’re in the finishing run, thank goodness. Warrior hits a couple of weak double-axes from the top, so Hogan hits a low blow and lands a legdrop. Horace Hogan wanders out with a chair, which distracts Hogan enough that he misses a second legdrop. Warrior Warriors Up and Eric Bischoff distracts the ref while Horace jumps in the ring and lands a weak chair shot on Warrior, which scores a three count for Hogan. MINUS A WHOLE LOT OF STARS.


  • Post-match, that dopey Horace and his goofy uncle try to light Warrior on fire, so Barney Fife Doug Dellinger runs down and takes the lighter away. This match almost made me hate pro wrestling.


  • I don’t ever want to hear any bad words about DDP or Goldberg as workers because they brought this crowd back from the death in their main event match. If you can do that, you are a great fucking worker. This match, of the three big matches on this show, has had the least time put into the build, but has far and away had the best, most interesting, and most effective build in my view. Buffer calls Goldberg’s Jackhammer an “inverted lift and slam,” I think, which is absolute nonsense. Doesn’t anyone check Buffer’s note cards before he goes out there?


  • Page talks a lot of shit in the center of the ring and Goldberg is just like Bro, I’mma kill you. Page tries to lock up three times and gets shoved into the corner three times before Goldberg is like, See bro, told you I’mma kill you. Page takes a second tries another lock-up, and this time finagles an arm drag and celebrates a bit too much because Goldberg charges him and they tumble through the ropes and to the floor. Now see, that’s how you ramp up the intensity.


  • They lock up again and Goldberg flips out of one trip attempt before getting caught by another, but Page is too busy talking shit to follow up properly, so Goldberg gets up, dumps Page, and locks on an arm bar. Page lands a jawbreaker, works the shoulder, and tries a Diamond Cutter, so Goldberg shoves the guy damn near into row two. Page takes a little walk at ringside and considers his options.


  • Back in the ring, Goldberg works a standing armbar, so Page outwrestles the rookie and trips him, but then gets shoulderblocked out of a headlock and lands outside the ring. Page quickly hangs Goldberg when Goldberg wanders over and goes to work, unloading with a ton of offense that culminates in a two count off a side Russian. Page goes to the front facelock, having used it to defeat Firebreaker Chip in an early dark match in his career (maybe he asked Chris Jericho for advice on how to win a fight against Bill Goldberg before the match). Goldberg works to his feet and powers out of it, then pretty easily wins an exchange of strikes while standing before suplexing Page. Goldberg then lands a big side slam for two.


  • Goldberg goes back to the arm and locks on a cross arm breaker, but Page is positioned almost in the ropes, so that’s broken up by the ref. Goldberg shoots Page into the ropes and gets taken over on a headscissors, but Goldberg’s right back up with a superkick. He decides that Page is ready to be speared, but Page flings himself out of the way and Goldberg eats the post and lands outside. Both guys struggle to their feet; Goldberg is back in the ring, but Page is on the apron, so Page goes up and lands a diving clothesline. He follows up by reversing a Goldberg slam attempt into a big DDT; then, Page signals for the Diamond Cutter, turns around, and eats a spear. Goldberg has sold the shoulder since he smacked it against the post, and now he rolls around in pain because he just speared Page with that shoulder. The crowd is standing. There’s so much anticipation in the air.


  • Goldberg uses his uninjured arm to raise Page up. He hooks Page for the Jackhammer, but Page blocks it due to Goldberg’s injury. Goldberg tries again and Page hops out and scores a Diamond Cutter…and here is where the streak and Goldberg’s title reign should have been over. Everyone in the arena would have bought that as the finish. I know I would have. Instead, Page crawls over for a cover, barely gets two, and the match is pretty obviously over. Page immediately goes for a vertical suplex, but Goldberg blocks it and reverses into a Jackhammer for three. That match absolutely ruled. My goodness, this show was so bad after Disco/Kidman, but it was worth sitting through to get to that.


  • After the match, Goldberg and Page give each other some love while the crowd applauds. Wow, it’s almost like you should showcase the guys who are way over with the crowd in effective feuds that build anticipation for a great wrestling match or something!


  • This show had a lot of good wrestling and a significant chunk of crappy wrestling. In general, you can tell how good a PPV match in late ’98 WCW will be based on how much build it gets. The more build, the lower your expectations should be.
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"boy has his aim been off tonight!" Bobby Heenan on the Giant. Still remember that line.

My thoughts pretty much line up with yours really disappointing match from Bret and Sting and boy did that steiners explode stuff SUCK

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Posted (edited)

Okay, it took some more time to put together than I thought, but here's the first iteration of my MASTER LIST OF WCW MATCHES AND OTHER STUFF. It's through 1997. Once I get through 1998, I'll update it again, and hopefully at some point, I'll catch the list up to where I am in the watch.

I'll go ahead and do the list across individual posts for (hopefully) easier reading and easier indexing. 

One day, I hope to put together YouTube playlists for these different sections of the list. One day. 

Sir’s Standouts – My Absolute Favorite Matches

  • Spoiler

    • Lord Steven Regal vs. Fit Finlay (Nitro, 4/29/96)


    • Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage vs. The Outsiders (Bash at the Beach, 7/7/96)


    • Lex Luger vs. The Giant (Starrcade, 12/29/96)


    • Eddy Guerrero vs. Syxx (Souled Out, 1/25/97)


    • Dean Malenko vs. Syxx (Superbrawl, 2/23/97)


    • Chris Benoit and Woman vs. Kevin Sullivan and Jacqueline (Superbrawl, 2/23/97)


    • The Outsiders vs. Ric Flair and Roddy Piper [plus the aftermath] (Nitro, 6/9/97)


    • Akira Hokuto vs. Madusa (Great American Bash, 6/15/97)


    • Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan (Nitro, 8/4/97)


    • Alex Wright vs. Ultimo Dragon (Clash 35, 8/21/97)


    • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Eddy Guerrero (Halloween Havoc, 10/26/97)


    • Disco Inferno vs. Saturn (Nitro, 12/8/97)


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Posted (edited)

Very Good (and Sometimes Pretty Great) TV and PPV Matches that Make Entertaining Candidates for a WCW Playlist on YouTube 

  • Sabu vs. Mr. J.L. (Nitro, 10/9/95)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 10/16/95)

  • Meng vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Nitro, 10/16/95)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Johnny B. Badd (Nitro, 11/13/95)

  • Sting vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 11/13/95)

  • The Giant vs. Scott Norton (Nitro, 12/4/95)

  • Arn Anderson vs. Randy Savage (Nitro, 1/1/96)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Lord Steven Regal (Nitro,1/1/96)

  • Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro, 1/8/96)

  • Devon Storm vs. Konnan (Nitro, 2/12/96)

  • Steiner Brothers vs. Road Warriors (Nitro, 3/11/96)

  • Steiner Brothers vs. Public Enemy (Nitro, 3/18/96)

  • Ric Flair vs. The Giant (Nitro, 3/25/96)

  • The Giant and Ric Flair vs. Sting and Lex Luger (Nitro, 4/8/96)

  • The Giant and Ric Flair vs. Sting and Lex Luger (Nitro, 4/22/96)

  • Sting and Lex Luger vs. Harlem Heat (Nitro, 4/29/96)

  • Fire & Ice vs. Steiner Brothers (Nitro, 4/29/96)

  • Ric Flair vs. The Giant (Nitro, 4/29/96)

  • Sting vs. The Giant (Slamboree, 5/19/96)

  • Ric Flair vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 5/20/96)

  • Sting and Lex Luger vs.The Faces of Fear (Nitro, 5/20/96)

  • Lord Steven Regal vs. Alex Wright (Nitro, 5/27/96)

  • High Voltage vs. The Faces of Fear (Nitro, 6/3/96)

  • Scott Steiner vs. Booker T. (Nitro, 6/10/96)

  • Scott Norton vs. The Giant (Nitro, 6/10/96)

  • Sting and Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson (Nitro, 6/10/96)

  • Sting vs. Lord Steven Regal (Great American Bash, 6/16/96)

  • Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs. Kevin Greene and Mongo McMichael (Great American Bash, 6/16/96)

  • Lex Luger vs. The Giant (Great American Bash, 6/16/96)

  • Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit vs. The American Males (Nitro, 6/17/96)

  • Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage (Nitro, 6/17/96)

  • Alex Wright vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro, 6/24/96)

  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat (Nitro, 7/1/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (Bash at the Beach, 7/7/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Disco Inferno (Bash at the Beach, 7/7/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 7/8/96)

  • Big Bubba and Hugh Morrus vs. The Blue Bloods (Nitro, 7/8/96)

  • Psicosis vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 7/8/96)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman (Nitro, 7/8/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Billy Kidman (Nitro, 7/15/96)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 7/15/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Nitro, 7/22/96)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Psicosis (Nitro, 7/22/96)

  • Alex Wright vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 8/5/96)

  • Ric Flair vs. The Booty Man (Nitro, 8/5/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit (Hog Wild, 8/11/96)

  • Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat (Hog Wild, 8/11/96)

  • Lex Luger and Sting vs. The Outsiders (Hog Wild, 8/11/96)

  • Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage (Nitro, 8/12/96)

  • Lord Steven Regal vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 8/19/96)

  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Fall Brawl, 9/15/96) 

  • Konnan vs. Juventud Guerrera (Fall Brawl, 9/15/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera (Nitro, 9/16/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Brad Armstrong (Nitro, 10/14/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Jimmy Graffiti (Nitro, 10/21/96)

  • The Faces of Fear vs. The Fantastics (Nitro, 10/21/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Halloween Havoc, 10/27/96)

  • Diamond Dallas Page vs. Eddy Guerrero (Halloween Havoc, 10/27/96)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. The Giant (Halloween Havoc, 10/27/96)

  • Syxx vs. Chris Jericho (Halloween Havoc, 10/27/96)

  • The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat (Halloween Havoc, 10/27/96)

  • Diamond Dallas Page vs. Mike Enos (Nitro, 10/28/96)

  • The Amazing French Canadiens vs. High Voltage (Nitro, 10/28/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Jimmy Graffiti (Nitro, 10/28/96)

  • Marcus Bagwell vs. Brad Armstrong (Nitro, 11/4/96)

  • Lex Luger vs. Booker T. (Nitro, 11/4/96)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett (Nitro, 11/11/96)

  • La Parka vs. Juventud Guerrera (Nitro, 11/18/96)

  • American Males vs. Amazing French Canadiens (Nitro, 11/18/96)

  • Rey Misterio vs. Ultimo Dragon (World War 3, 11/24/96)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. The Giant (World War 3, 11/24/96)

  • Harlem Heat vs. Amazing French Canadiens (World War 3, 11/24/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (Nitro, 11/25/96)

  • Billy Kidman vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 12/2/96)

  • Dean Malenko vs. Jimmy Graffiti (Nitro, 12/9/96)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro, 12/9/96)

  • Lord Steven Regal vs. Psicosis (Nitro, 12/16/96)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 12/23/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Mr. J.L. (Nitro, 12/23/96)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Jushin Thunder Liger (Starrcade, 12/29/96)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett (Starrcade, 12/29/96)

  • The Outsiders vs. The Faces of Fear (Starrcade, 12/29/96)

  • Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper (Starrcade, 12/29/96)

  • Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Ultimo Dragon (Nitro, 12/30/96)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 1/13/97)

  • The Outsiders vs. The Steiner Brothers (Souled Out, 1/25/97)

  • Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant (Souled Out, 1/25/97)

  • The Faces of Fear vs. The Steiner Brothers (Nitro, 1/27/97)

  • The Giant vs. Roadblock (Nitro, 1/27/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 1/27/97)

  • The Amazing French Canadiens vs. Mongo McMichael and Arn Anderson (Nitro, 1/27/97)

  • Ice Train vs. La Parka (Nitro, 2/3/97)

  • Mongo McMichael vs. Jeff Jarrett (Nitro, 2/3/97)

  • Chris Benoit and Mongo McMichael vs. Jeff Jarrett and Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Nitro, 2/10/97)

  • Super Calo vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 2/17/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Mongo McMichael (SuperBrawl, 2/23/97)

  • The Giant vs. The Outsiders (SuperBrawl, 2/23/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero and Chris Jericho vs. The Faces of Fear (Nitro, 2/24/97)

  • Mongo McMichael and Jeff Jarrett vs. High Voltage (Nitro, 3/10/97)

  • Psicosis vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 3/17/97)

  • La Parka vs. Juventud Guerrera (Nitro, 3/24/97)

  • Harlem Heat vs. The Faces of Fear (Nitro, 3/24/97)

  • Lex Luger and the Giant vs. Rick Fuller and Roadblock (Nitro, 3/31/97)

  • Meiko Satomura vs. Toshie Uematsu (Nitro, 3/31/97)

  • William Regal vs. Chris Jericho [and the aftermath] (Nitro, 3/31/97)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon (Spring Stampede, 4/6/97)

  • Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 4/7/97)

  • Chris Benoit vs. The Barbarian (Nitro, 4/14/97)

  • Meng vs. Chris Jericho (Nitro, 4/21/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Scotty Riggs (Nitro, 4/21/97)

  • Syxx vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 4/21/97)

  • Mongo McMichael vs. The Barbarian (Nitro, 4/28/97)

  • Ultimo Dragon vs. Juventud Guerrera (Nitro, 5/12/97)

  • Mongo McMichael vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 5/12/97)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Meng (Slamboree, 5/18/97)

  • Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx vs. Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, and Kevin Greene (Slamboree, 5/18/97)

  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Jeff Jarrett and Mongo McMichael (Nitro, 5/19/97)

  • Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, and Hector Garza vs. Ciclope, La Parka, and Damien 666 (Nitro, 5/26/97)

  • Chris Benoit vs. The Barbarian (Nitro, 6/2/97)

  • Scott Hall vs. Ric Flair (Nitro, 6/2/97)

  • Hulk Hogan vs. Lex Luger [and aftermath] (Nitro, 6/9/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 6/9/97)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Meng (Great American Bash, 6/15/97)

  • Super Calo vs. La Parka (Nitro, 6/16/97)

  • Syxx vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 6/16/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett and Mongo McMichael vs. Vicious and Delicious (Nitro, 6/16/97)

  • Hector Garza vs. Villano IV (Nitro, 6/23/97)

  • High Voltage vs. Wrath and Mortis (Nitro, 6/30/97)

  • Glacier and Ernest Miller vs. Wrath and Mortis (Bash at the Beach, 7/13/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Nitro, 7/14/97)

  • Wrath and Mortis vs. Psicosis and La Parka (Nitro, 7/22/97)

  • The Outsiders vs. Chris Benoit and Ric Flair (Nitro, 7/22/97)

  • Wrath vs. Meng (Nitro, 8/11/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho (Nitro, 8/11/97)

  • Mongo McMichael and Chris Benoit vs. The Steiner Brothers (Nitro, 8/11/97)

  • Ultimo Dragon vs. Mortis (Nitro, 8/11/97)

  • Mongo McMichael and Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero and Jeff Jarrett (Nitro, 8/18/97)

  • Chris Jericho vs. Eddy Guerrero (Clash 35, 8/21/97)

  • Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett (Nitro, 8/25/97)

  • The Faces of Fear vs. Mortis and Wrath (Nitro, 8/25/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett and Eddy Guerrero vs. Mongo McMichael and Chris Benoit (Nitro, 9/1/97)

  • La Parka vs. Ultimo Dragon (Nitro, 9/1/97)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Eddy Guerrero (Nitro, 9/8/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho (Fall Brawl, 9/14/97)

  • Psicosis vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 9/15/97)

  • The Faces of Fear vs. The Steiner Brothers (Nitro, 9/22/97)

  • Buff Bagwell vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro, 9/29/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 9/29/97)

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T. (Nitro, 10/6/97)

  • Disco Inferno vs. Diamond Dallas Page [and the aftermath] (Nitro, 10/6/97)

  • Curt Hennig vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 10/6/97)

  • Disco Inferno vs. Alex Wright (Nitro, 10/13/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 10/20/97)

  • Fit Finlay vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 10/27/97)

  • Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hulk Hogan (Nitro, 10/27/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero and Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. and Lord Steven Regal (Nitro, 11/3/97)

  • Saturn vs. Disco Inferno (Nitro, 11/3/97)

  • Curt Hennig vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro, 11/10/97)

  • Chris Jericho vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 11/17/97)

  • Saturn vs. Disco Inferno (World War 3, 11/23/97)

  • The Blue Bloods vs. The Steiner Brothers (World War 3, 11/23/97)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Eddy Guerrero (World War 3, 11/23/97)

  • Meng vs. Booker T. (Nitro, 11/24/97)

  • Brad Armstrong vs. Dean Malenko (Nitro, 11/24/97)

  • Buff Bagwell vs. Chris Jericho (Nitro, 11/24/97)

  • Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera (Nitro, 12/1/97)

  • Harlem Heat vs. The Faces of Fear (Nitro, 12/1/97)

  • La Parka and Psicosis vs. Rey Misterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera (Nitro, 12/8/97)

  • Mongo McMichael vs. Meng (Nitro, 12/22/97)

  • Van Hammer vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 12/22/97)

  • Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko (Starrcade, 12/28/97)


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Charming Uniquities

  • Spoiler
    •  Sabu vs. Alex Wright (Nitro, 9/11/95)

    •  Johnny B. Badd vs. Brian Pillman (Fall Brawl, 9/17/95)

    •  Disco Inferno vs. Sabu (Nitro, 10/30/95)

    •  Disco Inferno vs. Paul Orndorff (Nitro, 12/11/95)

    •  Disco Inferno vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman (Nitro, 6/3/96)

    •  The Blue Bloods vs.Public Enemy (Nitro, 6/24/96)

    •  Disco Inferno vs. Kurasawa (Nitro, 7/1/96)

    •  Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Bash at the Beach, 7/7/96)

    •  Eddy Guerrero vs. Big Bubba (Nitro, 7/29/96)

    •  Harlem Heat vs. The Rock ‘n Roll Express (Nitro, 8/5/96)

    •  Lord Steven Regal vs. Randy Savage (Nitro, 8/5/96)

    •  The Giant vs. Chris Benoit (Clash of the Champions 33, 8/15/96)

    •  Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (Clash of the Champions 33, 8/15/96)

    •  Public Enemy vs. Juventud Guerrera and El Technico (Nitro, 9/30/96)

    • Lex Luger vs. Roadblock (Nitro, 10/21/96)

    • Super Calo vs. Konnan (Nitro, 1/13/97)

    • Konnan vs. Chris Benoit (Nitro, 2/3/97)

    • The Steiner Brothers vs. High Voltage (Nitro, 2/10/97)

    • Hugh Morrus and Konnan vs. Jeff Jarrett and Mongo McMichael + the post-match interview segment (Nitro, 3/3/97)

    • Kevin Sullivan (w/Jacqueline) vs. Hardbody Harrison (Nitro, 3/10/97)

    • Harlem Heat vs. Jeff Jarrett and Mongo McMichael (Nitro, 4/7/97)

    • The Steiner Brothers vs. Public Enemy [and eventually also Konnan and Hugh Morrus] (Nitro, 4/21/97)

    • Lord Steven Regal promo (Nitro, 5/12/97) and Lord Steven Regal vs. Ultimo Dragon (Slamboree, 5/18/97)

    • Mongo McMichael vs. Reggie White (Slamboree, 5/18/97)

    • Mongo McMichael and Jeff Jarrett vs. Harlem Heat [with excellent guest commentary from Kevin Greene] (Nitro, 5/19/97)

    • Akira Hokuto vs. Malia Hosaka [with post-match Madusa scrum] (Nitro, 6/9/97)

    • Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Syxx (Nitro, 6/23/97)

    • Kevin Nash vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro, 6/30/97)

    • Vicious and Delicious vs. Los Guerreros (Nitro, 7/7/97)

    • Jeff Jarrett vs. Ric Flair (Nitro, 7/14/97)

    • Alex Wright vs. Lord Steven Regal (Nitro, 9/15/97)

    • Disco Inferno vs. Jacquelyn (Halloween Havoc, 10/26/97)

    • Villanos IV and/or V vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro, 11/17/97)

    • Scott Hall vs. Disco Inferno (Nitro, 12/1/97)

    • Chris Benoit vs. Billy Kidman (Nitro, 12/1/97)


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Promos, Spots, and Skits that Aren’t Quite HOLY SHIT MOMENTS, But Are Worth Watching/Adding to Your Playlist

  • Sting and Luger agree to a street fight against the Road Warriors (Nitro, 2/26/96)

  • Sting chews Luger out (Nitro, 2/26/96)

  • Lex Luger has a grueling defense of his TV Title against Loch Ness (Nitro, 3/18/96)

  • The Giant chokeslams Lex Luger through a banquet table (Nitro, 5/13/96)

  • Ric Flair follows up a victory over Eddy Guerrero with a great run on commentary (Nitro, 5/20/96)

  • Lord Steven Regal interview with Gene Okerlund [BONUS: Video of Regal backhanding Sting’s very soul into dust] (Nitro, 6/3/96)

  • Scott Hall and Sting confrontation (Nitro, 6/3/96)

  • Kevin Nash wants you to look at the adjective verb PLAY (Nitro, 6/10

  • Big Bubba is a real dick to John Tenta (Nitro, 6/17/96)

  • Hollywood Hogan’s first heel promo on Nitro [and WCW’s response] (Nitro, 7/15/96)

  • The Outsiders invade the control truck (Nitro, 7/22/96)

  • The Horsemen fuck up the Booty Man’s world and Arn cuts an awesome promo (Nitro, 8/5/96)

  • Early nWo paid-for promo/Sting and Luger run up on Craig Leathers in the production truck (Nitro, 8/5/96)

  • Hollywood Hogan and the nWo cut a promo backstage [and Hogan is good at it for maybe the only time in his whole nWo run] (Nitro, 8/12/96)

  • Sting and Lex Luger ask the Horsemen to be added to their War Games team (Nitro, 8/19/96)

  • Sting quits WCW because they really don’t appreciate him enough (Nitro, 9/16/96)

  • Hall and Nash formally invite DDP into the nWo for the first time (Nitro, 11/11/96)

  • Hall, Nash, Syxx, a Cable Ace Award, and some nWo sign-holding nerds harass Larry Zbyszko and talk themselves up in general (Nitro, 11/11/96)

  • Hall and Nash destroy two tag teams, then have a wild brawl with the Faces of Fear (Nitro, 11/18/96)

  • Masahiro Chono backstabs Sonny Onoo, starts nWo Japan (Nitro, 12/16/96)

  • Crow Sting shows up to help WCW, WCW is too stupid to accept it, Sting rolls out (Nitro, 12/16/96)

  • The Horsemen squabble after Benoit vs. Jarrett (Nitro, 1/13/97)

  • Scott Steiner tells Kevin Nash that “at Souled Out, there ain’t gonna be no basketball” in a promo (Nitro, 1/13/97)

  • The first of the “face comes to the ring and beats up jobbers” spots with Randy Savage, plus a bonus Sting appearance (Nitro, 1/20/97)

  • DDP fakes out the nWo again; the crowd loves it (Souled Out, 1/25/97)

  • The Giant appreciates Lex Luger’s faith in him, promises to win the tag belts for them both (Nitro, 2/10/97)

  • Mongo and Jarrett argue over Jarrett’s suitability for Horsemanship and the result of their SuperBrawl VII match (Nitro, 2/24/97)

  • Ric Flair saves a bad Piper promo segment with a very good promo about replacing Piper’s Family with the Horsemen at Uncensored ’97 (Nitro, 3/10/97)

  • Arn Anderson squashes beef with Kevin Sullivan, low-key retires (Nitro, 3/17/97)

  • Lord Regal cuts a promo, isn’t having any of those “planchas and hunnacanranas” in his matches! (Nitro, 3/31/97)

  • Debra is very mean, claims that Rocco Rock shaved his head because he didn’t know that a special shampoo for head lice existed, generally cuts a hilarious post-match promo (Nitro, 3/31/97)

  • Lord Steven Regal discusses the state of Sarah Ferguson’s vagina, job opportunities in the American Midwest, and Ultimo Dragon (Nitro, 4/21/97)

  • DDP dresses up as La Parka, surprises Randy Savage with a Diamond Cutter (Nitro, 7/7/97)

  • Stevie Richards negotiates Raven’s contract, does a poor job, means well (Nitro, 7/22/97)

  • Konnan insults Rey Misterio Jr., threatens Gene Okerlund, is generally hilarious (Nitro, 8/25/97)


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HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS CLASSIC Promos, Spots, and Skits

  • Lex Luger invades Nitro (Nitro, 9/4/95)

  • Madusa dumps the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash (Nitro, 12/18/95)

  • Scott Hall invades Nitro (Nitro, 5/27/96)

  • Eric Bischoff gets powerbombed through the stage (Great American Bash, 6/16/96)

  • Hulk Hogan goes Hollywood heel (Bash at the Beach, 7/7/96)

  • Backstage attack by the nWo, complete with the Lawn Dart Incident (Nitro, 7/29/96)

  • DDP fakes out Nash and Hall, doesn’t join the nWo, hits Hall with a Diamond Cutter and jets (Nitro, 1/13/97)

  • In a now-popular GIF, someone tosses a drink at Hall, hits him in the head, and he just uses the soda that splashed on him to smooth out his hair while the rest of the nWo talks and talks and talks (Nitro, 3/17/97)

  •  Booker T. tells Hulk Hogan that he’s COMIN’ FOR YOU, SUCKA; Sherri busts a gut laughing at the faux pas. (Spring Stampede, 4/6/97)

  • The Dinner and a Movie Guys go nWo, DDP hands out some justice in response (Clash 35, 8/21/97)

  • Vulture Sting drops a note that he was supposed to bring to the ring, still rules the world (Clash 35, 8/21/97)

  • Goldberg claims his first victim, beats Hugh Morrus, goes streaking (Nitro, 9/22/97)

  • Randy Savage plays the long game, infects Ric Flair with the Madness, Flair disbands the Horsemen after driving the group into the ground with his leadership (Nitro, 9/29/97)

  • After the Giant wrestles Curt Hennig to a DQ victory, Sting brings his brand of justice to the nWo (Nitro, 9/29/97)

  • Raven halfway blinds Scotty Riggs (Nitro, 10/27/97)

  • Rick Rude shows up on Nitro, is also on a (taped) RAW at roughly the same time (Nitro, 11/17/97)


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  • The Giant runs over Hulk Hogan’s motorcycle (Nitro, 9/18/95)

  • Old Woman Sullivan and the Giant beat Hulk Hogan up and shave a Hitler mustache into his face (Nitro, 10/2/95)

  • Sister Sherri/Colonel Rob Parker marriage ceremony (Clash of the Champions 32, 1/23/96)

  • Miss Elizabeth’s high heel starts a run of victories that even Goldberg would be jealous of (Nitro, 1/29/96)

  • Kevin Greene and Mongo McMichael talk wrestling strategy (Nitro, 6/3/96)

  • The Steiner Brothers commentate as the BLUE BLOODS EXPLODE and also recite a few nursery rhymes (Nitro, 8/26/96)

  • A Four Horsemen promo happens and Chris Benoit tells Mongo McMichael to talk to the hand (Nitro, 12/23/96)

  • Renegade really dicks over his partner Joe Gomez on the hot tag (Nitro, 3/17/97)


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  • Roddy Piper accepts Hulk Hogan’s challenge for SuperBrawl (Nitro, 2/3/97)

  • Randy Anderson wants his job back, needs to feed his fam’ly (Nitro 2/10/97)

  • Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan nonsensically insult one another (Nitro, 2/10/97)

  • Benoit ignores the cues to shut the fuck up, keeps cutting a terrible promo instead (Nitro, 2/17/97)

  • Roddy Piper in Alcatraz, Part I (Nitro, 2/17/97)

  • Roddy Piper tries out wrestlers to be members of his Family, some of the worst television of all time ensues (Nitro, 3/3/97)

  • Hogan responds to Piper; it’s bad (Nitro, 3/3/97)

  • Roddy Piper is heated about everyone hating the Piper’s Family Tryout segment, cuts an awful promo about it (Nitro, 3/10/97)

  • Randy Savage taunts DDP and Kimberly into shame and rage by pointing out a centerfold that Kimberly was super-excited and proud to do (Uncensored, 3/16/97)

  • Ric Flair, two ladies, and a dummy dressed like Roddy Piper (Nitro, 6/30/97)

  • The nWo dresses up like the Four Horsemen and put on a sub-Family Guy level skit (Nitro, 9/1/97)

  • Right after that sketch, everyone tries to get Chavo’s title shot; it’s incredibly stupid (Nitro, 9/1/97)

  • The Sting dummy falls from the rafters: Act I (Nitro, 9/8/97)

  • The Sting dummy falls from the rafters: Act II (Nitro, 11/24/97)

  • The unfortunate pilot episode of nWo Nitro (Nitro, 12/22/97)

  • Bret Hart’s Starrcade debut comes as part of a diabolically awful Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff match (Starrcade, 12/28/97)

  • Hogan vs. Sting, the “fast” count, and the Montreal Screwjob callback (Starrcade, 12/28/97)

  • The just-as-bad Hogan/Sting rematch the next night on Nitro (Nitro, 12/29/97)
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Show #163 – 26 October 1998

“The one where Nitro gets its final head-to-head ratings victory over RAW”

  • Well, here we are, the night after Halloween Havoc. Let me focus on the positive: I have zero idea who wins WW3’s battle royal, so that’s fun!


  • Let’s see, it’s almost November, so that means it’s almost 1999, and that means that the Giant is about three months from exiting the company and Chris Jericho is about nine months from doing the same. They never booked the Giant quite right, but Jericho is straight up the most impactful loss of talent that WCW’s going to have in this whole Nitro-era run.


  • Before that happens, though, we have a lot of wrestling to get through!


  • This, by the way, is the last time that Nitro wins the ratings battle (not counting pre-emptions) off the strength of what Tony S. talks about next: a PPV main event on Nitro.  


  • Recap, desk, Tony S. apologizing for cable providers cutting off DDP/Goldberg for a bunch of customers. Tony S. offers Nitro viewers a chance to see Page/Goldberg for free after the first hour and notes that this is not a ratings ploy, but a brutal financial mistake on WCW’s part that they’re trying to rectify. That is entirely believable. I don’t think WCW is going to piss off its cable partners and spark a run on refunds by upset fans just to beat RAW in the ratings for a week.


  • Kenny Kaos faces Stevie Ray in the opener. Robbie Rage must be hurt because Kaos has been wrestling singles lately. Bummer. Kaos hits a springboard shoulder block for his sole offensive move of the match. Stevie Ray needs Buff to run out and toss him the slapjack to beat this guy. Then he hits an actual Slapjack on top of that for three. Stevie and Buff beat down Kaos after the match. Robbie Rage does not run out for the save. Rick Steiner does, though. Double bummer.


  • They let Rick Steiner talk after this segment. Ricky helps Kaos up and then, huh, he picks Kenny Kaos as his tag team partner and fellow tag champion? What the hell?! You’re pushing the wrong High Voltage member. ☹


  • So I guess we’re going to put the tag belts back on nWo Hollywood later tonight. Inspirational booking if true. The replay of that last match's finish is sponsored by dope N64 platforming game Glover.


  • Nitro intro. You know what, I need to find me a copy of Glover for my N64.


  • Kanyon comes to the ring, Raven sort of sauntering behind him. Tony S. notes that some fans also didn’t see the end of Hogan/Warrior. They were spared an all-time awful ending to an all-time awful match. Tony S. pretends that they won’t show the end of that match because Horace had some lighter fluid with him or something, but actually, we all know why they won’t show it, and it has to do with the match being complete ass. Kanyon is angered by everyone in Phoenix failing to recognize that no one is betta than him, so he goes right to work on his opponent Prince Iaukea with a few boots. This crowd is very into pro wrestling. As someone who has spent time in wrestling crowds from this area, they IMO tend to be very into a good pro wrestling show, and my opinion about why is the large Mexican and Mexican American contingent at each show that has a good pro wrestling cultural base. So, this match is quite fun because both guys are solid TV workers. Kanyon gets backdropped out of a piledriver attempt while standing on the ring steps, and Iaukea follows up with a springboard senton splash that looks very nice, but Kanyon smoothly reverses his way out of a backslide attempt and scores a Flatliner for three. Kanyon hits the “Leo DiCaprio in Titanic” pose and declares himself the King of the World, which I guess is better than being a prince, so take that, Iaukea!


  • Nitro Girls at the desk. Gene Okerlund in the ring. He hypes us up to hear from the Four Horsemen, who come to the ring. Well, all of them except for Mongo McMichael. Speaking of Mongo, he’s not long for this company, either. Man, there’s something kinda sad about all of these wrestlers who showed up in 1995 or 1996 and established that particular, unique wrestling show tone for Nitro moving on. We get a scintillating Ric Flair/Eric Bischoff confrontation, hooray. Bischoff shows false contrition about keeping Flair off television and declares that Flair will wrestle tonight because of how much Bisch loves the fans. He notably doesn’t say whom it is that Flair will be wrestling. I am moderately interested in the reveal.


  • Alex Wright shows up to randomly squash Barry Horowitz. Or maybe not! I should know better than to doubt Horowitz in a TV match against a random midcarder. But no, as it turns out, I should have doubted him, even though he does go back and forth with Wright to a surprising degree. Wright dives his way into a boot from the top rope, but Horowitz gets cut off trying for his own top-rope move, gets dropkicked off the top, and eats a neckbreaker for three. Inoffensive stuff.


  • Wrath marches out to squash Sick Boy. I’m not sure why anyone allows Sick Boy to hit offense. All of his shit looks Charmin soft. Wrath rolls through Sick Boy at three-quarters speed and no-sells an awful-looking neckbreaker before hitting a shoulder block and a Meltdown for three. That was not Wrath’s best squash match performance, but it was acceptable.


  • We get the Page/Goldberg replay next. I wrote about it in the Havoc ’98 notes post, but tl;dr is basically that it rules and Page should have won it off the Jackhammer counter into a Diamond Cutter.


  • Gene Okerlund interviews Kevin Nash backstage; Scott Hall totters up. I hear about fifty, sixty percent of the mumbling that both men do, but basically the gist of things is that Hall pretends to make up with Nash so Giant can help Hall jump Nash and toss him through the flimsy wall. WCW’s booking committee forgot about Giant joining nWo Hollywood just to ruin Nash’s life for a minute there, so I hope they come back around to it.


  • We get a Nitro Girls promo and then a Nitro Girls routine. The routine is partially synchronized. Barely synchronized, actually.


  • “Rockhouse” plays over the PA system as Eric Bischoff airplanes his way out, introducing Hulk Hogan (w/goofy-ass villainous laugh) and a bunch of other Hollywood members. It’s talk time with Bisch and Hogan, a consistent lowlight on every one of these godforsaken wrestling shows at this point. Horace Hogan (who will be known as Hogan the Younger, or HtY, from now on when he’s in the same segment as his unc) has gone from being a B-Teamer in the Flock to a B-Teamer in the nWo. I assume the pay is slightly better, at least? I’d hope. Hogan the Elder does a whole goofy initiation speech for HtY. It sucks. On a side note, I think the nWo concept has now been fully watered down.


  • I do not like this new Perry Saturn entrance wear. At least he ditched the beret for a bandana tonight. Saturn faces off with Eddy Guerrero of the *sigh* lWo. I should be more excited for this match. At least the lWo gimmick might actually get some face pops in Phoenix. Eddy tries to leverage the arm early, but gets wrapped up and overhead belly-to-belly suplexed. Saturn wins a shoulder block and Billy Silverman is stupid enough to believe Eddy’s claims that Saturn pulled his hair. Mark Curtis would never have bought that shit. Eddy ends up targeting Saturn’s leg. It doesn’t mean that much, though, and Saturn hits a sit-out gourdbuster for two. Saturn is caught on a corner charge by an Eddy elbow, but when Eddy tries a tornado DDT, he gets countered into a Northern Lights Suplex for two. They trade two-counts and counters until Saturn hits a T-Bone Suplex and a Falcon Arrow in short order. Saturn calls for his finish when *sigh* Damian and Hector Garza hit the ring and cause a DQ. They try to help Eddy attack Saturn, but this is merely the lWo, so their beatdown attempt goes poorly. Everyone else in the group runs down, including new member Spyder. Spyder hits a brainbuster on Saturn and Eddy drops a follow-up Frog Splash. Bleh.


  • Gene Okerlund interviews Judy Bagwell, who is bummed about her delinquent son’s aberrant behavior. Mama Bagwell just loves cutting promos, just loves it. She’s reasonably okay at it for an amateur. I wouldn’t call this promo “good,” but it’s not bad! It’s decent, man, it’s alright. Mama Bagwell threatens to bring baby Buff in line before he completely shames the family name.


  • Oh God it’s “Rockhouse,” I have a Pavlovian response to this theme hitting at this point in my watch. Said response is me uncontrollably twitching like I was Goldberg or peak tweaked Kurt Angle. So, Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos are going to defend their tag titles against the Giant and Stevie Ray. I bet the Giant is fantasizing about being thrown into main events against Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Mankind as he makes his way to the ring for this match. Remember when the Giant and Lex Luger were mega-over crusading babyfaces? It was a magical time. Kaos gets his ass kicked, basically, and is immediately the FIP until he hot tags Ricky out of a bearhug. Ricky hits a top rope Steinerline on Giant, who is so busy thinking about how he could maybe debut by throwing Steve Austin through a cage that he forgets to kick out and the ref has to stop his count. Anyway, the Steiner/Kaos tag team championship reign actually, and surprisingly, rolls on because Ricky lands a bulldog on Stevie Ray for the win while the Giant is distracted with throttling Kaos. I guess Kaos was useful in this match, even if it was as a distraction to keep the Giant from making an easy save. I guess we’re going ahead on this goofy “The Giant fucks up a lot again, gets yeeted from the nWo again” deal.


  • Lovely, we’ve got Bisch on color instead of Tenay. I guess we’re going to get this Ric Flair match, which is actually just some tape of Flair jobbing to Hogan at Bash at the Beach ’94. Haha, you got me Bisch, great swerve, bro. Also, did we need another match from a PPV rather than more live wrestling on this show? I mean, it’s obvious why Goldberg/Page was shown, and I think this swerve with Flair/Hogan would work, but maybe not on the same show, perhaps?


  • Juventud Guerrera faces Billy Kidman for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Kidman hasn’t had a truly good match since he turned babyface, but he and Juvi usually have solid chemistry, so I have hope for this, especially after a series of clean counters that ends in a Juvi headscissors. Juvi cuts Kidman off at every point as they fight for control in the corner, and Juvi lands a diving Frankensteiner to Kidman for two. I dig that they decided to wrestle this match like it’s being simmed in Smackdown 2: Know Your Role, honestly. Kidman barely escapes a series of two counts and then finally gets a little control by hitting a back suplex, but that evaporates almost immediately when Juvi runs the ropes and scores a Rocker Dropper for two. Kidman just cannot keep control here; he hits a wheelbarrow slam, but then gets countered into a bulldog a few seconds later. Juvi goes up top and hits a pretty crossbody for two. He decides to go up again, but leaps right into a counter-dropkick. Kidman wants to hit an SSP and hit the road, but Juvi plays possum and crotches Kidman, then lands a top-rope rana for 2.9. Juvi just unloading the arsenal on Kidman is pretty entertaining! Unfortunately for him, he tries to powerbomb Kidman, gets countered into a face crusher, and hits a quick SSP for the win. They should probably turn Juvi heel because he got light JUVI SUCKS chants. I still am not sure what the fans see in Kidman.


  • Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell stroll to the ring so that Scotty can talk. Scotty basically discusses his prowess in the sack, shouts out his freaks, and bonds with his equally scumbaggish buddy Buff. Then Buff airs his dirty laundry with his mother in front of basically all of Maricopa County. Buff thinks his dad should keep his mom in the kitchen and barefoot, but maybe not pregnant because I don’t think Buff would handle a new baby in the family getting a lot of attention that he thinks he should get instead. Then, Scotty calls out brother Ricky for a match even though Rick has already wrestled once. He doesn’t get Ricky, though. He gets J.J. Dillon. But actually, that’s Scotty’s plan because Scotty wants to accuse J.J. of favoritism. Scotty thinks there was some ref fuckery because a different ref ended the match than started it. Well, Buff did light up Charles Robinson, so that’s not really J.J.’s fault, but Scotty and Buff kick the shit out of J.J. anyway.


  • The crowd reacts positively to Warrior’s music because I guess they’ve adopted this dope as their hometown guy. Or maybe they like his entrance music, which is a solid knockoff of his WWF joint. He tries to get his heat back after that loss with a promo, but (except for in Phoenix, where he is genuinely loved) no one really gives a shit about him enough to care. Warrior, I think, is SHOOT upset about that match finish, drops a cuss, and then hits his ‘60s Batman-inspired catchphrase. Hogan the Elder storms out, but Hogan the Younger tells his leathery uncle that he can do the job on Warrior instead. He can’t. Warrior wins a low-energy tangle against him, then easily dispatches of the Giant (who isn’t all there mentally because he’s dreaming of debuting at the next WrestleMania) before Hogan the Elder tries his luck and also fails. This seemed like a promise to give us more Warrior/Hogan. Or, depending on how you look at it, a threat to give us more of Warrior/Hogan.


  • Scott Hall and Scott Steiner tag up to face Lex Luger and Konnan. Remember the Wolfpac? This is their first appearance in the ring tonight even though they’re somehow still way over. We get a pier six, a donnybrook, a total slobberknocker to start. Finally, Steiner and Konnan end up brawling outside the ring while Luger dominates Hall inside of it. Scotty bulldozes Konnan, and then we get a shot of Luger doing the same to hall in the aisle. In the ring, Konnan finally makes a comeback on Scotty, and oh man, just call the match already. We get it. This segment goes on forever and it sucks, just a shitty brawl that meanders into a break, where it mercifully ends because when we come back…


  • Michael Buffer is out to introduce Bret Hart’s United States Championship defense against Diamond Dallas Page. I should be more excited for this matchup, but I think the show has sort of lulled me to sleep. It hasn’t been a bad show, but not much about it has been notable. Page is on top of the Hitman early, but Bret works a hammerlock that I think is an example of how fun the guy is, just how good he can be at making his shit look like it’s part of an actual contest. It’s just the little things about him ducking down to avoid a Page reach back or struggling to really leverage the arm. Anyway, though Page hits a neckbreaker, the Hitman hits a Hot Shot on Page and takes over. The Hitman chokes Page in the corner, but takes time to wander around the ring to celebrate and has to stuff a Page comeback with a lariat.


  • Bret hits a chokes-and-headlocks offense to grind Page down. Meh. Page finally makes a comeback, gets two on a DDPancake, and tries to go up top. Bret crotches him and hits a superplex. That’s a sweet superplex. It was so sweet that I thought of Barry Windham landing one. Wrestling really needs to reset things back to the days where a superplex was a legitimate finisher because a really good-looking one is spectacular. Anyway, the Hitman controls for a bit, but Page gets flash two-counts in there as counters. Bret starts the 5MoD, but Page gets a jawbreaker in and goes to work on Bret in the corner; Bret throws a back kick that catches both DDP and ref Mickey Jay. That gives Bret time to put on some knucks and revive the ref. Bret throws a wild haymaker at Page that Page ducks, and Page is able to hook Bret and land a Diamond Cutter for the win and the gold. Page doesn’t even get much time to celebrate before the Hitman attacks him because we can’t have a babyface get some time to shine. Not on this show! The Hitman destroys Page’s knee with a chair, then locks on the Sharpshooter. Can some fucking babyfaces just stand tall at the end? Bret goes back to hitting Page’s leg with a chair a whole bunch after he breaks the Sharpshooter. Goldberg finally runs out for the save, oh, a good three minutes too late.


  • This show wasn’t, like, the worst, but nothing about it was going to make people decide to switch back to watching Nitro instead of RAW. This is the best Eric Bischoff had for this one-time (and as it turned out, final-time) guaranteed ratings win and is in some ways the biggest indicator yet that he was done as a showrunner and it was time to move him out. And yet I look at my calendar, and we’ve got ten more months with this chump in charge. Oy vey. 2.5 out of 5 Stinger Splashes.
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They sure did. I recall them producing better matches when Kidman was still in the Flock. 

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