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NJPW Dontaku tour 2019


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So has anything been said about Yoshi-Hashi tagging with non-CHAOS wrestlers.

There was a minor thread during G1 of Tanahashi suggesting that Hashi would be better off under his tutelage rather than Okada's, but that didn't go anywhere - maybe part;y because Hashi got injured.

I think they should probably just turn him and stick him in Suzuki-gun if they're not just getting rid. Won't be in G1 this year surely?

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6 hours ago, Oyaji said:

And while not completely the same, Akiyama never recovered from losing to Ogawa in that fashion. I know he didn't enjoy being champion, or so the story goes and it fit both Akiyama as an unfocused ace as well as Ogawa's sneaky prick style, but it killed Akiyama's credibility long-term and he never recovered. It also didn't really elevate Ogawa either. Just like with the G1, establishing early finishes, countouts and the like are great if done correctly but it's pretty tough to find situations where it fits.

Did Akiyama never recover because of this loss to Ogawa, or did he never recover because he never really tried to booking wise?

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Since I already tried to connect TIMES UP and Dean might as well add it another point:


Safe to say that Marty will be on BotSJ finals show. So adding 2 + 2 we have... Dean Ambrose joining Villain Enterprises! No, I'm not serious.

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