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They should have someone cut off his hand so he can't punch them. Then he gets a hook and they're really fucked

I'm really surprised no one in wrestling has tried to book a one handed wrestler specifically for this purpose.


I was always very disappointed that the Iron Duke Jim Mitchell (AWA) never used his lobsterhand as an offensive weapon, say a claw strike to he throat.


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I saw TNA last night and it wasn't completely terrible.  So I may start watching that and I'm already watching NJPW on AXS and Lucha Underground.  Then of course I've got Raw and it looks like Smackdown is on the upswing.  Not to mention local stuff like Booker T's promotion. 


I know it's a popular sentiment that wrestling on TV is dying or whatever, but I feel like there's more wrestling - and variety to the wrestling - on TV right now than there's been since I was a kid watching Mid-South, WCCW, all kinds of NWA stuff and WWF. 


And counting online stuff like ROH and NXT, there's way too much to watch every week.  It's fantastic.

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