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UFC Fight Night 34: Saffiedine vs. Lim (1/4/2014) - Marina Bay, Singapore (Marina Bay Sands)


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UFC Fight Night 34: Saffiedine vs. Lim

January 4, 2014

Marina Bay, Singapore (Marina Bay Sands)


Tarec Saffiedine (170) vs. Hyun Gyu Lim (171) - Saffiedine, DEC (unanimous)

Tatsuya Kawajiri (145) vs. Sean Soriano (145) - Kawajiri, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (0:50)

Kiichi Kunimoto (171) vs. Luiz Dutra (171) - Kunimoto, DQ (illegal elbows to back of head), R1 (2:57)

Kyung-Ho Kang (136) vs. Shunichi Shimizu (135) - Kang, SUB (arm triangle choke), R3 (3:53)


Fight Pass Preliminary Card:

Max Holloway (146) vs. Will Chope (146) - Holloway, TKO (strikes), R2 (2:27)

Katsunori Kikuno (156) vs. Quinn Mulhern (155) - Kikuno, DEC (unanimous)

Royston Wee (134) vs. Dave Galera (136) - Wee, DEC (unanimous)

Mairbek Taisumov (155) vs. Tae Hyun Bang (156) - Taisumov, DEC (unanimous)

Dustin Kimura (135) vs. Jon Delos Reyes (135) - Kimura, SUB (armbar), R1 (2:13)

Leandro Issa (136) vs. Russell Doane (135) - Doane, SUB (triangle choke), R2 (4:59)


Event Bonuses ($50,000):

Knockout of the Night: Max Holloway

Submission of the Night: Russell Doane

Fight of the Night: Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim


Attendance: 5,216


Cancelled Bouts:

Will Chope vs. Bekbulat Magomedov - Bout Nixed

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Kiichi Kunimoto - Lim Moved to Main Event

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Hacran Dias - Injury to Dias (Hand)

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Jake Ellenberger - Injury to Ellenberger (Hamstring)

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Saffiedine vs Lim was awesome. Respect the hell out of both guys for that performance.


And for those that were asking about when it would be archived - you can rewind the stream to whatever fight you want to see right now or start from the beginning.

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Haven't seen the prelims beside what they replayed on TV here but beside the Kang/Shimizu fight it was a pretty fun event. I'd recommend watching the Shimizu fight just for the ridiculousness that it was. Early candidate for Worst Fight of the Year. The Main was really good though. Both guys gassed which makes things entertaining.

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Watched the fight this morning on Fight Pass.  Stream worked great and there were really no issues.  Considering we're getting these first two fight cards for the free trial, don't see the big deal about paying $9.99 for all these type of fights plus all the other content and features.  This is considering that ordering a replay of an event or another PPV costs five times as much.


Decent little international fight card.  Kawajiri had a good debut, and Lim/Saffiedine was a great fight.  Lim's striking defense looked poor.  With his size and range, he probably could've beaten Saffiedine if not for his poor defense.

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The fact that Kang almost went to a draw against a guy who he beat the shit out of for three rounds is insane. If you're going to take two points away from Kang for those elbows, you have to take a point away from the guy acting like a kick hit him in the groin when it clearly didn't.


Anyway, good show besides Kikuno/Mulhern and the Besouro/Kunimoto non-fight.

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Wee vs. Galera was a snoozer too.


Kikuno had the most awkward non Kikuno like debut, but I'll blame that on Mulhern not being a UFC level fighter or very good at all.


Kawajiri looked dead after he chocked out Soriano. I don't recall ever seeing him that gassed before. Good debut performance either way.


Saffiedine vs. Lim was good fun though.

Also the ref. for the Kang vs. Shimizu and Kawajiri vs. Soriano is a worse ref. than all of the UFC American refs'.

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Apparently, Mulhern announced his retirement.



Hey guys. First, just let me express how grateful I am for the love and support of a whole community of people. Especially those folks who have been with me from the beginning of my MMA career. I love you all, thank you.

The dust hasn't settled exactly so I wouldn't normally do this now...but it feels like it's the right time: I am retiring from MMA.

This camp was as perfect as they come. Everything fell into place, mentally, physically...my weight cut was a success. I got to a place of mental focus where I have never been before. But when I got in the cage I just didn't have it. It wasn't nerves, I didn't freeze...I just didn't have the physical gifts or skill the win. Bottom line is that I could put in years of continued work but I won't be competitive at this level. Perhaps I'd get quite a bit better, but I think if rather spend that time on something new. I feel this in my bones.

So this is not a tantrum of self-pity. In fact, I feel very clear and good about this decision. I'm so grateful to have done what I've done. I've gotten to travel all over the world and to fight professionally over twenty times. But this is it.




After a performance like that, I ain't shocked.

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