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IMPACT!- 1/5/2023!

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Josh Alexander and Bully Ray will be good.  Not dropping any money on it good, but good.  Deonna Purrazzo!  She been kind of drifting around since dropping the ROH and AAA belts.  I know she married Steve Maclin and had a few fun tag teams.  Oh she isn't wrestling.  OH COOL!  MASHA motherfucking SLAMOVICH!  It's Taylor Wilde!  Jesus, they are fucking laying it in!  I see that Taylor Wilde is a good match up with Masha in that she works really STIFF!  GREAT double stomp to the apron by Wilde.  EVEREST German Suplex by Wilde!  Wilde looks fucking GREAT in this.  Masha and Deonna get into it!  Wilde gets the FLASH PIN!  MASHA GOES INSANE!  SHE WARDLOWS SECURITY WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!  That was really good.  Taylor Wilde should wrestle Masha every day.  AWESOME! Black Taurus!  Hey!  It's Anthony Greene!  This should be good.  Black Taurus is the best wrestler in IMPACT!?  Yeah.  He is.  GREAT Powerslam by Taurus!  Taurus is bumping all over the ring for Greene.  Greene looks good in this, though he is wrestling with the best guy to be in the ring to make you look good.  Taurus is fucking GREAT on offense.  JESUS!  TAURUS WITH A FUCKING HELLISH K-DRILLER!  That was fucking great.  IMPACT! comes down to great Piledrivers.  Black Taurus and Josh Alexander are neck and neck.  Hey!  It's Jonathan Gresham!  Gresham alludes to Sakura Hirota!  WHAT A NERD!  He is our version of Zack Sabre Jr and he is awesome tearing the limbs of the dude he is wrestling.  That was a GREAT scientific squash.  Gisele Shaw is going to destroy Steelz and Evans!  From within!  Awesome!  Matt Cardona!  Against Chris Sabin!  Oh!  The commentary in IMPACT! is the absolute best in wrestling.  Brian Meyers CHEATS!  Cardona CRUSHES Sabin with a Lariat to drive Sabin out of the ring.  Sabin hits a SWEET Backdrop to the ramp.  Cardona wrestles a lot like Scott Hall though Cardona is bit more intense.  Sabin looks great in this.  You never get to see him in a singles match.  Cardona is bumping like a FREAK for Sabin in this.  Cardona is fucking awesome.  Nice Mil Mascaras toprope Crossbody by Sabin FOR TWO!  Cradle Shock by Sabin for the win!  I guess this means the Major Players are winning the belts!  Which seems to be a trope that doesn't actually hold any water anymore.  WHO KNOWS?!  That was some good wrestling.  Bully Ray and Scott D'Amore have an elaborate community theater SEGMENT!  Is this going to go on for fifteen minutes?  Oh no!  D'Amore takes a Piledriver!  D'Amore goes through a table!  AWESOME!  If all IMPACT! Community Theater Segments ended with Piledrivers and table spots I would stop fast forwarding through them.  That was a good episode of IMPACT!

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Taylor/Masha was great, they matched up very well. Deonna was the best on commentary too. Thrilled to get Killer Kelly back in the mix with these three, that's going to be an epic match.  Taylor's win here was nicely done.

I believe in Joe Hendry / I believe in Moose dancing was funny. Sabin/Cardona ruled, surpassed expectations as I wasn't expecting a long main event type match there. 

Bully Ray vs Badass Scott D'Amore was hilarious. Some camera cuts and editing as I recall hearing they couldn't quite get the table on fire as initially planned. 

Good show overall, solid start to 2023 for Impact. 


Full results:


*Taped for BTI: Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal) def. KiLynn King (8:11) after The Denoument

Impact Wrestling - Airing January 5, 2023 from Pembroke Pines, FL

*Taylor Wilde def. Masha Slamovich (8:21) with a small package. Deonna Purrazzo did commentary. After the match, Masha snapped and attacked ringside security until being forced away by referees.

*Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve) def. Anthony Greene (10:41) after Destination Hellhole. After the match, Trey Miguel laid out Greene on the stage and spraypainted his back.

*Jonathan Gresham def. Ernest R. Anthony (3:44) via bridging a submission into a pinfall.

*Moose came to the ring and cut a promo on Joe Hendry. Hendry interrupted and presented a parody video mocking Moose. 

*Chris Sabin (w/ Alex Shelley) def. Matt Cardona (w/ Brian Myers) (18:59) with the Cradle Shock.

*Bully Ray came to the ring and cut a promo, calling out Josh Alexander. Scott D'Amore interrupted and the two went back and forth on the mic, going over their history. Eventually D'Amore punched Bully and spit on him. Jason Hotch & John Skyler then came out and grabbed D'Amore, allowing Bully to hit a piledriver. Bully then powerbombed D'Amore through a table and declared he would be the next Impact Worlds Champion.


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I decided I wanted to watch more Impact Wrestling in 2023 so I subscribed to the Ultimate Insiders on YouTube and I’m already two weeks behind.

We are in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

I really liked the opening bout between Taylor Wilde and Masha Slamovich. I remember Taylor Wilde from the Awesome Kong matches and from working at Sunglass Hut. It’s nice to see her back in Impact. This was the first time I believe that I’ve seen Masha and I’m a fan I like her look I like her style. Wilde and Slamovich have great chemistry together. Hard hitting match,That stomp on the apron to Slamoviches head was. I enjoyed Deonna Purrazzo on commentary she played into the finish as Slamovich came out of the ring to talk shit then she goes back in the ring and gets Rolled up for the 3 the Slam gets her heat back but beating up the ring crew. 

Sami Callihan has issues with Cody Deaners crew he wants to join but Deaner is making him job through hoops. Why join a club that doesn’t seem to want you to join?

Two weeks ago Steve Macklin and Rich Swann had a pull apart and now Swann challenges Macklin to match at Hard to Kill. I’m sure that match will be good once I get to it. 

Crazzy Steve Is in the ring and there’s a neon light on the ring and Steve looks like he got into Jeff Hardy’s paint and they brings out Black Tarus who is like a wrestling Minotaur. So Black Tarus is wrestling Anthony Greene who is debuting in Impact tonight. Greene gets some offense in early on actually he holds his own for a while even sends Tarus over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Green got a lot more in than I thought he would. Two segment match and a lot of it was Greene. Tarus had the size advantage but Greene had the speed. Green walked across the top rope and hit a cross body followed by a super kick. Tarus makes a comeback with a couple sling blades and a pop up Damian Drop which perks up the crowd. Backbreaker followed by a piledriver which Tarus calls The Destination Hellhole for the 3. Good match. Impressive outing from Green I was expecting a squash truth be told but we got a competitive match instead. After the match Trey Miguel hits Anthony Greene with his X Division Championship belt and sorry paints his back as Crazzy Steve yells things. I haven’t been following but Miguel must be in a program with Steve and Tarus.

Kenny King is at Speedball Mike Baileys school in Montreal, Quebec but Speedballs not there so Kenny attacks his students and calls out Mike Bailey we go to break. Back from break back in Florida Mike Bailey storms through the backstage area looks directly into the camera and challenges Kenny King to a pit fight. 

We go back to the ring for match 3 both men are in the ring it’s Jonathan Gresham Vs Ernest R Anthony who looks like a dweeb. He proves to be a dweeb as he crackles as he gets Gresham in a headlock. “Ah ha”. Gresham takes control focuses on Ernest’s leg and stretches him out. Gresham has Ernest in a pretzel and pins him. Quick match what I thought Tarus Vs Greene would’ve been. This was a showcase for Gresham. 

Backstage Tasha Steelz and Savanna Evans are backstage and Giselle Shaw and a dude with a pony tail show up and there’s some bickering going on. They all have a common enemy in the Death Dolls and it looks like they will all be on the same page to take them out.

Now we get a video package for Cody Deaner and The Design. next week on Impact: The Design cuts Sami Callihan’s hair.

Video Package on Josh Alexander and his record breaking World Title Reign. Thought it was really good really well done. Puts Alexander over as a big deal. He comes out looking like The Man as he should he’s the Impact World Heavyweight Champion.

Moose is in the ring looking business casual in his suit and Jordan’s. He cuts a promo on Joe Henry. They are wrestling at Hard to Kill. Moose gets some What chants during his promo. Moose is saying that life has been easy for Joe and life has been hard for Moose had to earn everything Joe had had everything handed to him. Moose also says he’s found his true calling, being a total scumbag which made me chuckle. What a thing to be proud of. The camera cuts to a guy in the crowd dressed like Travis Bickle who is not impressed by Moose. Moose says His Name and Joe Henry shows up with his Digital Media Championship and he wants to show the real Moose, let the moose loose and he has a new entrance theme for Moose. Crowd is into it. Henry’s gimmick is he’s a song and dance man he does his own theme song. I’ve seen him a couple times in ROH and Henry was in Impact a few years ago with Grado. Moose wasn’t impressed. Moose goes to leave calls for his music and Henry’s song for him plays. All and all not a bad segment.

What a really well done Mickie James career retrospective video. Great use of old Asylum Era footage, they talk about WWE without showing any footage of course. Spans her entire career Hardcore Country and all. She evens talks about meeting Nick Aldis. This was really well done. Mickie James has a storied history with TNA/Impact and I think it’s cool that she’s wrapping her career up in this promotion.

It got a little dusty in the room when I watched the Don West tribute video.

We now go to match 4 which is Matt Cardona vs Chris Sabin in their first ever one on one match up. Match starts off pretty unevenly match we end up on the outside, Cardona goes for a powerbomb on the ramp Sabin reverses it into a back body drop. Cardona eats up on the receiving end of the ramp bump. We then go to break back from break they are back in the ring and Cardona is in control. Anytime the smaller faster Sabin tried to start speeding up with the high flying the bigger stronger Cardona would slow it down with holds. And the occasional clothesline. Sabin gets a quick kick in on Cardona’s left knee and starts to control the match. There’s one women in the crowd who’s 100% behind Sabin on the offense. You can hear here. Cardona sends Sabin into the turnbuckle. Reboot attempt and Sabin tosses Cardona out of the ring as we take another break. It’s a 3 segment match! We are back from real both men back in the ring. Cardona almost decapitates Sabin with a knee strike. Sabin dives to the outside onto both Matt Cardona and Brian Myers. Some more back and forth in the ring until Sabin hits the Cradle Shock which looks like a falcon arrow for the 3. Really good match that was given time. That was fun.

Bully Ray interrupts the run down of the Hard to Kill rundown threatens the commentators and demands a microphone. Crowd chants “Bully’s a Bitch”. Bully Ray calls out Josh Alexander. Scott D’Amore gave both Bully and Josh the night off. Scott D’Amore comes out and he is not happy. Scott gets on Bully’s aaa for showing up. Bully is being a dick cuz he’s a dick. Scott tells Bully this run in Impact could be a redemption story or a cautionary tale. And Says Devon won’t be in the same room with Bully unless someone gives him a big bag of money. Now I want to see a vignette of Bully cutting a promo with Devon in the background counting money out of a big bag. Anthem give Devon a big bag of money let’s get a Team 3D heel run. Motor City is right there, Motor City kicking out of the 3D led to the break up of 3D in TNA so reunite 3D to exact revenge on Motor City for breaking them up. Bully Ray now talks and says he’s winning the Impact World Championship for a 3rd time come Hard to Kill. Says he doesn’t need Scott’s respect. Scott and Bully get heated like hella heated. The earnest Canadian against the brash New York bully. Scott punches Bully in the face to goons come out and hold Scott as Bully lays him out. Bully Piledrives Scott. The goons grab a table and there’s a pop. The crowd chants we want tables as a defenseless Scott D’Amore withers in pain in the ring. What is with wrestling crowds and tables? Scott D’Amore is powerbombed through the table. Bully Ray grabs the mic. he asks Scott if he knows who he is? Bully answers his own question saying he’s Bully Ray the next Impact World Champion and with that we go off the air. I enjoyed that segment more than I thought I would.

Wasn’t a bad show the matches were good the two in ring segments were fine. The video packages were really well done and they had a steady build to Hard to Kill. 

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