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RAMPAGE!- 12/2/2022!


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JD Griffey is a Texas indie dude.  He has been on dark twice and was one of the twenty guys Wardlow beat in that twenty on one match.   He is the male Raychell Rose.  I guess they wanted a slightly larger Leon Ruffin.

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On 12/3/2022 at 1:20 PM, Shartnado said:

Well, that won't be from this batch, since literally nothing in there seems to be food. He may have something there for preparing food, but things like an air fryer (for instance) would actually get in the way of his plans. Does Costco carry deep fryers by any chance?

They probably have deep fryers in packs of ten. Place is ridiculous. I worked in one as what turned out to be a fucking dishwasher in the bakery for about a week before walking. They checked the floor grates with a knife! 

EDIT: Oh btw, this place gives out food samples like Sam's Club here in the States. Trust me, that dude maxed.

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