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  1. A doctor friend of mine once told me the tenets of dermatology were: 1. If it's wet, dry it. 2. If it's dry, wet it. 3. If you dont know what it is, don't touch it. 4. If you do know what it is, you don't need to touch it.
  2. Oh please know I was being serious. Granted, for a while I would have trusted @NikoBaltimoreabout some medical ish back when he was "NickMD", until I realized MD meant Maryland. *thinking about changing my name to "NateForensicPsych"
  3. I trust a man named Jonny Law about some law ish.
  4. I get the nature of the default judgment. It's still unfortunate.
  5. Bronze Babyshoes was mine. Phone still autocorrects "Braun Strowman" to this day.
  6. Huh. Nice nod to Chyna there, calling the stadium in L.A. "the 10th wonder of the world."
  7. No, thank you sir, for the hilarious visual of Goldberg jizzing on his locker room door before approaching the ring.
  8. First time I ever got on a high dive feels, right here.
  9. I may end up double-dipping. I have the unrated WB DVD in the atrocious old cardboard case.
  10. That dude that stalked her was from SC, where I currently work in mental health. It has seriously taken a lot of ethical introspection to not want to look dude up to see if he had any pre-existing symptoms of a CPMI.
  11. I would love to have this on disc, with every Lee match and BTE and promo in AEW on a supplemental disc. I'd probably buy a bunch and give them as presents.
  12. You too, bruh. 2021 will hopefully be much better; 2020 took away so much from so many. I'm personally hoping to make myself a better person.
  13. Thank you so very much. I appreciate that a lot. This has been a heavy year.
  14. I didn't watch it live, but I followed the write-up and came here. Today was my 46th birthday and I have some health stuff going on that has me concerned, this has been a shit year so I couldn't take the emotional risk. But I will watch it later. But thank you for everyone sharing their own insights. And thanks to @Nice Guy Eddiefor the chats lately. In two days, we can try this all over again.
  15. I wouldn't be so sure of their academic outcome nowadays.
  16. Sweet fuck all, he's coming back after a dog pisses fire on his corpse, isn't he.
  17. 14:19 with no errors. I'm pretty proud of myself, actually.
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