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  1. Doesn't that Liberal wrestler work in that same area? There's your feud right there
  2. Thank you for sharing. I don't use Twitter so it's good to know where I can watch the games.
  3. This was s great way to intro a new villian and raise the stakes.
  4. I'm actually looking forward to the AAF season, mainly because since the Falcons season was crap maybe the Legends can be off to a good start, but first 2 games on the road isn't ideal for sure.
  5. https://player.vimeo.com/video/315254932 I think this gives us a little insight as to why Itami left the WWE
  6. It's so funny how Kofi gets quiet when he loses
  7. So I take it there were no DC trailers during the Super Bowl? That's disappointing
  8. This is really random but I'm in the process of moving my books to plastic boxes and I found the old Zero Hour mini and at the end when Kyle sacrifices himself to help beat Hal, which then the story continued in the Zero issue of GL. I felt like a kid/wrestling fan and openly cheered when he resisted the temptation to bring Alex back and blow up Oa instead,.
  9. It's interesting, by the end of the weekend Aquaman will be DC's biggest movie passing The Dark Knight
  10. You know? I'd be down for that. I trust the DCAU and I think they would do something epic if they adapted that
  11. I never looked it like that, I just thought your spoiler was that intense the animation called for it. I like your theory better. His power level at base level I have to imagine, and i would've liked to have to have seen that tested, but I think the lack of the other supporting characters helped the story move along better.
  12. Saw the dub for Broly in theaters tonight. I loved it. Animation was amazing. I loved how when they powered up, the animation was really emphasizing just how powerful the powerup is. Kinda get spoiled for obvious reason in the regular series but the way they did it in the movie just works well. Can't wait for it to come out on BluRay
  13. I wish HK film was still active. That was my go to for movies I just find out about. Then again i do have here too For example I just found out there was an SPL 2 with Wu Jing and Tony Jaa. I'm curious since it's an Asian movie with Tony Jaa NOT set in the past so I'm wondering if it holds up to the original. That one had some amazing fights in that one and the story wasn't bad either so I'm hoping it's like that.
  14. I'm ok with that. I like that version of Mr. Terrific
  15. With all of these streaming services popping up, if you have different favorites on different networks, cutting the cord will no longer be worth it.
  16. I was also able to catch the double feature. I agree with just about all of your post I just wanted to add I wanted more Steel. He was great and wished he did have the moment to say why he's helping. I'm ok with the change in baddie, like you said it made sense and it would've forced DC to go down the rabbit hole if they were fully faithful to the story. And I'm sure there would be as much backlash if they did it now if they did back then. I enjoyed it and would like to eventually see it as one big feature if the digital and Blu Ray sells well.
  17. That's not good. I was getting excited as we got closer to Glass' release
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