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  1. Wow DBS 131 I didn't expect I didn't know how they were going to do it. But I'm happy with how they got there.
  2. Anyone watch Krypton? Curious if it's as good as the Berlanti DC shows
  3. I figured he's learn that lesson about ego after the Mike Barnes incidents
  4. Becky Lynch seems like she'd be a blast to play games with.
  5. I wanna say 2 more? EDIT: Yup 2 more the titles are in the spoilers.
  6. I just found out so I'm spreading the word in case others didn't know either, but no new DBS this week due to "special programming" March 4th will be the next new episode.
  7. Does anyone know if any vendors are doing a Blu Ray/dvd/digital combo for Justice League where if you buy it now you can watch it digitally now as well?
  8. Cannot agree more. The recent episodes that have been Vegeta specific have been epic! Up until then my favorite was when Gohan made his sacrifice, mainly because he's my favorite character and it was good to see him rise up again, but the Vegeta ones have topped them.
  9. Holy crap. The name Don Lewis is infamous in GA Independent wrestling circles, tried numerous times to do something in the Atlanta area but no real wrestler would work for him because they knew he was full of ish. So this is what he's moved on to? Good lord.
  10. I was thinking about this while getting my oil changed, but instead of football why not do a new basketball league? You could get the kids straight out of high school and give some international guys better exposure. Make it more streetball/And-1 style and you may have a better show at being a success than you wou I'd starting a new football league. I don't know just thinking out loud.
  11. Re:DBS 127 We have to be heading towards fusion right?
  12. Wow after all this time it' real and it' happening. I can't post the trailer because I'm still getting used to this new phone but there is a trailer and I cannot wait.
  13. S was the straight Beth. I don't know that dudethat slapped a girl in Seattle was heel and maybe Aaron from LA
  14. Rumours going around that now Michigan State's football and basketball programs have had major problems regarding players and sexual misconduct and cover ups.
  15. I remember during that first game, when Vegas was winning big they moved the broadcast to the Birmingham game and there lots of chants to get former Alabama QB Jay Barker in the game so maybe there's some truth to running in big college markets could be good
  16. As much as i hated to see it happen, it was an epic way to go out. It really was an awesome episode!
  17. Looks like its not happening, they're reportedly promoting from within and having Mike Locklesy take the job. N Now the question is who will be the new DC
  18. I'm pretty certain his elimination is inevitable but man I'm so rooting for Gohan to be as close to the end as possible. I'm with you in trying to watch Kai, not as good as original Z was, but I'm a fan of the Falconer soundtrack since it was the first that I saw of Z and to me its not the same.
  19. To go along with this thought, I figured they would've played more a part in fighting with Frieza, I mean they were being trained to fight Buu, but were told to stay away from Frieza? Didn't make sense to me.
  20. I'm so far behind on Super but i marked out when Krillin got his confidence to fight Frieza's army
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