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  1. Loved everything on there, highlight of the triple threat was when all three men were down and out and Dunne was still trying to grab Priests fingers
  2. Unless someone's already mentioned it Enzo's gone. Something dodgy from the rape accusation yesterday, cos they made up their minds damn quick to get rid rather than suspend initially.
  3. Dors anyone here goto any of the uk events? I'd love too but know no pne who goes at all
  4. That's shit, not an easy thing to deal with.....seems like a good guy & hope he can get through it
  5. Ok cool I'll look out for those, liked Cobb from the tag league stuff and have heard good things about Dijak. Just watching Riddle v Scurll and is it me or is Scurll over rated?
  6. Yeah I'd agree with that so far Omega & Okada (outside of AJ) seem different level, not seen much of Walter but watching Keith Lee tonight seems really good, helps I watched hi match with Ricochet
  7. Just getting back into wrestling again after a year or so out... watching NJPW highlights, NXT and Progress are all good stuff but is it me or is Dunne about the most entertaining guy around at the moment?
  8. Yeah me and my buddy the watcher had a good run about on crucible Tuesday after work
  9. Thanks for the add, that was probably me and my mate. We play in UK and try getting on a few times per week to run through stuff...if you see us on drop me msg.
  10. Don't know if this is the best place to put this but a mate of mine made a arcade style darts game for ipad/iphone. Appreciate if anyone could have a sneaky download and give some feedback. John Lowe's Darts Arcade.
  11. WWE2Kdev just posted a video on YouTube showing theirs a 100 Caw slots this year
  12. Ok, I'll be on that tomorrow. Also if you get any new recruits I'll be waiting for the call up
  13. Bugger literally picked it up 2 days before it went on sale
  14. Ok, fair enough is it worth picking up if you have unknown? Apologies for hijacking the thread
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