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  1. It was a lot of fun. Saw it on FITE TV after my power came back on (no pun intended). There's also a decent Jr Heavyweight title match on this week's show.
  2. Even the few NWA diehards out there can clearly see Tyrus has nothing left in the tank. I enjoyed the two nights for the most part. I was a bit surprised
  3. Minnesota would have been the second last place I would have expected Correa to land after Tampa Bay.
  4. MLS continues to shit the bed in ConcaChampions. New England with a massive choke job vs Pumas UNAM last night, blowing a 3-0 home advantage and losing in penalties.
  5. Fucking Benzema. PSG bottling it again vs fascist scum.
  6. Mbappe is Real Madrid's daddy. You just love to see it.
  7. His foundation's statement is complete bullshit.
  8. What would it take for FOX to tell Joe Buck to fuck off? Or for Buck to join Aikman at the 4 letter? Joe Buck can rot away on Sunday Night Baseball for the rest of eternity.
  9. God bless the Elam Ending. Once it got to the 4th quarter we actually saw some defense.
  10. I would imagine her skating career is over, unless she ends up seeking asylum or defecting to another country. The stigma of a dirty sample especially at such a young age won’t do her any favors, and as ruthless as the ROC can be, hopefully she isn’t exiled to Siberia.
  11. Her Instagram game is very strong too.
  12. And she crashed and burned in her free skate. She won't even medal, regardless of whether or not she was doping.
  13. Messi shouldn’t be allowed to take penalties anymore.
  14. That’s not saying much because it’s such a shit move and IMO Bray’s in-ring was awful.
  15. Arturo Rivera, rudo AAA commentator passed away.
  16. Kidderminster were two minutes away from knocking out West Ham in the FA Cup in regulation. They were 30 seconds away from taking West Ham to penalties before losing in heartbreaking fashion.
  17. Doug Pederson to Jacksonville per Adam Schefter.
  18. Maybe Brian Flores turns into Curt Flood. Some interesting notes as to how certain first year coaches were handled vs white counterparts.
  19. Fulham fan dies after cardiac arrest during Blackpool game https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/60185725
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