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  1. They got into a hilariously nerdy argument after the show went off the air, debating who drew more fans in New Japan, and who had the most memorable 5-star matches.
  2. Before I get into our live experience at Dynamite, let's turn to Page 26 of my WWF history book, "King of New York:" ----Virgil's ill-advised attack on Royal Rumble winner Studd earned himself a thrashing, causing my daughter to remark, "He's beating up the butler!”---- Guess who sat in front of her at Dynamite? https://photos.app.goo.gl/45QnQZjzSRwpmu8T6 The butler! What were the first words out of his mouth? "This isn't a good house. Nobody's getting paid tonight." Virgil and I also briefly discussed his many Steel City Wrestling junior heavyweight title matches with Lord Zoltan. My wife and daughter laughed when I sang "Judas" with the rest of the crowd. I didn't realize I knew so many of the words! It was hilarious to see wrestling shirts and title belts from all eras from '80s WWF to current AEW. Punk had a ton of shirts, and Danhausen was surprisingly well-represented. The fans fully embraced Mox even though he's a Cincinnati guy, so there was no Browns-Bengals thing going on. However, there was a definite Browns-Steelers thing going on in Baker's match, especially when Rebel brought out the Terrible Towel. So Punk's history in Cleveland now includes: Walking out of WWE Losing his UFC debut Getting squashed by Mox to lose the AEW title I told the girls, "The best thing that ever happened to Punk in Cleveland was us picking him up from the airport!"
  3. Also going ... we're also bringing our daughter. First big-time show for her since ROH when she was a little one.
  4. (removed because Pretty Deadly isn't in AEW)
  5. I know! I wanted him to sign my "This Side of the Mic" book, which includes a photo of him with us at Big Butler Fair 2004. As soon as he saw the cover, he said, "I'm in that book!"
  6. Hope she is on the Cleveland show. It's just a short drive from Painesville.
  7. https://holyclip.net/clip/5TImyOUK -- I think the word is protege (deranged or not)
  8. There was a news story on Twitter about a referee at this show, but after people dunked on the reporter for calling it a "WWE show," he took the story down.
  9. Not only did Cleveland get rid of Franmil Reyes, they also sent Mustard to the minors after losing 50 straight hot dog races. Mustard will report to my former team, the Lake County Captains.
  10. Count me in! #justakidfromakron
  11. Let me fix my double post by saying the MMA guy on Raw is Jimmy Smith.
  12. Three-man booths are usually a train wreck, but they can work if the trio sticks together long enough to build chemistry, and if they have clearly defined roles. That worked for us in IWC with me on play-by-play, Joe Dombrowski as the Tenay/babyface color guy, and Kingdom James as the intelligent heel color guy.
  13. I was there for Survivor Series 88 (and 87 and 92). I had floor seats in the 10th row on the side where the Demolition-Fiji breakup took place. Mind-blowing stuff!
  14. When it comes to vocabulary, you can't doubt his telligence.
  15. When the other nine guys were on the floor: "Slim J says ... This ring would be empty without me!"
  16. Me too. It would be funny for a former ECW champion to watch ECW for the first time.
  17. Bringing in talent from 2002 ROH is a trend I can really get behind. ? And he was in the Scramble Madness match! (I made an Enimem joke on commentary for him)
  18. Thanks Pedro! I'm glad to see how that era of IWC holds up over time. Lots of great matches and memories. I really liked calling Chris Hero's first shot at the ROH title against Samoa Joe in IWC, and a 30-minute Hero-Punk match with my 1-year-old on my lap.
  19. I would also count Sterling James Keenan (Corey Graves) as one of our homegrown success stories from IWC.
  20. Researching for my WCW book ... the birthday cake survived at Hog Wild!
  21. "They're gonna rename it! It'll be the Double-J-E !!"
  22. Yes. If someone messes up a top-rope move, I like to say, "that's why they're high-risk maneuvers," to show that even hitting a top-rope move at all is very impressive.
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