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  1. Post match was a great touch.
  2. the main roster dudes are probably going to be pretty motivated tomorrow!
  3. Back to Corbin/Joe. The lack of the three arm raise was awesome and made it feel much more real, even though Joe had a lot of daylight leaking through the hold, almost Cena levels not locked in. Have they done submission finishes without the three arm raises lately? Corbins promo of never hearing about the Indie darlings was a great touch.
  4. Nothing happened to Sami for all his Benoit bombs, Owens will be fine. Great show. Women's match was awesome, although I could have done without Stephanie coming out before, she's just the worst... I think Joe was put in a program with Corbin to get him to that level of match. Corbin hung in there the whole time. I liked him asking the ref what happened. I'm over Balors demon entrance. Hopefully they develop that part of his gimmick more. Ladder match was rad, even though I like Owen much more than Balor and I wanted Owens to go over, but it makes sense if he is on the main roster now. I once reffed a Blue Pants match in Florida. Just saying...
  5. So did Gargano and Ciampi sign with nxt/wwe?
  6. Hoodslam posted an episode on their YouTube page. Pretty interesting intro to a fed I was only a little knowledgeable on. Super hispter/drug fueled fans will enjoy.
  7. Drew Gulak was on Cokts AOW and Colt mentioned HHH referring to wrestling message boards and insinuating by boards he means Twitter. Colt then asked if message boards are even a thing for wrestling anymore, which got me thinking... I know guys like NAylor and Hero have posted here and a few others, but does anyone think this is one of the better boards in terms of actual discussion and information regarding wrestling? Or even the best board? What are other comparable boards (I literally do not know)?
  8. Eva Marie has really weird facials when applying rest/submission holds...
  9. I know it was a house show, but I think guys would get over so much better with commentary like we had on this show. Also, Jericho and Owens working the crowds were awesome. "This is awesome," from the Japanese crowd was fantastic. Fun show.
  10. What episode is Sara Del Ray on?
  11. Sasha Banks is always showing off her newest fat burners and lean protein shakes...
  12. Two things. Has anyone ever heard Dolphs comedy? Meltz says he isn't good and from some of his comedy tweets I can see that. Second, Colt Cabanna got a shout out at the end of Marc Marons WTF podcast with President Obama. Not during the interview of course, but that that was interesting.
  13. She wrestles a TON in Florida, so I imagine the crowd at NXT are very familiar with her work. Doesn't hurt that she's got pretty darn good Charisma as well, and is super cute.
  14. https://youtu.be/7ixbWmkLfKY Max Landis explaining why people boo Cena to Zack Snyder.
  15. Two of my buddies who have the network but are not hardcore fans have been gushing about Owens. Both sent me texts saying how awesome they think he is. Over Owens Over If he gets two straight on Cena he's beyond a made man.
  16. And it is also confused since the top dudes are Indy darlings who have been killing it for years before WWE realized they were gonna need new folks. Their home grown folks aren't really much to write home about.
  17. Maybe i've got to much excitement riding on Owens moving up to the main roster so fast and maybe even with HHH protecting him, but tonight's show to me feels like it might be a really good show. Rollins/Ambrose should at least be good, maybe with Owens getting involved somehow? The Chambers will probably be good just by proxy of the guys in them and the tag match should be absolute chaos. Owens goes over Cena? Not clean, probably, or something happens to set up the continuation of their feud or something new for Cena since Rusev is out?
  18. I don't mind Brooke either. Maybe give her new moves or something, who knows. But she is clearly green. I think some of us are probably getting a little used to these world class stars working down in NXT (and folks like Joe now coming in) that when someone sucks and is green they REALLY stand out. Not sure how I feel about Crowe. I really liked his hacker gimmick when I saw him do it at a house show BEFORE his tv debut and it was pretty neat. No chance he is switchblade Crowe in WWE but if they give him his crazy edge and let him be a little rougher he could get over like he did with Ambrose in CZW and then his kinda toned down stuff in Evolve/PWG. BLING! CRAZY! Can't spell today fellas, sorry.
  19. Meltz called Dana Brook Hunters "bling (I mean bling) spot." She's no worse than main roster girls... But she looks horrible next to the work rate girls in NXT.
  20. This is absolutely crushing news. Not the injury, finding out she has a boyfriend. Not just a boyfriend, they are engaged. And it's this guy: Mizaki. From the NE but now working a ton in Florida with Uproar/Ronin Pro Wrestling. Nice dude and apparently can sew his butt off. Knew he was making things for Banks and a few other WWE main roster folks. Is it a full time gig for him at WWE?
  21. Joes music is almost joes music. I was so confused when it hit. Then... fucking Joe! Owens took a stair bump on the face. Sasha and lynch was fantastic! Dude... HHH IS BOOKING SAMOA JOE AND KEVIN OWENS.... this is unreal.
  22. Dude, we already have Seth Rollins. Well, Jason Khalipa a former crossfit games winner had his video shown during Extreme Rules (Khalipa was also hanging with Rollins during WM). Also, those toe shoes arent a thing anymore, reebok and nike now have shoes for crossfit and everyone wears them now.
  23. I've had the shirt for a minute. I wear my Nakamura shirt more.
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