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  1. When was Becky's last TV match? I'm thinking her and Charlotte close out the show.
  2. Only due to failed Roman experiments (the last four manias, jesus). Becky is jumping through too many hoops not to win. The important question is who is doing the tapping.
  3. Nobody said it did. I was pointing out it was intentional, whether I thought it sucked or not was besides the point. It *is* humiliating and stupid and over-complicates everything even more. The initial barbs between Becky and Ronda were great (albeit one-sided) until Ronda was instructed to turn everything into a shoot to kick off her heel run. I suspect all of this will be forgotten about when Becky sends the fans home happy at mania.
  4. Yo @Niners Fan in CT bUt SasHa hAs moRe fOlLOwErS
  5. Anything outside of anniversary specials that get weeks of build and promises of Attitude era guys coming back isn't going to draw in pro-wrestling, it's just the reality. Roman's return did the best viewership this year, then the number dwindled down to the year average this past week. Would Ronda have been a bigger draw on a Brock type schedule?
  6. Wrestling and MMA are synonymous with each other. Thinking the same Ronda Rousey who broke into the Hollywood and the mainstream news realm and drew a million buys on PPV three times isn't a big enough star for the average WWE consumer to know who she was without education from the announcers is highly disingenuous and driven by personal bias. That's also ignoring the pop she got on her debut at the Rumble with no prior ''education''. Her promos aren't that bad either.
  7. It's almost like WWE are harnessing the internet know-it-all's into engaging with the feud. Clearly it's worked.
  8. Conveniently Triple H's ''this is the man, not the character!' promo from Raw has been swept under the rug because y'know, he's papa Haitch and not into conspiracy theories.
  9. Ciampa relinquishing goldie is going to be so depressing. Recovery time for a anterior cervical fusion is estimated to be 2/3 months according to google.
  10. Add Mysterio/Andrade to the pre-show. Will probably check that out. The rest of the card looks awful.
  11. A narcissist that's spent too long with his core of flatterers. Kinda like Irish Trev.
  12. James Drake for me (not the guy from Evolve). Improved leaps and bounds since his TV debut at the first UK tournament in 2017. Proven to be an excellent tag worker this past year. Stole the show at Takeover. I'd pick Zack Gibson too but he's quite well known and would probably win this at a canter.
  13. More impressed with the footwork than the strike. Nimble.
  14. They are good friends they've been jousting ever since this moment
  15. I'm friends with a bunch of conspiracy nuts. It's part and parcel with the internet. The movie and television industry has tapped into the conspiracy market for years now. Sandy Hook is certainly an extreme case, as is the 2017 Vegas shooting. Transparency is imperative in deterring the cynical mind. Like it or not we are being conditioned to question things. If you're regurgitating the official narrative of every news story something is wrong with you. Anyway Ronda is like top 3 in the women's division and if we're taking into account she didn't get the opportunity to hone her craft like the rest of the women in developmental, she's had the best rookie year ever. Twitter is whatever, lighten up.
  16. I'd be pumped if it wasn't taped in front of the axxess dullards
  17. I remember the match he and Rhyno had with American Alpha in the Dusty Cup that made me believe he had something. I don't remember Corbin being much of a stick man in NXT. Enzo was an incredible talent though and deserved all the plaudits he got in NXT. The lifestyle became his downfall, obviously, and really deteriorated the progress he made with his ring work in NXT once he was called up and found cocaine.
  18. At least Enzo had personality, attested by this board creaming over him and Cass in NXT. Corbin is a channel changer though. How he wasn't relieved of his management duties during the worst period of Raw ever by being Bischoff'd into a garbage truck by Strowman I'll never know. He should have been humiliated after that. Put on trial. Sent packing to the Florida circuit for 6 months.
  19. *Hollywood* Batista is going to be so great
  20. Clear ratings grab aside, Roman's eating the F-5 isn't he?
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