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  1. Angle's mania opponent announcement on Youtube is sitting at 11000 dislikes as of now. For someone of Angle's caliber he shouldn't be bowing out against Corbin but it does make sense as Dolfan pointed out. If Corbin can throw his NXT working boots on it could be good, that's if the fans in the stadium don't outright reject the entire thing which you know they will. I admire Angle not politicking his way out of the match.
  2. How many ex-TNA guys do WWE have on their books now?
  3. I have an attention deficit for people without avatars.
  4. Doug Williams did an even better one but I couldn't find a gif
  5. I'll take Limp Bizkit over Imagine Dragons any day. 'My Way' is burned into my brain with how frequently I watched my Wrestlemania 17 VHS tape after school. The GOAT theme (closely followed by 'Greenlight' by Pitbull).
  6. Both this and the G1 Supercard look spectacularly underwhelming. Joey Janela might have the best looking card come Mania week.
  7. Wrestling is degenerate enough without injecting it with Rap poison. Keep that shit away from me.
  8. You do it more than enough. Instead of shitting on the product you tune into every single week - release the strain. Turn off the television. Don't watch the stream. It is the very definition of battered wife syndrome. Anyway, I don't like being combative with someone I like. But it's clear you have a crusade against Vince. Some objectivity wouldn't go amiss now and again.
  9. I'm not sure how much reliability an opinion can have when it's continuously coming from someone who has to inform people what other cool things he was doing in every Raw or Smackdown thread every week.
  10. How is it sad? Doesn't matter if he's old or not, he's still the chairman of the company that the average fan online thinks is holding down talent. The segment on smackdown was brilliant, so your opinion is wrong. and sure Vince had cold feet and fucked Roman beyond repair, but Roman wasn't getting Kofi type reactions and Daniel Bryan isn't a megastar like Brock Lesnar. The one time Roman was made to jump through hoops was the feud with HHH that ended with Roman beating him at Mania.
  11. Vince's current shtick is essentially the manifestation of what the IWC thinks he is. It's brilliant, and Kofi is getting the mother of all rubs being his antagonist. Bryan vs. Kofi would a cool feud and all but Vince's presence has an added level of importance. If anything it convinces me that Vince sees Kofi as something more than just a stop-gap feud for Bryan. Kofi's winning the belt, any other result would be silly.
  12. Are you denying twitter hasn't had a helping hand in Becky's success? Are you that dumbfounded to the influence of the internet? I'd argue Becky's manipulation of twitter is the most important cog in the ascension of The Man. She certainly didn't get there on booking alone. Becky has that highly intangible intensity factor, the kind of edge that's rare and cultivated from her own work, not from the pen of a writer.
  13. Facts don't care about your feelings. You would think after Trump was memed into the white house people would stop undercutting the power of social media, but here we are.
  14. Shit enough to galvanize a following so strong that she's headlining wrestlemania.
  15. Have to say Bryan is putting together a masterful run since he ditched the Yes stuff - finally feels like he's firing on all cylinders. Expect him and Kofi to steal the show in New Jersey.
  16. I don't disagree with any of that. But the label of the ''first black world champion'' is kinda flawed when The Rock is African-American and Henry and Book have held *world titles*. I'm rooting for Kofi because of all the things you said - his hardships and his right to be there with his outstanding work as of late. That's it.
  17. Mark Henry and Booker T were world champions. We can argue semantics about the prestige of the big gold until the cows come home. The fact is it was the focal point of the blue brand. Just like Bryan's belt is. I get it's cool to play identity politics, if you're not advocating for whites obviously.
  18. Becky is heading to wrestlemania.... via DQ!
  19. When was Becky's last TV match? I'm thinking her and Charlotte close out the show.
  20. Only due to failed Roman experiments (the last four manias, jesus). Becky is jumping through too many hoops not to win. The important question is who is doing the tapping.
  21. Nobody said it did. I was pointing out it was intentional, whether I thought it sucked or not was besides the point. It *is* humiliating and stupid and over-complicates everything even more. The initial barbs between Becky and Ronda were great (albeit one-sided) until Ronda was instructed to turn everything into a shoot to kick off her heel run. I suspect all of this will be forgotten about when Becky sends the fans home happy at mania.
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