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  1. Looks like Trips has read the Battleground thread.
  2. Why are Jericho and Wyatt feuding, like seriously I don't get it? I did roll my eyes at Cole's or whoever it was line about it being a personal as it gets whilst Ambrose is hiding in trunks of cars and jumping barriers wanting to tear Rollins balls off. It's like a watered down version of the Cena/Wyatt feud with the same results. Poor Bray. Yeah. I was sure they would throw the belt on Bo Dallas, the streak thing he had going was cool.
  3. Could Ambrose not have nicked Rollins briefcase?
  4. It'll be worth it for Cena being laid out by Brock at the end and Ambrose/Rollins has all the potential in the world to be one of the matches of the year, it feels the most important match on the show. I didn't know so many people were so uptight about watching wrestling, jeez.
  5. Well now we know it's a work. Who the hell booked that shit? So instead of having Ambrose make his return later on in the show, brawl with Rollins to the back (leaving the other 4 to close the show) essentially enhancing their feud with the importance it deserves. We get Rollins being a non factor and leaving it up to assumption that he's legitimately hurt and Ambrose not even appearing. I know SmackDown is the last show before Battleground and they can tie up loose ends if they wanted to, but yeah, uninspiring, lazy booking. The ability to create new stars is in the details, hell even Russo would have done something more viable than this pile of wank.
  6. They have Heyman and Dutch Mantel working for the damn company. Please just let them work in unison to book everything Ambrose. This authority thing can fuck off now. Bored to death of it.
  7. Rollins injury looked like a work to me.
  8. Never talked about it with a trans-gendered person, do talk about it with a gay friend that is a casual watcher sometimes. So, I see you've been reduced to insulting me by loosely comparing me to Allen West. Fantastic. What I really love about your posts is that you were writing on the assumption that I was white. You need to check own assumptions that everyone posting on a message board is a white guy that needs a lecture about race that only you can give them. If I had a quarter for every time some "enlightened" person tried to tell me how I should view things based on my race, it would total roughly about as many quarters as I would have for each person that did or said something to me that was motivated by more traditional forms of prejudice. That's the last I'll say to you on this matter since we're only halfway through July, and we're already about to ruin probably already have ruined this thread. So anyway is Sting turning up tonight? oh and how about CM Punk starting up a band?
  9. Here you go: That is really Steen, isn't it (I haven't seen him for him for years). I didn't recognize him at first. If the WWE really signed him, I'm.... amazed. Somewhere, Chris Hero is looking at skinnyfat pics of himself and weeping (I assume there were more issues with Hero besides his gut). This comment about the photo made me laugh: This post is funny.
  10. Peeping Vince. Taken from tonights MSG show.
  11. L A little misc and not sticking to a theme but whatever. The Nash/Hall gif had me dying.
  12. I need to know Fandango's secret
  13. Ambrose thwarting Rollins cash-in's isn't going to garner explosive reactions with Cena as champion, Bryan on the other hand.. yeah. Ambrose has been dealt a shitty hand on that one, it's an awesome part of the feud but it doesn't work with bi-polar crowds who are so indifferent towards the champ.
  14. Loved Miz's poverty Hollywood Rock entrance video and shades. That's all I got
  15. Cash in attempts being refuted by someone tend to get mixed/horrible reactions but Ambrose got the Stone Cold Backlash 2000 treatment tonight, honestly what a show this was.
  16. Randy as a face is pretty dull sure, but I can't think off of the top of the dome anyone who had a better year than him match quality wise than his 2011 run, especially his Smackdown matches ironically when he was a face. Greg's summary of Orton is pretty accurate.
  17. Punk would give Bo Dallas a run for his money in the gut department.
  18. The game needs characters like Suarez, him biting someone else didn't shock or surprise me, just like when Joey Barton went awol and started handing out deadlegs vs, Man City a couple of years ago. Being a wrestling and a football fan, you cherish these moments of madness.
  19. I'm unsure what they're doing with Reigns.. it seems like a Ryback HIAC situation, he isn't quite lighting in a bottle.. yet, but he could be. I don't think Reigns is ready, but he's the only one out of the 8 that has any momentum although Kane taking the belts would be a simple and easy transition for Bryan to get his belts back whenever he returns. I dunno man. edit: shitty news about BNB.
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