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  1. Been busy working my way through Donkey Kong 64, Also picked up No Mercy and Pilot Wings. No Mercy isn't really doing it for me so far. Really want the WCW games. The No Mercy roster doesn't do much for me, and gameplay shows its age in some regards. Do miss some moves I've never seen in other games. Who used the chickenwing neckbreaker? I swear I've never seen that before outside of the game. Pilotwings is great fun, Not very good at it yet. Mostly, my efforts have resulted in many hilarious "death" scenes. Haven't read the FAQ on Pilot Wings yet, Does your choice of pilots affect game play at all
  2. Someone needs to bring back the TKO. I assume the E hasn't banned it, have they? Think Alex Riley used it a couple years ago.
  3. Batista, unless he decides to switch his finisher to the 450 splash when he returns.
  4. Three word: Clone Wars 3 (2? 5? 64?) note-for-note retelling of Clone Wars, with clones of Otto running loose instead of Peter's clones. If that works, maybe they can retcon Sin's Past so Gwen didn't have children with Norman Osborne. Instead,... um.... Otto had children with Norman. Yeah, that doesn't quite work either, does it? Who cares? If's better than what they went with. How would that even work? Who clares? Just explain it as timey-wimey..... errr... super science and move on. Would the outrage towards the Gwen retcon have been worse or less if Peter had been revealed as the father of the children (which was JMS' original intention)?
  5. This needs to be part of a wrestling trivia game. Which is more rare? A Giant Big Show or Kevin Nash bumping for someone?
  6. Twitter's a young person's game. Specifically, young people who can communicate without using complete sentences and don't feel a need to spell every word properly.
  7. What?! Why?!?! Ah, yes, commentators distracting me from the match with their insane and stupid ramblings. Just what I want from my wrestling. Yeah, no thanks. And I don't even find Dusty's commentary funny, either. It's just kind of... embarrassing. In a board full of WCW marks, I'm not surprised nearly everyone here loves him. Obviously, you're not funky like a monkey. I kinda see his point, but I also would take Dusty over "Puppies" Lawler 99/100. And I'd want to change my vote on the 100th time after listening to Jerry for three hours.
  8. Um, which one of the group is the Michael "PS" Hayes? The PS stands for "Purely Sexy". That doesn't really fit the Wyatts. Brody/Harper is hairy enough, but the blonde perm might be a dealbreaker. Damn it. Just had an idea. Sign the Briscoes, make them out to be the new members of Bray's family, then swerve the fans by bringing them in as Freebirds 2.0. Someone with photoshop skills needs to photoshop Mark with a platinum blonde perm. STAT. Wonder if Scott Taylor was still glad he came out of retirement for a night after he ate that kick. I thought maybe he'd get a broken jaw or concussion out of that. Looked nasty.
  9. So... Macho King Ric Hogan in a turtleneck? [/obscure smark last-days-of-Memphis reference]
  10. Naw, Kenny King makes more being a Chip N Dales dancer. I know it's just a typo, but, God, now I want a gigolo wrestling chipmunk gimmick in Chikara yesterday. So you're saying TNA is a cockroach on the wrestling landscape?
  11. They're really mailing it in now. I think the Dusty CAW I used in SVR '06 looked more like Rhodes.
  12. The version I've heard of that is that the company had already paid to have Dynamite's teeth fixed. And them, when Dynamite and Rougeau finally sat down face-to-face, Dynamite demanded that Jacques repay him for the dental work. So Dynamite collected twice and made some money on the deal. Yeah, there were some rumors that the Rougeaus had ties to organized crime, which was why Dynamite didn't try to confront Jacques physically. Re: Crow Sting. I always thought the logical conclusion to the angle should have been Sting going back to the :"Surfer Sting" character after the nWo was defeated. To me, Crow Sting was a good short-term character. Who knew Borden would still be doing it almost 20 years later
  13. Looks more like Tony Orlando than Rude or Poffo.
  14. Anyone know how badly Strong was hurt? I don't really blame AJ because most of his bad Styles Clash botches are the result of the other guy not positioning himself properly, but I'm beginning to worry he'll cripple someone someday.
  15. FWIW, Wikipedia says Roadblock was #199 on the PWI 500 in 1991. No idea if that's true, and I'm not planning to look it up, but, if it is true, wow. That's... really random. I know PWi mostly fills the list by either picking names out of a hat or throwing darts at names pasted to the dartboard, but still, I don't recall Roadblock even having a finisher and that fall over the ropes backwards splash moonsault is unusual enough that I should remember it.
  16. Eh, didn't think it was a horrible show, but it was far below my favorite Dome shows and one of my least favorite from the past several years. Entrances were the best part. The first six or seven matches were forgettable and wasted a lot of big names in what amounted to cameos (booking Mutoh and Minoru Suzuki in a 4 min tag match?). I was looking forward to some of the undercard matches, and was mostly disappointed. Last four matches delivered, but a couple suffered from "nothing we haven't seen before" syndrome (there have been a lot of great Tana-Naka matches over the years). Nakamura's entrance was.... something. Something good, though. If you'd told me a couple years ago that Lance Hoyt. Harry Smith, the Young Bucks, and the guy best known as Festus in the WWE would hold tag belts at roughly the same time, I'd have laughed it off. Any particular reason Devitt was made up as Carnage?
  17. Virgil should consider himself lucky the game doesn't have an entrance where the wrestler comes out and stands by an empty autograph table.
  18. I thought Danielson really was the best in the world around 2006-07. His heel run with the championship was great. I really didn't think he had the mic skills or the size to get a serious look in the WWE. Also, they've got El Generico in developmental. Who would have expected that? Granted. it doesn't mean much if he doesn't make it to the main roster and get over, but still....
  19. I'm probably not the only one who thought Joe would make it in the WWE before Punk or Bryan. In 2005, it almost seemed like a no-brainer that Joe would get a shot with the company. In my defense, seven years ago, none of us were predicting that the WWE would shift philosophies and start signing and pushing smallish indy guys.
  20. PFFFFTTT. Like Mutoh can get up from that position under his own power.
  21. Ghosts and demons don't breathe. Therefore, they don't wanna pay their air bill. They stupidly think things like demonic powers and already being dead will protect them from the power of a dreadlock combover. Mark Henry - natural enemy of the supernatural. Look it up. It's in the dictionary.
  22. Regretting not picking up Pilotwings yesterday. I came home, researched a few games, then planned to go back today. But may end up staying in due to snow and ice. It'll be at least a week before I get back to the store. May just order a copy from Ebay.
  23. I'd recommend Soul Eater over Fairy Tail, for what it's worth. Love Ghost in the Shell SAC. Like the first season better than 2nd Gig, but together, they're probably my personal favorite. Planning to rewatch both seasons sometime this year. Watched half of Monster then gave up. Probably the third time I've watched the first 30-40 eps, then lost interest. Monster in incredibly frustrating for me. So many people love and it's the sort of anime I want more of (adult protagonists, mature themes, no wacky anime comedy, etc.), but I find the actual show sort of average. Large chunks of it seem sort of meandering and the characters don't really hook me aside from maybe Nina. Seems like there's something like 26+ episodes worth of material stretched out over 70+ episodes. Watching Broken Blade now. May finally watch FMA: Brotherhood after that.
  24. Yeah, the couple Dexter novels I've read make parts of Dexter tv look like the Wire by comparison. I swore off the books after I think the author meant for us to take those developments literally, but it's such a ridiculous retcon I wonder if he was being ironic or hinting at something I didn't get.
  25. Not really a serious gamer, but there are a number of older games I've never played that I want to finish in 2014. Just bought a Nintendo 64 and Super NES. Still acquiring games and seeing what's what, but I've got a game of Donkey Kong 64 started, so I'll probably try to play through that in January. Also, I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to swim to the bottom of the pool in that F***ing barrel training session this morning, so I've got to have something to show for that. Later in the year, planning to play through the SNES Donkey Kong Country games, Mario 64, the n64 Zelda games, and maybe one or two other n64 platformers,. Also planning to tackle Final Fantasy IX on the PS1 before too long.
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