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  1. Y'know, some people just don't have what it takes to be a Chippendale dancer. Quite a few of those people are in this pic anyway,
  2. The lead singer of Quiet Riot has really let himself go.
  3. No. I may be a bad person because I'm really hoping the last shot of the finale is Walt's body crammed into one of those 55 gallon barrels, about to be buried in the desert. After she suggested that Walt off Jesse since he (Walt) has done done so much evil already, I'm ok with bad things happening to Skyler too.
  4. Change "30's" to "40's" and you've just spoiled the plots of Jericho's next two books.
  5. Two questions: Why was longtime GCW jobber Donovan teaming with the Freebirds, and who was Mr. X? Donovan landed in WCCW in 1984 and got a minor push. He was feuding with Akbar and Devastation Inc. during late '84, so Gordy asked him and Roberts to tag with him to try to run Devastation, Inc. out of WCCW. The match was a loser leaves elimination match - anyone who got pinned or submitted had to leave World Class. Which was the other reason Donovan was in the match - he was leaving the territory (this was the swan song for Devastation, Inc. They lost the match and disbanded. Of the six men in the match, only Gordy stayed with the promotion). Mr. X was never definitively identified, but it doesn't matter. Killer Khan no-showed the event, so WCCW had to throw someone into the match at the last minute. They created a masked gimmick and ran him out there just so Dev Inc. had a third man. It was probably Mike "The Alaskan" York, who worked in California during the late 70's/very early 80's and worked for Fritz when WCCW was still using the Big Time Wrestling name.
  6. I'd bet money Vince will bring JR back at some point. Da Meltz has hinted Vince genuinely enjoys humiliating JR, for whatever reason. He'll probably get rehired for a short stint next time Vince wants to make fun of someone on camera. Man, all the great stuff JR has done over the years and the first image that came to mind when I saw this item was Vince making the "Bell's Palsy" face on Raw.
  7. I'm hard pressed to think of a situation where I think it would be better to call Saul. If calling Saul is a good move, you're into some bad stuff that might warrant rethinking your life choices. Oh,and the shit is piled so high around you that the light bulb in the ceiling is covered in the stuff.
  8. Lol, after I read this, I looked up the plot summaries of some of the Dexter novels on Wikipedia. God, I hope those plots are made up, If not, the book series has taken some awful directions. Did the third book really establish that the Dark Passenger is, in fact, a demon possessing Dexter? That's really absurd.
  9. Some of those quotes at the top of the page are gold. Especially like the story about Ray Patterson's wife and the Andre-DiBiase drinking game. Oh, and Hogan complaining about Hall and Nash being lazy (more talk, less wrestling) and bringing in their cronies = mind blown.
  10. Young Bobby Heenan The Fabulous Kangaroos. Pro wrestling is sharp dressed guys with boomerangs. "Exotic" Adrian Street "Superstar" Billy Graham
  11. What is this from, anyways? And the Superman panels sum up what I didn't like about the movie better than any explanation ever would.
  12. So that's the secret? Crap. Vic Steamboat is sitting at home reading this board and saying, "I was ahead of my time. I coulda been a contender."
  13. This is amazing: Another one of Daniels, from Halloween:
  14. Are we talking "West Wing" Aaron Sorkin or "Newsroom" Aaron Sorkin? WW-era Sorkin would probably be an improvement. Current Sorkin might be Vince Russo with better scripted promos.
  15. Am I the only one who hates the "custom DVD box" trend? I'll probably buy the set, but a standard box would be preferable. The idea of a DVD case shaped and made to look like a barrel is a bit too cheesy for my tastes.
  16. I wish the Invaders book was set during WWII. Robinson generally seems more motivated when he writes golden age characters. If they're doing a present day book, I'd just as soon see the New Invaders lineup from a few years ago revived (though the title was a massive flop, so I expect that's why Marvel wants an Invaders title with the bigger names).
  17. I don't think the Aryans kill Hank, capture Jesse, etc. No reason in terms of the story or characters. Just don't see that happen much in scriptwriting. How often does a major character survive a cliffhanger at the end of the episode (only to die in the first five minutes of the next ep? Aside from season finales/premieres? Major shakeups usually happen at the end of the episode, with the first 45 minutes building to the "shocking" event. If they had teased Hank maybe being hit before the fade to black, I could buy it. They paced the episode to make us think something major has to happen. I'm guessing something happens to end the firefight before bodies start piling up. Then again, the show is hardly conventional, so I could be way off base. Great ep. Really ratcheted up the tension. i kinda wish the focus had been on the Hank-Walt confrontation, rather than Deus Ex Aryan. The firefight didn't do much for me. The mexican standoff before the shooting started seemed sort of unnecessary and the Aryan's shooting really is out of GI Joe. Cobraaaaaaa!!!!! Maybe Duke and Roadblock show up to rescue Hank. I'm really hoping the flashforwards aren't depicting Walt on some sort of suicide mission to rescue Jesse, who was captured by the Aryans and is being forced to cook. I really want to see Walt get his in the end. He's done very little to deserve even a little redemption in the end. I still think Walk is stalking Jesse, who seems to have set in motion the events that bring everything crashing down for Walt.
  18. Yes. The depictions are very accurate. I assume that also explains the expression on Beefcake's face.
  19. It's... ok-ish, at best. There was a fair bit that caught my interest - some great photographs - but the overall product is very bland. He doesn't dig very deeply into any facet of his career or life, and he's really careful to not say anything negative about anyone. It's a very cursory, heavily sanitized look at his life. I'd recommend it mostly for completists or hardcore Jimmy Hart fans.
  20. That can't be right, can it? Patterson was never WWF champion. Patterson won via countout. Belt didn't change hands. Patterson beat Backlund at least a couple times during late '79, but never cleanly so he never won the title.
  21. I still can't figure out who some of those are supposed to be: Back row (l-r): Tito, Perfect, Zeus, Macho King Savage (?), ?(Rick Martel prob.), Widowmaker Barry Windham Third Row: Barbarian, Warlord, Terry Taylor, Snuka, ? (looks like Matt Borne), Ron Garvin, Piper, Koko, Blue Blazer, ? (Duggan?), Dusty Second Row: Hart Foundation, Demolition, Brain Busters, Rockers, Rougeau Bros., Bushwhackers Front Row: Honkey, ? (Valentine?), Bravo?, DiBiase, Virgil, Rude, Haku, Savage, Hogan, Akeem, Big Bossman, Bad News Brown, ?, Warrior, Jake Roberts
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