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  1. I blame you for this, jinxing them; Australia still in over two hundred, that's not good.
  2. There won't be any updates on anything until after the Rumble, so they don't ruin the speculation about surprise returns
  3. If he came out to this, he might even eclipse that time Rusev came out in a tank.
  4. You might be the only one, certainly Mike Zimmer don't.
  5. So does the England head coach and whilst I hope he's okay, I think not having him around is not going to harm England's chances in the slightest bit.
  6. Nonsense. It just means that the dream is still alive for us opening the batting for England, because there's no way we can be worse. As bad, maybe, but not worse. And to answer @odessasteps's question, they won't cancel the rest of the series just because England are too shite to be allowed to play.
  7. Cricket is stupid, England are stupid and losing to the Upside Down is the worst.
  8. One or both, because I think this deserves an EngLOLand.
  9. I'm impressed, a lesser man would have written that article in three words.
  10. A selection of quotes for your perusal from this very thread during previous Australia home Ashes, all of which look like they could have been written yesterday.
  11. I surely did, I should have disavowed this lot ages ago. Unfortunately, my second favourite international team recently banned women playing (well, women doing anything,) and I don't think I can support them now either. ^_~
  12. You can tell them, @The Natural, I don't have the stomach for it.
  13. Finally, a Christmas Carol I can get behind.
  14. Rory Burns is up to 16 though, England's second highest run scorer on the year.
  15. I can't wait for the third test when all this is happening while I'm asleep.
  16. From what I hear Suzuki managed to do that to his own hair, nothing to do wiht Hybrid Wrestling.
  17. But hey, at least they didn't make the twenty (20) run chase without losing a wicket.
  18. They're not doing well, they're just doing better than they were, which admittedly was a pretty low bar to clear. They will probably still lose, but a draw is looking like an okay bet and a win is now merely improbable. As I said: through Joe Root all things are possible.
  19. Australia close the second day nearly two hundred up with three wickets left and the only positive that the BBC can find is that the fast bowlers did well. Jack Leach, a man with much to recommend him, got one wicket for about 8 runs per over; and was out performed in the spin bowling department by Joe Root. Picking Leach over Broad looks increasingly like a bad case of outsmarting themselves. Also, I love Rory Burns' hair but ye gods he's having a nightmare.
  20. Hmm, I may save the "Get in!" until such a time as the Upside Down is getting the kicking they so richly deserve. Through Joe Root, all things are possible.
  21. Maybe this is the bit that's seen as the problem. There's been all sorts of fun midcard shit cut off at the knees or pushed to far or whatever, it seems a lot like WWE are just interested in the stuff that's going to be massive for years to come without giving a damn about stuff which can still be fun in the middle of a show.
  22. I thought we agreed that we were blaming Lancashire for Vaughn. Seriously, I think he'd have been better off if he hadn't been vociferously denying it in the Telegraph. "I don't remember saying it, if I did I clearly didn't think much of it at the time, but now I see I should have and I apologise and will do better;" might have saved his job, but not everyone is smart enough to have me ghost writing their columns. Having said that, my dream Ashes TMS Team wouldn't have had him anywhere near a microphone anyway. Too abrasive, not interesting or funny enough. My commentary rotation would Jonathan Agnew, Isa Guha, Aatif Nawaz, and Henry Moeran on main commentary with Phil Tuffnel, Izzy Westbury, Alex Hartley and the inevitable token Aussie on as summarisers.
  23. Not including the hundred or so more with Genuine Rodgers Brand Immunisation Cards
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