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  1. Anyone following the England vs. NZ RL Test series?
  2. I'm 2-6 and a game out of the playoffs. Fair play, this is a stupid game.
  3. What else can they do in that situation? The call was wrong, and everyone can see it was wrong; but the correct call was still going to give an Australia scrum. The more worrying one to miss was the late hit on Hogg a few seconds earlier that was under the purview of the TMO. That way, if Scotland were going to botch a line-out, it wouldn't have been in their half. Anyhow, Joubert's got the call wrong and with the way he's handled everything else, he's probably not going to get the final. Hopefully it's Nigel Owens, but Wayne Barnes wouldn't be an awful decision. Don't get me wrong, Scotland were gypped, but they were gypped less than, for example, Detroit were against Seattle.
  4. I'm mostly for the clamping down on celebrating at times that shouldn't be celebrated, but I am all for stupid shit like the Joe Horn phone call.
  5. Scotland have been in two of the wildest games in the world cup. They managed a more heartbreaking way to go out than Wales.
  6. In a battle of 0-3 spazmaloids, I'm 76 points up, and he has Jimmy Graham left to play. I'm quietly confident I'm about to get my first win of the year.
  7. It wasn't an awful idea to go for the win, but the English pack looked flat after the now near obligatory 60 Minutes: All Change, which had previously been crushing the Welsh scrum. Dan Biggar is pretty good. He scuffed that drop goal, but other than that was fantastic. EDIT: fed up of all the England fans I talk to acting like it was a shock, or it was because England were bad. No, you Red Rose chumps, Wales are a good side, and they beat you.
  8. Recently, I've started to really love Rugby League [there's a third tier team on my doorstep, and following them has been hella fun.] but I'm Welsh, so yeah I'm all over this. As of the start of today, there are 4 top ten teams in that group. If Fiji went through, I wouldn't be at all surprised. I remember 8 years ago.
  9. Way back in the days of professional short-arse Gary Imlach on channel 4 at stupid o'clock, before I even knew what was going on, watching Brett Favre at Lambeau just looked more fun than anyone else. More recently, I find myself admiring the ruthless dedication to victory by any means that Belichick and the Patriots get up to.
  10. Burning Buckeye tree? There is a plant that the name comes from.
  11. At least with Zoidberg as his doctor, RGIII could get an ink pouch fitted so that he can escape his many predators.
  12. Dunno. I'm in a league with a bunch of other RL fans, so he went a little earlier than I was expecting/willing to draft him. Without having seen him in preseason, I'd guess he's up there as soon as he learns blocking. Rushing off pitches and covering/chasing kicks isn't something that he's going to need to learn from an NFL coach. Draft him late if he's there? I should think it'll be at least a few weeks plus an injury before he gets many snaps. PS: I'm unsure about his fantasy chances for this year, but I honestly believe that the Niners have got the steal of the century for the money they're paying him.
  13. Matty Smith is a pie eating, Frodo Baggins looking creep.
  14. I didn't think Ireland looked too hot until the tries. That Italian stand-off is playing the wrong code. Or, for the wrong team. Called it November, Scotland are going to be a tough team this year. As for Wales vs. England, bah. Wales had nothing in the second half.
  15. Double standards in sports. Who Knew? Performance enhancing drugs aren't banned because they enhance performance and recreational drugs aren't banned because they're fun. Ban the pair of them.
  16. In theory, PEDs aren't banned because they enhance performance; they're banned for the potential long term health risks. Pot is also banned for its health risks. Diaz hasn't broken the rules any less than Silva has in this particular case.
  17. It's the basis of their defence. Assuming indoors is 25c, and outside is 45f, I make an 0.75 PSI drop with a quick and dirty application of Boyle's law.
  18. Right now, all anyone's got on the Patriots is pumping them up to the lower limit and letting Drs. Boyle and Gronkowski do the rest. I think that the only way the NFL are going to be able to prove deliberate wrong doing is if they get some video of Belichick himself knifing the balls. And even then, they don't have a very track record with security footage.
  19. DangerMark

    Fix Every Sport

    To me, the ridiculous number of games is one of the charms of baseball.
  20. DangerMark

    Fix Every Sport

    Rugby League: Incorporate an Obstruction Rule that can be adjudicated by a reasonable person watching in real time. Rugby Union: Drop the value of Penalty goals from 3 to 2. NFL: Actually, the touching down on a touchdown is a good one. I would otherwise have taken the cue from Rugby to have rules about tackling instead of this James Harrison Helmeted Torpedo nonsense. And, fun fact: the word Soccer comes from the Association in Association Football; which goes back to the English governing body. It's an English-English word, not an American one.
  21. Dan Biggar has had a pretty good November for Wales, which is encouraging; and he plays very well with Rhys Webb inside him. Similarly Scotland have looked much improved this autumn, especially compared to where they were at in the Six Nations. Got tickets for Soctland vs. Wales in February, excited, but also a little worried. That's going to be a tougher game than last year.
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