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  1. Not just the line. That back needs to reevaluate some of his recent choices, too.
  2. I was soft enough to leave Eifert on the bench, although my opponent left out Riddick. Ended up relying on Kyle Rudolph, to overcome Meredith and whatever lead he had. Wound up with a draw. Fantasy Football is a stupid game, played by idiots.
  3. Given the absurd lengths that the NCAA go to in order to stop those kids getting paid, I'd imagine they want no part of an agency that accredits any kind of professional.
  4. Minor WR dilemma for me: Quincy Enuwa (NYJ) or Michael Floyd (ARI)? Enuwa looks like he's the man for the Jets, but Jets.
  5. I wouldn't mind joining a free league, if there's one going. Got the draft in my other league on Tuesday night. Slight caveat for a draft, 7pm EST is about as late as I can start, because I'm actually on GMT.
  6. That turn from Hal Robson-Kanu. Jeez.
  7. Yeah, sure. Let's go with that. Nothing at all to do with the scientific fact that the tears of defeated Englishmen are the sweetest in all the world. On the plus side, no more homer ITV commentary, yay.
  8. I'm pretty sure if you count stoppage time, Portugal and Croatia got to two hours without a shot on target.
  9. Everyone knows it was Jurgen Klinsmann.
  10. It's terrible officiating, which isn't quite the same thing. A league with as much money as the NFL should be able to fix both problems in their rule books and problems with the people calling them; Making ejections less vague is one of the former. Of course, if it goes through then some work on what a Personal Foul is needs to be done: is excessive celebration a personal foul? I know it's fifteen yards, but someone doesn't need to be chucked for it. However, the Carolina player who came in head-first and late on a guy who'd been tackled deserves to be one brain-fart away from being gone. I would like to hear officials mic'd up all the time, just to get a sense of the conversations they have with players. At least, on TV; it's not like I'm asking for the referee on the PA every moment of the game.
  11. I'd definitely limit the definition of what's "yellow cardable" but I think it's a good idea. Rules regarding ejection are a little discretionary at the moment. I think it's a good rule, but that's a separate issue from NFL referees being shit. I don't think they're crooked, just shit.
  12. Priestland plays much better with Young Jonathan Davies than Biggar does, so there's that. Biggar takes better drop goals. Still, he could probably use the week off. Given what happened the last time Wales played Ireland in the Six Nations in Dublin, I'll take that result. Italy were structured and disciplined and everything English people like, and France were the most French team in years. Neither side could kick from the tee, and it led to a glorious match; and shades of Jamie Peacock with that last drop goal attempt.
  13. Yeah, 15 yard penalty or half the distance to the goal. I thought it was a dirty play, but a smart play. Up until that point the Panthers couldn't do shit on offense, so if you have the choice between a one yard penalty and a touchdown, choose the penalty. I suppose I'm used to the mentality where a deliberate attempt to stop a score by illegal means gets the hammer dropped on the offending player. So to me, that's incredibly dirty play.
  14. Are there not rules about Professional Fouls like that in the NFL?
  15. I like sports, but let's face it, most of them are stupid. Embrace it, man.
  16. I vote for: I would support them until the end of time if they made a trade for Landry Jones.
  17. I don't really follow basketball, but I love management games. Biyombo has been killing for me on Basket Manager 15 for Android.
  18. Some bright boy decided to start Ryan Tannehill against me instead of Blake Bortles. CONSOLATION PLAYOFF BYE, HERE I COME!
  19. You guys are making me feel like there would be money in an Alternative Super Bowl Half Time Show, much like the Channel Four Alternative Christmas Message. Bonfires, barbecue, massive projector screens (so people attending can watch the game,) and thrash. I could go for that.
  20. I hope for all our sakes that the Giants' holder doesn't have the Lucy cleats.
  21. I think it's a fine. I remember Terrell Owens got fined for throwing a ball to a fan, but I was under the impression that it was the autograph he put on it that got him the fine.
  22. Good. I was afraid it was me being stupid. EDIT: It's not even as if Rodgers needs to rebound, in Fantasy football terms. He still racked up 25 points last week, which is hardly alarming.
  23. Someone offered me Roddy White, Rashad Jennings and Ryan Fitzpatrick for Aaron Rodgers. My gut reaction was to laugh; but the more I think about it, is it me that's missing something?
  24. Didn't see the USA, but Canada played some good rugby, and were unlucky to lose. Well, indiscipline hurt them, too, but the back row was solid, Hirayama was someone I wouldn't mind bringing on to try and break open a tight game, and Van der Merwe played like a genuine star, although he had signed for the Scarlets in the Pro12.
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