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  1. Let's just agree not to talk about the Home Nations and their summer tour.
  2. As long as he's managing England into the dirt and not bothering International Rescue, then I don't mind at all. In the day's Sports News, Wales are 18-3 up in South Africa at the half, with an 8 minute Dan Biggar sin bin to fight through; although I'm told the live bookies still have the home side as favourites.
  3. Those 183 (as it finished,) all came in the one evening session, England (by which I mean Ollie the Pope and Joe Root,) have been cruising.
  4. Should not be exempt from being able to get away with some of the shit they have, though.
  5. Throwing him out of the league sounds good, but I find that proposed line of defence extremely convincing.
  6. You and I both know that the Librarian would make a cracking Power Forward, even if he lacks the height. Wins games in spite of Ridcully's coaching.
  7. I've got a cotton Barbarians shirt so it looks pretty great to me.
  8. Still better than bloody Papa John's, which tastes of cardboard and stale homophobia.
  9. He could have made #1 if Stokes had two working legs, but it's a well known phenomenon that Ben Stokes plays better on one leg, so I suppose it wound up better overall.
  10. I can't see that squad number catching on, though.
  11. I hear this Joe Root guy is pretty good at the whole Cricket thing. Between the Pope's second test century and a middling T20 cameo from Ben Stokes, England are back in the game, might even get a lead. Incidentally, Jeremy Coney was advancing a wheeze where England declared at over a hundred runs down and went for the win. That thinking us is far too advanced for me. EDIT: Stuck the radio on to enjoy James Anderson and Jack Leach steal a few runs at the tail, and Coney just told the biggest lie I've heard in a while: "Here's Michael (Vaughn) to talk some sense." England 539-9, trying to sneak a small lead.
  12. The only Aussie commentators I'm actually familiar with are the Rugby League ones, but I will say this: Ruan Sims is absolutely up there with Tony Romo; and even her meathead brother Ashton is pretty funny; although everything I've heard about him from his time over here in Warrington suggests that he's a good bloke. Back to the cricket, I had the Australia vs. India series on the radio over-night whenever that was, and I took a little bit of satisfaction at the guy who was dismissing the Indian tail's ability to bat at the Gabba while they were chasing in the fourth innings. It was very early and I can't remember who it was though.
  13. I find that the recent crop of ex-players who are coming through into punditry spots have grown up in an era of total sporting professionalism that makes them boring as hell; compared to even the players active in the 90's; there are still people with some charisma, but I think that total sporting professionalism grinds out a lot of the characters. I will say that so far this summer, Alastair Cook is a lot more relaxed and a lot funnier. EDIT: TMS has got Michael Vaughn and Jeremy Coney popping in and out as summarisers for this test series and quite frankly, no-one needs to listen to those two idiots, either.
  14. Sky's coverage for any sport is diabolical; I nearly always listen to Rugby League on the radio because I'm fed up of all of those clowns. Actually, Brian Kearney is pretty cool, but the rest of them are idiots.
  15. I haven't held a cricket bat in nearly twenty years but I reckon I could do just as well as some of these fools. England are level, nine down.
  16. 12-4 and you better believe I am savouring this New ZeaLOLand.
  17. I feel like most people have already covered the salient points, as well as some not-salient points, but I saw the show mostly spoiler free just now. The brawl was amazing. Million billion stars. Matt Menard, what a man. Hangman ME matches get a bit overwrought, but I'll allow it in on PPV. Kinda wanted him to win, but I can't really argue with Punk. I think I'm starting to get a finger on why I don't like Adam Cole: Is the Owen really the "most prestigious tournament in the world?" Come on, man, what a weird thing to say. Just go with "Owen Hart was awesome and I want to kick someone's head in," like a real human being. Plenty of internet ink has already been wasted on this man, though, so let's just pause to reflect on how awesome that brawl was. Has Rooooooosh ever worn a suit before? Feel like I have to ask because it looked like he needed a word with his tailor, and a four-letter one at that. DT vs. Blacks was, as my learned friend said, very much a Toryumon trios match and hella fun for it. Could have done with a whisper less lucha goofiness and a touch more Psycho Muscle Goblin vs. Head Kicking Pagan. That's where the money is, not Michael Jackson cosplay. I actually liked the three way tag title match. I was expecting to hate it but Starks and Hobbs are actually great, Keith Lee flipping to the outside looks cataclysmic and Swerve & JB are okay. JB needs to get sick Christian's shit already though. Wardlow has a great face. Powerbombs galore and a stretcher job were the order of the day.
  18. I have prepared a meme which summarises my thoughts on this being a work. I don't know that I'm ready for this level of galactic thinking.
  19. I can't get too mad at the idea of players getting some of the jillions of dollars floating around college football; considering the amount of money that people who don't play make out of the sport; especially when there's no reliable way into actual professional football, except through college.
  20. Takanosho will drop off the pace when he starts fighting decent wrestlers.
  21. Potentially. If it comes off.
  22. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Only because this means that the Town has to go through the Playoffs, again, and that's never a good thing,)
  23. Only if it ends in a DQ when someone (probably Kingston,) smashes the other one out with an elbow.
  24. 2" margin of error is reasonable enough, Angel Hernandez's main problem is that he comes across as an argumentative shithead, which is not a positive quality in a match official. These stories aren't just "Angel Hernandez blew a call," it's always "Hernandez blows a call, blows up about it."
  25. I actually really dug this aspect of the match, he was so convinced of his superiority that he went for about the stupidest thing he could have done to show off and it cost him in the worst possible way.
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