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  1. This may have already been covered here but do you guys think Nitro and WCW would have done nearly as well if they had been on a different night, other than Monday? Did they really need to go head-to-head to make it work? They were already doing good viewership for the Saturday show and had a good fanbase, by 1995.
  2. Is it worth ordering a replay of the PPV from last night?
  3. Has Money in the Bank been mentioned yet? This was a novel concept in 2005 but it's been done beyond death. All it does is devalue the belts beyond recognition because they never book the case holder as a viable threat, like ever. The viewer is always left thinking they aren't good enough to hold the belt and they don't deserve it. It was cool when Cena or RVD cashed in ahead of time because I could believe they deserved it if they won. The matches themselves are so old hat too, and hell, the concept of the ladder match needs to be reworked entirely. I miss when ladder matches told stories and didn't just serve as bump fests. They do these god damn things twice a year just for MITB and we've seen every bump there is to see. We've seen dives off the ladders, ladders getting torn in half, stacked ladders, and anything else you can think of. Just retire both concepts for at least a year and call me again.
  4. Enzo looks like he's aged a century. Is he related to Charlie Haas all of a sudden?
  5. Is there a place to watch current or past NOAH stuff? I have a feeling I may have asked this question before here.
  6. Honestly, I really don't understand why more wrestlers these days aren't watching stuff like French wrestling or European wrestling for ideas for spots, etc. Some of those pins and counters are way better than just some shitty roll-up we see thirty times a week on RAW.
  7. Some of the best cowboys in wrestling (stolen from the wasteland that is Reddit)
  8. This page represents my record for dishing out the most confused emoji responses in one page.
  9. Why does Tajiri look like he's giving the stick a nice handy?
  10. I wonder if they'll allow more fans in. I think Desantis lifted limits on occupancy at the arena owners discretion but of course, I don't expect Tropicana to allow anything close to full occupancy. But, knowing the WWE and Vince...
  11. Now, I want to see that more than Turning Point. Is it just Meng beating the shit out of geeks with barb wire for 60 minutes?
  12. You go away now for that opinion That match is still my favorite WWE match. I thought wrestling was still real for that show and I cried everytime Shawn was working underneath. I had a fricken' Bible out praying that he'd win during the match. That's emotion, baby.
  13. Turning Point is free if I sub to Impact Plus, right? They're not going to make me pay for the event once I subscribe? I just want to make sure before I sub to watch the show tonight.
  14. I still want to know about the Nash blood thing. That wasn't planned was it, in terms of the trajectory?
  15. I'm thinking of subbing to HonorClub for a month but do they have the Pure title tournament shows on that or is it one of those deals where they don't put them up until later?
  16. So, I was just paying attention to this show through the BOARD, and I thought I'd tune into the show at 10 to see what Underground was like, thinking it would be something different. To no surprise, nothing looked different and the write-ups for the Underground shit sound terrible and lame. My heart goes out to people who faithfully watch this shit every week.
  17. Why isn't Heath fighting Drew at Extreme Rules? Honestly, as a former WWE supporter, I would consider watching the show if they had that program and just stuck to authentic storytelling. Heath just wants one shot at the belt so that he can tell his kids he had the opportunity. If he fails, he fails but he's proud.
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