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    If this does over $100M domestically I'll be shocked.
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    This...this looks fucking terrible.
  3. To charge anyone as an adult where just a year or two ago they were still liable to believe in Santa is so absurd.
  4. I wanna like Last Comic Standing, especially as Peters and Wayans are extremely funny, but she makes it unbearable to sit through a whole episode. It was obvious from her Howard interview that she considers herself a working-class female version of Jerry, but because she was cursed with the wrong chromosome, credibility forever eludes her to Seinfeld's gain.
  5. In 2014 Howard on the radio is more entertaining than 99.9999% of TV programming. And yeah, pretty much. Women. Uncooperative. Rude. Etc. It's not even as if Roseanne was a bad show or anything (I always thought it was enjoyable up until the last few seasons), but to try and argue that it's on the level of Seinfeld in terms of quality, ingenuinity, and cultural impact is just mind boggling.
  6. "When you owe someone $1M, they own you. When you owe someone $1B, you own them."
  7. Listening to Roseanne on Howard bitch about Seinfeld getting all the accolades in the 90s instead of her is maybe the biggest case of delusions of grandeur in recent memory.
  8. Don't let her calm exterior fool you, she's a loose cannon!
  9. Next time coast guard fines me for fishing without a license, I'm claiming Nessie had her flipper to my head. I HAD NO CHOICE OFFICER
  10. Judging by the content of his show, you make a very weak case here.
  11. Should check out episode, uh, 13? 14? of last season's Walking Dead. Kidz.
  12. Leno has more spare change between the seats of his cars than that.
  14. Just as an indicator of how bad Arsenio's ratings must've been, he launched a $1B campaign to buy the Clippers via donations (should he fail to reach that goal, donate to NAACP), and despite being on a nationally televised program, raised.... Does anyone wanna guess? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-arsenio-hall-buy-the-clippers $3,545 LOLOLOL
  15. These are basically decent people who have to live with their actions being played on Pornhub every day for strangers to watch and point. They all sort of accept that, but the emotional cost of it is very high. Are you implying they didn't enter the ass-to-mouth biz for the potential Oscar nod?
  16. I see a future in the State Department for her.
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