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  1. That or they steal that idea someone pitched in the Vince Russo thread, with Hodor turning heel and revealing he was just playing everyone for fools all along and he was really intellectual and just awaiting his time to seize the/a throne.
  2. I just finished season 4, and started reading this thread towards the tail end of the season. 50 pages later, all I can do is express regret we never got a Mean Gene circa early WrestleManias doing a backstage interview with his very dear, close personal friend, Tywin Lannister. Who's jumping from Westeros and seen backstage in King's Landing? You won't believe this folks, 1900 909-9900. 75c per minute, kids please get your parents permission before calling.
  3. Yeah, I reckon there's more to it that you're not telling us. People just want a nice justification to a decision that's already made well in advance.
  4. The Repo Man debuts by breaking into Randy Savage's house and forces him to watch Elizabeth get sexually assaulted. They feud over his stolen cowboy hat instead. Two weeks later they team up to feud with the Nasty Boys.
  5. Can't shake the mental image of instead of Hogan walking out at BATB '96, harpsichord music blares out through the Ocean Centre, and Terra Ryzing wanders out and curtsys at Sting before turning on him, with Bobby Heenan's famous "Whose side is he on?" changed to simply just the first 3 letters.
  6. Probably ends up as being the New Japan contingent. VK Wallstreet and Jean Paul Levesque would have made a great lower card tag team...
  7. I've just completed my WCW 1990-1996 project.....minus the Clashes. In hindsight, I wish I'd started watching them when they were released, rather than waiting to do them as a side project. The Raw before Mania 11 was pretty cool. Completely forgot about that Jarrett/Backlund angle.
  8. It was around the time the show Dinosaurs had just begun on TV. You could have given a midget the gimmick of the Baby. He could hit guys with a frying pan, the crowd would pop. It'd be topical! Then when the mafia end up plugging him with bullets, they could just say he went extinct.
  9. How did Dino Bravo ever escape not being repackaged as Dinosaur Bravo or something along those lines when every other fucker in the midcard around that time was repackaged as an animal of some description?
  10. Pretty sure Bravo would play hometown face at house shows, and also had a brief face run feud on house shows against....want to say The Mountie?
  11. Rick Steiner turned on Booker T at Slamboree 99, not Sting BTW.
  12. Also was a tweener/face feuding with the Honky Tonk Man over best IC champ/neckbreaker.
  13. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/video/id-dpZG94bjrwz-TMMblZBkoo4Pd-OcD28L/NBA%20superstars%20gate-crash%20de%20Stoop%20party#ooid=dpZG94bjrwz-TMMblZBkoo4Pd-OcD28L Aron Baynes and Patty Mills invade a live news cross in Australia carrying the Larry O'Brien. Reporter has no idea who they are.
  14. Drug-addled still concussed Bret Hart signs with the WWF in 2000 after being released, and becomes Val Venis' spiritual advisor, the Excellence of Sexecution?
  15. Perfect time for someone to start a foreign heel posting gimmick....
  16. Have asked this before - I don't think the WWE have ever used baseball bats as a gimmick/weapon?
  17. They did. Remember Entourage?
  18. Pretty sure Foley and Angle had a match on Raw or Smackdown in late 99/early 00 too, when Blackman was saving Angle's winning streak?
  19. Sid's birthday is 12/16. It is, however, the anniversary of him joining the WWF and Barry Windham's birthday. For some reason, different websites list different dates. Some say 7/4 and others say 12/16. I'll just assume that his birth took place over a 5 month period. There were plenty of fist bumps to be dished out from leaving the womb to the birthing suite.
  20. Not sure if that's quite correct. Think he feuded with Knobbs afterwards, and they botched a table spot that saw him wreck his leg from memory. Hence why they were paired up later that year when he returned.
  21. Can't remember the last WWE PPV I ordered and haven't felt ripped off. Generally only order Rumble and Mania these days. Was en route overseas for this year's Mania so missed paying for that one. First PPV I ordered was Spring Stampede 98. DDP/Raven had a good brawl, and that was about it I think.
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