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  1. Just like the idea of Hogan coming out when the refs down, the salt bump happens, turns up to apparently make sure Bret isn't screwed out of the title, but instead drops the leg on Bret and rolls Yoko over. Have him do essentially the same speech after BATB 96, Yoko still feuds with Luger, Bret/Hogan, Hennig wins kotr instead and has the Lawler feud that's sort of teased at Rumble 93 anyway. The heel going over for the first time at Mania has a lot more impact, and Mania 9 is revered a lot more than what it is.
  2. What if the Hogan heel turn happens at WrestleMania 9 rather than BATB 96?
  3. They'll get close to an agreement.....and then bring in CP Munk and fuck it all up.
  4. Ambrose/Austin vs. Rollins/Lesnar * - Ambrose can't beat Lesnar * - Heyman tells Ambrose to take his bat and ball and go home like Austin did. * - Ambrose appears to do so. * - Ambrose instead spends weeks searching for 316 Gimmick Street in his van, trying to lure Austin out of retirement to be his back-up. * - Austin shows up to accept/confront Lesnar, gets destroyed by Lesnar. * - Query over whether Austin shows up to Mania, Ambrose agrees to take both of them on by himself. * - Austin turns up at Mania. Wild brawl ensues. Rollins abandons Lesnar. Ambrose gets the visual pin on Lesnar, bu
  5. Fuck I hated Ted Dibiase as a manager. Just awful.
  6. Midcarder, upper midcarder probably irrelevant in my question - but rather, he was so protected but never really moved anywhere else on the card than that gatekeeper role from about the time he first won the IC title in 93 till he left in 1996. Best time for it was when he left - would have much preferred Shawn vs. Razor - tiebreaker ladder match for the title leading to whatever from there -
  7. A) Has there ever been a midcarder as protected/pushed as much as Razor Ramon B) If there was, was there ever one as pushed as much as Razor was that never really lead to anything?
  8. The army cadet is Prince Iaukea too...
  9. Virgil/Dibiase at Summerslam 91 features probably one of the more underrated jobs on commentary from Piper. He makes you give a shit about this match.
  10. I really want to see Ahmed Johnson in the dying days of TNA just pearl river plunging everyone and leading a 20 strong crowd chant of "YOU'RE GOING DOWN"
  11. It really is aimed at that 10-18 year old demographic who weren't around during the Monday Night Wars.
  12. Yep, such a pointless aimless episode. So many loose ends to tie up in 12-14 odd episodes, and I can't see it being done effectively, so I just hope they all die. This has Dexter last season written all over it.
  13. Watched Armageddon 08 today. Insane hardcore match between Finlay and Mark Henry. Very well structured match, Henry just running through and destroying all of Finlay's plunder, before Hornswoggle comes out and provides the hope spot. Both guys looked insanely tough through out this. I liked it.
  14. Survivor Series 92. Nailz was robbed. He cuts a pretty decent face promo about being wrongfully accused here, then the Boss Man cuts a dickish promo about him serving his time but should have served a life sentence for crimes he doesn't go into any detail about. Bossman gets the stick first, Nailz doesn't back off, he takes it from him fairly, wails on him, loses it, gets pinned, and then Bossman acts like an even bigger dick and beats him down with it after the match. I wanted a wrongfully accused face turn, but no, Vince McMahon had to go and molest him. Missed opportunity.
  15. There was a really surreal Savage/Flair match on Nitro not long after. Flair as babyface in this was really strange. They really laid it in too, before the flub ending.
  16. Just watching the new Monday Night Wars doco... X-Pac blackface is quickly followed up by talking head Mark Henry telling us how funny it was. Phew. That settles it then...
  17. I always wondered what was with the white spray painty shit on his leotard from 92-94 was all about. Did he take a beatdown from the Nasty Boys, and he was all "Yeah, I'll keep it like that"?
  18. My favourite part was him selling that energy blast like he was dead, then it turned out he was dead. Marvel swerved us good on that one.
  19. So, bro, what all the smart marks don't realise is that Jim Crockett Promotions literally dropped the Spalding on the 4 Horsemen, you know why, bro? I'll tell you why, bro, because I've got nothing to hide, bro, no agenda, whatsoever. This will get heat on the internet, but I don't care bro. So sue me. I swear on my life. Why they made these 4 guys dress up in suits, drive around in limos and hang around with skanks, I dunno, probably because Dave Meltzer and his suck up crony hanger-on's all liked it, that's why. No other explanation. It was ridiculous then, and it's even more ridiculous now.
  20. I remember an awesome Bret Hart rant on Doug Dillenger from a few years back if someone knows where to find it?
  21. Visa issues/WW3 was Loch Ness. From reading thru Herb Kunze back in the day, there was supposedly interest in him, but retired that year due to poor health instead.
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