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  1. What if Zahorian never gets charged, and as such there's not enough evidence to charge Vince? Warrior and Bulldog stick around. Hogan never goes and embarrasses himself on Arsenio Hall, so he probably sticks around too. No need to do the WBF as a separate entity, so they don't lose money on that, and I'm sure most of these guys get moved in as monster heels. Does Luger ever come across, given he signed up for the WBF initially? You probably never get Shawn and Bret's big singles push. Both probably end up in WCW as a result. Both their pushes brought about Owen and Nash, they probably flounder around elsewhere. Flair probably sticks around as he has guys he can work with.
  2. Awkward claim to fame - I used to have hot steamy 15 year old cyber sessions with Emma over ICQ back in the day. As a result of this, she used to rig the raffle for me in her role as barrel girl at the local indy fed that used to operate near Melbourne Airport. The steamy willingness to roleplay as Bubba Ray Dudley won me a Bash n Brawler and a Ric Flair DVD over a magical month in late 2005. Wondering whether its worth finding my old computer at my parents house and finding those chat transcripts between us. ....eh, at least I didn't name drop her real name like that Roman Reigns guy.
  3. What if Mick Foley never reversed the decision on Chris Benoit's two WWF title wins in 2000..
  4. Weird how scarcely the WWF used 2/3 falls matches. Had a heap for the tag titles in the late 80s between the Harts, Demos, Rougeaus, Brainbusters, etc. Not another one till 1993 (Jannetty vs. Doink on RAW), then not another one till 1998 (HHH vs. Rock at Fully Loaded).
  5. Would it have been preferable had Flair never come back to the WWE in 2002, and HHH takes the Flair role in Evolution, and Shawn takes his? Shawn was marginally preferable from 2002 onwards..
  6. Whatever happened to Jeff Strauch? That guy kept me from being perma-banned when I bought ridiculously elaborate custom comps from him. Or PaulNJ21?
  7. Assuming that Blackjack Parsons is also Tony Parsons, UK tape trader, he died in Australia about four weeks ago.
  8. Did everyone forget Miz and Morrison as a tag team? he peaked there, easily.
  9. That WCW comic. I see Goldberg, Nash, Sting, Bret and......? Benoit? Piper? Kenny Kaos? :S
  10. Man, Konnan has a sweet house. I'd like to think there's a giant jumping castle in the backyard he spends all day (every day...oil of olay) practicing rolly-polly clotheslines on.
  11. Apologies for lack of Youtube clips - unable to access at work. DDP vs. Raven vs. Benoit at Uncensored 98 would get a vote from me. A three way dance that was well scripted, not a formulaic one guy in, one guy out type of match. Pity the Bowery Death Match wasn't for the title, was far better than the Spring Stampede 98 clusterfuck. Could even raise the Goldberg/Raven match here too..
  12. When will we get to talking about the fireworks factory?!?!?
  13. Wow, that is some attention whoring.
  14. Show a vignette of him performing his 45392349th Make-A-Wish, only for the kid to suddenly rise from his death bed, do Bray's exorcist walk and gouge Cena in the eye. The Wyatts possessed that young sick boy damnit!
  15. That video is awesome. Was that a big Jimmy Jacobs reveal or was it known previously? If it was the former, it got no reaction
  16. I miss John Nord and his Ole Anderson-esque just printed at the mall before the show t-shirts.
  17. You can't have ridiculous over the top prize money tournaments up against a trend where guys are leaving the business to make money in any other forum - MMA, movies, music, yoga studios. Why would they be leaving if the pay windah was open for a $7 million dollar pay day for winning a new Pat O'Connor Memorial tournament?
  18. Anyone got any clips of when Hogan returns to the WWF for the first time as a babyface before taking the title from the Shiek? I vaguely recall an early Coliseum video on the subject, and thinking it was a pretty weakly explained turn. They generally got it right in the 80s. Piper, Bossman, Jake, Savage. Orndorff the exception to the rule.
  19. If only Ray Traylor were still alive. I'd love a great surprise guest appearance of Sting & The Police on RAW.
  20. I hope this Ryback twitter stuff leads to him becoming a parody of Arnold in his Ivan Reitman comedy phase. Give him one of Randy Orton's on screen wives and a small kid, and have him wander backstage throughout Raw with crazy shit happening to him out of nowhere, ninja attacks, thugs kidnap his kid, the divas get taken hostage and only he can save them, he's given Hornswoggle as his illegitimate child...
  21. Not a fan of someone stealing my gimmick - https://twitter.com/IhateMickfoley
  22. W-w-w-w-w-what? Walter Jr.? I'd be up for a Walt Jnr vs. Daniel Bryan, breakfast on a pole match at Mania. CELEBRITY CROSSOVERS~!
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