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  1. I wonder what order they'd bat in if the Sons of Anarchy fielded a cricket XI?Jax and Bobby open the batting? Chibbs at first drop, Tig kinda reminds me of Mark Waugh so he'd be 4, Happy at 5, Juice at 6, that Rat Boy at 7, Clay at 8, Jimmy Smits at 9, that old bloke who used to be sheriff at 10, and then either the guy with no hands or one of the hookers at 11?Fuck Im glad that fat **** with the glasses got shot. I wouldn't play him at all. He looks like a right fat ****.
  2. Remember the Fake Kane debut when he went over Kane and then basically got ret-conned the night after never to be spoken of again?
  3. Thanks Greggulator for the awesome response. The logic that a worker isn't a good one until they've had a good match with bad ones isn't that far a stretch from people basing their opinion of Flair on him carrying a broomstick, or Steamboat's last run in the WWF deliberately having good/lengthy matches with guys like the Barbarian as a fuck you to Vince, or some weird post modern take on Undertaker's run against monster after monster. Or the infamous Tom Magee match. Re-watch the Nitros from late 98, from when he had the mini feud with Hennig, to the Bret matches. They were awful. Bret says as much in his book, which admittedly, may come back to him being bitter about Malenko injuring him. He was absolutely over. From a body of work perspective, it doesn't hold up to his contemporaries at all. Give yourself a top 10 Dean matches, and the depth of it falls away pretty quickly.
  4. I honestly can't think of a good singles match he had which didn't involve an above average worker (Scott Taylor, Eddy). The most common matches you come up with as best (Benoit Road Wild, RAW 10 man tag, Spring Stampede 99 tag) all involve other great workers too. His mini push at the end of 98 produced some horrible matches with great workers and great build up and pretty ordinary selling on his behalf too.
  5. I hope they do a HHH vs. Big Show match where the winner gets Big Show's house.They could wheel out the old In Your House set and claim its' his actual home.
  6. So he would have had more success in a different era? Not too far a stretch given the success of his father.
  7. Bobby Duncum Jnr was the least interesting babyface possible in 1998..
  8. Agreed. This show is just awful viewing now. It's Dexter-like in that I've invested far too much time into it and need closure to justify it. Prediction is that Jax ends up getting locked up for a while, end episode is a flash forward to fifteen or so years later when he gets out, and one of the kids starts reading the letters/diaries of JT and then also Ja and the cycle continues.....
  9. My thoughts on Jax are similar to popular internet opinion re: HHH in 2003. No-one ever gets over on him. Never gives anyone any offence during fight scenes or makes anyone look like a threat, and always has to be the smartest guy there. And then theres the sex with the hot women and being cool with ethnic people. Next episode, he meant for the clubhouse to blow up...
  10. They knew what they were getting into when they walked that aisle. A REAL MAN PAYS THE PRICE AND LOVES HIS WOMAN 365 NIGHTS A YEAR! WHOOO! NO HAIR, NO FLAIR!
  11. A Scott Hall/Razor doco in the Jake Roberts mould would be pretty good. The AWA tag with Curt, brief NWA run as Gator Scott Hall, the Survivor Series tag match, the 1-2-3 Kid match, the two ladder matches, the Action Zone tag match, Jarrett at the Rumble (underrated solid match), the Curtain Call, the BATB 6 man, the drunk Scott Hall vignettes from Nitro, him showing up in the nut home with Flair.
  12. Wasn't there some promo where Hogan's in the ring doing a promo and then spots The Wall watching him from like 5 miles away in a hotel room, and even with the benefit of the camera zooming in, can barely make him out?
  13. I'd like to see TNA combine that demographic that want to see matches stemming from counterfeit jeans rackets gone bad, illegal card games, or miscellanous maritime chicanery, with that pre-teen/twink demographic that like Glee. Guys need to start singing their own entrance music, give it a real West End Story meets Rent vibe, with rival gangs marching to the ring to settle differences with their fists that ultimately get resolved with harmonious words, and maybe a kick line on PPV. Evil Linda Ronstadt, GM would fit in nicely. Have them tackle eating disorders, guys coming out of the closet, maybe even a wrestler with AIDS. I'd like to see wrestling have a Kevin Cooper-like narration over the top of backstage vignettes. "I knew I shouldn't trust Ric Flair, hell, he'd burned me COUNTLESS times, but this time, maybe he had seen the light and needed the Stinger as a partner to tackle The Young Bucks....boy was I in for it later tonight..." Have matches that don't mean shit be sponsored by companies. That British guy and Matt Morgan can fight for the Wendys Xplosion Trophy valued at least $8000. Sponsors, prestige, glamour, guys fighing for something other than whats right. Get rid of titles and replace them with a revolving door of corporate sponsored trophys, cups, ceremonial maces and crowns. The Susan G Komen Trophy holder could come around once a year, you could get mileage out of a heel that pledges to use this trophy, exposure and opportunity to ensure they're all hit by cancer somehow...only to be stopped by a cancer preventing babyface. Pre-tape particular matches that are held in bizarre yet ultimately exotic locations. Blow off feuds on top of volcanos, or a pirate ship, or a spooky video store. Blue screen has not adequately been used in this industry and there is a golden opportunity. Make use of the Sharknado demographic who want to see a real life leper referee a Brazillian street fight. How did TNA fuck this up?
  14. Yeah but you can't have two Shane's. That's just confusing.
  15. That last season of TMNT where it was just snarky breaking of the fourth wall the whole time had its moments, and kinda cool throwbacks to past seasons. But otherwise, yeah, odd.
  16. Cena-Big Show monster truck match?
  17. When Eddy had the LWO in late 98, who was his bodyguard? :S
  18. Has there ever really been a top line promotion built around a tag team? Maybe the Dudleys for a brief time in 99, or the Impact Players, but really can't think of many others.
  19. Easily the best character to pick in the early Smackdown games.
  20. Makes sense in theory to set up a three way match. In practice, don't think it suits the HIAC PPV, especially without a decent co-main event. My prediction is that they ape the Spring Stampede 97 finish and use it as a reason to keep the title vacant.
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