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  1. I'd do an angle where Evolution take out The Shield early in the night, maybe even Cena taken out by the Wyatts also. Bryan is forced to forfeit the title to Kane. Kane, in his guise of director of authority issues an open challenge, knowing that no-one is in the building. Roman Reigns returns, pins Kane in seconds, new champ. Authority pissed at Kane for letting the Shield have the title after all the hard work getting rid of Bryan. Evolution/Shield elimination chamber for the title. Reigns retains after Kane interferes against Evolution. Irrelevant Kane/Orton feud. Batista is written out w
  2. It's weird how they constantly mention him during Superbrawl 94 (5 months before he actually signs) in hindsight, given how TNA did the same thing with him and Jarrett ten years later, and he ends up re-signing with WWE. Spend half a PPV dismissing a hot Vader-Flair match for a potential Hogan-Flair dream match, and Hogan either goes back to Vince or continues to film his TV series could have quite easily occurred.
  3. Or if Vince doesn't offer him anything initially when his contract expired in WCW. Tags around with Regal as another version of the Blue Bloods before getting released in early to mid 1996. Clique never take him under their wing. Ends up becoming another Freddie Joe Floyd/Goon type (maybe even tags with Jannetty as the New Rockers instead of Al Snow), before being loaned out to ECW. HHH gets the Justin Credible gimmick instead.
  4. If they decide he's the guy to beat Bryan, then yeah it makes a fair bit of sense. If not, doesn't work. They've already established him as being above Ambrose and Rollins, so beating them means little, and seems silly to use him to elevate the other two. I've been hoping they recreate the thumbs up/down beatdown but with Orton and Batista's roles swapped if and when they need to write him out of storylines to promote GotG, as a way of HHH showing Orton he can trust him. Using Reigns in that spot would be even better, and seemingly logical way of continuing the evolutionary premise.
  5. Oh ok. Was just going by the podcast he did with Michael Hayes, where they discuss finding a finish post-Million Dollar Dream and they show him how to do it on a job guy. Kayfabe.
  6. Funny enough - Hayes ended up giving it to Austin two years later. Weird how wrestling history turns out if Garvin sticks around/using the 911.
  7. Thought as much. Strange though that you put a guy wrestling a one-off over a full time guy, even debut a new finisher, and he never even appears on TV again.
  8. Jimmy Garvin turns up at Superbrawl, having not wrestled in 2 years. Loses to Mero, but beats him down after the match and debuts his new finish (a stunner in 1994....). He doesn't wrestle in WCW again, and aside from a few indy dates, is done a few months later all together. What happened there?
  9. My brain hurts just thinking of all the factions since that statement.
  10. You know what would have been awesome if that had happened? They ended up going with that crazy WWF magazine interview about his neglected childhood, and brought in......trying to think of veteran black worker from the time.....lets say the JYD, as his abusive estranged father. A hotdogs on a pole match would have been magnificent.
  11. It's not like he's some cliched WWE authority figure that'll put you up against.....20 guys at once or something.
  12. I'm curious what a going rate would be for a lady of the night to no sell my big finish, hit a couple of big right hands, big boot, leg drop, and then pose around my apartment to Real American for 20 minutes.
  13. What if we were to compromise and allowances made for a manager to hold up a Malaysian prostitute in lieu of an urn, thus allowing me to hulk up?
  14. If only for the days of kayfabe. The idea of Little Miss Sin Cara being written out due to a freak lightning and metal scepter incident amuses me greatly.
  15. Am I allowed to Hulk up in this hypothetical fight?
  16. Every Samoan wrestler ever, time machine travelling Harley Race, Meng, ten Brock Lesnars, Dave Finlay, New Jack and Alex Wright. All at once. Shoot missile dropkicks and snug looking restholds for everyone.
  17. those kids don't respect the business, back when they had wrestling at the chase, the children cultists kept kayfabe Bet they didn't even shake hands and introduce themselves backstage.
  18. That high school spoiling it and tweeting ahead of the show so they could hopefully get a retweet from Hugh Jackman was bullshit though.
  19. We never had any coverage here at the time, I always assumed Alex Porteau was Alex Wright.
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