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  1. Then I'd probably love him. Also.... RAFFI BOMB!!! I didn't know he had a podcast.
  2. I've never listened to Adam Corolla. What are his political rants about?
  3. Penn is one of my heroes and I recommend Penn's Sunday School to everyone.
  4. I figure bringing Dan Harmon back and then moving it to a midseason replacement is Sony's way of letting all their enemies burn together.
  5. I hope they make the 4 BL1 Vault Hunters join the 6 BL2 Vault Hunters, making all 10 playable in Borderlands 3.
  6. Isn't Hardcore Justice the in-the-can PPV they are airing this month already???
  7. Maybe. But Magnus would look much better in that outfit.
  8. Would bringing in a disgruntled veteran tag team of Kid Kash and Christian York be the worst idea ever? Sure, they're close to the end of their careers and I wouldn't put them anywhere near the main event. But I think they still have something to offer. And the ROH roster is in desperate need of some veteran leadership. But I'm the guy who thought they should bring ins Fit Finlay and Dave Taylor to challenge Haas and Benjamin a few years back.
  9. Destination X with no matches from AJ, Joe, or Daniels....
  10. Brody just means do much more to those of us in St. Louis, I guess, because I'm almost offended by those who don't worship him.
  11. This seems to be more about fat guys than tall guys, so Bruiser Brody doesn't count, I'm guessing?
  12. Awww damnit. I didn't. Could someone please DM me what I missed?
  13. I gotta believe no one's actually told Austin about the idea to wrestle Triple H. I'm pretty sure he'd say "Fuck that!" to any match that wasn't against Punk or Brock.
  14. #1. Form the Krogan super squad of Wrex and Grunt in the Battle Simulator.
  15. Man,I'm glad they got rid of weapon proficiencies.
  16. When I said "I can't stop playing Borderlands", I meant Borderlands 2. But I'm curious why you prefer the first.
  17. I also thought his WWE music was pretty underrated. This shit was menacing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrdemZf4qAA
  18. Don't worry. If they keep going with the superpush of that superfox Magnus, they'll be alright.
  19. Isn't David Jaffe working on a new IP that's a car combat game too? I'd like to see that genre come back. (Everyone! Go buy the latest Twisted Metal!) EDIT: Oh wait. Same game.
  20. Well if that data is correct, you can't really blame them.
  21. Man, Tajiri was so goddamn awesome.... I have always wished WWE had better tag teams around the team of the Regal/Tajiri team to work with those two.
  22. What the fuck is wrong with me? I need to beat the Last of Us before someone spoilers it even more for me, but I can't stop playing Borderlands!!
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