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  1. I’ve been waiting a long time for Swerve/Lee. Even longer for a big Christian match. I’m also going to bet that even if the week to week build of the 4 Way doesn’t impress you… The match most certainly will. Barring a random bum out legit injury. This match is going to rule all the butts. I also like how unlike any other typical championship program it is. It’s coloring outside the lines of established main event formula with 4 dudes who have been prepped for this scenario since the beginning. This is the pay off to the entire concept of the new company/fresh original talent pillars thing. What if they ALL walk out made men? Even fantasy booking would have to recognize that’s a tall order. I admit. But AEW does like keeping a high bar on quality.
  2. Everyone that walked into Tony Khans office are in for a big surprise when they find out he is over in Gorilla.
  3. I broke my WWE fast to see this crowd. It’s interesting to me how this year seems to be the time when under appreciated markets like the UK and PR are finally getting some attention. I kind of dug the brevity of Brock/Cody. But um… didn’t I hear they had a thing about blood these days? You can never keep that straight with WWE. I mean for me personally. Whatever. I couldn’t give a fuck about the ethics of bleeding in matches hardway or otherwise. But did Lesner have a gimmick in the corner he could run his head into to get the juice? His hand movements didn’t suggest a manual. My AEW eyes make it impossible for me to NOT still see Cody as an AEW act. I really liked Rhea Ripleys act. She is a total package and feel she could be the face of the company to supplant Roman. I’ve missed so much of her evolution over the last few years. But whatever she is doing? Do more of that. So if Dom is a total simp for the Mami character. Has it at all been suggested that they’ve actually fucked in kayfabe? While I understand the thought process in the light that’s shed on the locker room if famous people keep coming in and stealing the show. I’d also say it’s a bit of a trade off for whatever penetration it gets you into other fanbases and demographics. I’m sure Priest isn’t too upset about having his name spoken about in association if Bunny’s music stats and cred are to be believed. Priest is another guy that’s come up since I stopped watching and he looked like a total star. I also think it’s novel and not unwelcome for the fed to actually show respect to the territory they are visiting. Something they spent a lot of time forgetting to do. Rats off to them. EDIT: I too would pay to see that rat faced hack Billy Joel get pleather beat out of him.
  4. I was honestly moved seeing the “Dean” sign in the crowd. It made the world a bit… smaller? I’m reaching for the exact word. Shout out to the write up man Dean who had me lurking around here long before I posted with any regularity. Get well soon, sir. Someone else said earlier that Dean was a reason he had seen a lot of awesome wrestling. Concur. Good show.
  5. Fuck yeah. Tony! IS NOT!! Going to to PUT UP!!! With this fucking bullshit. My dude is a wrestling promoter. He ain’t running for president. Let him have at it.
  6. This commentary group should be the envy of the business. They do everything I want a team to do. Effortlessly, shifting from a serious sports presentation, to expository stats, character development and analysis. Also three likable guys. I’m so glad to have Nigel back. I’ve been overly critical of Cage. But he was fantastic here. The crowd ate it up. I think there definitely some meat left on the bone for The Dark Order gimmick overall. They still carry a sympathetic vibe that connected to Hangman can often be relied upon to get good audience investment.
  7. Now have them switch places next week. Cash vs. JJ and Dax vs. Jay. Put that in my brain. Go ahead and do a cinematic match. It’s fine. It’s kind of been awhile, right? I can’t remember the last one. Ricky Starks has a “serious determination walk” that evokes more Spike Dudley than the Rock. Someone work on their War Face.
  8. He is tripping balls with intensity in this here. Angry isn’t a strong enough word to describe Savage in this promo. It’s also in addition to being angry, disgusted, betrayed, and yes, at that very end… wounded. Savage the character bought into the MegaPowers and the Hogan thing. All in. Forget all his misgivings prior that. “Hulk Who?” and what have you. Savage exercised his champions prerogative and CHANGED HIS MIND! Now here he is. Absolutely feral and sweating at an alarming rate. To be fair. In the moment back in 89. These promos went on and on for weeks and were quite the slog in the never ending build up to Big 5. But man what a performance here. I honestly might have put Savage over just on the strength of the content. Somebody had to at least have thought of it. And once again for the people in the back. His hand WAS on Elizabeth’s ass.
  9. While Vikingo/GL elevated this show quite a bit. I came away enjoying how the show uses much of its developing talent. I’m seeing lots of upside in the Renegades and Heather Reckless. If they can make losing look good for awhile? You can mold some really great scrappy underdog baby faces out of that. More baby faces. Joe vs. Colt makes my early ROH geek heart soar. Would’ve liked to see Colt get a bit more. But ultimately Joe should be killing him dead at the end. Didn’t I just demand more baby faces? I should watch this show more often.
  10. Ok. I better watch this. That is too much font for me to decline.
  11. I loved it so much. You know Omega put it there for the camera shot just for the shitz. Rats off to him!
  12. I didn’t hear a damn thing Omega said during his promo in his living room. That fucking beefcake painting was in the background out of focus. I’m a whore for continuity.
  13. Did my post read as if I thought that was something AEW WAS doing? Because that isn’t what I meant. I was suggesting they push JB (and probably a few others) in that light. So as to appeal to those demographics.
  14. I’d add to the Jungle Boy point. Hot boys sell tickets. This kid is generationally hot boy too. A unicorn of shirtless photos and t-shirt sales. Bieber this Jungle Boy.
  15. Cole doesn’t rank very high in my wrestling priority list. But I see no need to be fatalist like Cole doesn’t have something to offer. He totally does. Plus, I could see him and Britt eventually getting over in reality land.
  16. Doubtful, considering how they’ve treated the show over the last year or so. Long gone are the bored hotel bound nothing better to do skits and production that helped create the buzz early AEW had. Same with pandemic era Dark Order having a dedicated room to do all their fun silliness. Hangman is most likely tied up with child rearing so his contributions have been minimal. They just don’t have the time or interest like they used to or so it would seem. At least that’s what recent episodes seem to reflect.
  17. So you’re saying Bryan Danielson snuck his way into this match and nobody saw him? Brilliant!
  18. It’s fun that OZ gets a mention here. IIRC the Torch had a writer at the time OZ was airing that compared the feuding and fights on the show to pro wresting booking. The writer (I don’t recall who 20 years later) liked the intricate relationships that helped build the feuds to a pay off. The first season of Spartacus was also VERY good “wrestling show” in that regard. Man I can’t help but heap more praise on Omega/Vikingo. What a great match. AEW continues to be the only place I can settle down and watch wrestling. I love you AEW.
  19. I’m going out on a limb. But I think AEW is ripe to plow the fields of a big celebrity match. A celebrity of a certain athletic ability pitted against somebody in the locker room who can elevate it, hold it together, and would also be primed to take a rung up the ladder even if they had to job. I don’t know… maybe Wardlow. So I’m pondering a list of potentials that might suit the bill to really SELL the show. I admit though at 48 years old my awareness of the cultural zeitgeist is probably suspect. I’d have never considered a Logan Paul just because he isn’t in my GenXer orbit. You’ll see what I mean. First and foremost has to be Tom Brady. He really is the great white hope. His credentials speak for themselves and is a household name. Plus I think he has a price as a guy who hasn’t been scared of money. You DO run the risk of him going the way of Mayweather where the crowd sours as he makes baby face at the camera. After all, not everywhere is New England. Even my being pretty anti-football still allows me to recognize the gigantic marquee value having Brady’s name there. Antonio Brown - I know absolutely nothing of his athletic career other than he has bounced (or been bounced) from multiple NFL teams. I’m told he is a mix of Dennis Rodman and Brian Pillman in his wacky ability to color outside the lines. Honestly, I’m reading this more like a Charlie Sheen meltdown. Which doesn’t sell it any less to me in all its instability. I heard he was banging Brady’s wife too. Make it a tag match. Joe Rogan - An older guy for sure. But Jarrett could carry him to some classic Memphis horseshit. Make the figure 4 Joes finisher. Pay him an extra 10 bucks if he makes it look good. Shaq? - Maybe? We got that cliff hanger from before with the ambulance etc. Not sure what exactly to do with that absent Cody. LeBron - Again, famous name at that high water mark in athletics that should sell a stadium. Name brand. I have to be missing someone or many ones.
  20. Wardlow. Get a submission hold. There seemed to be a lot of theatrical accompaniment with the Hobbs/Wardlow deal. Shrink wrapped pallets of empty cardboard boxes are a pretty safe way to take some action while moving to the next set piece. I didn’t think it was that bad. Loved the trios match and the angle afterward. Winnipeg is going to be nuclear. Fox being unknowingly photobombed by the JAS was chefs kiss. Ruby really tied the division in a bow. That was a really unique promo that weaved all the narrative exposition from just about all corners of the Women’s division. It’s probably no coincidence that Jades promo was kind of ambiguous in coming to a conclusion. I like this idea of her being a replacement in a War Games (oops) injury scenario. That’ll pop them big time, brother. Don Callis is a treasure. Rats off to him!
  21. I see what you’re saying in a practical level but I kinda get why. What I don’t get is why it was done so frequently over the years. As a story telling device. The sense of urgency that can be applied after crafting some sort of controversial finish the night before could lend itself some elevation of interest. As it’s been gone to far too many times with poor execution. It’s baffling how the often the concept has been botched. I’m all about elevation of the weekly show with out seeing it as diminishing the value of spending money on the ppv.
  22. Well I invited a few friends over for the ppv… This was a really good show that I had tried convincing myself not to buy. But I did it. Boy oh was this show the dogs balls. Money well spent. I was so jazzed after a 4 hour show that included a 60 Minute Iron Man match. I stayed up even later to watch The Last of Us. Fuck spoilers. Wasn’t even tired. I noted that when running down AmDrags accomplishments in having long matches. There was a certain Saudi Arabia Rumble that didn’t get mentioned. Good. If I were a kid and an adult gave me alcohol… not mad about it. Just saying. I knew that Oklahoma shit was bullshit. I’ll bet JR doesn’t even have a twangy accent. I’ll bet he is Australian. This is too late in the game for this to be news to me.
  23. Does anyone else think it might be prudent to put the Iron Man match on first? Let Mox and Hangman close. It certainly won’t hurt the enthusiasm of the crowd, right?
  24. I had a random thought as I started watching. “This going to need at least 1-2 squash matches to facilitate a 1st episode”. They wisely booked The Embassy that way. Although I might have placed it earlier in the show (or even 1st) to step on the gas and quicken the pace of the show. This Honor Club experiment is already fighting from underneath in an over saturated market where even more high profile brands struggle to get attention. I’m in… for now. The production quality is very good boosted no doubt by the existing AEW infrastructure. It was cool to see the Renegades do some different work. This was their chance to show what else they could do other than JUST put someone higher in the pecking order over. They did that too. But booked in a way that gave them some spotlight highlights before they did. Good start. Yuta is an interesting guy. It’s borderline “short man’s syndrome”. But I’m here for it. He is eventually going to have to shiv one of the BCC to step up. Lady Frost. Call me. I will hold every door open for you if you promise to that hand spring into every room. Wakka wakka! Athena vs. Willow is going to kill it. Bring back the aluminum crowd barrier signs. Let the crowds make noise with them. The nuttiest thing in wrestling to me these days is the complete reframing of the BIG SWING as a submission. It just tickles me.
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