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  1. Not even done with the first match but... I’m pretty sure a nuclear weapon would only get 2 on Trent Seven. Dude knows how to set up a painted into a corner no hope spot and still survive.
  2. These are the guys that gave the world penis druids. I’m not going to worry about the steak having no sizzle. Fuck! When did I turn into JR?
  3. New Japan is impressive but they are hardly storming the gates here in North America. Even the MSG show isn’t going to be the coming out party you’d kinda need it to be when your sharing a spotlight. A cooperation would keep the steady flow of big splash making events coming. NJPW could be a part of that until a reliable tour schedule can be founded. Expanded outreach of exposure only increases audience access to your show. When AEW, NJPW, and ROH are in a business of needing to let everyone know who they are, it only makes sense. FFS just make it “COMPETITIVE!”
  4. Does anyone think that Duke and Shaffir are at an expectation disadvantage since the 4 Horsewomen match has been hanging in the air for awhile now?
  5. I think the thing about Jay White is that the Juice match showed that this is something he COULD excel at. It’s just everything surrounding that leaves the viewer with more doubt than confidence. Minus that last part, I don’t think he is disqualified from from making those required steps up. The Okada match could be the antidote to changing the doubters. Because for me White isn’t a guy who I generally go out of my way to see. I mostly watch individual matches from NJPW as opposed to full shows. But I will watch the Okada match. A great deal of the reason is to see if he actually pulls it off and fortunately the booking is set up to get him there.
  6. It’s funny how some are seeing a double turn coming. I’m firmly onto a full Gargano turn to the dark side and a heel DIY reunion. I am so smart! S M R T!
  7. I saw Nakajima is getting a title shot in NOAH. I haven’t seen Nakajima or NOAH in years. Is he still awesome?
  8. My feed cut off before Ibushi hit the moonsault during More Bang for Your Buck. No matter. A few technical snafus aside nothing could stop this show from being awesome. Kenny and Penta was great.
  9. Sweet Caroline closes the recent NXT Lowell.
  10. That was a hell of a house show. Anyone want to tell me the best way me the best way to post these pics? I’m not seeing anything in the menus above this type box. or I’m dumb. OR! I called in to work today and got high instead. Sigh. Even I’m frustrated with me.
  11. Bummer. That dude is pretty good. At least the show will be really different this time around.
  12. Going to the NXT show in Lowell, Mass on Thursday. Super bummed that Black won’t be wrestling there for the second time in a row. But the last show in Lowell was really great outside of the Drew/Andrade Main Event. Which must have been a test run because they really improved the match for the Takeover show. Additionally, the last show was booked around Oney Lorcan/Biff Busick being in the “local boy done good role”. Anyone know his status at this point? Also, I intend to take pictures from the show. Is it cool if I post them here?
  13. I would like to apologize to the group for ordering GAB 91 on PPV.
  14. I got into wrestling on the tail of the MTV/WWF/A-Team cross over. It took me awhile to figure out just HOW to see the good matches they’d go on about on the Saturday shows. So for me, the Steamboat/Savage Match was pretty much the first big good match I’d ever seen. These days I hunt down a lot of the televised house shows from MSG or NESN etc. You’ll wade through a lot of bullshit. But the match at the Maple Leaf made it worth it. Side note: I also found a Honky/Savage IC title match with a baby face Honky. It was decent. But I couldn’t understand what I was watching like it was Opposite Day.
  15. I hadn’t considered Steamboats short WWE comeback at all when I posted. Which is odd because I really loved what he did then. That being said. Look up that match from the Maple Leaf. It’s fantastic.
  16. I saw Luger until I read these posts. When I went back he magically transformed into Windham.
  17. A random thought I had. What is the likelihood of near-miss potential rematch between Steamboat and Savage in 95 ruining the legacy of the Mania match? Ricky’s injuries may have saved us from what could have potentially been Hogan/Warrior 2 levels of disappointing suck. But it’s not like they only had one good match. The Wrestling Classic Match is ok and I vaguely recall at least two IC title matches on Superstars (one of which is the dreaded bell to the throat angle). But there was also a match at the Maple Leaf that I saw a couple of years ago (late 86?) on the YouTubes that is fucking awesome bloodbath war. So they totally could have more than one good match. But would it have sucked in1995 WCW?
  18. Would I be required to have a sinister moustache to deliver vigilante justice?
  19. Great show! Top to bottom played out as I would have planned it (with the exception of Black going over).
  20. Sounds like the path to that “Rick O’ Shea” joke.
  21. Oh Enzo... "Why is the FUCKING BLUE MEANIE up in 1st Class?"
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