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  1. You mean his first name isn’t KING? I am far too old for this to be news
  2. Moxley has been doing some media these pasts few days. He really caught my ear when he went about how: •He pitched violent stuff in WWE got shut down. So he felt like he over promised in selling those matches. •He says that doing an exploding death ka boom wasn’t his idea and don’t put him in a position where afterwards it’s all “he went too far”. Because he will. “Put the kids to bed.” In a backhanded way Moxley is pretty much promising to “go too far”. Omega will be down for whatever. So after the show... how much of a shitstorm can be we expect?
  3. I really think the world is sleeping on Rollins’ match with Neville. I love that match.
  4. This’ll be random as fuck. As the Booker of my sim league The ManchVegas Wrestling Federation. Which you can watch on the YouTube’s. I’ve recently been promising the guys in the league a cross over event with AEW. Already there have been 3-4 inter-promotional matches that I’ve used as padding up the midcard and planting seeds for a full Versus show proper. The Main Event would obviously be our MVWF Champion Kyle Empire vs. AEW Champion Kenny Omega. In my feds history there have been numerous crossover events with current WWE, NXT, NJPW, NWA from 89/90, WWF 1990. But they’ve been universally nontitle affairs. Yet Omega is doing this Thanos collects all the infinity championships shit, that’s impossible to ignore. Nobody is going to argue that Omega ain’t winning the IMPACT title after the PPV this weekend. Meanwhile... MVWF Champion Kyle Empire comes with a lot of baggage. The once famous and popular tag team wrestler parlayed into plucky singles underdog has since winning the championship... withered on the vine. He is also about to tie the record of most successful title defenses at 5. Yet the closer he got to closing the gap the more success seemed to go to his head. Entering matches in a limousine. Or pouring cash onto the crowd in a booguie display of opulence. It would seem character wise he and Omega have run parallel lives. What’s going to happen here? Omega will eventually challenge Ibushi. And he will beat him. For the belt. Then he is going to come out on Dynamite, covered in gold and the best angle in wrestling and then challenge the WWE Champion. An offer they can’t refuse. Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that?
  5. Now all it needs is a John Hughes movie.
  6. I saw Bear Country and Statlander at Chaotic Wrestling’s Cold Fury event in 2019. They were all pretty good. There was another dude named Mike Verna who was on that show and recently (I think) got a match on Dark. It’s my understanding that they are all Brian Fury students.
  7. I love me some 2 Minutes to Late Night.
  8. Boba Fetts backstory sounds like comic book material. That so many comics now are being pushed as canon. I wouldn’t be surprised that is where it gets regulated. Edit: Ellie, Clementine, and Yoda Baby Grogu are basically my kids at this point. Darth Gus has heat with me, brother.
  9. Now that Arn has figured out how to not breath into the microphone. His podcast (though not particularly creative) is a hoot. He just straight up dissed Zeus’ lazy eye. Dayam!
  10. My criteria for what qualifies as a successful game is a bit different. Whats going to work for me is a game that’ll essentially allow me to create a live show to call sim matches on my YouTube channel. I’ve got 18 of my buddies that I’m looking to keep interested in managing their guys career. And they stay interested based on the (almost, run ins can only be assigned AFAIK) completely simulated league and the quality of it’s output. 2k18 and later 19 have stretched the taffy as far as it will go at this point in as much as I can expect from this games to put out. So I suspended the league for a bit due to fatigue. Still do some sporadic shows for the guys to cope with the pandemic. But I’m really waiting on “something” before I’m willing to commit to doing a full schedule again. A game reminiscent of No Mercy would very much fit the bill, since the 64 games were what really solidified this sim league thing as being something we could watch, create get togethers, and stab each other back. Going on 20 years now. But an updated to modern conditions and (even more importantly) EXPECTATIONS... and actually having it payoff, seems almost unimaginable. It’s also hard to imagine it being the unexpected butt secks that 2k20 turned out to be. I’m so glad I came here before I foolishly bought that game with the expectation of running a decent league. Bullet dodged. But man... if they pull it off. I’m so fucking ready to do my show.
  11. Just watched Endgame. Again. Very cathartic.
  12. I had always heard that the headset was really heavy and distracting. It wasn’t bad at all. That it took me a few hours to get over the vertigo was rough.
  13. Just played a couple of games on the Oculus. I’ve never had a chance to do anything VR before. The Vader Immortal game was pretty great. Though I am scared of heights. Climbing up the side of Vader’s Mustafar castle was super awesome. Right now, after playing the Mission ISS game. I’m just about ready to puke. It appears I’ve no stomach for being an astronaut. Lol
  14. Yes! I saw it a couple of years ago the youtubes. It was pretty good from what I remember. But I could have sworn that the match was on Spectrum in Philly. Can’t find it on YouTube. Boo.
  15. This is the last one for awhile. In this episode. The winner of the SuperManch Tournament gets a shot at MVWF Worlds Champion Kyle Empire.
  16. “Huey! All you had to do was SIT HERE and WATCH PORN!” I fucking died. Lols
  17. I’m mostly guilty of taking other people’s stuff off of community creations and repurposing. I’m not particularly talented. But I do understand that wherever my creations land. I spam my arena with (mostly) the same thing everywhere much like any wrestling league might do when establishing a brand.
  18. Round 5 of The SuperManch Tournament. Featuring “Gi Man” Ryan Crawford vs. Brandon Bones. In a Fight Pit match. 2/3 in a steel cage, submissions and KOs only. I would like to point out that the name “Fight Pit” match as some sort of modified cage match was done first in the MVWF. Just sayin’.
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