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  1. Here comes Mr. Positive! The Ruby/Storm vs. Hayter/Baker was MOTN for me. Christ! Does Hayter just attack the mat/floor with every bump she takes. She is indeed in my top 5 every week she is in the ring. Rubys bump off the apron to the floor was vicious. The 10 man was pretty great too. Even if I’ve seen a parade of that style of match for awhile now. When Punk came back after 7 years. My advice would have been: “Keep everything the same. Just ditch the springboard clothesline.” That move has the highest probability of failure. He got away with it for awhile. But yeah, maybe drop that one or start doing some extra stretching and practice it until it comes back to muscle memory. Good match. Tanahashi on American TV. Fuuuuck yes! That match with Punk is going to fucking rule. Wardlow is heading into Hangman territory now. Where he had the hit song go to number 1. Now he needs a follow up. Sterling isn’t a bad choice to get him some heat. Plus is WAS a nice smooth little dance move exchanging roles with Smart Mark and Stokley. This was a first chapter. Wardlow next appearance will be very telling. I’m somewhat baffled by some of the negative reactions to MJFs promo. Not because I’m ignorant to some fans having issues with shooty promos. I’ve heard all about it for 25 years. But with all that material out in the world from over the weekend. What are you going to do? Not weave it in and have the other side of the argument say: “What? Are we just ignoring this shit now?” Because on its own. The promo was a high tension, quality piece of television. Delivered by a compelling competent performer who backed up and believed every word he spoke. I did indeed “feel something. Even a buddy of mine, who hasn’t exactly migrated over to AEW (yet) had to text me about the promo this morning singing MJFs praises. I love you AEW. You’re my only hope.
  2. That poor stormtrooper that ate shit on the laser gate. Rugged.
  3. I’m largely enjoying this show overall. The little girl playing Leia was much better handled this episode. The editing could be a bit tighter. I’m also enjoying the familiar music cues that never quite get to what we know in totality. That’s a nice touch.
  4. Ultimately, as it concerns rumors of plane tickets and no shows. I can’t really be bothered. What matters is what was had on screen. Which was a seven minute cathartic squash of the biggest asshole character of the last three years. I’m trying to recall another time where the payoff to an storyline had that degree of finality to it. But it’s not really coming to me. But for me it highlights one of AEWs biggest strengths. For years the backstage story has more often than not eclipsed the one in front of the cameras. Not this time.
  5. I could feel the anger reaction towards the show growing the longer it went. To each their own. But if I’m going back to the 50 bucks for a show format? I want my moneys worth. I got it. I ain’t mad at you if it’s not for you. But in this economy I gotta keep my money counted. AEW puts out because I’m convinced they legitimately care more about their show than some companies do. So I’m open to looking the other way on features that may not hit 100%. I’ve been critical of Cargills quality of matches historically. But I’m not blind to the fact she is still really inexperienced. As is Anna Jay for that matter. So I’m impressed that they were coached up enough to pull that entire segment off as well as they did. It started off kind of rough. But they eventually got there. Kudos. LOVED Wild Thing playing on repeat as not just an homage, but a heel spot for Jericho (who was excellent tonight) to cut it off. That brawl was absolute chaos and for me was the highlight of the show. I kinda expected to hear more about the production having a difficult time keeping up with how spaced out the action was. I thought it enhanced the authenticity. Cool. Menard’s blade job was fucking great. Those two Canadian goof balls got a strong WWF in 87 vibe to them that really appeals to me. Bryan’s fury was incredible. Especially, when he almost got caught up in Eddies feral aimless arrow act. Even Hager didn’t suck. Good finish too. I was glad to see Thunder Bae have a really good match with Serena after a string of below par results recently. Hopefully, she is back on track. Punk is probably the best choice as champion going forward with the changing business landscape. Very good match hampered a bit by being on so late. But I think Hangman’s reign was solid with some excellent to very good matches. Curious to see what happens to him next. Yeah, Darby/KOR didn’t need to be on the show. But I’m glad it was. Great match too. Tag title match was entertaining and exceeded my expectations. Swerve is a guy I don’t know much about. But I’m starting to look forward to when he appears. All 6 of those guys should get a bonus. Speaking of exceeding expectations. The Hardys/Bucks match. I guess when the two older guys can’t really keep the kind of pace the younger guys do… just beat the shit out of them. Worked for me. The full impact Swantons week after week always pop me. I did eat a shovel load of shit in my assurances that no heels were winning the Owen. Alrighty then. Rancid was great. I’m not going to miss that 50 bucks. But my weed man will.
  6. Still have to watch the second half of the show. Old people going to bed early. Y’all are slacking. I half expected somebody to call out MJFs embarrassing HBK ref shorts and the Summerslam 97 finish with the chair shot. Bran-don so smark. S-M-R-K!
  7. It beats having to curtain off half an arena for the sake of vanity.
  8. That was incredible. The lofty heights of Breaking Bad have been more than met. Applause.
  9. Well sign me up for Champion Punk vs. Miro feud. Where they shoot deep cut promos at each other and bleed to death at 5:30 pm on the west coast!
  10. What an excellent episode. After what has already been an exhausting week. I got promoted at work. Which means I’m daycaring a crew full of rookies save for two (that thankfully know more than me). A customer collapsed in the lobby on Day 2 of being in charge. I had to call 911 which apparently alerts management in the entire district. Had an exchange of words at work with a truck driver that thought it would be awesome to chant “Let’s Go Brandon” at me. I’m on fucking fire. So last night I also had zero interest in watching wrestling or getting any sleep (apparently). Then I saw what you all were saying about AEW this week. So after calling in to work (obviously). I sat down with my coffee and a joint and I watched the shit out of this show this morning. What timing. It really turned me around. I feel shitloads better. I estimate if I’m marking out over how effective the spilt screen was during the MJF/Wardlow angle. I’m on a good ride. The post match mega mixer of plot threads that ran after the JB/Starks match was just masterful. Jericho was The Oligarchs Yacht of douche canoes. Both in the voice over and promo. Chefs kiss to the AEW Galaxy. Whoever said Hager growth spurted but didn’t buy new clothes wins the day. But mostly because I read that post before I saw him. I actually pointed when I lol’d. “How much is he paying?” Classic Heenan. Darbys super sell of the loss was a blink and you’ll miss it moment. Uncle Dax and his rib was also top shelf. I’d like to reassure everyone concerned over Cole winning the tournament. It’s the OWEN HART tournament. A heel isn’t winning this one. I’d say a heel isn’t winning any of them. Assuming it’s an annual thing. Hayter/Storm was seemless with the rest of the show. I would like to see them do this again. Toni is a Titan. Barry Horowitz. It’s been too long. Thanks.
  11. Well… that wasn’t my favorite episode. But there was plenty of good stuff. A few hits and a few misses make for a lower overall score. But I can’t complain too hard. Fenix is so fucking good. Dante too. Jericho and Santana was decent. Wardlow is hitting. As is MJF continuing to surf the wave. The BCC are ruling wrestling these days. But the next match will need to be something of significance to avoid treading (awesome) water. Do I care if Hangman leans in on Punk? I’d say the Bret call out is more than justified. I’d also like to take the side of the crowd that chanted “No we don’t”! Love ya, AEW.
  12. Like something akin to Piper/Bret at WM8 maybe? Only he actually does the evil deed in a lapse of judgement. Punk kind of has the groundwork laid out already with his talk about him “still being able to do this”.
  13. Caught up last night. I even sprang for AMC+ to make it happen as I was on such a roll ride of momentum. Just fucking wow, dude. The slow burn and build of this show is allowing it to spend the currency of two really well crafted shows. Now they can just go wild. The cast certainly is. I know some peeps are talking about spending more time in Nebraska with Gene. But does anyone think it’s possible that we actually dive into some time parallel to early seasons of BB? If the show projects nothing else. It’s a clear desire to bridge the gap between the two shows. What better way than to insert Kim into the perimeter of storyline already established?
  14. I gotta be super careful coming in here. Since I’m way behind.
  15. Weeeeee! Fun show. Loved how Yuta outwrestled Camorato all the while suspended in the air. I knew people were going to get fussy about the Sammy barbed wire spot. But I think the earlier suggestion of tv time remaining is a reasonable explanation. I’m going to allow it. Dax and Cash delivered what I thought would be a good first match in a series. But is leaving me wanting more the desired effect if this is a one and done? **** Archer leading Wardlow through a big hoss fight was a job well done. The foundation is being laid for making this Wardog fellow a big BIG star. Don’t fuck it up. Missed the first part of Shida/Deeb. But it was a very good fight and finale to this feud. I’m with most of you in the belief that it’s time to push Deeb into the title scene and a main event. Thunder Bae was looking mighty fine. Brandonetico remains calm. AEW Galaxy? That’s got heat with me brother brother brother. Like a fireball in my face. I love you AEW.
  16. Post Clone Wars a few of them showed up in SW Rebels. Rex and a couple of others had aged quite a bit by then. So I’m guessing it suggests that the clones have a shorter life span maybe? It’s hard to say since it has apparently been retconned that Rex was the bearded rebel soldier outside the bunker on Endor during ROTJ. Additionally, The Bad Batch had the Empires transfer of clones to conscripts as a big chunk of the storyline.
  17. “Thank you for the information, friend.”
  18. Danielson did face SHINGO in DGUSA. IIRC is was a banger. Because of course it was! ?
  19. When I saw the contrast between Gresham and and the big fella my jaw hit the ground. I’m pretty sure that’s what Vince wanted the stare down at WM3 to look like. It was like me vs. my action figures when I was 11. Oddly cathartic seeing two generations of ROH guys holding their belts. I really hope they figure something out with ROH that keeps it going and going well. I liked the heel turn for Sammy/Tay. The inverted version of his baby face championship victory promo was nice. Heel vs. Heel matches for me are a novelty I’d actually kinda like a bit more of. On the rare occasion one where one actually happens. It plays as so far off any typical match formula. No need for a heat segment here. It’s a game of one upmanship over who be the shitbaggiest. Managers getting way out of line and causing chaos. Boatloads of cheatings greatest hits. Thunder Bae and Nyla was struggling it seemed until the Code Red blew up the crowd. Then they had them. Nyla really has ironed out the wrinkles in her big person=power moves game. Like it. I like a good bonus episode now and then that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. 3 nights of shows this week that never felt the last mile of a marathon *cough* RAW.
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