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  1. Disappointed they didn't go with the obvious bit and use Christmas cookie designs for the shirt.
  2. Roman vs. Cesaro ruled so much. Cesaro came off as a top level guy once again, and Roman held his own. The finishing sequence was superb as well. The BoD-Wyatts stuff kinda sucked, and holy Jesus was the main event promo exchange between Paige and Charlotte a disaster. They have Charlotte, who can't deliver scripted lines well yet, try and do that while also balancing TALKING ABOUT HER DEAD BROTHER and how she's fulfilling his dream. If it was part of her character's story, then there's a way to do that well and enhance her act - this wasn't that way. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/11/raw-11-16-15.html Screens - NEW DAY! http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/rr75witkvlh8vuccz0uzjqvzezld5mzw
  3. Shera won the "most improved" award last night. COMMENCE TO LOLING.
  4. The show started off strong with Madison Rayne being the NINJA QUEEN! That was about the peak of the show until Matt's awful interview. Dixie and EC3 meeting in her office, which included a WWE action figure of Kurt Angle was another highlight. Matt vs. Eddie Edwards was good, but EC3-Anderson was just 15 minutes of nothing after the chops early on. Screens - The laughter. WILL. NOT. DIE! Dixie's office includes a Kurt Angle WWE figure. I'm astonished there isn't a framed photo of Stephanie sending her a retweet. She's a NINNNJAAAA QUEEEEN! http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/8gouc8p38n5nnuvwvv2mgam3gtenkwht
  5. Enjoyable stuff with Crews and Baron to start the show. Alexa's cuckolds ate defeat, but It's Bayley! was great. She got the belly to belly on Murphy, had her biggest fan there, and even prevented those evil-doers' cheating! Tag title match wasn't much, but Nia's squash was fun and they're building up something with her being Eva Marie's muscle. The Joe-Balor stuff was a fine way to end the show too. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/11/wwe-nxt-11-11-15.html Screens - It's Booty! http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/6ofpsn8s9pvuwrhy03mloggr641boimu
  6. Cesaro vs. Sheamus ruled. The Brothers of Destruction-Wyatts stuff was mostly good. Breeze got a lot in against Dean, and the tourney set up some good matches. They also planted a seed or two for a future Reigns turn. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/j23gkrppoztg3ea35obvb5zv5p2o56eo Screens - Divas http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/j23gkrppoztg3ea35obvb5zv5p2o56eo
  7. Asuka vs. Cameron was so much fun. Asuka just killing people rules. Loved Gable calling their team the World's Greatest Tag Team before Jordan saying nonono... Eva Marie vs. The Un-named Cute Blonde was fun, while Crews vs. Finn was good enough to show you what they COULD do in a Takeover match while still having Baron Von Wolfie interfere and then Joe come out and turn on Finn. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/11/nxt-11-4-15.html Screens - I don't which Izzy face is funnier http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/0jb3kt7l1b35afn1dqr4ys0pw2ixh7xi
  8. To be fair, no other babyfaces have friends - so they might've forgotten.
  9. Pretty enjoyable show this week. New Day returned in full, and we got some really fun stuff with the tag division getting some renewed focus to some degree with a Lucha Dragons win and video package. Nice usage of the IC Champ tonight and they made a lot of guys seem slightly elevated being in the Survivor Series match. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/11/wwe-raw-11-2-15.html Alberto has been spending his WWE money well. Big E is a 25 on a 10 scale Screens - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/kxmov2zslv041n6nvp2e47f24ni60sdl
  10. I would think about buying a Bayley club shirt.
  11. Welcome to my nightmare. That is more terrifying than every horror movie put together.
  12. LOVED the wacky Grado vs. Matt skit. Nothing really amazing match-wise, but Kong vs. Gail was one of their better modern-era matches. http://www.f4wonline.com/tna-news/tna-impact-results-1028-world-title-series-week-four-matt-hardy-drew-galloway-awesome-kong Screens - V1-AAAHHHH http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/1tjypz97h08aw1s7pwibmchfi51dr08t
  13. More good than bad this week. First hour was pretty wrestling-heavy and good. LOLed at Zeb just hand-waving the logic gaps in this pairing. Alberto looked motivated, but his match still bored me. He's definitely in 401K-building mode, and seems kinda like the modern day Shane Douglas - he seems like a bigger star on a smaller stage than a big one. The goal of the show was to clearly make Roman into "the man" again, and they still have a lot of work left to do. Wyatts beating up Kane amused me more than Bray's promo. Roman needed to have a good night and did. His work in both matches was strong, and the pop-up powerbomb counter was perfectly timed and something they can put in highlight reels for years. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/10/wwe-raw-10-26-15.html Screens - Quite the tum tum on Braun. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/djtwh3jwxftb4thz43aiqy1akd8yn3m0
  14. I just now noticed that Xavier appears to have a Hyrulian crest tattoo on his wrist.
  15. Pre-show match was a great building block for Cesaro - he shined brightly and felt like he would be perfect to win the US Title here. Then ALBERTO RETURNED WHILE STILL AAA WORLD CHAMPION. He and Cena had an okay, but nothing memorable match. I dig the superkick being his finisher instead of the armbar, at least for this match - gives him another weapon to win with. Roman vs. Bray wasn't much, but it had a couple of video game-style highlights. Dudleys vs. New Day sucked and the champs retained. Charlotte vs. Nikki was largely sloppy, but got good-ish kinda towards the end. Team PCB are now just besties again. Seth vs. Kane was pretty bad, but at least Seth won. Ryback vs. Owens was worse than Henry vs. Owens from Raw, but again, at least the right guy won with Owens retaining. Taker vs. Brock was absolutely nuts. Each guy bled, Brock clearly bladed AND THREW THE DOCTOR. We got some exposed boards, a tombstone...near them because Taker isn't about to fuck his knees up anymore bumping on that and then a big F5 on the boards - so Brock wins this war. Taker's next war was built up with the Wyatts attacking him and...then no one helping Taker. They could've had the exact same scene of Taker being carried away, but with a slew of faces also being laid out - but no, Roman didn't help. Dean didn't help, and neither did Kane. Ending visual was at least cool though. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/10/wwe-hell-in-cell-2015.html Screens - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/m4h1ld15aatpbsvfwl1tfeswvi65456q
  16. Yeah, that's worrisome. I got my review copy a week ahead of time last year, but won't get 2K16 until Monday at the earliest.
  17. Juvi's instagram is full of selfies showing off why his nickname was the Juice.
  18. WWE sent an e-mail out this morning with a Back to the Future theme (so kudos to them for only being two days late to the party on BTTF Day) and they've got a sale with some new legends shirts -
  19. "Is the flag flying at half-mast, Brock? Wanna get Alpha Brain as a sponsor!?"
  20. He should start wearing that sweet hat he sometimes wore during promos in 85/86: It's amazing how much character each guy has just standing there sternly. You see them and just know you don't want to fuck with either guy. Now, they'd just be Team Dad Bod.
  21. TNA just didn't see enough proof. Kinda like Vince saying that if he saw a needle hanging out of a guy's ass, he'd only have probable cause that he MIGHT be using steroids.
  22. Arn is desperately clinging to the three hairs on top of his head. But yet, he still hasn't aged much since the '90s - another benefit of being born and looking 45.
  23. But. Dat. Ass. Tho. And her finisher's the "Rack Attack" and she has a giant rack. She has a nice forearm/elbow shot. In another era she could have the Lex Luger loaded forearm gimmick for it. This could lead to an amusing skit where Nikki is gone for a few weeks and Brie says "Nikki left for augmentation surgery" and then they say she's got a steel plate in her forearm.
  24. So we had Austin, Taker, HBK, Flair, AND A SHIELD REUNION and still wound up with a middling show. Rusev was in a match and didn't job, so I guess he's out of the doghouse. Moreover, BARRETT ACTUALLY WON and Owens looked strong. Seth also GOT A WIN against Ryback, and didn't even need to cheat to beat an IC-level guy. Owens vs. Henry was the most fun thing on the show by leaps and bounds - Henry went up high for the powerbomb, which was amazing, and these guys need to just feud forever. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/10/wwe-raw-10-19-15.html Screens - LOLDeadmanLOL Hatewatching Team P, T, and A http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/fuz2isriwtp4hgrleat8604g26jypja5
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