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  1. Due to politics he's an obvious Sith.
  2. I just remembered two of the crazier things in Tina. 1. She met her husband when he was 30 and she was 50... and they didn't officially marry for 23 YEARS. 2. She wound up getting a deal on Capitol Records, but then there was a management shakeup, they didn't want her, and dumped her. When her manager went pleading for them not to, the response was that they didn't want an, and I quote, "old (N-bomb) douchebag" (!!!). The manager dropped to his knees and said he wouldn't get up until they resigned her. They finally said they'd release an album but would not support it in any way whatsoever, and that was it. They went on to make Private Dancer which sold millions and millions of copies. She ended up playing to over 160,000 people in Rio. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
  3. I just segued from watching the Donna Summer documentary into the Tina Turner documentary, both on HBO, which was a wild coincidence. Saw most of Donna's and pretty much all of Tina's because I HAD to switch over. Donna wrote way more songs I'm familiar with than I knew; she came off as a really funny, cheeky, seriously talented person. Shame about her death. Tina's doc covers a reaaaaaally long life and some totally crazy shit, of course. Excellent work.
  4. The hiss of tape is something burned into my musical memory. I was one of the last of the actual metal tape traders when I was a kid, and I still have all those dubs. Nowadays I buy them because I finished with digital when I realized I could "own" anything in that form from Soulseek. So, my vinyl collecting took off like mad. As far as tapes go, they're a supplement when I can't afford a vinyl copy, or something is an exceptional demo, or something is only ON tape -- and they're sitting right on top of my shelves of records, right where I can get to 'em.
  5. Tapes have made a comeback. They're making shitloads of them these days again.
  6. Look at it this way, Best Friends at least aren't Butcher + Blade. I don't think I've ever seen them win.
  7. "Net" just means the amount of photos. To have the net total would be to have the most posted. Because Superstar looked cool as fuck.
  8. If you haven't seen it, the Tales from the Territories about Hawaii has Billy Robinson telling Peter to eat with a fork and not his hands "like a savage". Peter rips his eye out and throws him through the restaurant window. So... yeah.
  9. I really love MutAsuka. She's so sadistic. They might've flubbed the mist or that could have been on purpose, not being able to tell is some good work. Really surprised about this: I like Rick Boogz too. He just has this '80s Rick Rude vibe with the muscles and mustache, and that leotard. Knight is a suitably scummy partner.
  10. It's shocking how long that's made the rounds on satellite TV. It must get at least three or four runs a year from either Cinemax or Showtime.
  11. When they go into par terre you will lose it.
  12. Ooooooooo, I LOVE that one. Piper going amateur with Jack frickin' Brisco when you completely don't expect it. Just rad all the way around. I've got the Portland set but don't think I made it through the first disc... still. I blame it on every match being 2/3 falls and thus seriously long.
  13. That match is a masterclass in selling. Billy knew, you don't have to do anything as long as you work it tight and sell it to death. Also, the Sullivan/tied up in the desert promo is one of my favorites ever but kinda hurt by that clip not showing Sullivan slapping the shit out of his valet and then Billy blading like a freak. RIP
  14. MVC's almost identical boots were awesome. Terry's should have had "DON'T TOUCH MY VAN" written down the side but that's my only quibble.
  15. Holy shit, Ashbury sound like the Outlaws.
  16. Maniac is great but the best Acid song is on the debut. Acid - Ghostriders - YouTube I have to deeply disagree with you about Fire in the Brain. That's one of my favorite '80s metal records ever. III Warning also never got its due, though it is considerably cheesier ("Rock and Roll Widow"?). Here's a coincidence for you: I was looking for something nastier than No Trend from '83 and Government Issue's Boycott Stabb is sitting on my turntable right now. It is nowhere close of course. Maybe the only thing I can think of that comes close from a totally different direction is GISM's Detestation. Also, thanks for reminding me about that Ashbury, been meaning to listen to that for awhile. Oh, and Death Church is really more somber than anything. The EPs of RP are unhinged though. This is still one of the most intense minutes of music I've ever heard. Rudimentary Peni - Cosmetic Plague - YouTube
  17. Probably said this more than once on here, but Adam Cole is the least athletic looking wrestler ever. Fuck, Darby Allin looks like more of a wrestler just from tattoos alone. Having a beastly Keith Lee come out right after just reinforced it.
  18. Really fun opener. Mox kicking people looked weird but it was stiff. The dive train was super graceful and then Claudio did one of the nastiest double stomps ever. And then... the PnP cut out? Bizarre. Taya wins the contest for Best Spiked Jacket in Wrestling. Got to see Ethan Page and Tony Nese, JTTS for the first time in forever. Keith Lee showing up looking like he lost a ton of weight too! And of course, fired-up bleeding babyface Dustin is the best thing ever. That has to win some kind of double Segunda Caida point.
  19. Naw. Dog Collar Match vs. Greg Valentine. But close. EDIT: Victim of not scrolling down once again!
  20. Is there any info on how the strike negotiations are proceeding? How long did the last one last, btw? I'm itching for my new Colbert -- these pricks need to give their pound of flesh to the writers.
  21. The Long Good Friday (1980) : derganzblonde : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  22. It is not what you will expect. That is probably the easiest way to put it.
  23. Moonage Daydream (the David Bowie doc) is doing the rounds on HBO and it is one of the best things ever. Ever. And I'm not even a huge Bowie fan, don't actually own any of his records. It's a landmark presentation. Your jaw will drop.
  24. Was thinking of when I first heard the term "cornhole" and of course... it was The Toxic Avenger.
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