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  1. If he was just called "The Dane," he'd be no less unfunny, but at least he'd have a great stage name.
  2. I'm just getting caught up with this Viking Experience thing, which apparently is so dumb that it's getting penetration in geek-adjacent media, and all I have to give is my own crappy alternative to this naming: The Raiding Party - Erik Jotunheim and The Dane. Mostly because I think calling someone just "The Dane" is dope as fuck, don't ask me why. And I bet if I plug this shit into a game of EWR, it'll get over, too.
  3. Whew, that Spurs/Man City game had the best non-pro wrestling Dusty finish of all-time. Which leads me to ask what is the best (or most effectively worked) Dusty finish of all-time within pro wrestling?
  4. Muta not winning a damn match sucked and made this show irredeemable. Also, this may be leftover spite from the fact that seven-year-old me found out the results of this show on WCW SN and was outraged. I'm still outraged. FUCK. But what REALLY made me hate this show was that DOOM also got ZERO. FUCKING. POINTS. FUUUUCK. So I hated the booking of this so much as a kid that it just carries over almost thirty years later because literally Muta and DOOM were my two favorite things in WCW at this point in my fandom.
  5. I knew about the MMA fight, but I didn't know that LU was dead. I warmed up to it eventually, and it's a shame that it's dead. Did they at least wrap up all the storylines?
  6. The last two posts made me wonder what ever happened to Jack Swagger, so I Googled him, and he's now Lucha Underground champ? WTF? I don't have access to El Rey anymore and haven't seen a LU show since maybe halfway through the third season, but Swagger as a base for some of their smaller wrestlers sounds fun. I assumed that they would have put the belt on Cage if they wanted a muscleman tossing around sub-200 pounders though.
  7. If it's good enough for the goddam Champions League, it's good enough for AEW. (EDIT: It's not good enough for the goddam Champions League )
  8. Top five Nintendo game of all time. I'm not even kidding. It uses its foreground-background design to great effect.
  9. He was also on last week's Giant Beastcast to sorta-kinda promote WrestleMania and share stories about how Super Mario Maker tore his marriage apart.
  10. Even this dude slaps his thigh, what the fuck?
  11. Sasha and Bayley were the STAR stars of NXT. I'm thinking that Sasha would rather be a STAR in a small pond instead of trying to stand out in a big pond? Anyway, she should just leave the company for AEW if she can. This might be the first time since WCW was signing anybody and everybody in the mid-'90s that women have a chance to move to another company and make decent money in the process. I say this as someone who also hasn't seen a WWE show since 2016, so I didn't know about Sasha-face or what-have-you. It must be rough to have NXT booked around you and then to move on and be interchangeable to some degree, which isn't meant to be an excuse for Sasha, but is just an observation. I don't think that I'd be thrilled about going from centerpiece of the brand to semi-directionless and not the centerpiece. Neville/PAC certainly wasn't, either.
  12. Bret wrestling matches with the psychology that he was just smarter than the dumb big dude he was wrestling really did it for me as a kid. I loved that "I'll just outsmart you" style he had. The playing possum, the pinning combinations out of seemingly disadvantageous positions, and all that stuff he did was just exquisite. I also think that his '97 heel run is legitimately one of the best heel runs in any company that I've ever seen. I'm not the most knowledgeable fan around (obviously, just read my posts), but '97 heel Bret Hart evokes the same feelings that I'm watching something special as the heel work of '70s Jim Breaks or '98 The Rock or '85 Tully Blanchard (or most controversially, '92 Rick Rude, but that's another topic for a future "Rick Rude was damned great" thread) . I get that he took house shows off which honestly considering that schedule, I don't blame him for, but fuck it, he brought me so much joy as a fan when I was a kid and early teenager that it's not easy to quantify how much his work drove my wrestling fandom.
  13. I know, I know, I'd have that look on my face too if I thought Kumail Nanjiani was consistently funny. Thankfully, I don't have that problem! (Look, I'm giving dude love for the t-shirt, which is marvelous, and the look on his face in the second picture, which is also marvelous. Just accept it and move on.)
  14. Hey look, it's the second-ever funny thing that Kumail Nanjiani has ever done!
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