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  1. Let's compromise: We don't have so many Twitter posts from Sheiky baby's handlers, but we continue to shit on Hulk Hogan for being a garbage human being. WOO I DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO GO TO MEDIATIN' SCHOOL TO BROKER THAT COMPROMISE Man, this was a rough year for me in terms of modern wrestling. I was into NWA Powerrrrrr, but that went away, and now I don't watch any modern wrestling. I'm looking forward to participating in Secret Santo Part Dos so I can see something that I want to see. Or I could watch more of that French catch cache that showed up on YouTube. It's weird, bu
  2. I just hope everyone watched that video because even though the legend is that Reigns says I HAD PEAS BEFO', if you watch it, he clearly enunciates the word "before." This is the wrestling version of everyone swearing that Will Smith says "Welcome to Earf" in Independence Day when he clearly enunciates the word "Earth." And uh, happy Thanksgiving to y'all, too.
  3. Yeah, I'm in on this come December. I'll jump in the week after next.
  4. No, I've always deeply hated Jimmy Valiant, so this tracks. The best thing about Jimmy Valiant in wrestling was when Pez Whatley whipped his ass for being a condescending racist with that "best black athlete" remark. The second best thing is any other time that someone whipped Valiant's punk ass. And fuck his shitty dancing. Boogie Woogie Man my ass. EDIT: And yes, I know that I ranted about this before, but like an old man telling stories about his youth, I will always take the chance to hate on Jimmy Valiant as a wrestler. If you'd like to wrap the human being up with that,
  5. I really need to just mainline a bunch of All Japan's Women work in the '80s. That's a HUGE blind spot in my viewing that I need to correct. I'm going to find a match list and try to watch this winter.
  6. I maintain that Rude getting hurt at the end of '92 just before he was going to become WCW Heavyweight Champ robbed us of some all-time great television. I've said it before, but Rude in 1992 is probably my favorite wrestler year ever. The ring work and character work were insanely good. He spent half the summer trolling Ricky Steamboat for accidentally hitting Madusa when throwing a punch, and it was legitimately one of the greatest heel troll jobs ever. What a piece of shit that character was. Rude in 1992 is up there with Midnights in 1988, Bret in 1997, Austin in 1998, and Rock i
  7. Only if fake Jim Ross comes back to manage him. No, not that Oklahoma shit from Ed Ferrara, either. Fake Jim Ross. Totally different.
  8. I have to disagree when it comes to full presentation. Rude coming out in a robe with Madusa and Paul Heyman while wearing the U.S. Championship as this music hit made him look like he was top-tier. It seemed like a great fit to me. My three favorite songs from Slam Jam were all perfect fits for their wrestlers to me, but I also get preferring Don't Step to Ron because, come on, that joint still slaps.
  9. I thought it was up to 40% capacity in Tier 1 locations, which is the most allowed under BoJo's proposal? Sorry, I know about this because I'm watching the Premier League and they're talking about it at the half. EDIT: Well, it looks like crowds of up to 4K: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/nov/23/crowds-of-up-to-4000-and-grassroots-sport-to-return-once-lockdown-ends It'll be interesting to hear from y'all what UK promotions end up doing over the next few months based on these post-lockdown rules.
  10. I'm not hating on Don't Step to Ron at all! It's top two. I've got Simply Ravishing, Don't Step to Ron, and Man Called Sting in that order.
  11. Speaking of Johnny B. Badd again, the lyrics to his theme were elite: Here comes Johnny B. Badd/ And you don't wanna make him mad/ He's as pretty as a picture/ He looks just like Little Richard/ I love everything off Slam Jam Vol. 1, even the terrible stuff. It's so catchy. I remember back when I had the Network in its first days, one of the things I went to early on was WCW 1992, and having Rick Rude come out without "Simply Ravishing" was terrible. I'm glad they went and paid for the rights to that stuff, at least.
  12. I'm going to talk around Casey's post to say that I think this Spider-Man series doesn't make a separate game about that character set in a separate universe unmakeable. Sony's got multiple versions of Spider-Man and the Spider-Family going in films, so they can take that same strategy in games if they really want to.
  13. Miles Morales is just Spider-Man PS4, but with more options for combat and none of those bad depowered Miles/MJ stealth sections, which is to say that it's a big improvement on an already great game. Bugsnax is fucked up. Definitely play through it because it's not long and that ending is some straight fuckery.
  14. Oh yeah, I remember, after one of his botched dives, he got knocked loopy (IRL) and thought he was in Goodfellas (in kayfabe). Yes! Good looking out, folks.
  15. Have you played A Short Hike? I think that's only out on Switch as far as consoles go, and it's excellent. I'd just start going through Annapurna's stuff, which is either only on Switch or best on Switch because of the touchscreen: A Short Hike, Donut County, Florence, Gorogoa. EDIT: I do recognize that Annapurna-published games are probably higher-profile than you're interested in, though.
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