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  1. This is one of many reasons that I stay physical, though I'm also looking for houses in places with municipally-run internet, which really is the wave of the future. Well, unless you're in one of those states with a legislature that outlaws it, but you know, not my monkey, not my circus.
  2. Yep, the wife already told me this after I shared the quote with her. On the other hand, at least I got to read a bunch of great fake quotes about dinosaurs. Back to wrestling.
  3. The flip the opponent does off the Rainmaker is a top-notch example of gorgeous animation. Glad you posted that because I came in here thirsty for at least a few low-quality GIFs and got that video instead. God provides.
  4. @Ace Is that Mookie Wilson quote real and not shopped? Because if the former, that is fucking fantastic.
  5. Nah, they were just monster heels, and Vince's modus operandi has always been to build up monster heels to feed to top faces. The unique thing about Yoko is that Vince put the strap on a monster heel for a significant amount of time. All the other examples from Bundy to Kamala to OMG to Mabel got fed directly to your Hogans and Takers and Diesels after their builds.
  6. Now that I think about it, for his entrance, Jinder should do the LeBron powder thing except with colored Holi powder. Genius comment, Sweetser.
  7. I would assume that it would just be a copy of his WM XII entrance, complete with his first theme and Stephanie cosplaying taciturn 1996 Sable. In this scenario, it would be a bonus for his match to once again go no longer than ninety seconds, but I doubt that viewers would get THAT lucky.
  8. WRONG. I wasn't thinking of Manu because nobody ever thinks of Manu.
  9. I mean, Buzz Sawyer is a fine worker, but he was a below-replacement level stablemate based on his J-Tex W-L record. He was the equivalent of Cody Rhodes in Legacy. Pretty damning, wouldn't you say?
  10. I know, what a fucking drop-off. Hart couldn't even get Al Perez to join up? He had to settle for sub-Al Perez guys in Buzz Sawyer and The Dragonmaster. Al Perez might be the Mendoza Line equivalent of mid-level guys that you could have in your stable. J-Tex was dope when Terry Funk was part of it along with Muta, but IIRC Funk left and then it was just Muta and some jobbers, and Muta himself was in that four-man round robin at Starrcade '90 (IIRC) just to drop falls to Luger, Flair, and Sting. Still better than the Bullet Club, though.
  11. J-Tex Corp. had The Pearl of the Orient and Gary Hart talking shit for him, so they were cool even as they got jobbed out. Muta should have been NWA champ.
  12. This game is prettay, prettay...prettay good. I think that I like locating shrines using the Sheikah slate more than I like actually playing through the shrines (of which I have somehow completed 62 in two weeks of gameplay - and I haven't played every day, either).
  13. Vanilla bean with really good vanilla extract doesn't need anything else. Randy Orton is more like the shitty vanilla in a cheap 1.29 carton of Neapolitan. He's no fucking vanilla bean.
  14. Orton and Bubba, two pieces of human garbage going at it. Fuck 'em both. Also, I have no specific love for flips, but I do enjoy being entertained on some level. Larry Z wandering around the ring avoiding his opponent for five minutes in a random Western States Heritage championship match is better than anything Orton has ever done, flips or no.
  15. Owens wrestled his typical spotty match that pops WWE crowds last I saw in November. Which is fine and matches with what he did in ROH, too. He wrestled to the crowd. But in NXT, he came off as Baby Vader. He was violent. Even that CJ Parker squash was four minutes of conflict that felt real in it's violence. The palm strike that busted Owens up added to that, for sure, but Owens worked like the blood just made him meaner. It was reminiscent of Joe going nuts and murdering Balor after being busted open. That sense of raw violence permeated that whole KO NXT run, right up to that ladder match with Balor that eschewed dives and wobbly ladder spots for Owens trying to murder Balor with the ladder. He's working for a different crowd now, but he was locked in as a legit great worker for that ten-month span.