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    Yo, that split-second after Heenan slaps Perfect and it slowly dawns on him that he fucked up is amazing. His facial expression in just that second where everything stops just totally nails it. Fantastic acting.

    I was trying to wait for Injustice 2's GotY edition, but man, I'm so tempted to just jump in now and pay for the DLC that I want. I don't even know what the fuck is an Enchantress, but TMNT? YES. I guess they're waiting until Injustice 3 to add Beast Boy, Rorschach, and Dr. Manhattan (and I really believe that those three are coming to an Injustice roster at some point).

    I got a cheap copy of NieR Automata against my better judgment and played past the first ending. I'm hoping that my cheap copy of NieR Automata has decent re-sell value. I should have known better that a non-Bayo 2 Platinum game would have braindead combat, but the story is the opposite of engaging, and I'm expecting it to slide right into stereotypical video-gamey faux-philosophical bullshit of the type that I fucking hate. I might stick with it to see if I'm wrong, but this combat is so dull that it's gonna be tough.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey

    This also could be true because blue coin shines were the devil and also I don't want to play Sunshine ever again unless they fundamentally change some of it, which would make it a totally different game.
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    I am at 750 moons, but I don't know if I'll get all 880. Coming up, I am going to make repeated runs at the very last challenge until I win that sucker. Then, I think I'm just going to use a guide to find the last moons right up to the point that they make me jump rope or volley a ball a hundred times to get them. Fuuuuuuck, I hate those moons. My one criticism of this game is that even in 64 or Sunshine, it never felt like there were any stars/shines that were predicated on bullshit to earn. Not so with a handful of these moons in Odyssey.
  6. The UpUpDownDown thread

    It's too bad about that video title because it legitimately came down to the last play of the game and would have really been surprising without the spoiler.

    2017 has been a bonkers year for games. In any other year, Cuphead might be GotY. It is that good. Every level passed is satisfying as fuck, regardless of the grade you earn at the end of the level.
  8. Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017

    I might have to go to Costco and get those 64 GB microSD cards for my Switch. Honestly, I don't need another console, but a two hundred dollar XBO would be worth it if they made enough of my favorite OG Xbox and 360 games compatible. I don't think I'd even play anything actually new on it except for maybe Crackdown when that comes out. Maybe Sunset Overdrive too.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    The roll is important in the post-game to get stars, IMO. You can lunge and roll out of a butt drop, and that covers lateral ground like crazy. I actually butt dropped and dove into a cap bounce, then butt dropped and dove again. I can't do it anywhere near consistently, but man, it's a hell of a combination move.
  10. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES (2017 & Beyond)

    Guacamelee is my favorite Metroid-like, so I'm pumped about this. That SP samurai game looks dope too.
  11. Super Mario Odyssey

    I beat this game at about three hunnid and fifty stars, and let me tell you, that whole ending sequence is absurd. I mean that in the best way possible. Holy shit, this is my favorite game in the history of games.
  12. Super Mario Odyssey

    Yooo, the New Donk City Festival is the best thing I've seen in games all year or maybe all generation, actually. It was so good that my brain released a bunch of dopamine the whole time that I was playing it and now I feel like I'm on a good buzz. Your young one will be fine. Galaxy 2 is probably harder just to beat on balance; there are enough moons that are doable that he can probably beat the game without any help.
  13. Super Mario Odyssey

    I totally missed the dark woods thing, and I've decently covered the kingdom where I think that area is supposed to be. I'm still missing about fifteen moons there, so that explains most of it. I made it all the way to Metro Kingdom/New Donk City finally (not counting the warp that took me there for a single solitary moon earlier in the game), and I hear that it's the best Kingdom in the game by general consensus. Looking forward to it.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey

    I am sitting on 123 moons and am now in my fifth world. I should stop playing and go to bed soon so that I can get up early enough to watch at least one PL game tomorrow, but it's so easy to tell myself "just one more moon" and then end up losing three hours.
  15. Super Mario Odyssey

    I didn't actually mean that last post as a direct response to John. I don't want to do too much comparison between the two games because they're trying to do two different things. BotW is more vast and desolate because Hyrule is in decline, for example. It's just that for me, I like that there is so much packed into these spaces in Odyssey. Not every moon is some kind of winner, of course, because Nintendo doesn't want to gate off most of the game from players who want to beat it without having to find too many difficult moons. However, the way that they hide moons in interesting places and have a fantastic mix of puzzle moons, platforming moons, and straight up "we hid this in a place that you wouldn't expect" moons is so good. I love walking into a world and having so many interesting things crammed into it.