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  1. I want Cadence of Hyrule, but I'd rather buy it physically for that 25 dollar price. I've been burned too many times on digital copies of games over $25 that I couldn't then trade in (Runner3, for example, which actually did get a physical release that I didn't find out about until well after I pre-ordered). On another note, I bought a PS Classic on a whim because it was only thirty bucks, and now I am playing Bushido Blade 2 and Einhander and don't worry, it's all above board, very legal and very cool. The best thing about the PS Classic is actually that you get two USB PS1 controllers. That's really nice value for what I paid.
  2. And I don't believe in Chris Jericho, but somehow, he still fucking exists.
  3. Speaking of Borderlands 2 and the speed of play, the Mechromancer character I'm playing as demands speedy play if you go with one of the upgrade trees. I hit the "Deathtrap stays active longer with each kill" perk and between that and the richocheting bullets and my fire rate going up with a half-empty or less gun, I'm incentivized to move forward for as long as possible, killing as much as possible as quickly as possible. The downside is that I have long periods where, after the Deathtrap finally needs to recharge or loses all power, I have to retrace my steps to loot all the rooms or areas that I've run through, which takes much, much longer than the cooldown period before I can launch the Deathtrap again. The game is a lot more fun once I took that path on the skill tree, though.
  4. Where is the page again to give money to RIPPA to make him watch stuff? I don't want to make him watch shitty wrestling (at least not intentionally). I want to give money to get him to review random NWA Worldwide eps and WoS matches on YT and maybe that old Andre the Giant French catch match from the late '60s that got put up the other day.
  5. I'm getting it because I always wanted one as a kid - I did have a Genesis AND a SNES, so I was not wanting for consoles, and I would have never dared ask my parents to shell out any more money for another console. Also, I want all the Bonk and Adventure Island games. Give them all to me.
  6. OK, I'm in on this. I was thinking of doing a small summer personal project focused on comedy matches, but maybe I'll do this instead, at least for now.
  7. I kinda miss those Medal of Honor games EA used to make. They were disposable, but the best ones (or at least the ones I enjoyed the most, like European Assault) were meant to be played on the run. They were good junk food games, which is what I prefer out of my FPS games, and which explains why I like Borderlands and Bulletstorm. Empty calories, but totally worth my time.
  8. Borderlands 2 does start slowly, but I'm enjoying it now. I didn't like DOOM, but I do like FPS games with fast pacing. I think Bulletstorm is like the best thing ever, for example. Maybe I just like Gearbox shooters because I also loved Brothers In Arms.
  9. Uh, he's a loud jerk; he does a stupid elbow drop; I hate his clapping; I hate his dancing; he yells a lot but not in a fun way like how Sid Vicious yells everything and more like in an irritating way like Sam Kinison if Sam Kinison was trying to imitate an angry Miss Piggy; and also he's pretty condescending, which is why Pez Whatley hitting him after he turned his back and started dancing like an asshole was the best. If I could cross the time stream, seven-year-old me and current me would gladly sit on the couch together, chortling every time Paul Jones brought some goons to jump him or every time one of his friends turned heel on him, which if you think about it was a lot, like how every one of Hulk Hogan's friends turned on him in the '80s, and we know that the Hulkster is a needle-popping liar who had to go on Arsenio Hall and admit that he got his 24-inch pythons from a pharmacist and not from hard work and prayers to the Almighty, so where is my Arsenio-hosted expose on Jimmy Valiant? Where, I ask you, where?
  10. I liked that post from @thee Reverend Axl Futureeven though I truly, truly hate Jimmy Valiant. First, because the good Reverend is ultimately right about airbrushing your image onto your own tights, and second, because the greatness of Rick Rude offsets the OH GOD PLEASE GET OFF MY SCREEN WHERE IS MY REMOTE SO I CAN FAST FORWARD-ness of Jimmy Valiant.* *With the one exception of that time he got clocked by Pistol Pez Whatley, which is one of my favorite heel turns ever in life.
  11. I am finally playing Borderlands 2 - I tried playing it on Vita, of all things, a few years back, but it was a terrible experience, and then I tried playing it on PSTV with a PS4 controller, but I didn't stick with it for some reason - and anyway, is it just me, or is this game really easy? I guess part of it is that maybe I'm playing with a cheese character (the teenage girl with the robotic helper as her special), but I also played a bit with the gunner, and yeah, it's still pretty simple. You get a bit of a boost with a couple of extra badass tokens, but it doesn't seem like a substantial boost. I'm still enjoying the game, mind you. It's really fun kill-loot-kill gameplay loop stuff with lots of missions to finish and satisfying elemental effects for many of the guns (burn elemental guns are still my favorite). The pew-pew feels good. I am just trying to remember if Borderlands was always easy or what.
  12. Not a mod, but you can always put yourself out of your own misery with the ignore function. How do you think most of us manage to post something that Rippa has posted just three posts before us?
  13. It really is just harder and harder to avoid talking about the stuff surrounding the wrestling and to just focus on the wrestling. I will say that if my posts read harshly, I don't mean it that way. Sorry for any bristling feelings.
  14. No, it doesn't. You keep making the mistake that one black person saying some dumb tone-deaf racist shit means that it must be somehow valid. Mark Henry acting like "the race card" even fucking exists is dumb as hell, and he should know better. Just because he gives goofy "race card" arguments a pass doesn't mean shit except for exactly that - he gives racist arguments about the mythical "race card" a pass.
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