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  1. I've finished Concrete Genie, which is a short game. Lots of reviewers say that the best part of the game is right at the end, where it turns into an action game where you can skate around on a streak of paint. Actually, I disagree with that; the best part of the game is painting shit. The way this game could have been even better is if they gave you more sketches of items to paint onto everything and if they let you paint on the ground as well as on the walls of buildings. The story is geared toward kids, but I have a problem with its "bullies are always sympathetic at heart and will understand you if you try to understand them" message. Nah, some bullies are just shitty humans, sociopaths, social detritus. Actually, they should have just taken the bullies out of the game entirely, as they did nothing but add weak stealth segments to the game that weren't any fun. But the little graffiti monsters that you design to help you move through the game world have style and heart and are ugly-cute, and painting scenes on walls is such a fun and rewarding experience that I hope they make another one of these that focuses on that stuff. It'll probably be in my top ten games this year because I enjoy the creation part of the game so much.
  2. Disney needs to buy the company and let Kevin Feige book it.
  3. I'm pretty sure that you could be talking about this reality if he decides to run.
  4. He's an idiot with four great creative/business ideas that he rode to a billion dollars and the opportunity to become too big to fail. I'm not trying to underrate the stuff he's done that's been creatively great, but for the most part, he's extremely lucky. He was lucky that most of his competitors were run by people who just weren't business-savvy. He's lucky that any competitors that might have become a threat were felled by outside forces (like Mid-South trying to expand right at the time the oil market exploded). He's lucky that the U.S. Attorney's Office that tried him made a number of mistakes in arguing its case and that he was able to avoid prison. Most of all, he's lucky that he's got a poor product with steadily falling ratings that has value precisely because it is a live product and the networks really want live products that can't be DVR'ed and that have built-in audiences, no matter how dwindling. But make no mistake; he's a stubborn moron. See trying to launch the XFL after it had already failed once and been branded a joke because he thought there was a market in Colin Kaepernick-hating football fans who would watch third-rate football talent play mediocre games instead of the NFL. Or see anything he's had direct control over since about 2005. This dude actually kinda sucks; it's just that putting major shows on PPV, Hogan, The Rock, and Austin vs. McMahon were really fucking genius. If he'd retired in 2002, he'd be basically the Harper Lee of pro wrestling: remembered as great for a very low number of actual great ideas/works.
  5. I kinda get playing that stuff at an American football game or if a baseball player picks it as walk-up music, but it just seems weirdly out of place at a soccer match. The only exception I can think of is playing something like Also Sprach Zarathustra at a game as the home team comes out, and that's not really wrestling music, so it doesn't really count here.
  6. I wonder how much Vince has tied up in the XFL, funding-wise. I want the old man bankrupted.
  7. They're playing HHH's old Motorhead theme at halftime of an English Championship match in Cardiff, which, uh, that might be one of the weirdest wrestling-related things I've said in awhile, actually.
  8. If there's anyone who has played Wake Waku 7 and not liked it, I haven't met them. And also, if they exist, I don't want to meet them.
  9. He definitely does stuff in the ring that I like. He's also young, so he's probably figuring out how to deliver offense that looks good and that fits with the character he's going for without being too dangerous. He's a Seattle boy, so I'm going to give him every chance and root for him to become big.
  10. I wish I liked Darby Allin more. Actually, I enjoy watching him get beat up because he's really wonderful at selling pain and grogginess. On offense, though, his shit is Charmin-soft. I know he's small, but even when he seems to be trying to lay it in, it looks shitty. Plus, he's got to stop with the unnecessary tumbling routine. This show was okay, I guess. Stone Cold Jon Moxley being a thing finally is entertaining just because his Austin-with-barbed-wire-bats cosplay is a decent enough facsimile of the real thing here in 2019. Oh yeah, and Britt Baker reminds me of Emma looks-wise and even threw one good forearm, but the whole time, I was just wishing that it was actually Emma in that ring instead of someone doing a shitty matwork sequence that made everyone involved look silly.
  11. Funnily enough, I was looking back through some of the older posts in the WWE area, and I scrolled through those NXT big show and multi-month threads from 2015 and 2016 and, wow, that promotion was so hot that it made us believe again. The only solace that I have is that I was not alone in thinking that Bayley and Sami were cannot-miss babyfaces. And then in this thread maybe a week ago, I saw a picture of Dark Bayley with a new hairdo and dark eyeliner under her face looking all mean, and all I can say is that if she didn't change her look specifically to do the Crow Sting storyline and she's just a typical heel now, uh, FUCK THAT. And I don't even watch anymore, but I actually feel some kinda way about that.
  12. Problem: Your weekly TV shows should not be as long as your major shows/PPVs. WWE's solution: Make PPVs even longer! Six-hour WrestleManias sound good! Let's go for it! Throw some pre-show on top of our three-hour shows! That should work! NBC had a lot to do with the improved presentation of the company in the '80s, post-SNME. I take it from this thread that Fox is not exactly NBC in this regard.
  13. Oh, I bought LA on launch and beat that sucker because a) it's like one of my twenty-five favorite games of all time, but also b) I knew that if I waited, I'd be swamped. Good luck on the house search, bruh, by the way. That in itself is a full-time job. Sometimes time-and-a-half, depending on where you live.
  14. Fall is my busiest time of the year, and it's also when most of the AA and AAA games that I want to play come out. I wish more companies would take advantage of the summer and release big games there. Only Nintendo really takes advantage of the wide-open summer. You'd think people would learn the lessons of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Splatoon 2 or what-have-you, but I guess not. I'm like, how the fuck am I going to really get into The Outer Worlds and Luigi's Mansion 3 in the midst of all the work and family stuff and travel that I have to/get to do? At least LM3 can travel with me. I really wish The Outer Worlds was getting its Switch release simultaneously because I would have honestly rolled the dice on buying a copy of a fucking Obsidian game on Switch at launch, which, will it even run? Maybe not! It's an Obsidian game on the Switch! But fuck it, at least I could take it with me and get more time to dig into it.
  15. I think it's worth considering that Smackdown was originally a pre-CW, pre-merger show on UPN, where you could see how it might fit into the programming. The CW post-merger is just chasing a totally different set of demos, which also probably was a big part of it. Fox is a different beast because they care about things like live sporting (or sporting-adjacent) events that viewers would rather see when they happen as opposed to DVR'ing them or waiting for the whole season to drop on Hulu to binge or whatever.
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