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  1. "All The Things She Said" combined with Victoria's Titantron of her having a mental freak-out is probably top-five in best song/tron combinations.
  2. Here in 2020, I think "people from all over the world compete for the title" is enough to make something a world championship. It's not like, say, the World Series which is only vied for between teams from two countries (and yes, I know the actual reason it's called the "World" Series, but I'm ignoring that to make my point here and because most people don't know the history of the name).
  3. Man, the garlic fries at Safeco are fantastic. Garlic fries and a cold Pyramid Hefeweizen: The only two reasons to go to a fucking Seattle Mariners game. EDIT: I guess that I should note that this is the only WM that I've ever attended live.
  4. Because of how easy it is to be infected and asymptomatic, I don't know if "lasted this long without getting hit" is true so much as "lasted this long without a bunch of tests coming up positive." It's almost certain that people were walking around with symptoms and passing it to one another in this company with how lax they've been about the whole thing. Don't know about AEW, but I'm sure the same is true for them.
  5. There are a lot of CEOs as depraved as Vince. A lot of politicians who might run the governments that some of us work for, too. We all have to work for shitbags. That doesn't mean that we don't have a leg to stand on when we disagree with them.
  6. It's everywhere, man. It's structural. It's not just pro wrestling. But if you want to be embarrassed in a society that allows these things to foster, I get it. To Jae's point, I don't think wrestling is the only thing that people watch for the personal sleaze as much as for the art form. I think that's entertainment, that's sports, that's royalty, that's whatever distraction out there that we'll pay attention to. That's why Skip Bayless has a job, why the National Enquirer and the Star and all those magazines exist right up at the front of the grocery store, why Princess Diana lost her life running from a paparazzo. Sleaze is a societal institution, the "circuses" part of the "bread and circuses" that keep us from focusing on a bunch of other awful institutional practices that are too much to bear in a different, less entertaining way.
  7. I agree with two caveats: One, if a dude is being creepy and crowding space and getting unwantedly touchy, that's a problem. Two, if a dude is trying to leverage a position of power to get together with someone. Or a non-dude, as with the Stacy Cornette example, for that matter. EDIT: Also, I've now seen Stacy Cornette's ass, and I'm still more disgusted by the "can't get on board with Mark Henry as a great worker" comment than anything else posted on this page.
  8. It's fine, everybody's a little bit shitty. On another note, I want some chicken and cola. Coca-Cola or RC, I don't care which. Just none of that Pepsi garbage. There's another reason CM Punk sucked.
  9. You can give my pick to someone else; I'm right in the middle of crunch at work. Maybe I can join if y'all are still doing this in a couple of weeks instead.
  10. Can we just gift Florida back to Spain? Or better yet, the Seminoles, Creeks, Apalachees, and other fine folks who lived there before it became America's dick?
  11. The BEST in-ring thing Road Dogg ever did was avalanche-piledriving the 1-2-3 Kid, getting a three-count, and then dancing out of the ring to go check on Jeff Jarrett's mic for Jarrett's musical performance. Holy shit, it was great. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the whole match, but here's the piledriver, at least:
  12. I'll never get sick of Sid's entrance at SurSer '96. The energy in MSG is amazing. One of the best pops/crowd reactions ever, and Sid coming out intense and commanding the crowd like he did while walking down the aisle is amazing.
  13. <kayfabe viewpoint>Angle deserved to lose both titles for disrespecting the accomplishments of D'Lo Brown, the first Eurocontinental Champion!</kayfabe viewpoint>
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