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  1. "Brother, the only reason I'm stuck back here in purgatory, you gotta understand, man, is I was getting too over for Lucifer himself, brother, and he just couldn't handle it, brother."
  2. This is DVDVR, bruh. We should live for this sort of Critical Theory 300-level analysis. No sarcasm meant, either.
  3. I read this Uproxx article and now I feel like if that Firefly Funhouse match was really a deconstruction of not only John Cena's career, but the McMahon-styled bully babyface character, I should watch it. This sounds brilliant, actually.
  4. Remember when we bet about Bayley not being ruined on the main roster and my natural optimism lost out to your grim realistic outlook? I saw Mocho Cota in a six-man tag where he was standout for his mugging and selling. I'll probably just watch the Mocho Cota match this week, then.
  5. I don't know that I have anything that I've been meaning to watch. I might just sit this week out until we're paired up again. I much prefer reviewing the stuff that other people specifically choose for me.
  6. The proper way to read a CYOA is to go through once, no thumb on the page, and whatever your first ending is that you get is the canon ending for you personally. THEN, you go straight thumb-on-page for subsequent read-throughs.
  7. I legit didn't realize WrestleMania was today, but I cut on my Roku TV and saw an ad for WM advertising Charlotte wrestling a person with a cool look named Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship. I haven't seen a WWE show since 2016, but I gotta say, while I don't really want to get a free trial or give the WWE my info again, I really, genuinely want to see this show. It's going to be bad, sure, but in a fascinating way.
  8. On lockdown. It's Friday. I want to open up my island. If anyone is interested, let me know, and I'll be opening it at 8PM PST. Will edit this with the code if anyone cares. PLZ BRING PEARS, PEACHES, AND/OR CHERRIES. I will dig up some flowers for you to re-pot and if I have any more bamboo shoots, I'll put those out too. I also have extra eggs of all types except the ones that you dig up, so if you need those, let m eknow.
  9. So, this match was absurd, but the dude Goodear called "Robin" looking like fat Burt Ward is basically one of the funniest punchlines anyone has landed on this board.
  10. Alright, I'll go ahead and do that match that @Curt McGirt put up. Sorry to lock you out, @Super Ape, but I wanted to make sure that Curt's match got reviewed: Daisuke Sekimoto & Daisuke Ikeda vs. Yuki Ishikawa & Kazunari Murakami Ikeda and Ishikawa start out with some basic chain wrestling that actually feels like wrestling with a bit of struggle, which is nice. It's not "let's do this chain reversal routine that looks very pretty" like it looks too often in modern wrestling. Also, Ishikawa disrespectfully slaps Ikeda at one point, which I appreciated. The sequence got me interested at the start. In fact, the thing that was most appealing about this match is that it felt like a fight. There was a lot of struggle in the mat work, but there were still some cool worked punches and pro wrestling interactions put in there. Same thing with the opening standup, which was worked n a nice blend between shoot and pro wrestling-style work. Murakami putting up a shoot-style kick combo leading to not letting up on a rope break and then kicking his opponent any fucking way after the ref finally steps in is good pro wrestling heelery. In general, Ishikawa and Murakami were total shitheads in a way that made me enjoy watching, say, both of them get whipped into chairs and guardrails. I also dug that the Fighting Daisukes got tired of Ishikawa and Murakami's shit and then it got sort of wild for a bit, where things got taken outside so there could be some good old fashioned pro wrestling-style ringside brawling and general fuckery. The first three matches that I've reviewed are basically shoot-style in some form. This match hit that balance between shoot-style and traditional pro wrestling the best of all of them for me. There aren't too many protracted submission spots; most of the time, someone is getting to the ropes quickly enough when in an arm bar that it doesn't take me out of the parts of the match that feel really shooty. At the same time, the match has these random bursts of pro wrestling in the middle of a bunch of grappling. Like, there might be a shooty strike exchange that leads to a very pro wrestling-style elbowdrop or brainbuster. It never feels like an abrupt shift from one style to the other, though. Things feel blended together really nicely for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe part of it is that, IMO, the match starts out very shooty, but as guys get beaten down and tired, it sort of devolves into a pro wrestling fight. I like that idea; as you get more tired, you leave yourself more open to the sort of moves that work in a straight pro wrestling match. If wrestlers are exchanging strikes while standing and are really tired, the idea that they'd try to find some fighting spirit inside and answer a punch or chop with another one as they struggle to stay on their feet makes sense. I'm not entirely sure if those things are what make it work for me, but this was a fun tag match that blended together multiple elements and tropes nicely.
  11. I'm approving these Switch friend requests, and I'm shook because none of your Miis match how I visualized you in my heads from your posts and avatars.
  12. I hope those flowers help. I couldn't plant the tree, but just plant the shoots, and you'll get trees in three days. I left because I didn't want to keep you up too late, but enjoy the plants!
  13. Shit, that is exactly what I have...okay, that's kinda funny. Nevermind on the fruit, then. We both need the same things. Alright, I'll bring you a full bamboo tree, a few shoots, some mums, some windflowers, and some pansies.
  14. I closed it a bit early; my bad. Alright, I'm coming in. I'm bringing apples and oranges; what else do you need?
  15. BTW @odessasteps, I can't send you mail until you visit my island. I'm just going to open the gates. Come on in and take fruit and plants, if you'd like. I'll just open my gate and put the dodo code here for you or anyone else at DVDVR who is online and needs apples, oranges, mums, pansies, or windflowers: 42MFD I'll just leave the gate open for an hour or so while I make dinner, so if you see it, c'mon in. If you can, please BRING and drop off a couple of pears, cherries, or peaches and hyacinths or other flowers that I didn't list above so that I can re-plant them.
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