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  1. Smelly McUgly


    I'm having the typical Yakuza experience where, after the first 45 minutes of gameplay is very narrative-heavy to set up the main narrative, that narrative gets back-benched for an assortment of side-quests and minigames. One thing that I'll say about Yakuza 0 is that Rockstar should play it before they add mini-games to GTA VI next generation. Yakuza's mini-games feel very good in a way that GTA's never really do. The pool and bowling mini-games feel a lot better here than they did in GTA IV, for example (though bowling is killing me somewhat as it's almost impossible to generate snap or power when throwing a hook; backup balls do a bit better at this, but not quite as much as they need to). I burned a lot of time and yen in the bowling alley and the batting cages. I also have to agree with whoever said that Yakuza is Shenmue done correctly. I have tried to play Shenmue about eight times in my life, but each time I would get to the point where I could access the arcade and play a bunch of Space Harrier, then stop playing the game entirely after having my fill of Space Harrier. In Yakuza 0, I played a bunch of Space Harrier and then actually went about playing the rest of the game when I was done. Anyway, I love that this compact little area has so many interesting things going on inside it. I do think that the enemy encounter rate is a bit high for my tastes, especially when I'm trying to complete a quest that has me stop at various places on the map (like getting the homeless men their alcohol from three different stores at different places on the map), but I love how lively it is. There is always something interesting around every corner with the random encounters that end up sparking side-quests, the enemy encounters, and the shops and games that litter the map. I'm pretty sure that I read something about Outrun being in this game, and as someone whose favorite driving game is somehow still Outrun of all fucking games, I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Smelly McUgly


    I'll still probably play Kiwami, but Kiwami 2 is getting bought on sight just for having VF2. Is Kiwami an offshoot of the Yakuza games? I know that the mainline games follow Kiryu. Do the Kiwami games also have him as the main protag?
  3. Smelly McUgly


    I can't build easily, but I can hide, use the environment to my advantage, and kill people with shotgun ambushes. I've finished top ten in solo about three times out of the nine or ten times that I've played. If I can learn to shoot a bit better and build a little, I'll win one eventually. I just probably will never get that good because I've got too many other games that I'm focused on playing now, and I just prefer SP over MP. Playing this handheld on Switch definitely makes it more palatable than only being able to play in front of a TV or monitor though.
  4. Smelly McUgly


    Started playing Fallout Shelter. It's fine, but it's just an average sim game even by mobile standards. It still has a pretty good hook of quest ---> build using funding from quests, so that gameplay loop is worth my time off and on over the next months. Started also playing Yakuza 0. I haven't played a Yakuza game since I played maybe 2 or 3 on a friend's import PS2 for like an hour or two, and I remembered liking what I played, and basically Yakuza 0 is the shit. The devs really nailed that "Reagan '80s" vibe except in Japan (I don''t know who the Japanese PM was at the time, but I'm assuming he was the hero of Japanese yuppies who desired acquisition of wealth by any means necessary like Reagan was based on the setting and tone of the game so far). Also, the game likes giving you dumb shit to do that is just really varied and enjoyable even at this point in the game. I'm only a couple of hours in, but I'm liking this enough to play Yakuza Kiwami immediately after I'm done with 0. Also, I heard that Kiwami has a full working Virtua Fighter 2 in the game, and since that is a) my favorite Virtua Fighter and b) my Saturn isn't hooked up right now, I want it. I hope Sega puts Fighters Megamix in Yakuza 7 or whatever the next Yakuza is.
  5. I think that's a misreading of the game. This game isn't jingoistic as much as it is making fun of its perception of America's perception of itself. Also there are mechs and you fight in space.
  6. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    I wanted to see that Yoshi game some more. Also more about the N64 Classic, if it exists. Or the online service. Or StarFox Grand Prix.
  7. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Well, nothing on Yoshi, Star Fox Grand Prix, and thirty minutes on Smash, a game that I enjoy, but am not serious about. That was a real let-down, man.
  8. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    I like the idea that someone high up at NoA was irritated that people complain about Nintendo's patch notes not being at all descriptive and decided to show people some goddam patch notes...in the E3 Direct. Vindictive.
  9. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Boy, this painstaking rundown of a bunch of Smash characters is really lame, actually. IDC about how many frames some move now takes or whatever, show something else.
  10. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Sakurai aging backwards. This dude has a Dorian Gray-style portrait stashed somewhere in his home.
  11. Smelly McUgly


    Uhhh... OK Dave. I'm sure that made sense in your head, but nah, it was dumb as hell.
  12. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    I'm interested in Ghost of Tsushima, VERY HYPED for Spider-Man, and interested in Control. Overall, though, the show was mediocre.
  13. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    That combat in Spider-Man looks fun as hell.
  14. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    I don't know if you are talking about the reaction in the tent or the reaction here, but I think Naughty Dog isn't a very good developer. Their stuff tends to be technically interesting, but gameplay-poor. I've never liked one of their games, and I've tried many of them: Jak, Crash, TLoU, two of the Uncharted games.
  15. Smelly McUgly

    E3 2018 THREAD

    It's almost too easy to tell when a Kojima game trailer has begun at this point.