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  1. You'd think all these WWE shows would have saturated the market for prime-time pro wrestling by now, but apparently not, which is awesome.
  2. This is yet another example of why fans think that they'd be better at running a wrestling company than the people who actually run wrestling companies.
  3. I do want to say that I like the different sizes and body types that the women's division has. There are at least two women that can be effective bases (even if Kong's knees and back are shot, I believe that she can find a way to work effectively around her limitations, but I've long been super-high on her as a worker), though Nyla really needs lots of seasoning, as all super-heavies do. I think she'll get there in time. But then we have people also running body types from Stadtlander to Riho to Sakura, and I think that's cool. I wish the men had more variety in body types and looks. I say it every week, but we need more fat athletic dudes killing people. Give me 1993 Bam Bam Bigelow up in this company, or, barring the invention of time travel, his modern-day equivalent. Though man, the general smallness of the roster had me popping for the Luchasaurus/Hager punch exchange. Those dudes looked like legit giants. I mean, they are legit giants compared to the general public, but in this company, it really popped off the screen.
  4. I've decided that Luchasaurus should be champion now. Articulate + knowledgeable about history + woke + dinosaur = ratings and buys. This show wasn't very good. Jericho and Cody cut awesome promos, but the wrestling was kinda a mess and the Brandi/Kong thing is so much like the Dark Order thing that an EWR-style message indicating that the angles were too much alike should have popped up on the screen. Also, what the hell was up with the audio in this show? The first fifteen minutes were a mess, Janela's promo was super-quiet for the first half, and the commercials were all way louder than the show whenever it went to break. At least Moxley's open challenge gimmick seems to be getting dudes some shine. And the opener was so hot that I enjoyed it even though it's not my style of match.
  5. Morrison became a pretty good shithead heel during his time in LU, but he kinda needs Taya to make the whole thing work, or at least another heel valet (well, valet is not a great word because they should be partners and she should be able to wrestle. Another female heel partner, then.)
  6. Hager ain't it. He doesn't have any star quality. His size and a decent ability for wrestling comedy are the two things he has, and voila! He's being used as the muscle and the second to Jericho's comedy routines in AEW. That probably makes him an indictment of how WWE doesn't know how to use guys to their abilities, but not one of how badly they missed on a star prospect like Cody, or hell, Juice Robinson as someone else mentioned.
  7. It's funny because I still remember when he was dismissively referred to as CAWdy Rhodes because of how bland he was. That he's now what he is in 2019 is probably the biggest indictment of the modern WWE system that there is. There might be a bigger one, but others would have to chime in on that.
  8. The most surprising wrestling thing that happened to me in 2019 is that Cody not-Rhodes is my favorite wrestler. Not because I think he's the best wrestler or because I love watching his matches the most (that banger with Dustin Rhodes aside, I wouldn't list one of his matches from this year among my favorites), but because he's picked up the Daniel-Bryan-in-2014 mantle of being the wrestler who most appeals to my early-Millennial sensibilities. That Cody has found a way to replicate his father's character except for Millennials with dreams who have to scrabble hard to achieve them as opposed to working class men with dreams who have to scrabble hard to achieve them is brilliant. He is the only character in wrestling going today whom I genuinely care about from a character standpoint.
  9. I didn't play 2019, actually. I put 520 hours into 2018, Steam tells me. I can only compare 2020 to 2018, and I'm only an hour into my time with FM this year, but I can see already that you can choose and drill tactical style alongside your formation a bit more fully. Like, I don't remember being able to actually choose Gegenpress as a style in 2018, but that's what I'm running at my club in 2020. It's nice to be able to align a particular playing style to the appropriate formation (and set your pre-match tactics in the balance). There is pretty clearly more individual training stuff that I can do, but i haven't delved into that much yet. So probably not much that's new. I get the sense that one can go every two or three years buying these. That's what I do, and they always feel significantly updated to me, but I hear that yearly players don't have that same sense. You're probably good with 2019 for another year or two.
  10. Galaxy 2 is one of the prettiest games I ever played. The level design mostly left me cold, though. Same with the first Galaxy, actually. But man, are they just lovely games to look at and listen to.
  11. What's the more interesting TV ratings watch: NXT vs. AEW or "When will Smackdown's ratings go into the tank?"
  12. I took a peek at the eShop, and there are some decent little deals there. I bought both of the Batman Telltale games because what the hell? I played the first one on PS4 when it was a PS+ game, and it was a good one of those. At three-bucks-and-change a pop, I'm down with it. They'll be good plane games. I also bought the Gunman Clive HD collection, which is the perfect pick-up-and-play game in handheld mode.
  13. Sure, though I think the "ME" predates the "YOU." Get a bunch of fandoms of movies, gamers or, hell, pro wrestling fans together and they can be pretty toxic, which leads to assumptions of toxicity that are unfair on an individual level, but that come from somewhere. For example, I think Knives Out is a fantastic movie and I enjoy Rian Johnson's work in general, but inevitably on any article about that movie, Star Wars fans come in and go on and on about how terrible Johnson is and how he ruined Star Wars, which is obsessive enough in a weird and unhealthy way on its own, but that then also leads weird places about how Johnson is too hung up on female representation and personally must hate Star Wars fans a lot of the time, and that's pretty revealing about many of those fans. And I think that the assumptions about those fans that you mention comes from the initial weird overreaction to a fantasy film. Like, there's critique, and then there's being oddly personal about art that you don't like, and I think as humans, most people go there at least a few times in their life. Some people, however, make that a way of life. --- The other issue is that your argument re: Cornette and his recent antics is not quite equivalent. I don't think that Cornette is any more racist than any other white dude from Tennessee. This society is racist, sexist, etc., and people are influenced by their society, but I don't believe that Cornette is actively, intentionally racist. He's just a dude who makes bad racist jokes because he's fucking old and slow to change. However, he does come off as a dude who loves the shock value angle and who, even after he got fired from Power, was putting up a podcast about snowflakes who can't take a joke and shit IIRC. He courts this stuff on purpose, and so you wonder: Who is he courting by defending his own racist jokes or telling people that they should be hanged for not wearing a tie or whatever? It really speaks to what type of listener that he believes that he can get by doing this stuff. I don't find it strange when someone questions Cornette defenders from that perspective. I don't mean to say that if an artist does or says things that one finds ethically unacceptable, we must all hate their art. HOWEVER, when someone goes out of their way to parse Cornette by pointing out that he just said that he thought someone should be hanged rather than that someone should commit suicide, so really, the LIARS are just out there lying to the SHEEP who should listen for themselves or that people who don't appreciate race-based jokes about fried chicken and East African famine in 2019 are just SNOWFLAKES, I'm not sure that you should be shocked that people make assumptions about the defenders. In general, our culture is going through political and social upheaval, and people can't relate to one another and some people don't like change or having to think about how they relate to others, and other people don't know or feel that their concerns are being heard, and so that seeps into everything, including our good old pro wrestling when really, we would probably all rather talk about how dope wrestling is. Because wrestling IS pretty dope.
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