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  1. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Not to take too much of the focus away from Heenan, but Andre the Giant pushed this over the top into "legendary promo" status for me by paraphrasing a couple of Princess Bride lines at the end. (It's missing Andre-as-Dread-Pirate-Roberts saying "THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS," but you get the jist.)
  2. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Godspeed, Heenan. Dude was the voice of my childhood in many ways.

    Is this post about Vince or Trump? Legit question here.

    I think the Hitman's the GOAT, but even I didn't trust him enough to watch that match past the entrances. No way he's good enough at being a face in peril to offset the other three people in that match.

    HSG: World Invitational is one of my favorite sports games ever. I need to remember to pick up Everybody's Golf the next time that I'm out.
  6. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    I loved that game, still have my OG Xbox copy, and honestly would have said that it was the best game for traversing the world before I played Second Son. It would have been either that or Ultimate Spider-Man, which is also dope. The smoke power in Second Son plays a lot like those Spider-Man games would play if they made you swing directly off of a visible building instead of letting you cast web anywhere you want to.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I think the grip works just fine myself. It looks small and cramped, but I have bigger hands, and I find it comfortable. I'd suggest that you wait for sales this holiday season rather than dropping the seventy bucks on a Pro controller for now unless you plan to play a lot of fighting games. The split D-pad on the joycons makes fighting games pretty rough to play, so that's probably the best reason to get a Pro controller immediately. There are also the 8bitdo SNES controllers, which I hear are high-quality and might be a good option. I need to look into those myself. They're only about thirty bucks, IIRC.
  8. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    inFamous: Second Son is the best superhero game that I've ever played specifically in the context of world traversal. Just moving around the world is enjoyable and intuitive, especially the neon power. It was also fun because I got to pick out all of the Seattle-area easter eggs in the game, though the map is not at all one-to-one (or geographically correct at all, really).
  9. Nintendo Switch

    The charcoal gray is the nice-looking one anyway. Personally, I don't think any of the brightly-colored joycons that I've seen look good when attached to the console in handheld mode (or when attached to the grip, for that matter).

    Yeah, to elaborate, Mario + Rabbids is a legitimately good game. The game has skill trees and different weapons, but the way that it differentiates itself from XCOM or something like that is in giving the player lots of options for moving around the battlefield via combining on team jumps to cover more ground and a variety of perks to offer quicker movement or extra ground that the player can cover. There are lots of platforms and pipes on the battlefields so far - I'm through the first world - which, if used properly, can allow a player to traverse different battlefields quickly. I've been able to move across a full battlefield in one turn by using the right path and taking pipes over to an enemy. The game also encourages offense. I love XCOM, but the first game basically encouraged sitting in Overwatch and waiting for the enemy to come to you, even though you were theoretically propelled forward by trying to salvage the element needed to upgrade weapons and armor. M+R gets around this by giving you the possibility to make two offensive moves in one turn per character right from the jump, and as you go along, you get additions (like two moves and a chance to cast a buff) to those initial movement opportunities. I'm not typically compelled to sit and wait for enemies to come to me. There is other overworld exploration stuff and light puzzle solving that is fine, but it isn't super-compelling. The battles, though, are genuinely fun. They're not particularly challenging so far, but they do force you to think about movement and consider how your enemies can use the same rules of movement as you. It's fun just to go through battles trying to max out your efficiency of movement and ace the enemies as quickly as possible. Even the battles where you're meant to get one character across the screen as quickly as possible without dying are interesting just because you're spending time looking over the landscape for shortcuts.

    Mario + Rabbids is XCOM without the threat of permadeath for a soldier that I poured time, money, and XP into, which means that it's fixing to become my favorite XCOM game ever!
  12. Raw is John Cena Is Good At His Job - 8/28/2017

    No they did not. They treated the whole thing as commentary on how management portrays them to the fans. The fight was tertiary behind 1) how they are packaged and presented and 2) whether or not Reigns is ready to take over for Cena as the focal point of the company. And the absurdity of knocking a guy for forgetting a line to a promo when the promos being scripted in the first place is a fucking stupid practice is too much for me. I am calling Cena out for reminding us all that Vince and his writers are imposing a terrible script on pro wrestlers when pro wrestling is at it's best as an improvisational act (Macho and DDP 4*+ matches aside). If Cena is the big dog because he remembers a bunch of poorly-written lines and the best of his off-the-cuff material is more Vince Russo shoot shit, then Cena really isn't the guy to give lectures about what it takes to be great. The whole thing was shit, a reminder that WWE is about marketing and scripting the charisma out of its top guys and an increasing dependence on manufacturing "moments" that they hope get enough hits on YouTube and Twitter to trend and thus make them look like a hot company.
  13. Raw is John Cena Is Good At His Job - 8/28/2017

    No, I criticized him for acting like scripted promos are what prove that you're really THE BIG DOG and also for sounding like he was cutting a '99 WCW promo when he was off-script. It came together to make for one of the worst promos that I have seen in awhile.
  14. Raw is John Cena Is Good At His Job - 8/28/2017

    I saw people talking about that promo on another board, and someone posted it. If this isn't a perfect example of why WWE is shitty, I don't know what is. Cena reminding everyone how fake wrestling is and then jumping on a dude who forgot a line, saying, "It's a promo, learn how to do one." Nah, son, real promos aren't scripted. Then Roman trying to clap back and sound kewl by saying "bitch" was sad. Dude is sub-All-American-Luger. Luger was a natural heel and was all wrong for that gimmick, but at least dude felt authentic. But it isn't Roman's fault that he can't just go out there and cut a promo. Cena going off-script against a guy who isn't sure if he can do the same sucks, but Cena going off-script with "I'm like Kurt Angle because you boo with love, right guys?" pandering comparisons and defending "real wrestling" by reciting a promo he learned from a script and taking breaks to throw in Russoesque reminders that we're all just watching a show was shamefully bad. What a shitty ten minutes. It was the definition of anti-hype. Truly awful television all around.
  15. This was kind of like the Mayweather/Hatton fight except that Floyd took the first four rounds off almost totally. Or what the fuck do I know, I'm not nearly a boxing expert.