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    It took me awhile to remember what the Mr. Freeze boss battle actually was in Arkham City, but yeah, that was creative. Not a fan of the game overall, but that was definitely the best boss fight in the 2+ Arkham games that I played. Asylum's weakest part is the boss battles. I bought Oxenfree a few weeks ago and tried to get through it, but it's not good. It's got Life Is Strange-level awful dialogue except with worse voice acting than that game. When the gameplay basically is about talking to people (when you're not looking for rips in the time-space continuum), this means that I'm just going to have to abandon this thing. Yeesh. I had hopes for it since one of the writers worked on TWAU.

    I think the second half of the DLC killed this game for me. The shrines suck and combat isn't fun. Bleh.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    I never did get a WiiU because the price never dropped, so I'm buying pretty much every WiiU port they showed. If they just port Captain Toad over on top of what they're bringing over already, I'll be good on WiiU games.

    Played some stuff. Batman: Season One by Telltale exposes the issues with the Telltale formula pretty quickly. I guessed that nothing mattered in terms of keeping certain characters from going down certain paths of character development, and try as I might have, I couldn't. It was a shame because they played with the Bat mythos so much that I had hoped that they would have found a way to give the player more narrative freedom rather than two paths to the same place. It's still a worthwhile game with an interesting narrative, and it plays fine for what it is...except for the QTEs, which at this point I wish they'd just dump so that I can make my dialogue choices and move on to the next set of dialogue choices. However, I'm also done with this formula (other than The Wolf Among Us Season 2, and that is only because the first one was a surprisingly refreshing critique of gender and class in a video game about the Big Bad Wolf attempting to rip out Tweedledum's throat during a standoff with Bloody Mary and the Crooked Man). I am not quite sure why people were so down on Dangerous Golf. It's more than a tech demo; the light strategy and somewhat-considerable skill needed to rack up a high score by destroying an area with a golf ball is a fine combination. The putting is satisfying, too. I like NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition, but I'm not sure that it's a good game mechanically at all. Releasing the ball at the top of your jump isn't good enough for this game, but I don't love the meters, and I don't love the percentages applied to where you stop the meter. I've blown too many easy layups that should go in because they're in the green area simply because Gary Payton's layup skills number isn't high enough. These dudes are mostly legends; they can hit layups at better than an eighty-percent clip. It's still actually a fun game, though! Once you get shot timing down and you learn to get over the RNG behind the scenes, you are left with a fairly solid arcade basketball game that is way better than Street Hoop/Hoop Dreams by a wide margin. I'm glad that I have a reason to stop playing Street Hoop, is what I'm saying. I feel as though maybe I should bow out on Mafia III. I did beat Mafia II, but III is shaping up the same way. Looks great, cars are cool to look at if not particularly fun to drive, story and gameplay are less than compelling. There are other third-person shooters that I could be playing. I'll keep playing for now intermittently. I am definitely bowing out on Batman: Arkham Knight. It's got all the same open-world design problems of Arkham City except now, there are a ton of shitty Batmobile segments to play. They should have stopped after Arkham Asylum. Well, no, I'm sure they sold a ton of copies of City and Knight, but just from a "stop before you overstay your welcome with Smelly McUgly" standpoint, they should have stopped after Arkham Asylum.

    I bought Dangerous Golf. If you don't know, it's Burnout's Crash Mode except with a golf ball, and it is dope as fuck.

    I thought that Bastion was beautiful. It was just a game about letting go of arbitrary cultural divisions and creating something new and diverse rather than re-hashing old disagreements and re-creating the old ways of living that formed and exacerbated those divisions. Plus, the gameplay hooked me. I think that it's a masterpiece...and that Pyre is even better than that. I really need to revisit Transistor, which I didn't like when I tried to play it, because I think SuperGiant makes wonderful games that marry theme and gameplay quite nicely. I'm probably missing something with Transistor.

    It's common that people who are stuck living on inferior coasts blame the best coast, so I'm not mad. Also, I'm on the West Coast, so I'm too high to be angry. Also, you're talking about the Mountain West, OSJ, not the West Coast. The Mountain West needs to stop piggybacking on the West Coast's impeccable rep.

    I just got Mafia III for super-cheap, and yeah, I want to drive around New Orleans and shoot klansmen in the face. The gang warz stuff isn't interesting even if it explains how the main character ends up working with the Italian mafia. Maybe that falls by the wayside soon and I can get to shooting more klansmen in the face. I like the pastor, though. He's a sweet old dude (and a nice young dude in flashbacks). I also agree with you on Everybody's Golf. It's a great golf game with bad leveling. It takes way too long to go up a level and unlock new courses. I also think that all the clothing unlocks aren't useful enough to feel rewarding. I like playing dress-up in some games, but in this game, I just want to move on and get new courses and challenges. On another note, I just beat Batman: Arkham Asylum for the first time in a handful of years. I played the Return to Arkham version, and it seemed really bad to me. For example, The Riddler's question mark puzzle pieces don't clearly stand out in Detective Mode visually like they did in the original. The combat also feels slightly lagged, especially countering. I know pretty well which animations you can kill with a counter and which you can't, but maybe they changed it because I would be slamming the counter button a full two or three seconds in advance of someone telegraphing a clear punch at me. I beat it on Hard, and it's not a hard game at all on that level, but I was definitely vexed by the combat a bit more than I have ever been. I also think the game is ugly as fuck. I could swear that it looked better on 360 than it does on PS4, and I'm almost tempted to dig my 360 out of the trunk that it's stored in and hook it up just to see if I'm right about that.
  9. Gimme dat Yoshi Switch game in my veins. Foreground/background play is my favorite.
  10. I was up, so I figured that I'd make this thread (sorry if I stepped on your toes, JL Sigman). My first game of 2018 was...Injustice 2! I love Injustice 2. I actually enjoy playing for loot boxes so that I can dress Batman up in even higher-tech batsuits than he's already wearing. What was/is your first game of 2018, and how are you enjoying it?

    My ten-plus-one favorite games of the year, in no particular order except for the first one, which is the best of the best: Super Mario Odyssey:They finally made an actually good 3D Mario platformer again! What puts this over the top is the effective use of music, from "Jump Up, Super Star!" to some random J-Pop during the ending sequence. Pyre: It's NBA Jam except that when your team wins, the dog or demon or flying harpy person on your team who you've become extremely close to leaves you forever in order to foment a rebellion that you are personally invested in seeing succeed. So what I'm saying is that the stakes are higher than simply beating Pippen and Rodman in a game of two-on-two. Everybody's Golf: It's more Hot Shots Golf except with more unlockables. That's good for my top ten in any year. Hidden Folks: It's Where's Waldo with the best sound effects in a game maybe ever, for real. Also, I miss Where's Waldo. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: It's not as good as everyone says it is, but it's still pretty good. I mean, I put like two hundred hours into it. The DLC actually makes me less high on it, though. I'm probably burned out on Zelda for a good five years. Still a great game, though. Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle: It's better than X-COM, and hear me out on this, because it's actually fun to get across a battle map in Mario and Rabbids and having my shot chances at a simple 100%/50%/0% eliminates all the "I had three people with 90%+ chances to hit miss and then they all died" stuff that I know is a perfectly common example of probability, but which feels unfair. Fire Pro Wrestling World: It's more Fire Pro, but bigger! That's good for my top ten in any year. Picross S: Pictogram puzzles are the right level of challenge for me, so any set of well-put-together Pictogram puzzles is going to rank highly on my list. Great for pre-bedtime play, too. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018: The physics and collision detection in this game are excellent. Also, it doesn't play in such an arcade-style way anymore. It feels like a proper sim and got me to quit FIFA for awhile (except for on Switch, where I did, in fact, pay sixty dollars for the gimped portable FIFA 18 release that is still the best portable soccer game of all time). Horizon: Zero Dawn: I still need to go back and play the DLC, but this was the best action-adventure open-world game where you had to scale a bunch of shit this year. I hate these fuckin' terms, but the world-building was excellent, as was the lore and fuck me, I feel like I should wash my mouth out with soap. Also, it actually has engaging combat on very hard and ultra-hard, combat being a weak link for pretty much every other high-profile action-adventure game that came out this year. Injustice 2: This is the fighting game for guys in their mid-thirties with slowly-eroding reflexes who still want to do cool combos and shit and also don't really like to play online against sixteen-year-olds with twitchy fingers and too much time on their hands to practice so instead the game gives a bunch of single-player stuff to do that doesn't get old. So me. This game is for me.

    One, it's Reby. Two, calm down, Shibata Cibernetico. EDIT: Damn it, cwoy2j!

    Honestly, I'd rather catch that asswhoopin' from a few wrestlers than catch a felony assault charge. The former will fuck you up for a couple of weeks, but the latter will fuck you up for life. I'll take a gang-style beatdown in place of not being able to get a job, thanks.

    Too late. I assumed that it sucked because Naughty Dog made it, which is probably still a safe assumption, but the framerate is pretty bad.

    Ending the year on a bang, I see. Can't we just agree to all channel our hostility at one another toward a more deserving target, like Vince McMahon and his shithead family or someone?