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  1. Yeah, that's how I took it as a kid - they got out of the NFL to make some real money in pro wrestling.
  2. Hey, I'm sure the NoI had accountants, too. They should have had a dude in the Nation of Domination that was just around to hawk bean pies.
  3. Yeah, COVID has made me realize that humans are fucking gross and if I'm in a grocery store or on an airplane or in a crowded space like a museum, I will wear a mask, even if it's not a n95 and thus gives me less protection than otherwise. I haven't had a cold in over fifteen months. That's been nice. Anyway, I don't have time for a bunch of kids going I DON'T WANNA and throwing temper-tantrums about doing simple things. I also don't want to give these people my money if at all possible.
  4. The readership of the WON is attracted to it partially because its head likes the same things they like. It's like people being attracted to DVDVR for its love of good punches, Southern tags, and Blitzkreig. All of those things would get lots of awards here, maybe somehow even if said awards are just limited to 2021. Take the WON Awards for what they are: A historical snapshot of a certain segment of hardcore wrestling fans in 2021 and what they dig.
  5. Is it specifically the great formula guys whose formulas you've just had too much of, something like eating too many Twix bars one Halloween and then not being able to eat another one for years even though you admit to still theoretically enjoying them?
  6. Heresy, goddamnit. No, I know that nothing is heresy around here. The Hart Foundation is one of those teams that my childhood impressions are hard to get around because as a kid, they were Not the Rockers. Kinda like the Demos were Not Really the Road Warriors, and I still sort of have to overcome that when talking about them. But I do think Anvil played his role well in the HF stuff I've seen, though that match posted above is in fairness not a point in his favor.
  7. I've seen snippets, but not enough of his work in Memphis. I just need to see more Mid-South in general. I thought Jim Duggan was a total dog before I saw him in Mid-South. He was like a totally different guy. All the Mid-South I've ever seen has been entertaining.
  8. Neidhart was a great bully, so yeah, that holds water. Heck, if you read Bret's book, even he admits that he struggled to find himself for those first couple of years in the company, and he obviously thinks highly of himself (as a potential G.O.A.T. should). I've only seen some of Neidhart's Stampede stuff, but in general, I think he was a very good tag guy and a forgettable singles guy. People underrate good tag workers in general unless they're also good singles workers.
  9. Well you see, this whole time we've been shitting on Vince for being an old man who's completely out of touch, we've been simultaneously growing into...uh...old men who are completely out of touch. Though I do know all these new rappers, I think the only new rapper I've ever listened to is Lil Nas X. I enjoy some Old Town Road and Rodeo. Past that, it's probably Kendrick Lamar. EDIT: Or Nipsey Hussle (RIP). Don't worry, though. I still old it up by unfavorably comparing all these cats to '90s rappers.
  10. I'm just impressed that WWE got an act that isn't five or more years past its shelf life. I would have put money on Kid Rock or Fred Durst running around as 24/7 champ well before Bad Bunny.
  11. I don't want to see a dude spike himself in his own stomach or anything, but the idea behind it - heels bring in a monster to do their bidding, but the monster turns on them and one face gets over by stepping up and ending the destruction - is pretty great.
  12. Kingston can make you care about whatever angle he's in on whatever part of the card the angle's in. He's legitimately a great talent and should have had a better career than he's had.
  13. My point about Southern-style tag wrestling stands. I would have loved to see that live, damn.
  14. A site called Shirtgun Wedding. https://www.shirtgunwedding.com/product/doom-tag-team-shirt
  15. Speaking of t-shirts: Came today, the shirt quality is good, and they popped in a couple of those Superstars MusiCards that I totally forgot existed until just now. It was a fine purchase, is what I'm saying.
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