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  1. Tito Santana's stepover toehold looks great. He might have be best one of those I've seen. I'm adding it to the list of modern-day moves people should steal and use as finishes, along with the slingshot suplex and a really tight-looking kneelift (which is the one thing about Mr. Wrestling II that I dig). EDIT: Tito and King Kong Bundy had a DOPE TV match on 6/18/83 Mid-South. It's worth going out of your way to watch.
  2. Each week, he came out in a different gimmick for three straight weeks, IIRC.
  3. I have unlocked the final boss encounter on PC. I just haven't had a chance to sit down and beat it yet. I have some arcana unlocks to do after that, among a few other unlockables. I spent four bucks for the base game + DLC and got 40+ hours of quality gameplay. That's one of the better cost-benefit game purchases I have made in awhile.
  4. Debra's snark is incredible. She was really wasted in WWF because she was a legitimately funny heel who you still didn't want to root for even if you laughed. I just remember her being a boilerplate stripperiffic valet after she left WCW. Jarrett's first WCW run blows away anything else he did in his career for my taste.
  5. I don't think Spider-Man really gates content much at all and don't remember much about "leveling up" that was mandatory for doing stuff around the map, so I'm not with you on that assessment. It's not Breath of the Wild and has gates related to the main story, but unless you really just want every game to be Breath of the Wild (ugh, that sounds like a Bad Future), I'm not sure really that I see your complaint in that regard. But in terms of actually being mechanically enjoyable games, yes, R+C, Spider, and Sunset Overdrive are my preference. I would rather play R+C or Sly before Jak, inFamous or Spidey before Uncharted, and I think Tsushima is Sony's true first-party masterpiece of 2020. Vampire Survivors is easily one of the five best games of 2022, I think, but maybe people are just sick of retro-styled games with vicious gameplay loops and lots of secret characters and items to unlock.
  6. Well, you see, Neil Druckmann has Important Things To Say like, um, violence is cyclical and grief can make us do questionable things, all wrapped up in a bunch of walk-talk-grab pallets-place pallets gameplay. Part of the issue with TLoU is the games media desperately wanting games to be respected art - Ebert's (admittedly ignorant) argument about games not being Real Art still comes up with these things. The second issue is Druckmann's self-importance. I don't have an issue with him covering the common themes I listed above, but you can tell that he thinks he was particularly profound about them. He wasn't. The third issue is that the games are decent stealth combat wrapped around walk-and-talk solipsizing and braindead environmental puzzles. But they are technical masterpieces, for sure, and I respect how many accessibility options ND gives in those games. I saw where someone who is legally blind beat TLOU P1 because there were enough options to help him navigate the game by sound. That is a true achievement. But ND's games don't hold a patch to Insomniac or Sucker Punch games as full packages, at least to me. I haven't seen the show, but it's got a skilled cast that can probably elevate the material.
  7. I thought he was cool. I rooted for him against dorky Sting. Him and early heel Undertaker had those "too awesome in presentation and moves to cheer against" vibes for me as a kid. Heel Savage too, for that matter. Those were my guys as a kid even though they were heels.
  8. For you, Natural, I've got this tag match between four of my favorite wrestlers ever. You've likely seen it before, but hopefully, you'll have a little fun watching this through fresh eyes. You'll see why I picked it considering your recent posting in the gen thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXWDx2W7mIo
  9. I worry that a) you watched this recently for the AJPW thread that you're writing or that b) you are just not into Gordy and Williams laying on dudes, but hopefully this is something that you haven't seen in awhile that you also enjoy. I went on a Gordy/Williams viewing watch after re-living their WCW feud with the Steiners a few months ago because they're one of my favorite tag teams, and I dig this match even though it's not special or anything, and I hope you do, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30nhPpYgl3s
  10. Slamboree 1997 notes: Steven William Regal and Ultimo Dragon have an interesting match. It starts a bit slow and they don't gel well until they get to the point where Dragon starts pulling out offense that Regal's never seen; Regal and Dragon both sell Regal's confusion as a detriment to his ability to control the match. The idea, I think, is that this is a competition between Regal's British matwork-and-bar-fight style of controlling a match and Dragon's unorthodox cultural mash-up of styles. I love the idea in theory, but this match doesn't quite get it right. It's almost compelling, but it never makes that leap that you'd hope for with such a clear narrative thread running through it. Regal gets a chant going for him here in Charlotte, though, so that's something neat. I don't want to be too harsh because they do pick it up as they go into the climax of the match and have some nice sequences. Sonny Onoo and Dragon are basically sick of each other, though, so Onoo kicks Dragon in the back of the head on purpose, and it spells the end for Dragon's TV Title reign. It's worth watching just to see the psychology of the match, and I'd also suggest watching the previous Nitro's Regal promo on 5.12.97 if you do, since it actually sets up the story of the match. In what I would guess, without looking it up, is Luna Vachon's only WCW PPV in-ring appearance, Luna loses to Madusa in what is a perfectly cromulent match. Heck, Madusa gets legit busted open. I think some of those strikes hurt without looking particularly great. This is alright, though. Both women work as hard as they can and put together something decent. Randy Savage cuts an in-ring promo on PPV. Ew, no. You already sold me the PPV with your talking, theoretically. DDP enters the ring with a crutch, but rather than bludgeoning Savage, he talks to him. I am not a fan of this feud. Eventually, DDP bashes the fuck out of Savage, Bisch, and a couple B-teamers with the crutch before Norton jumps in and we get a *sigh* nWo beatdown. The Giant makes the save, though. I mean, the crowd loved this. I bet I did too back in 1997. Yuji Yasoruoka was in a random WAR match I watched a few weeks ago! He was also in this equally random Slamboree match against Rey Misterio Jr. It's okay, I suppose. Yasoruoka isn't particularly interesting in control. Rey does the plancha over the ref spot that rules, though. Rey is always good for at least one dope spot even in the dullest of TV matches or in nothing PPV matches. This isn't a bad match. It's acceptable. I don't know what it's doing on this show, though, or why Yasuruoka got so much offense. I enjoy having Kanyon on my TV screen doing overelaborate, but somehow appropriate offense in a goofy gimmick, so I was pleased to see a return match between Mortis and Glacier. Actually, most of Mortis's offense was stomping Glacier's Cryonic Kick leg, so we didn't get said offense, but this was less a match than a continuation of an angle. And actually, Mortis hit a leg lariat onto the stairs in the post-match beatdown, so we got at least one novel wrestling move. In the end, Glacier is saved by ERNEST "THE CAT" MILLER, whom I unabashedly love. Things are looking up for Glacier's short tenure in WCW! The Charlotte crowd thinks Jeff Jarrett sucks, but actually this first WCW run of his has been excellent. IDK what the fuck they're talking about here in Charlotte. This U.S. title against Dean Malenko match is not his best work, but it's still solid. Malenko's gameplan never quite comes together; Jarrett shrugs off his legwork for the most part and uses his veteran wiles (read: he cheats and clubbers) to control the match. One dude who looks like he's made of tobacco juice sitting in the third row is solely focused on flicking off Jarrett whenever Jarrett is turned his way. It's hilarious. Anyway, it had a nice, fairly intense finishing run, and Mongo coming out to interject didn't really harm the finish, at least from my view. While Mongo doesn't entirely fuck Jarrett's chances up, he tosses Jarrett back in the ring before Jarrett's really recovered and leaves him dead for Malenko and the Texas Cloverleaf. I expected Jarrett to win the gold here because I'm pretty sure this title goes Malenko -> Jarrett -> Mongo, but I might have misremembered. You may not be surprised at this, but Meng and Chris Benoit wrestled a pretty good deathmatch. They didn't just go to using chairs and tables and wandering around doing a bunch of bland brawling. They worked this logically; Meng was the stalking killer in a slasher film who Benoit needed to outfox. Eventually, though, it became less about outfoxing Meng and more about being able to take punishment and persevere for Ebnoit. The crowd was weird about when it chose to pop and sort of hurt the match, but not in any significant way. Also, the finish is sweet, with Meng locking the TDG onto a diving Benoit. That shit ruled, and nary a weapon was used. Well, now I think Meng can beat anyone this side of Sting for the next couple months, so I hope they end up using this effectively. The Steiners and Hugh Morrus/Konnan had an alright little match. Hey, Morrus getting tossed into the lights is never boring. Konnan was real quick to beat up Morrus for taking the pinfall. It's not like they've been on a losing streak or anything. Jimmy Hart yelling I THOUGHT YOU SAID BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT cracked me up for whatever reason. Mongo McMichael and Reggie White wasn't good in a conventional sense, but it was a spectacle. Never discount the power of Two Meaty Men Slappin' Meat (tm Big E). I will say that my favorite thing about this was Mongo getting more and more rattled as the match went on, Gilbert Brown showed up to support Reggie, and Reggie wouldn't quit. Also, there was a power-out-of-a-hold spot centered around blaspheming, which somehow worked amazingly. Mongo was out here promising Reggie that he'll go to church if he just lets up off that nervehold, and I will say again that the wider wrestling world needs to reassess Mongo and give him his flowers. It was awful nice of Jarrett to help Mongo get the win with a Halliburton after how shamefully Mongo treated Jarrett earlier. The main event, which pits the WCW members of the Kliq against Flair/Piper/Kevin Greene, gets off to a great start with Buffer's over-the-top introductions of all the wrestlers. He had me cracking up. Tony S. also cracks me up by insinuating that when Flair beat Vader for the WCW title at Starrcade 1993, Vader left WCW in shame. So, we're getting a Syxx/Flair feud out of all this stuff, and I'm personally happy for Syxx to get that level of feud partner, but I don't want to watch Syxx carry past-his-prime Flair to something decent. Speaking of Syxx, this guy kills me. He's repping THUG across his tights like he's Tupac. Oh yeah, the match! It's quite fun! Flair and Syxx do have decent chemistry. And there's a series of tags that is well done. They escalate the tags! Syxx tags Hall; Flair tags Greene in response, so Hall tags Nash. No one touches another person, unless you count Hall spitting on Greene. The Nash/Greene segment is great, and Greene finding a way to eventually overpower Nash really does come off impressively. Greene is like if you took the Ultimate Warrior, but made him a standard 'roid-crazy jock instead of a mystical peyote (and 'roid) using goofball. Kevin Greene is better than Ultimate Warrior, I guess is what I'm saying. Obviously, Piper is the worst thing about this match, but he's not so bad that he makes the match appreciably worse, and actually he has a couple good spots in here. Hall slaps his injured hip, and he immediately slaps Hall in the face like it was a completely programmed response. That's good stuff. This is a textbook example of how to lay out a match where of the six workers involved, two are over the hill, one is limited, and one is a unspectacular-if-solid worker. This is not just Hall and Syxx carrying the show or anything. It's the typical shine-heat-comeback deal, but really well-laid-out. And the good guys win! Definitively! Well, look at that. What a concept, WCW. That was an uneven, but ultimately enjoyable PPV. No Luger, no match for the BGB, no Sting appearance, no problem!
  11. I'm doing one too, slowly. I am finally finishing up a NG+ run. It's a gorgeous game. And the Mythic Tales sidequests are my favorite sidequests in a game in a long time.
  12. Show #87 - 12 May 1997 "The one where we go home to Slamboree with one more hour-long show" Michael Buffer is giving us a damn main event opening at the very start of Nitro. Baltimore deserves no less. He's got me READY 2 RUMMMMMMMMMBLE Macho Man Randy Savage and Liz walk right out here, no music or nothin'. Savage swipes the mic from Michael Buffer, who doesn't get paid enough for this shit. Mach is out here ready to slap DDP like Rick James slapped Charlie Murphy. He's not interested in UNITYYYYYYYY is what I'm saying. The desk tells me that Eric Bischoff has secured a one-on-one interview with Sting. Hmmm, this feels like it miiiiiiiiiiiight be bogus. THA JOOOOOOOCY ONE still hasn't had his breakout performance in WCW, and I doubt that a possibly-rushed TV match against the World TV Champion, Ultimo Dragon, will be that performance for him. Steven William Regal cuts an inset promo in which he says "hunnacunrana," bless him. Regal's done with being nobility and is going to beat the shit out of Dragon at Slamboree like he beat up dockworkers in Blackpool as a young man. In the ring, Juvy gets the best of an early exchange and sends Dragon outside, but Dragon takes over with his signature kick combo and an Argentinian backbreaker. Cool series of moves there! Juvy hits a wheel kick and a fisherman suplex with a bridge, then both guys trade moves and counters at a lovely pace for the next couple minutes until Dragon hits a superplex for a standing ten count that both men beat. Sonny Onoo interjects when both men tumble outside, and Dragon takes advantage of Onoo's distraction with a dive, then gets Juvy back in the ring and hits a top-rope rana before locking on the Dragon Sleeper for a win. That was very, very good television wrestling. They got just a sliver of extra time compared to last week's wrestlers and used it well; also, if you're going to have shorter matches, have dudes who can really pack a lot in there come out and wrestle. This was worth watching if you like good, short semi-competitive TV bouts. Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, and Kevin Greene come down for an interview with Gene Okerlund. Greene is fantastic, with a nice line about death, taxes, and breaking his feet off in people's asses as three inevitabilities of life. Flair keeps it short and WOOs. We leave the worst for last. Piper makes an extremely current Wizard of Oz reference, but thankfully is cut off early into his rant by Hall, Nash, and Syxx, who interject from somewhere in the back. Hall basically is like Eat my dick, Piper and then Syxx is like You know who eats my dick on the regular? Flair's wife. The '90s, everyone! Nash announces that their upcoming Slamboree match will be no-DQ, no-count-out, which is a way better stip for this match than a regular three-on-three. Mongo McMichael, Debra, and Jeff Jarrett come to the ring, during which time Mongo finds the camera and does some SUPREME shit-talking of Reggie White and the whole state of Wisconsin. I can't do it justice. Mongo RULES. Dean Malenko is out here to wrestle Mongo. Is this a title match, or like nah? Well, doesn't matter. This ends up being a nice little free-TV match! Mongo spends his time clubbering and trying to swat Malenko away. Malenko tries to take out Mongo's wheels and stick and move. Jarrett grabs Malenko's leg on a rope run, which allows Mongo to rip Malenko's head off with a clothesline. Unfortunately for Mongo, he tries a high-angled bodyslam, and Malenko's legs swing up and knock the ref out of the ring. This gives Reggie White time to come down, hit Mongo with a clothesline and a splash, shove Jarrett, and exit the ring. Malenko covers and bridges for three; the crowd chants REGGIE; this show is way the hell better than last week and more on par with the one the week before this. What happened last week? White cuts a boilerplate face promo in which he defends the people of Wisconsin in front of a bunch of folks from the state of Maryland who don't care. He invokes the names of the Packers and Bears, but all these Ravens fans are just like, yeah, whatever, go Ravens. Not a bad promo, but not right for the crowd. Lee Marshall is on the road in Asheville, North Carolina. He notes that it's a "breathtaking" part of the country. I've spent very little time in North Carolina, but I was surprised at how pretty it was when I was there. Really lovely country. Larry Z. to Bobby Heenan, after another lame "weasel" joke from Marshall: "Do you owe him money or something? He's always on you." It made me laugh out loud. Scotty Riggs is the sacrificial lamb for Wrath, who finally gets his name bestowed upon him by James Vandenberg so that the commentators know what to call him. I am overly excited to see Wrath hoss it up in a squash. We get a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker - one of my favorite pro wrestling moves - and a Death Penalty in about sixty seconds of match time, so I'm a fan of this whole thing! Glacier comes out to the ramp to have a little standoff with Vandenberg's men in the ring, but nothing more happens before we go to break. Konnan and Hugh Morrus are my favorite odd couple tag team. One guy's a vato, the other's dressing in cowboy boots and fringed jackets half the time. A very young-looking Ray Lewis, pre-stabbing-someone-to-death, is in the crowd. Alex Wright and Ice Train come down to oppose the Dungeon members, but Wright's sick of all the losing he's been doing lately and bails until Train gets the advantage. So, Wright's turning heel; last week, he took the chance to rip away from the fan who grabbed his jacket and also did some shitty dancing for Debra when he should have been trying to win. This week, he only wants to be in the ring when Train has earned the advantage and he wants to dance. A lot. I love Alex Wright's terrible dance move, which is apparently the only dance move he has. Anyway, Wright gives up on the match because he tweaks his calf dancing, and Train is left to die, tapping out to a Tequila Sunrise. This match/segment was stupid, but I was strangely entertained by it. We see video of Hogan and Savage jumping DDP from last week, but we cut away from it in a rush to see a cameraman high-tailing it backstage. This allows us to catch the aftermath of Piper being Pillmanized by Syxx, Hall, and Nash. Will Piper make it to Slamboree? I don't care. I've said this before and will say it again, for which I apologize: Vince McMahon Jr. is such an elite pro wrestling performer that Eric Bischoff trying to do this heel authority shit, even though he started doing it before McMahon, somehow comes off as a pale imitation. Anyway, "Man Called Sting" plays so that Fake Sting can come to the ring as Tony S. says, "We should have known." Yes, you should have, you gullible fuck! Poor Tony comes off like a total idiot way too often. The crowd wants Real Sting, who I assume will be here to hand out at least one Scorpion Death Drop before the show is over. Bischoff conducts a sham interview in which he bigs up Hogan and hates on Real Sting while Fake Sting agrees. But as it turns out, my assumptions are correct! Fake Sting eats a death drop! Baltimore is pleased! So am I! Bischoff runs off through the crowd to end the show on a nice visual. MUCH BETTER. 4.25 out of 5 Stinger Splashes.
  13. My goodness, I didn't even see that I was tagged either week. I will have something for you and for The Natural ASAP.
  14. Show #86 - 5 May 1997 "The one where the NBA Playoffs continue to improve the show layout...wait, I may have spoken too soon" Nitro! AW YEAH We see a recap of the end of the previous week's show. Remember Piper standing around like an asshole while the nWo beat Flair up? If not, just look directly above this post. There's a large TRADITION BITES! banner or two that Piper, Flair, and Greene rip down before they can even start promo-ing at the desk. Piper has had ENOUGH and stomps off along with Flair and Greene. They stomp off as far as the ring so that they can talk there instead, I guess. The nWo kills a lot of trees with a buncha dropping leaflets. They flutter to the mat while Piper yells a bum-ass promo at us. WE CAN HEAR YOU, STUPID. Resident UPS truck JJ Dillon comes down to tell Piper that he has to show up for the Slamboree match even though the nWo has an ironclad contract to earn 3/4ths of the match purse OR ELSE. Now, Piper had just got done saying that he didn't give a fuck about the purse ("I don't want no purse, I don't wear no purse!"). So, um, why is Dillon responding by threatening him about showing up because of the lesser purse? Also, Flair is fine with Piper just letting him get beat up last week because Piper said basically Aw man, I thought you could take 'em yourself. Flair's nodding his head like, Oh yeah, makes perfect sense. This is goddam DIRE, let me tell you. Just not a good segment. Flair tries to bring it back, but it's dead, my man. Kevin Greene actually grabs the mic from Flair while Flair prepares to talk again, which I feel like is a breach of protocol, but Public Enemy's music starts playing. PE comes out with tables while Flair, Greene, and Piper are still loitering in the ring. They finally just leave. What the actual fuck was that segment and transition? I was waiting for the old dudes and the football player to start destroying the guys coming down for a match or something, but I think they just mistimed that segment. So PE and the team of Konnan/Hugh Morrus have a wandering brawl. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and then from the recesses of your emptied mind, just conjure yourself up a vision of the typical WCW-era PE TV tag brawl with plundah. That's basically what we get here, except Johnny Grunge goes through two tables and not just one. Grunge damn near killed himself sliding off the tables as he went through them somehow. I will say this; the finish is visually awesome, as Rocco puts Konnan on a table in the ring and goes up top, but Morrus catches him and superplexes him off the top rope, onto Konnan, and through the table. The sheer mass of humanity crashing to the mat is pretty damned impressive. Morrus covers Rocco for three, and we're off to a commercial break. Rey Misterio Jr. is out in the Spider-Man suit to wrestle Syxx. I reiterate: AW YEAH...wait, Syxx isn't even kitted out to wrestle. AW MAN Syxx jumps Rey while Nash distracts the ref, and I guess we will get a match of some sort. Oh, this is great: Syxx immediately goes for the Bronco Buster, and Rey double-boots him in the balls. The crowd goes wild while Rey fights off Syxx and Nash, but Hall comes in the ring and hits the Outsider's Edge, and Syxx locks on the Buzzkiller. Dillon's out to ringside, Nick Patrick is out to ringside, Eric Bischoff is out to ringside, and now Bisch is like You can't do nothin' Dillon even though Dillon was threatening to reverse the decision. Syxx and Nash are mad at Dillon, I guess, and yell at him. They're basically like: We didn't like you when you were McMahon's water carrier and we don't like you now, nyah nyah, and no one watching this knew or cared that Dillon worked for WWF in an administrative role before coming back to WCW in this very ineffective TV role. Lee Marshall is in the best city for pro wrestling crowds, Baltimore. Also arguably the best city for dipsomaniacs who write good short stories. Hulk Hogan is back from shooting his crappy movie to come down to the ring, and can I impress upon you how much this show has sucked? It has been awful. Now Bisch and Hogan are going to talk. We are nearly halfway through this show and we've had Piper rambling, Hogan rambling, Dillon rambling, a bunch of nWo guys rambling, a match that was barely two minutes and basically an interference-fest, and a match that was essentially two table spots. This crowd is engaged, though! They want Sting right now! They've also been quick to pop. I appreciate this crowd staying into it. Hogan yammers, challenges Sting, and yammers some more because Sting's not here to respond with violence. Lord Steven William Regal is going to wrestle Meng next, which I guess might be pretty awesome! Let's hope. This show has had a couple of cool spots, but has been dreck otherwise. Holy fuck, Regal slaps the shit out of Meng, who goes YAHHHHHHH and then starts throwing a bunch of wild strikes. You know what happens next to escalate things? Regal dives onto Sullivan at ringside, the match is thrown out, and Meng Tongan Death Grips Regal while he's preoccupied with Sullivan. FUCK OFF, WCW. Regal tries to fight back, but gets TDG'd again. This Nitro is fuckin' TERRIBLE. DDP/Savage feud package, then DDP and Kimberly come to ringside. Kimberly, wearing some imposing-looking heels, trips on the ramp. Even that looks good, somehow. DDP runs through a few cliches, Kimberly cuts a perfectly acceptable promo with a dorky-ass DDP-like zinger toward Savage, and then Savage and Liz respond from the crowd. Savage is like YOU LIKE ME KIM and Kim is like NUH-UH, I DO NOT and DDP is like BANG! and Mach is like ASS and the crowd goes OOOH. God bless 'em, they are into this. Alex Wright's music plays everyone off. I don't know what happened, but the layout of this show is all sorts of fucked this week. Wright is irritated by some dick who hooks his jacket as Wright's headed to the ring. Might be the same guy that two-hand shoved Bisch a bit earlier. Calm down, dude in the crowd. Jeff Jarrett practically jogs to the ring, so I'm guessing that we get a short match. He still takes the time to strut, but he sort of rushes it. This match is like a look into the near-future of 1999 WCW. It was two minutes and seemed like it could have been good if it were given even a modicum of time, but it wasn't given time and therefore was entirely forgettable. Lizmark Jr. versus Glacier seems promising. Oh, who am I kidding. Let's at least get a quick and merciful Wrath/Mortis run-in. Glacier Cryonic Kicks Lizmark in thirty seconds, and it's a kick that something something black belt at a YMCA. Mortis runs in and beats up Glacier. Wrath ambles on down calmly. Just hit the Death Penalty, big man. That's all I ask. Wrath just watches Glacier beat up Mortis for awhile before Mortis reverses a whip and runs Glacier into a Death Penalty. Yeah, that ruled. Mortis hits a second-rope Samoan Drop. Quick, somebody call Ernest Miller up to be Glacier's second because Miller is one of my guilty pleasures in late-era WCW. They beat the shit out of Glacier with a staff, and you know, this was a really effective beatdown. I enjoyed it. I enjoy Vandenberg's guys. More of Vandenberg's guys, please. Harlem Heat hustle out to wrestle Lex Luger and the Giant, but I guess Luger is hurt. Is that kayfabe or legit? Maybe legit because only the Giant comes out. I guess we're getting a handicap match? Nope, we're not: The Giant grabs the mic and introduces his stand-in partner for the night: Diamond Dallas Page! Kimberly comes out, looks at the ramp, shakes her head while wearing a goofy look on her face, and takes her heels off. Then she scoots down the ramp and laughs. Oh man, I remember why teenage me loved her so much. That was adorable. So, Savage comes out to ramp-side, distracts DDP, and then Hogan jumps DDP from behind and beats him up. Meanwhile, the rest of the nWo has hit the ring and is beating up the Giant and Harlem Heat. Yeah, why have a match when you could just have another nWo beatdown? I would feel more okay with this if the Rey/Syxx thing didn't already happen twenty minutes ago. It makes more sense to have a beatdown at this point in the show since Flair, Piper, and Greene can come back down for the main event segment, but the nWo basically beats the shit out of those dudes, too. Hogan and Savage are at the desk doing commentary on the in-ring shenanigans, but I already have tuned this show out. Yeah yeah, they're trying to get everything on the Slamboree card some angle time in about forty minutes, but this wasn't it. You still have Saturday Night, fellas! This thing made me want to dip into my 1999/2000 WCW scores a bit early. I was going to be nice because of the time constraints and give this a full two Stinger Splashes, but no, this was basically '99 Nitro before '99 Nitro was a thing: 1.75 out of 5 Stinger Splashes.
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