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  1. I got tickets with a week to spare. I am a touch disappointed that on an Inoki Tribute Show the WWF Martial Arts Championship isn’t being defended in A Different Kind of Fight nor are two Soviet Greco Champions featured in a tag bout.
  2. That is gonna be a game changer the mobile apps I’m excited for that. If they can get NJPW World on Xbox I would be super excited cuz now I got to watch New Japan on my MacBook. I’d love for the app to be on Xbox.
  3. NJPW World needs an overhaul I’m happy it is happening but I wish they would upload more content from the aughts. I wanna see some dark days New Japan. Where’s the Brick? where’s the Sapp? I wanna see Rick Fuller’s New Japan run. That is all.
  4. I caught Alisha Vs Trinity. I enjoyed it. Eddie and Alisha are great as obnoxious heels. That crowd was having none of it, they did not want to hear about how great Boston is. The match was decent it wasn’t bad but the match wasn’t really about the match. It was about Trinity splashing Eddie through the table. The table may not have broke well the legs broke the table didn’t break perfectly in the middle but I think it was still a cool spot.
  5. I googled it too and there’s an orange t shirt with Jim Browns image on it but no images of Jim Brown in an orange shirt. The man I saw had the bald head the mustache even the cane but that orange shirt I knew it wasn’t him. My mom was like I think that’s Jim Brown and I told her “it can’t be Jim Brown he’s not wearing a black t shirt”. She looked at me like I was crazy and I told her “Jim Brown wears a black shirt black pants black shoes”. She still thinks it was Jim Brown.
  6. This had to be idk 5 or 6 years ago but I was in a mall Vegas with my mom we walked past a man that looked an awful lot like Jim Brown my mom was convinced it was Jim Brown but this man wearing an Orange shirt and in every people appearance I’ve ever seen of Jim Brown’s he was wearing a black shirt so I was convinced he wasn’t Jim Brown. I’m still not sure if it was Jim Brown or not.
  7. They’ve added two more matches, Shelley Vs Miguel and Gail Kim’s return match. AXS preempting New Japan that week cuz if this ain’t a 3 hours show it’s gonna be rushed. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/impact-wrestling/alex-shelley-vs-trey-miguel-world-title-match-added-to-impact-1000
  8. Don’t forget Apollo, Sonny Siaki, The Naturals, David Young, Elix Skipper, Shark Boy, D-Ray 3000 and Cassidy Reilly.
  9. We are 3 weeks away but it is shaping up to be a stacked card. The venue they are going to holds 5,000 for basketball so that’s probably 5,500 I hope they fill it or get it close to filled.
  10. Do we know if Punk has watched Gladiator? He has a history of disliking angles that reference movies he hasn’t seen
  11. I said when AEW was just starting that CM Punk probably wouldn’t work out then he behaved himself for a year and I was duped into thinking it was gonna work. But as of right now I don’t think it’s working.
  12. I tend to think the match had to have been a jab at Inoki. Baba fought monsters, Inoki fought martial arts specialists. There isn’t many Baba matches like the Raja Lion match plus Raja was brought in specifically for the match. The google search I did on Raja didn’t reveal much but it did reveal he only had one wrestling match, he had some sort of training in karate and was featured in a Bloodsport knockoff could BloodFight. And guess what I found it in full on YouTube. The point I’m trying to make is the Raja Lion match and I’m no Giant Baba expert but it the match seems out of character from the rest of his oeuvre.
  13. Baba Vs Raja Lion is what Curt is referring to
  14. I’m aware of where I’m asking this and I’m sure theres people on here who have seen it but has anyone seen Baba’s Inoki Parody Match? Well if you haven’t here you go:
  15. What’s Tony Palmore up too? Him and Sting are due for a rematch
  16. I have yet to get Collision tickets but now that WrestleDream has been announced I think I’m going to that show. I don’t think I can do both shows and the Inoki Show is the one I wanna go to. I don’t wanna get my hopes up but I really hope we get some kind of wrestler vs martial artist match. I found footage from The Associated Presses YouTube channel of all places of Inoki vs Leon Spinks
  17. Sue made it! I’m still think a Sue action figure with a minivan would sell. Also if WrestleDream is an Inoki tribute PPV whose wrestling the 7 foot karate champion in a WWF Martial Arts Championship defense?
  18. Has anyone brought up the time to go into a fight with horse on Thunder? The video I originally posted was taken down from YouTube so here’s the clipped version from WWE’s page still includes the horse also here’s an excerpt from Bret Hart’s last match unless you count those matches from 2011
  19. I was thinking about this last night, Terry had essentially been a part timer since 77 and he was still considered one of the greats. He talks about it in his book. Vicki left him as he was NWA Champion and was on the road all the time and not home. Terry decided his family was more important than being Champion so he went home and stayed home. It’s why they sold Amarillo cuz it was consuming Terry, it’s why Terry left the WWF in 86 cuz his daughters wanted him home, his sick horse and all. I don’t think it’s why he retired from Japan I really think he thought he could live off of $10,000 that sounds very Terry Funk to me. But the man put his family first, he almost lost them cuz he didn’t put them first or you could say he did lose them cuz Vicki did divorce him. He got them back and never lost them again.
  20. This is a hard one. Terry Funk was wrestling. I watched Beyond the Mat in 6th grade around Easter time we rented it from a video store, it had to be 2002 so the movie hadn’t been around all that long but I remember that was maybe my first introduction to Terry Funk. I remember Worldwide aired the 94 WarGames in the dying days of WCW but Beyond the Mat was when I was really introduced to the man, Terry Funk. I’ve been a fan of his since that day.
  21. Speaking on the “what if Eric Bischoff and Fusient bought WCW” topic, a big thing that popped into my mind only maybe in the last 6 months or so is that inevitably Hulk Hogan was gonna be back as long as Eric Bischoff was in charge of WCW. So no matter what it was gonna end up with the same old Hulk Hogan conquers all BS. Sadly. An interesting thought came into my head about Bischoff and Fusient if they had purchased WCW. With the way Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair felt each other at that time and that Ric Flair showed up on Raw in November of 2001 so theoretically Flairs contract with Turner was up would Flair have signed with The New WCW or would he had sat out for 8 months and still shoo or up on Raw the night after Survivor Series
  22. The BTI that aired before the first Rampage is on Impacts Pluto Channel right now so I thought what the hell I’ll watch it. I came in while the show was in progress. Sam Adonis cuts a promo. He’s wrestling a dude named Joeasa I’m not familiar with Joeasa. I’m familiar with Sam Adonis, he’s Corey Graves kid brother and did a Pro Trump gimmick in Mexico. I didn’t know he showed up in Impact. I believe he’s in Corgan’s NWA now. We are then thrown to a four away X Division Championship Number 1 Contendership featuring Trey Miguel, Jake Something, Trey Miguel, Rohit Raju and Daivari. I didn’t know Daivari showed back up in Impact. Jake Something won the match. Match looked like it was a good match. Daivari interrupts a Josh Alexander interview setting up a match between the two on Impact. Joeasa cuts a promo. I like these dueling promos setting up the match for the night. Building up gradually throughout the program. Nice touch. Another clip from last week; Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazza and Mickie James are in the ring. There’s confetti and Deonna is wearing a tiara. Mickie presents Deonna with a contract for who her opponent is a NWAs Empowered PPV and Malina shows up. The crowd at Sky Studio pop for her. I also thought it was cool Malina kinda re-emerged on the wrestling scene with the NWA. Deonna signs the contract. Melina says title shit opportunity, it’s hard to shake the McMahonisms I see. Josh Matthews is now interviewing Deonna on Zoom. Deonna is on a press tour in Nashville. There’s clips of her making an appearance at a minor league baseball game. I think Deonna is face in the TNA/Impact timeline of August 21. To be honest I’m listening to Marc Marons WTF interview with Bob Zmuda (episode 274) so I’m half listening to Josh and Deonna but there was footage of Deonna taking a selfie with a puppy and that’s not Heel behavior. Now it’s time for Sam Adonis Vs Joeasa. Well I had a phone call during this so I half watched it. Adonis did the Taker Old School that he converted into a block buster I thought that was pretty cool. Overall I thought the presentation of the show was pretty solid. I like the idea of a pre show to the weekly wrestling show.
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