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  1. Yeah, count me among those that love the casting of Sue. Glad they took her in a fun direction instead of her character just being "Ralph Dibney's wife".
  2. The Goldface/Amunet stuff on Flash this week, was some of the most fun writing the show has done in a while. Is Amunet the biggest heel on the show for slagging on "OK Computer"????? I really wish Goldface had a different name, because I keep wanting to call him Goldenface, and that is someone ENTIRELY different.
  3. Ain't that some shit? Arrow goes off the air, then all of the shows get fancy new opening sequences lol. Seems like there is an efford to inject some humanity back into Legends this season. I guess to balance out the insanity a little. A little surprised at the lack of Charlie, Mona and Gary. Those characters are better in smaller doses though, so I guess it's fine.
  4. I don't think we could have asked for a much better finale than that. Wonderful sendoff tbh.
  5. Trae Young: All Star Starter is a joke. Especially over Jimmy Butler. The fact that a good stats/bad team guy is even an All-Star shows how weak the East is. I am a fan of Dallas trading for Cauley-Stein. He's going to do the same things for us that Powell was doing, but is also a tad better defensively and on the glass. He's a dude I liked coming out of that draft, that just never seemed to put it together(though I liked what I saw of him last season).
  6. I would at least try to be current hip to what's going on with Supergirl and Arrow. Supergirl, because they don't just abandon their plots during their episode of the crossover, and Arrow's entire season has been Crisis setup.
  7. Something really seemed off about the Canaries to me, but I couldn't tell you what. It might just be that I'm not invested in the characters on this show. Kat McNamara seems super cool in real life, and loves playing the character, but I'm having a hard time rooting for Mia. Also, they need to put Deathstroke on ice already. Yes, he was the best villain in the best season of the show's history, but they have gone to the well too often, and Manu Bennett was the key to that character being good the first time. I did like the music choices, and the action choreography feeling different than what Arrow normally does. They made an honest effort to not just make this feel like the same show with new characters. I have enough trust in Berlanti to give this a shot though.
  8. Great, now I have "It's Gonna Be Me" stuck in my head.
  9. So their opinion is useless then.
  10. My only real complaint is that the big battle with Anti-Monitor felt a tad bit flat, BUT they absolutely nailed every other part of this thing. I had legit goosebumps for the Routh Superman scene at the end. I guess my big question coming out of this, is how Flash handles "Harrison Wells" in the future. Like, is there still a multiverse of Wells's out there? Did Harry and Jesse make it? THAT Flash scene was kinda cute, and was a big "holy shit" moment.
  11. That last part is something I dug, because it is very similar to how Kyle Katarn was portrayed. He always believed that no powers were inherently "good" or "evil", but rather the usage of them. He dabbled in many of the Dark Side abilities, so it's cool that Rey could possibly do the same.
  12. Can we talk about what an emotional story Chewie had in this thing? I felt SO bad for him after Leia died, because he had literally lost everyone he loved by that point(even Threepio had his mind wiped by that point). So with that said, the medal at the end felt like WAY more than just fan service.
  13. Not gonna lie, if Chewie had gone out like THAT, I deadass would have walked out of the theater.
  14. I saw it this afternoon, and maybe because my expectations were in the basement, I ended up really liking it. It had a ton of issues, but the stuff I liked outweighed the stuff I didn't like. Great usage of Threepio in the first half, and you can't tell me that Billy Dee Williams wasn't have the fucking time of his life. Shit, I even liked the Rey/Palpatine swerve. I choked up a couple of times with Chewie, and I don't give AF how "fan servicy" it was, I LOVED him getting the medal at the end.
  15. Pretty much this. Luka obviously stirs the drink, but the system works without him. They are still a historically great offense when he's not on the floor. Rick has a group of guys that buy in, and play hard. Also, Kristaps has started to find his groove in the last few games, and I think people forgot that he's an elite talent.
  16. Mavs beating Milwaukee, without Luka, is not a bet I would have been willing to take. Especially with Giannis having a monster game. I think maybe the Mavs are just actually good, and it's not 100% Luka carrying the team.
  17. Cryer might be my favorite live action Lex by a mile, tbh. He's not Clancy Brown, but it's tough to gauge like action versions vs animated versions.
  18. Holy shit, I've only said this maybe ONCE for anything involving the Arrowverse, but that episode felt special. Even if we know they are probably going to Endgame the whole thing and bring everyone back, they really knocked the gravity of the situation out of the park. LOVED how Black Lighting and 90's Flash were used, and that whole scene was just incredible. Even if we kinda saw them using that as an out to save Earth-1 Barry coming a mile away, they still made it feel important. The Lucifer cameo got a pop from me too, and I like how it doesn't feel like any character is "just there", and has something to contribute. I liked the route they went with Oliver, and I think it makes perfect sense, as it allows them to use him at key moments later on. It's amazing to me how much better these small budget TV shows can present these characters than their big budget counterparts. It's nice to see someone actually understand Superman and how to write for him. Also, Rip was kinda right.
  19. In brightest day, in blackest night......
  20. WHEN Diggle has to put down Ollie Old Yeller style when he can't regain his soul after the Lazarus pit.
  21. Arrow has extreme peaks and valleys, but in a weird way, going along for the full ride will give you a greater appreciation for what they are going for here. You can have fun with Crisis without being a regular viewer, but, like all the crossovers, a lot of the really big beats they are going for will be lost for you tbh.
  22. Count me among those that was disappointed that we got darkest timeline Bruce, BUT it was so amazing seeing Conroy get to play the role briefly. The Superman stuff was all great, and I like that Jonah Hex even got a brief role. The Lazarus Pit deal, at least initially, feels kinda lazy, but hopefully they use it to teach Mia(and even Barry) that some things just can't be changed. Had a few laugh out loud moments with Kara lowkey checking out Routh's Superman, before HER Superman is like "that's your cousin". Also Mick reading his novel to Superboy was hilarious.
  23. Something that has been on my mind. Are they trying to suggest that the "future" Oliver that the Legends met in season 1 was the same as the one Sara met here? She said "we've been there before".
  24. This might be a weird wish, but you know how every crossover ends with Barry and Ollie having a conversation and reflecting? I hope there is some kinda of flashback with that at the end here, with some poignant topic. RE: Oliver's bow. He did use the old one as a melee weapon often, before he switched over to using a more traditional looking bow.
  25. I can't undersell how powerful this shot was.
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