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  1. My god I HATE when the Mavs end up on NBAtv. I'm stuck with whoever the home announcers are instead of Followill and Harper. The coverage sucks, they do shit like what you mentioned above. Sometimes they'll even cut away to another game.
  2. Tbf, no one would give him any shit if not for his father.
  3. Supergirl not getting enough love this week. Almost zero action, and all character development. It was a wonderful change of pace episode, and kinda gave me a season 1 vibe.
  4. Meaning that in 2K17, you had to hold the stick in the direction of the basket, instead of merely up or down like it always has been. Everyone hated it. It's back to the old way now,.
  5. NONE of y'all mentioned that awesome Dahrk return with goddamn RETURN OF THE MACK playing while he just wrecks everyone????
  6. Was I the only one that thought Billy and Max would somehow be tied into Hawkins Lab? They were so vague about why they were in town for most of the season, that I assumed that someone from Hawkins had tried to plant students in the school to eavesdrop on the main kids.
  7. I'm not spoilering shit, btw. Show is out for a week, don't come to the thread if you don't want spoilers. Anyway, RE: Billy.....I looked at it as a kid that had to eat shit from his dad at all times(he seems like a super strict/military dad) and gets frustrated, so he takes it out on Max. He even blames the move on her, so he's clearly resentful of her. I don't think he has many redeeming qualities BUT I can at least see the cause/effect of why he's the way he is. Not all kids react well to that strict environment, I know I never did.
  8. I heard that Kojima did that in response to the falling out with Konami. They removed his name from all the promo materials, so he made damn sure you knew who made it.
  9. If I didn't have a couple of games on the hard drive that require my membership, I'd absolutely cancel it this month. What a trash list of games, even if I do love R-Type.
  10. I liked Supergirl as well, but I feel like they've had too many "Very Special Episodes" already this season. Maybe they are getting all that out of the way before the actual overall arc kicks in. After the shaky premiere, Flash has actually been fantastic. The dialogue has been witty and fun, and the show has gone back to being simple and lighthearted like S1. Love that they are aping some of the effects that the Marvel films use for Quicksilver. It's inexpensive and effective in showing Barry's speed.
  11. The Steve/Dustin pairing might be my favorite thing in the entire series. It was random AF, and just worked because those two have this bizarre chemistry. Steve started S1 as such a dickbag, and ended up being one of the more likeable characters. Paul Reiser is almost unrecognizable.
  12. So why does Felicity complain about affordable office space when she literally put the Team Arrow Bunker directly beneath an office? Absolutely amazed that they didn't have Ollie back in the hood immediately after Diggle's screw up. The crossbow leads me to believe that Diggle will be the Green Arrow for a minute, which I kinda love.
  13. Tbh I won't miss Wally much, simply because there was never much effort placed into his character. I also thought Flash was a hoot this week. Dialogue was written very well, and it was genuinely funny. A nice little break before bigger stuff gets setup.
  14. Mavs finally get the first W against the Grizz. They looked energetic, lively and FUN. Not shocking that having your 3 best players on the floor leads to good results. DSJ is a fucking star.
  15. Up there with Lee vs Richards and Gunner Miller vs Matt Riddle as one of my favorite things I've called all year.
  16. You aren't wrong. I definitely said out loud "well she killed the fuck outta those guys". Kinda wish Britney Spears would have played through that whole fight tbh.
  17. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I thought Supergirl this week was extremely well written and emotional. Whenever the Arrowverse tries to do the "very special" episode, it feels really embarrassing, but I like what they accomplished here, showing different sides of a relationship with your parents, and not being afraid to show that it doesn't always have a happy ending.
  18. We may lose every game this season, but the only thing I want now is for DSJ to dunk on Draymond.
  19. I think I'm going into hiding until the draft.
  20. IT'S LIT. Dude I was so impressed with DSJ last night, and think he's going to be an all-star in 2 years. Nerlens played his ass off and NEEDS to be starting. The game changed when he came in.
  21. Me watching Dennis Smith Jr already.
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