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  1. The Lance Air Guitar truly was one of the most bizarre moments of the season.
  2. Something I didn't know till today, which blew my mind. This is the first time since 1963 that Wilt isn't in the top 5 all-time in scoring.
  3. If anyone wants to talk about Dirk, y'all know where to find me.
  4. I know Mike personally, and have worked a couple of shows for NOVA in the early days(yes, I got paid), and I feel really bad about the whole situation. Nah, he's not a squeaky clean guy, and the whole thing really sucks, but there are just as many people who will tell you that he did right by then as there are that say otherwise. I just wish the community would focus the same energy on the pedos, abusers, adulterers and Nazis in the business, but I guess that would cost them money to do so, and it's easy to dogpile someone who is already down. I had hoped that this would make Mike look into righting his wrongs, and build his brand to be better instead of shutting things down. Because that hurts a lot of people, and takes away a pretty popular platform to perform on.
  5. Delete this. I've had enough problems this season.
  6. Makes sense for Arrow, since they put a very obvious end stamp on the character at the end of Elseworlds. I was curious how they would manage this when they announced the new season. This works for me. You get a chance to have a nice wrap up on the series, and go out before it goes too far off the rails.
  7. So, the end of Arrow this week. Goddamn pal.
  8. Corny and classy at the same time. That shit don't happen if the game is tied lmao. As much as I love the admiration for Dirk this season, brother never said he was retiring. Stop trying to force my mans out. He wants to play with KP.
  9. Now that I think about it, Flash is the only show that has really tried to establish a big villain for the season. I don't watch Black Lightening, but LoT, Supergirl and Arrow have all been very reserved with this.
  10. Kinda wild to me that Arrow has given us practically nothing on who the big bad for the season is. They've mentioned "Dante" a few times, but I'm not even sure this person even matters. The Curtis exit felt very abrupt. Flash is trying their best to make Cicada feel like this huge deal, but I'm not feeling it at all tbh.
  11. Can't say I'm a fan of how the Mavs handled the Barnes trade. Pretty shitty to do it in the middle of a game. I agree that he needed to be moved(and he'll be good for SAC), since that's 25 mil off the books this summer, but I feel like it's a trade that could have been made in the summer if the Mavs still had any playoff aspirations.
  12. Y'all get the Brunson Burner tonight.
  13. Real talk, in the short term, I'm kinda sad about losing DSJ and even Deandre. But longterm, I am ready to go pants free for KP/Luka.
  14. Seems like a big part of the story is DSJ wanting out too. I still feel like he could slide into Barea's spot and be super effective, but I think Rick has already decided on Brunson for that and DSJ may not see himself as a 6th man. I don't think Phoenix offers much of value outside of a package that includes Josh Jackson and a first rounder(that they are willing to trade, obvi). Orlando would have to give up no less than Gordon, Bamba or Isaac. As much as I like Dennis and want him on the team, Luka is clearly the man now, and DSJ hasn't shown a real desire to be "second fiddle". Was hoping we had a Westbrook/Durant on our hands.
  15. GSW just isn't going to lose when Curry has a game like he did tonight. Warriors got outhustled, outcoached and outworked tonight, and still got the win. Steph was at his Curry-est.
  16. I'm about it. I like teams being selective and having a certain criteria to retiring numbers. Unlike the Celtics that retired pretty much every jersey that played in the Russell or Bird years.
  17. So JJ Barea probably has a torn achilles, and I am literally heartbroken right now. At his age and style, an injury like that pretty much has to be career ending. He was having a career year, and was the heart and soul of the team.
  18. Tbh even I kinda undersold Luka a little before the draft, even though he was the guy I really wanted. 30+ game in, I am totally sold. Needs to work on the on-ball defense a little, but otherwise he's phenomenal. Anyone who can put guys like George or Holliday on skates is special.
  19. Mavs Twitter has become as bad as wrestling Twitter. I fucking love Luka, obvs, but anytime someone OTHER than him has offense ran for him, these dipshits immediately jump to "fire Carlisle" and start up a bunch of conspiracy theories about the coach hating Luka. GD exhausting. I thought the play ran for DSJ at the end was actually GOOD. Dennis just didn't execute. Also, Luka just standing at halfcourt pouting won't earn him any favor with Rick.
  20. Boy am I glad I didn't stay up late for that one. Catching a bad team on a long losing streak is always dangerous. Jordan left his defense in Texas.
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