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  1. Murder hornets are still a thing in Washington state. Beef Stroganoff beating Shane is one of those things that seemingly makes booking sense but honestly was just kinda meh cuz but that point both Braun and Shane were miss cast
  2. Dustin is/was so fucking good at the in ring stuff.
  3. Nick Bockwinkle vs Rick Martel First and foremost, Bock is the dude. I am only familiar with Rick as the Model so this should be fun Bobby Heenan is here, and he is forced into a cage. I lvoe that gimmic. Heel managers should get locked up more often as a mid fued stup. Bock tosses Martel to the floor to kick things off. The commentator is doing a very droll job explaining the rules while Bock has an arm hold Rick tries to fire up and gets taken back down. Bock's flowing locks are great as he shakes his head disagreeing with the ref There is a random crowd shot of what could be the Rock's grandmother but could also just be a stunt granny Bock is so smooth at being a cheating heel, using the hair to maintain control as they work that arm. Apparently the Hawaiian ring is massave. 24x24! Bobby is in the cage on the outside and giving advice. Rule of three comes into play as Bock regains control with the hair for a second time, and argues with the ref. The commentator talks about how hes gonna ref a match as a filler line Commercial break and we return with Rick Martel in control of the leg! Bock is sellin his ass off, in a way that would indicate a submission in modern wrasslin, but here just looks like hes writhing in pain. Bock escapes with a kick off, Martel cartwheels then regains control and kicks and elbows the legs! Rick got the girls in the crowd goin hard! Bock rolls outside to get some advice, but Martel slams his face into the cage while Bobby looks on in horror! Gene Kinisky gets a shout out as Rick continues to control the leg, Bock goes to the hair and the eyes to get out of the hold. Lou Thez gets a shout too! Bock brains Martel with the turnbuckles, then chokes him on the ropes. Basic heel offence that is just mean. Headlock with a closed fist then a should block that takes lots out of both men and Martel fires up! Airplane Spin! more matches need air plane spins Martel follows Bock to the floor and tosses him back into the ring, and the Abdominal Strech! More matches need Abdominal stretches too. Martel shoots Bock to the ropes but he nails the ref. BIGGGG body slam gets a visual pin on Bock but the ref is ded. Martel tries to get the ref up but he super ded. and in another great rule of three, the third time Martel goes for the body slam he gets rolled up! Bock steals one in the islands. This is a great example of putting over your face in defeat. Bock remains champ, without the help of Heenan. After the match they beat up the man who lets Heenan out! Heel heat brother! Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesner in Japan. I have seen this match. It is for IGF. Inoki's ill fated promotion. Kurt has the TNA title, Brock has the IWGP title (v3 i think) Both of these dudes have generic as fuck rock entrance music. Brock is in full post WWE pre MMA mode, so still in traditional trunks. Kurt is in the singlet. Angle comes out hot and hits a German to open the match, which if you have only seen Suplex City brock is jarring. Brock is selling but takes control with some knee lifts. Angle is luger levels of loud with his oofas. Brock hits a throw, then chokes Angle in the ropes with hsi boot. Shoulder blocks in the corner, and Angle is down, but he fires back with some punches before Brock goes for the F5 early. Angle resists but gets dumped to the floor for his troubles. The Ring is double elevated which had to suck. Brock hits another big throw. Angle gets a few shots before being cut off again, and we have established that Brock is in control. Front Facelock for a slight rest and then an impressive display of power out of Angle as he lifts and tosses Brock to break it up. Brock in red is an interesting color. Brock goes for a power bomb and Angle counters into the Ankle Lock! Brock powers out! Angle hits two shoulder blocks and then goes for the rolling germans but only gets 2 of them. They counter each others finishers in intersting fashion and Angle gets a 2 count then pulls down the straps and locks that ankle! Brock counters again and hits a HUGE release german suplex. Angle nails the olympic slam for a 2 count, then locks on the Ankle lock again. Brock nails a sweet pin counter before hitting the F5 for 2! Brock with the disrepectful ankle lock to Angle! Angle reverses and grapevines the leg for the tap! Angle wins the IWGP title in an IGF ring because NJPW didn't want to pay Brock. This wasn't the best Brock/Angle match but it was pretty fun. pre MMA era Brock was struggling to break out of his WWF mentality and Angle was in full on GOGOGOGOGO sell as little as possible to get damage across but hit the next spot mode and it works really well with Brock. Both of these matches show some interesting contrast in style but also how the artform has evolved. I can't wait for what I get next!
  4. A random post about Mick Foley reminded me of a point of comparison i wanted to make about said Mick Foley being the absolute best at getting wwf(e) pretty boys into mother fucking men. Hbk, orton, edge, hhh, and the rock along with to a lesser extent Austin and taker. He got all those dudes to the next level and that's honestly what modern wwe is missing. There isn't anyone like him to play true gatekeeper.
  5. Kingston is one of the best bully heels in the business and can still manage to be an amazing vulnerable babyface when he needs to be.
  6. And even when the Monday night wars started. House show promotion was still a huge part of both raw and nitro until at least 97/98
  7. @Web Conn Here is something I found by searching for Hawaii wrestling https://youtu.be/uwBqUgj5qcg
  8. I'll get my reviews in after i get home Tuesday. Tomorrow i got a 10k in Hawaii
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E98WgiMKauk Ok its not embedding
  10. @Matt Dhow do you feel about Bob sapp? And tiger jeet Singh? Also quakenbush. Coz I have some ideas but don't wanna give you something you actively hate.
  11. Imma watch that hustle show on the plane to hawaii!
  12. Looks like he was expecting a drop kick then got confused mid move
  13. I'll be in Hawaii from 12/9-12/14 but will watch and review from there!
  14. I think my dream is a secret Santo where we get DEAN reviews and he hands out matches like they were presents and hes Santa
  15. It's the most wonderful time of the year... Let's go find some hustle matches for people.
  16. My user name is taken from the steven brust world of dragerra or however you spell it. It made a great handle in online shooters so i use it everywhere else now too for ease of cross platform knowledge of friends old and new
  17. There is a relevant xkcd... Lemme try and find it https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/ten_thousand.png
  18. How members of Special K are still active? Just Jay Lethal?
  19. Roman is the suplexorcist because he exorcisis suplex throwing folk like bork and big e
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