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  1. I don't remember who had it as a sig, but the quote/statement that always stuck with me about J.R. and really most dudes who got into the business before 2010..and even more so after watching Young Rock... "Never forget what a carny and calculating motherfucker [insert name here] really is"
  2. The new midnight rock n roll express connection to the moon!
  3. Personally i want-1 and hangman to fix the dark order with the power of friendship in route to hangman dethroning kenny.
  4. Stoned observations from one of my partners. Hobbs is just to much man. He's disproportionate and it makes him to much man. And he beat that poor light skinned ginger with a spine buster not a power bomb JR.
  5. The idea is fine the people he wanted to execute they idea is dumb as hell.
  6. Imma throw out Claudio v Brodie in chikara for a good cage match
  7. As someone who orders catering regularly, it's actually really expensive. Like $25 a person after taxes and delivery, assuming they are feeding them a lunch and a snack and having a huge variety, is not out of the question. Especially for TV. I could see them wanting to cut house show catering to maybe just lunch but even then you are looking at 15-20 a person easily.
  8. I think it's different if you're working matches with that gimmick. Virgil just sets up his table and collects meat sauce money.
  9. Seeing Virgil set up on Vince's star got me thinking. Other than Flair, is there anyone else who just couldn't let go of their 15 minute famous gimmick like Soul Man Jones has clung to that glimmer from being Dibiase's lackey?
  10. Tik tok. The answers lie in the depths of TikTok
  11. Yes. But it was one of those barely caught on camera lines as they came back from a tik tok commercial
  12. Koko treated that jobber like he was tryna get reparations for everyone out of him.
  13. Da Soul Touchaz are one of my favorite tag teams. Enjoy @SirSmellingtonofCascadia
  14. Your favorite match. That's what i wanna see seriously. Gimme your favorite or a match you are really digging
  15. YouTube embeds are being dumb on my phone Well actually the response box in general is being dumb.. I'll get a vid posted for you shortly @SirSmellingtonofCascadia
  16. Yoko bottom! Now I wonder if yoko's uranage specifically inspired the rock bottom
  17. I'm now picturing a butt naked save mask Liger running around to the snake song from bobs burgers
  18. Someone on Reddit dug up the summerslam promo that the audio was actually from.
  19. We get a Horseman vs future horseman match! For the NWA tag titles! Jim and Tony on the desk JJ Dillon on the outside. Lets hook em up! The crowd is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT Lex is an early house of fire hitting a great pair of clotheslines and then an awesome Powerslam on Tully Torture rack EARLY and Arn is in to break it up goin right after the leg. Luger is an underrated seller in my opinion. Squirmin, writhing and generally making it look like its dying Arn and Tully have some of the best "miss communication spots" Windham has great punches and gets the hot tag hitting an awesome lariat and an awesome power slam before he slaps a sleeper on Tully! He holds on all the way to the floor! I bet Arn gives a great neck rub... which he gives to Tully before they get back in the ring. Tully does a flair tribute getting caught on the top. Barry locks Tully into the abdominal stretch and Arn breaks it up, gets tagged in, and hits his awesome DDT for 2, and a high back drop on Barry for 2. Knuckle Log pin sequence leads to Arn crotching himself. And we are 5 minutes deep and they have worked a sprint! Tully in and gets some back and forth before a high cross body from Barry for 2! They do some rope running and we get both man down! We get a great headlock->head scissors->bridge from Tully and Barry. Barry hits a sweet ass suplex but can't put the horseman away. Southern style tag matches are great. These dudes are selling everything like its death. Slingshot suplex only gets TWO! and the crowd is apoplectic! Windham finally gets the hot tag to Lex! Arn bumps and feeds for him and we build to a great double noggen knocker! Luger hits a shoulder block but then gets his momentum interrupted by a Tully knee to the back. Lex hits a sweet powerslam, it breaks down and then JJ brings in a chair... that Arn promptly gets run into. and Lex pins him for 3 and NEWWWWWWWWWWWW Champs!!!! The roof is blown off! Man Classic NWA (the rap group and the wrestling promotion) is so good. They went out there and condensed a 20-30 minute match down to a 10 minute sprint to get the crowd rocking! I would like to imagine that afterwards they all went in the back and pounded a 6 pack each while counting the money. This is a great example of how to put over your babyfaces without killing all the heat of the heels. JJ Dillion tried something and it failed. Even jumping into the ring to try and stop the pin but just missing the ref. So much good selling that is just over the top enough to play to the lights but subdued enough to not be HBK vs Hogan. Speaking of, Lex kinda hits the ropes like Hogan does and now that I have seen it I can't unsee it and now you can't either. Thanks @Jimbo_Tsuruta
  20. Anything. Literally anything. I'll grab you something fun. Maybe a macho man match!
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