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  1. Abado!!! Doo doot doot dooooo. I love me some Cena
  2. I'll be time looped Sting. Hanging out in the rafters and nose bleeds, occasionally dropping down, dropping a gem or two of some random insight, then hitting the scorpion death drop on some fool and vanishing without further explanation.
  3. I love Foley Orton and Foley Edge. I even liked the tag with Edge a lot. Foley Edge was definitely a "moments match" but i genuinely think Foley Orton was legit great. Especially with the alt commentary that was on the foley dvd.
  4. That is the textbook definition of yeet.
  5. Almost accidental Renaissance right there.
  6. Back when i still worked for GameStop, some of the crew would treat fire pro like a figure fed. We would make like a billion customs and then they would get stoned and we would all commentate the bots. Now that i also partake in thc i kinda wanna do it again. Maybe as a twitch thing
  7. All this action figure fed talk reminds me of the actual story of the first smash bros.. its a kid playing with their toys.
  8. Shhhhhh. The fact that ruthless aggression is being treated like it was damn near 20 years ago... Oh oh wait... It was? Shit.
  9. Bringing back the legends roundtable but talking about the 90s would be awesome. Even if it makes us all seem old.
  10. You could probably build to Roman vs Big E or Xavier Woods using the history of the new day/usos and create a buzz.
  11. As a fixer upper fan. I will have no slander on the goofy ass Chip Gaines.
  12. I'm super sad that the wrestling move isn't an overdrive and a RKO.
  13. Not enough RGB for it to be a gaming pc. That's an office PC with a slightly more expensive motherboard.
  14. I know Dustin and R-Truth got into Pokemon go, i wonder if taker did too???
  15. That was fun. Sucks the new day match got cut.
  16. Random thoughts as a cold addles my brain. My issue with Adam Cole... Aside from his punchable face which is an asset to a heel.. he comes across as a WWE over produced goof with his entrance, and it feels like his mic work has regressed. So until the bell rings im not into him. Then he wrestles and puts on good matches... I do like the idea of the elite imploding though.... Other random thoughts They need to use the crowd level cam for longer shots. Who joins up with Kingston and crew to merc JAS? Homicide got a single shot but he would be a fun short term dude. Any others yall think work? Who is the young gun they bring in to counter Garcia?
  17. Russo was sent to defile the corpse.
  18. New head canon conspiracy theory... Vince sent the "Hitman" to assassinate WCW... The screw job was a shoot turned work turned shootwork.
  19. So who is the first face champ who doesn't get corrupted by the title???
  20. On the unreasonably happy front. I know i called out the New Day.. but Xavier Woods in particular simply brings me all the joy. I played trombone and him using one on television regularly just... Yes.
  21. Debra is totally someone i could see getting in as a second.
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