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  1. Watching PPVs with my brother is always fun as while he is a big AEW fan he isn't an 'online' fan so his takes are less influenced by whatever the Internet is bad about any given day. I do agree with him that I hope TK isn't too.... obsessed with the current "four pillars." It was a fun thing to mention to build up to their match but our hope is that was all it was and he isn't going to try to force it into being a thing forever. There is certainly something appealing about being "homegrown" talent but at the end of the day its an entertainment business and you have to go with the flow. So if I was TK, I'd probably send most of the pillars back to the midcard/upper midcard to hone their craft and focus more on elevating Starks, White, Robinson, and Hobbs. I think all of them have shown more upside, doesn't mean I think Sammy/Darby/Perry should be cast aside and forgotten but they should just phase out the 'pillars' thing and let it go naturally. Starks in particular they need to stop messing around and get him going.
  2. Why the hell is Evil West still a $60 game? Did Nintendo secretly develop it? I want to play it but I thought it looked like a $30 to $40 game, most games like that within months are 25% off but this one is holding tight. Did anyone even play it.
  3. Finally pre-ordered the AEW game. I don't know if it will have long term playability for me or if I'll play it a lot in one day and then get distracted by something better, but it looks amusing enough to give a try. I don't care if its pretty as long as its fun, yea the collision animations aren't great and some of the models are a little iffy but as long as its fun I'm pretty forgiving.
  4. Even though I just said in the other thread how Tanahashi is kinda broken, I do think he and MJF can have a good match. MJF's style can be slower and more deliberate, he can get his heat without having to do spots that would make Tanahashi look slow/out of place. I'm not saying it will be a five star match or anything but if they have a good plan it could be a stealthy entertaining match if they lean into "work smart, not hard" to get around the limitations and lack of time in the ring together.
  5. The thing is, and I say this as someone that loves Tanahashi, I don't think he is fixable (in that regard). He's just a 46 year old wrestler with 2500+ matches and he's just kinda broken. New Japan is pretty good on their tours of protecting wrestlers in his physical state (lots of six man tags, etc.) but between his physical limitations and wrestling someone he isn't familiar with, it just didn't work. He's one of the best wrestlers of the last 20 years and deserves respect, but he shouldn't be in these situations anymore.
  6. I doubt its heat, since it is co-promoted they may just be honoring the "Jay White can't wrestle in New Japan" stipulation from when he left the promotion. He is a man of his word.
  7. I am nominating this as fan catch of the year. Catching a 420 foot home run with one hand, while leaning over the railing like its nothing. Very impressive.
  8. Well that's a bit of an untruth. UFC's situation on Saturdays fluctuates, they don't run every Saturday at night and air on four different channels depending on the event. Like tonight they don't start on ESPN until 10 PM, prelims are on ESPN2, I assume Collision will be able to beat ESPN2 prelims. Next Saturday is an afternoon show, no competition. 7/1 is the next time they'd go head to head with UFC on ESPN, so that will be an interesting fight. 7/8 UFC isn't on ESPN. I don't think they have to beat UFC Fight Nights head to head to be considered not a failure, UFC is a behemoth and a Saturday staple for many many years. ESPN pays a hell of a lot more for UFC than WB pays for AEW, they aren't expected to be on the same level. But they don't want to be crushed by them either.
  9. Acuna has reached 15/30 in just 70 games. His HR pace is slow enough he may not get the 40/40 (unless he goes on a tear, which he does sometimes), but 30/60 would be pretty cool and also a 'first'. Between finally being fully healthy, slightly bigger bases, and the new pitching rules he's just been stealing up a storm this year.
  10. While I think quarter hour ratings are pretty much meaningless, aside from something cute to glance at for five seconds, I am interested in how Collision does over the next month or so. Saturday nights have never been a great night for weekly TV ratings (besides SNL), especially the first released ratings that come out before DVR etc are taken into account. I'd think it would settle in somewhere between what Rampage and Dynamite have been doing, but they'd probably like the first one to be more in the Dynamite range before it slips. The worst case for them would be it settles down into what Rampage gets which obviously isn't their goal. Now is the best time before football starts, Saturday nights are more clear now then they will be in the fall so hopefully they can get some momentum going.
  11. I dunno how the fuck the 'completion' time for Diablo IV on howlongtobeat is 33 hours for "main campaign + extras". My brother and I are playing it together and I'd like to think we are quite good at the game, at no point have we both died at the same time and most deaths are just silly things. But we have played at least 20 hours and are just now starting Act 3. I have probably spent 10% of my time doing inventory management, upgrading shit, doing gem shit, specing and re-specing.... do some players not do that? My brother's theory is that people speed through the Veteran difficulty and will take their time more on the higher ones, which makes sense, we are going at a slower pace and not rushing anything. But its a fun game, we are enjoying it.
  12. There are dozens of theories and speculations on twitter (ranging from "mad Josh Allen has a new girlfriend" to "mad the Bills were considering signing Hopkins"), I'm sure one of them is true but probably only a really small number of people know what is eating at Diggs. But hopefully they are getting it sorted out. If the end result means Dorsey getting more creative with his playcalling, I won't complain.
  13. Diggs was back at practice, fans of the other 31 teams can chill about thinking he will be traded to them. I won't pretend to know what the last 24 hours was about, my best guess is he was just making a point by skipping a day. I don't know what the point was but it seems to have been made, at least for now.
  14. They got me with the stupid Starfield: Constellation Edition and the new controller. I'm just so excited for the game, if I come to my senses before September I can at least cancel the Constellation Edition.
  15. More Nintendo Switch Online games added, your mileage will vary if any of these look interesting enough to play in 2023. All of these are on the regular service, no expansion required: Blaster Master: Enemy Below (Game Boy Color) Harvest Moon (Super Nintendo) Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble (Game Boy Color) Mystery Tower (NES)
  16. The theory would be to use Forbidden Door to get the commentators to talk about Stardom and plug Stardom World to 150,000 paying and 100,000 illegally streaming customers, some who may not be aware of Stardom. They do still sell PPVs with English commentary so while Rossy is focused on Japan they do sell their product to an International audience and if the deal was "we send you a wrestler, you plug our shit" it would be an easy way to advertise to the right audience. I don't care either way personally, I am more amused by Stardom fans that seem to think it would be offensive or bad for Stardom to participate in this yearly harmless event.
  17. I always figured if Stardom sent a wrestler it would be more of a midcard level, I mean there would be no benefit for them to send someone like Giulia. Something like Hazuki vs. Toni Storm (just to pull a name out of the hat) would be fun but I am certainly not expecting it to happen. It is kinda funny to me though that everyone's reason is that "Rossy doesn't want to" as while Rossy is running Stardom if Bushiroad wanted a Stardom wrestler on the show then a Stardom wrestler would be. I have no reason to believe Rossy can over-rule Bushiroad. But I don't think its necessary, even if I am amused by how "upset" over all of it the Stardom twitter fans are.
  18. It really just depends on what their path to profitability is, if anything. Losing money the first year or two or even longer is expected when starting a big business but there has to be a plan to not lose money and I don't see what that path is for either XFL or USFL. I mean I know the *how* (big money TV contract) but I don't know if there is any inkling that will happen.
  19. Undecided if this is the best or worst thing I've ever purchased but they are good pickles. Would love to know the backstory on how MJF got a deal with a small unknown pickle company in California, I don't think the company is big enough to normally be able to afford a national sponsor on that level.
  20. I think a handful of PS4 games have had two disks (data disk + play disk) but certainly none on PS5. God of War Ragnarok being the most recent example of a PS4 game with two disks. I do wonder if they are doing it as a gimmick/nostalgia or if its really required based on the size. We'll find out when it is released anyway. I can't imagine its a bigger game than FF XVI.
  21. Arn just bit someone's finger off, I think that disqualifies him.
  22. No one gets worked by twitter more than the Dolph Man, particularly when it meets his interests. Well they already have my money with the two announced matches, everything else is just gravy.
  23. The moral of the story is, if you are on a sports team and already kinda on the bubble on staying on the roster, don't say stupid shit. (I mean, no one should stay stupid shit, but if you are barely on the roster anyway its extra important)
  24. I'll give them credit for giving a long heads-up, I always feel bad for people that love a game and get a "oh we are shutting down in three weeks" message.
  25. One thing about the early announcement is that its void of details on how the tours will even run. I guess partly because they haven't worked that out themselves but it will be interesting to see how all three tours work together. Will they still do their own thing but just in a way that doesn't conflict with each other? Will the PGA embrace the team format? Many questions.
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