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  1. Do any of y’all collect Mondo Macabre releases? I’m interested in a few of them, like THE LAUGHING WOMAN, DESIGNATED VICTIM, and IT’S NOTHING MAMA, ONLY A GAME. Wondering if anyone knows some good picks.
  2. Just FYI, deepdiscount has a number of sales on right now. In addition, you can use HEARTS until noon on the 16th for an additional 15% off in stock items (it says that you can’t combine with other offers, but seems to work).
  3. Amy Sedaris dressed up as Ripley remains both WTF and glorious.
  4. The best part was the STRANGERS WITH CANDY reunion.
  5. Relatable! But then they should have strip searched him or something.
  6. 88 Films seems to be releasing some interesting films with great cover art. Don’t know if they have Canadian distribution, unfortunately. That said, I’d like to know the origin of their name, since 88 is a neo-Nazi code all over the world, as far as I can tell. EDIT: actually did some googling to find this Some of their covers/titles:
  7. If it wasn’t tampered with or something then those scenes were preposterous wastes of time.
  8. That scene of Mando checking the dark sabre (or whatever) before boarding his flight has to pay off with a missing sword, right? Otherwise, that was some weird shit.
  9. So who’s the dude still with Yoshitatsu?
  10. Real cult film, here, directed by Danny Elfman’s brother, Richard (also the director of bizarre FullMoon flick SHRUNKEN HEADS).
  11. Thought they made it clear that Mando’s crew was a splinter sect of fundamentalists.
  12. What's the best action movie since Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)?
  13. Cad Bane? That’s a funny name. I’d have called him Shooty McQuickdraw.
  14. Loving this Boba Fett show now that it no longer features Boba Fett.
  15. So do I post my Folk Horror box set takes here or in the horror thread? I’m about half way through the collection.
  16. AJPW going all out with freelancers like Ryouji Sai and Yoshie.
  17. I’m not region free, so no HENRY for me (though I guess the UHD disc itself would work). I’m interested in 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, though…
  18. Ha! I had the opposite reaction, unfortunately. I guess I don’t care what made up vehicles these characters are driving.
  19. Anyone know why Russ Meyer’s films (with the exception of BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS from Criterion) aren’t available in blu ray? I have heard that his estate is run by greedy idiots, but I was wondering if there was anything more substantial.
  20. So who is in Kazma’s unit? Also, as a general rule, modern AJPW is terrible with heel stables. The last one that really worked was … Voodoo Murders?
  21. Honestly think this is pretty badly written and often pretty poorly acted, but its got Hutts and Wookiees and Stephen Root so I’m still watching it.
  22. Matches are linked, as it says, so thought some of y’all might want to take a look.
  23. This is their origin story, though. They weren’t superheroes until they decided to go against their own mission and put humanity first. Until then, they were just powerful. It’s like they were Spider-man after he got bit but before Uncle Ben dies through his inaction.
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