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  1. He’s Just Jaeckin in Heaven, now.
  2. It’s a gritty, rebooted origin story for Tom Bombadil.
  3. So far, this show is benefiting from a core cast and one primary location. It could really use a comedy relief character. GoT was often unrelentingly bleak, to its own detriment, and even they had some lols.
  4. Jesus Christ that’s terrible.
  5. Yeah, I’m disappointed he’s not booked for the big show. Dude should be back in the title mix. I do think that if COVID hadn’t scuffled things, he’d have been in the Oudou tournament finals.
  6. Wonder who All Japan will sign full-time in January? Based on who they’ve been booking, likely candidates seem to include Ren Ayabe, Oji Shiba, Seigo Tachibana, and Yusuke Kodama.
  7. updated: currently selling for $60USD. Cant speak to most of the films—I’ve seen SHOGUN’S SHADOW and enjoyed it, though.
  8. They’ve served their purpose! No need to keep either around, IMO. Would be nice to see a few tours with some novel teams.
  9. If this leads to Tamura in AJPW, I’m here for it.
  10. Still no tag title match? Also, really wish they could flip Yuma and Hokuto’s opponents.
  11. THRILLING BLOODY SWORD looks wild. FATAL TERMINATION is famous for child endangerment.
  12. Some of the original trailers for films featured in SHAWSCOPE VOL 2: 36th Chamber films are obviously classic. Most interested in THE BOXER’S OMEN and MERCENARIES FROM HONG KONG.
  13. Yeah, that fucking sucks. The Gofundme is legit (cast members and Frank Coniff have donated). Saw Yvonne live in Boston and she was great.
  14. Slavoj Žižek is gonna be pissed
  15. Oh, I imagine that the best is THE DISASTER ARTIST, which is like a 6/10. Most of them look like dog shit. Even without Franco’s personal reputation, I’d have no interest in his filmography, even though I typically really appreciate a working, bad movie director.
  16. Ok, updated Budokan card: So, I’m guessing there’s still a tag title match to be made, and maybe more VDM involvement.
  17. The AJPW Budokan card is looking pretty underwhelming (spoilered in case you aren’t caught up on the Oudou tournament): And thoughts:
  18. Though you might think of James Franco as an actor who dabbles in directing, he’s directed around 20 films. That’s more films than: Jane Campion (10) Stanley Kubrick (13) John Carpenter (18)
  19. Mondo’s September preorders look suitably sleazy:
  20. Such a convoluted way to get Kento into the main event. They could have just left the belt on him! I wonder if they felt that they had to give Jake a TC win over Kento, so they just got it over with and then figured out how to get Kento back into the Budokan ME.
  21. November Criterions: Daisies Malcolm X Power of the Dog The Infernal Affairs Trilogy
  22. Semifinals of the Royal Road Tournament: Thoughts:
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